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Ashli Kime
Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania
Age: 21
Loves getting on top or being a fuck toy

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Christina Brooks
Location: Deerfield Beach, Florida
Age: 27
I am tired of her walking on my heart

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Steph Mary
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Age: 23
1This chick went and cheated on her boyfriend for months with me. Trashy, but hot.

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Fely Goeckner Or Liscano
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Age: 43
dumb bitchThis lying, cheating, broke ass, money loving piece of shit 43 year old whore is the most disguating human being I have ever known. I will be known to you as the greatest fuck of your life and the greatest fuck you of your life. They make sites like this for deseving cunts such as yourself. You eat, shit and piss lies daily so maybe everyone else should see you for who you really are.

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Dan Glynn
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Age: 24
Ive been talking to this stud for a little over a week and hes explored every kind of kinky dirty nasty fantasy I could imagine with me and my bf. Hes a true God like cuchold. Ive never met a man so powerful and sexy. Love you Master Danny.

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Sarah Woodlee
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Age: 20
Met her on Facebook and she was instantly sending nudes. And then we met up to fuck at the taco bell that she works at. She will do anything. She told me she got really drunk and gave her cousin a bj

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Ana Cristina Paz
Location: Las Aguilas, Mexico
Age: 24
Ana Cristina , estudiante de la unam, le encanta una buena verga que le reviente la panocha o el culo, o que le rellene el osciquito con una buena venida de lechita caliente, tiene la fama y pinta de ser seriecita pero es una puta de primera

yuval the jew

Yuval Kadishi
Location: Qiryat Ata, Israel
Age: 18
she will talk to and send nudes to as many guys as she can.

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Augusta Jones
Location: Rock Hill, South Carolina
Age: 23
Just sharing

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Gigi Domkute
Location: Homer, Alaska
Age: 19
she was my everything then she left me for some other dude