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Kendall Mason
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Age: 19
Me and this girl have been sexting back and forth for years, it finally has reached its end so i thought id share her pictures

Mary Marie

Mary Marie
Location: Orange, Massachusetts
Age: 18
She was great till she cheated on me

Tattoos don't cover your cheating ways

Jared Jewell
Location: Winchester, Virginia
Age: 29
Innocent faceDecided he wanted to use multiple women to satisfy his craving for payback against his ex girl friend who broke his heart. Using mind games along with pity he tricks women into believing hes innocent when hes the one that likes to be the game player

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Kelly Lowther
Location: Orlando, Florida
Age: 22
Not literally, but is still a slut of a girlfriend from experience, so Im told. New years party gone bad, she let some random dude she knew for a mont cum insider her. yea, good head can take a whole dick and deep throat all 8 inches of it. had a fat lil ass and loves it in the ass probably the only thing YOUll even feel, shes so blown out

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Karen Brown
Location: Bulls Gap, Tennessee
Age: 37
Met hee thru a mutual friend,fun to hang out with. Good tight pussy for a sexy big girl.

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Anne Laure
Location: Adelanto, California
Age: 30
annasex exgirlfriend

Slutty whore

Olivia Whitworth
Location: Maidenhead, United Kingdom
Age: 24
girl who loves large cocks.

Very proud of himself

Jeff Dahlstrom
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Age: 30
Started off nice, but once we had sex he became paranoid and jealous of everyone. Finally had to dump his controlling ass. Found out he was sharing my pics with all his friends. So here he is!

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Christina Cruz
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Age: 20
Thought I truly loved this girl like no other them screws me over. Takes me out for my birthday then I asked for the money to be spent on me back. stolen my laptop to get her money back after she told me I was her soulmate she broke up with me and started talking to someone else less then a week later

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Jennifer Victoriano
Location: Ashford, Washington
Age: 22
fucked 4 different guys in one night, cheated on me