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Markettia Ford
Location: Vancouver, Washington
Age: 29
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Abi Baldwin nude

Abigail Baldwin
Location: Scarborough, United Kingdom
Age: 20
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Heather Stein

Heather Stein
Location: Spring Hill, Florida
Age: 22
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Sara Neal
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Age: 25
Together for a year and a half. About four months ago she told me her ex had called and she felt bad for talking to him. Fast forward to febuary and I catch her lying to me and fucking him.

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Raquel Smith
Location: Dallas, Texas
Age: 24
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Natt Mcghee
Location: Adrian, Texas
Age: 18

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Brenda Lopez
Location: Acala, Mexico
Age: 22
La culera esta con varios pinches gueys. Vive en la ciudad de avalanche.

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Khayli Vash
Location: Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Age: 19
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Kenzi Taylor
Location: Eustis, Florida
Age: 18
So I started talking to this slut a few months back... We met up, made out, etc... She was texting her best friend the entire time, well Im not that stupid, and figured out it was her man... the nude she had sent me, she was wearing his necklace in.... So in an attempt to be a good guy, I told the dude, well needless to say I feel no remorse for his dumbass either as he got back with this cheating whore... Haha.. Im pretty sure if yall were to hit her up, you could talk her into cheating, definitely wasnt hard for me.

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Amy Stewart Ellis
Location: Attalla, Alabama
Age: 33
slutShe should learn to keep fucking and not stop lol anyways she is a online hook up that disappeare d on me last year