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Tiffany J
Location: South Berwick, Maine
Age: 22
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Laura Woods
Location: Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Age: 26
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Kathryn Wahl
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Age: 21
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Sum Slut
Location: Menifee, California
Age: 30
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Alycia Platz
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Age: 25
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Shay Leiter
Location: Bellevue, Nebraska
Age: 22
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Tiffany Triplana
Location: Violaines, France
Age: 24
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Kim Cappucci

Kim Cappucci
Location: Wallingford, Connecticut
Age: 21
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Kristin Crews
Location: Columbia, South Carolina
Age: 37
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Found this on a computer I bought on EBay

Eureka Monroe
Location: San Ramon, California
Age: 27
Not my ex, wish she was... I bought a computer on eBay and ran an undelete on the hard drive... found a SHIT ton of pictures, under the girls name. This guy must have been a real player because there are several dozen, I will share all of them in time...