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Kansas Puckett
Location: Springfield, Oregon
Age: 18
This is Kansas Puckett. Shes a liar, slut, bitcheck like non other. Shes cheated on me, her last ex, and her current boyfriend. Shes tried to fuck her dog, has done a hell of a lot of drugs, has fucked about 14 guys now, and is beyond fucked in the head. She will act like she loves you and will act like she is trustable, but then wIll go right behind your back. She will demolish you emotionally. Shes crazy. Dont go for this chick unless you want crazy and loose. Plus her being fat and ugly didnt help. The bitch looks like a emo lesbian. She turns 19 on February 20th, but still looks and acts like a 12 year old. Her tattoos are clich and unoriginal while she isnt a good person at all. She manipulates people and will hurt you. Im just sorry for the guy shes with now. He had no idea hes dating a cheating bitch. Look at her face and finger tats. You can see the same finger tats in the spread pussy pic. Her tattoos and bad choices have finally fucked her.

My ex,,

Kiki Manley
Location: Poplar Grove, Illinois
Age: 45
With this girl for 2 years ... Found out she was cheating all along... Very hot loves it all! Bisexual... Loves anal!!!!!! But u better wrap it boys.. Cuz she has. The gift


Tammy Cleveland
Location: Muskegon, Michigan
Age: 21
just a whore


Erin Wieland
Location: Plattsburgh, New York
Age: 25

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Heather Fisher
Location: Goose Creek, South Carolina
Age: 21
This is a crazy nasty bitch that will ruin ur life.


Chelsea Nemec
Location: Abbeville, Alabama
Age: 24
Left me for him

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Lisa Pink Sparkles
Location: Plant City, Florida
Age: 22
Just a private encounter I had. She has a husband at home but doesnt mind getting out of the house to come try some new cock. Loves her throat fucked deep and cum on her face. Likes her ass fucked too.

Whaura Laura will give you HPV and Herpes!

Laura Marcheta Burgess
Location: Beloit, Ohio
Age: 29
Every Wednesday you can find Whaura spreading her legs and her diseased pussy and ass at the Adult book store in Alliance, Ohio. Shes a whore, if you fuck her ass or pussy or even let her blow you, wear a condom unless you want the herp!

Cynthia Guzman

Cynthia Guzman
Location: Elmhurst, New York
Age: 21
Met this chick over facebook. Started talking more and more which lead to late night phone calls. She started sending nudes. We met up in person and we had sex.. Shes a freak , rides my cock just how i wanted it.

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Lillian Graves
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Age: 24
Lillian gravesshe likes dbags and not good guys