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Annika Nyberg
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Age: 20
sleeps around with literally anyone who tries. Very easy, wouldnt surprise me if she had crabs by now

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Shelbie Hanson
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Age: 22
Her boyfriend at the time shared these with everyone.

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Cierra Harden
Location: Concord, North Carolina
Age: 24
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Antoine Mave
Location: Koekelberg, Belgium
Age: 35
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Nikki McCrimmon
Location: Tifton, Georgia
Age: 30
Bitch was sleeping with someone else while we were married! This is the guy she is with now... settled for some hamburger with a steak at home.

Caroline Jane Gile aka CJ Gile

Caroline Jane Gile
Location: Liberty Lake, Washington
Age: 18
After aborting our baby, Josie... she cheated on me and then dumped me... shes totally fucked in the head, just saying...

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Jonathan Baylor
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Age: 22
Send photos of his cock to girls on facebook

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Lindsey Whaley
Location: Oneida, New York
Age: 27
Super skank who fucks around with anyone. Mostly a groupie slut

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Miurel Vanessa
Location: Departamento De Managua, Nicaragua
Age: 38
dirty, fat, ugly ex bitch.

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Marta Sproles
Location: Port Allen, Louisiana
Age: 26
Dated this girl for nearly 2 years, and then she tells me shes still married. Come to find out she was fucking me, her husband, a friend from Texas, a wanna be rockstar and his band mates, and god knows who else. Unfortunately for her she used to send me a lot of videos, and I saved most of them