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Nafia Najmi
Location: Rio Claro, Brazil
Age: 20
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Brianna Devine
Location: Holly, Michigan
Age: 24
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Saskia Wiersch
Location: Dorsten, Germany
Age: 26
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Robert Davis
Location: Lorain, Ohio
Age: 37
His faceMeets woman on line. Lies to all of them to sleep with them. Uses them for money and gifts.

Elizabeth from Sooke, B.C.

Elizabeth Planes
Location: Sooke, Canada
Age: 33
Elizabeth Planes 2Small town slut from Sooke, B.C.rnrnReally easy to sleep with if she has any alcohol in her system. rnrnShe is willing to cheat on her current man, just FB message her to set that up.

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Kristle Morgan
Location: Ellijay, Georgia
Age: 27
first off I used to fuck this bitch a long time ago, she goes off gets married, has a bunch of kids. so I start talking to her when her and her hubby split. In just a couple days and she was sending me pictures of those big ol Titties talking about how much she missed my dick. Im going to fuck her in a day or two and Ill get more pics up. Enjoy boys

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Emma Shay
Location: South Beloit, Illinois
Age: 22
She was a bitch so fuck it here she leave comments about her anything u think of her

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April Horstmeyer
Location: Hannibal, Missouri
Age: 28
Her facebook picsWe broke up a few years back. she did me wrong. So its time for revenge!!

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Annie Diaz
Location: Miami Beach, Florida
Age: 27
Colombian freak who cheated for money. Likes to get gang bang and suck cock

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Kelsie Wills
Location: Amigo, West Virginia
Age: 20
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