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Kelsi Cavanaugh
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Age: 21
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Ted Brown
Location: Decatur, Indiana
Age: 21
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Trisha Mouritsen
Location: Round Lake, Illinois
Age: 26
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Erica Ozburn
Location: Loganville, Georgia
Age: 30
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Alexis Burley
Location: Buffalo, New York
Age: 23
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Marianna Petrova
Location: Harittu, Finland
Age: 21
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Franziska Battinger
Location: Burgkirchen An Der Alz, Germany
Age: 20

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Allison White
Location: Gilmer, Texas
Age: 21
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Brooke Ruhl
Location: Orlando, Florida
Age: 24
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Nina Naggert
Location: Hereford, United Kingdom
Age: 25
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