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Amy Jo Miller
Location: Milton, Pennsylvania
Age: 22
Just a girl I know

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Rachel Sosa
Location: Ballwin, Missouri
Age: 22
Nothing to explain about a slut

Nicola the snapchat slut

Nicola Wrana
Location: Burlington, Canada
Age: 24
dumbslut7All I had to do was send her a pic of my dick and she was begging for it.

Cheating Slut

Kristiane Jones
Location: Dunfermline, United Kingdom
Age: 20
She sent me all these photos over facebook, played me for a fool. I later found out she was seeing a couple of other guys!!

Dejeune the whore long.

Dejeune Long
Location: Fontana, California
Age: 23
She a lying cheating unfaithful military wife make her famous

Cheating tag chaser

Tracey Henry
Location: Milton, Florida
Age: 34
Cheated on me during my deployment and got married while i was deployed and lets just say i got the dear john letter weeks after she got married to an airmen.

Little Redneck Ho

Kendall Wilkinson
Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Age: 20
Just buy her a couple beers and shell be on her knees in no time


Ed Adler
Location: Hewlett, New York
Age: 29

Dorothy Elaine Burk

Dorothy Burk
Location: Cleveland, Tennessee
Age: 26
Dumb cunt

I have more I'm posting later

Jamie Tellez
Location: Abbeville, Alabama
Age: 18
She took it up the ass then gave head till I finished