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Erica Wages
Location: Ravenswood, West Virginia
Age: 21
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Rachel Peterson
Location: San Diego, California
Age: 25
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Melissa Herzberg
Location: Erick, Oklahoma
Age: 24
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Mijoo Kim
Location: Hampton, Virginia
Age: 28
Drinks all day then tries to kill herself. I thought we were friends then I found out she was fucking my man when I found a bunch of pictures and movies of them on his laptop. so they can go to hell together

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Adam Hall
Location: Brookfield, Ohio
Age: 24
Long story short i found out he sucked dick in the showers in hs and cheated on me afew times hes a total POS who lasts two mins in bed anyways he sucks

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Alexandria Jahn
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Age: 21
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Claire Misajet
Location: Paterson, New Jersey
Age: 19
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Kyle Fugate
Location: Danese, West Virginia
Age: 23
His guy is sweet or so I thought he was until he fucked me and then stopped talking to me for no reason. He is whore, all he does is fuck girls and leave them and the fucker wonders why he is alone. Ctfu lol

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Kelly Wade
Location: Macon, Georgia
Age: 19
Always begging for money, and doesnt have shit to offer

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Sherry Randazzo
Location: Sturgis, Michigan
Age: 27
Jus a town whore who tries to act like a good woman hahahahaa