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Married Slut

Gilda CuffCiccone
Location: Junction City, Kansas
Age: 26
Gildashe was married but I dont know if she is anymore. Shes got a kid whos 4 or 5. Shes got an album on suicide girls under the name Vendetta, and she did fetish porn under the name Sabrina for a company called Masorotica. She cant cum unless shes being hurt, because shes loose from the kid and the whoring around.

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Erika Luttrell
Location: Taylorsville, Indiana
Age: 23
Runs from one guy to the next. Makes up stories saying she has been abused by her ex just to get sympathy from the next. Only cares about herself and doesnt care about who she hurts along the way just as long as she gets what she wants. Works as a server at chillis in Columbus Indiana.

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Lisa Benjamin
Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Age: 20
Not only to me, but other guys as well. Even if she doesnt mind this. Fuck it.

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Sofiya Vaskiv
Location: Zhuravin, Ukraine
Age: 28
She fucked and sucked a lot of dicks

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Vanessa Del
Location: Los Angeles, California
Age: 28
Sleeps with random guys and has a boyfriend. Slut

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Ambar Calderon
Location: Denver, Colorado
Age: 25
this bitch is dirty and is HIV positive prostitute very very disgusting and always just looking for a quickie watch out for her she is HIV positive and she will steal and Rob everything to have and if u smoke weed or ice or crack thats your girl

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Brittany Tyas
Location: Oakwood, Illinois
Age: 28
3 years together total, married for two of that. Found out she was cheating on me for over 4 months. Even lost her job from taking time off to spend with him. Was a great lay, likes being tied up, anal you name it

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Kelli Beebe
Location: Huntsville, Alabama
Age: 31
slut1She makes commitments then just gets drunk all the time and cheats on guys. then she talks about how much she loves god and how good of a christian she is. shes a real piece of shit.

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Jonny Ross
Location: Thornaby On Tees, United Kingdom
Age: 25
This is Jonathan Jonny Ross from Teesside University. He likes to be a slut for mistresses, and is a bit of a twat.


Jasmine Vrolijk
Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Age: 23
Smash first day right in the hallway