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Zhu Yi
Location: New York, New York
Age: 22
Anonymous 19155 says: slut from columbia u theatre who liked to get fucked.

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Meqan Leiqh
Location: Staten Island, New York
Age: 24
Anonymous 19154 says: first of all no nudes so quit ur bitching and complaining i met this smut in job corp we hitted it of right of the back started hanging out smoking some weed getting tattoos etc i found out this girl is pretty easy and would do a certain amount of things for example drove all the way from staten island to brooklyn just because i told her i had bud i had a grin on my face thinking she would let me hit it never happend that time of the month them im guessin BJ nope she hit me with the this works both ways is not right for u the only one getting pleasure i was like u right but in my head i was like i fucking hate myself HEY LOOK AT THE LOSER it was an awkward silence after that but all of a sudden when she passed me the blunt she reached for my belt unbuckled it unzip my pants and whiped it out and started to jerk me right there on my couch in my head i was like holy shit D im guessing cause she saw the buldge in my pants i was HORNY AF let me cut it short she wont speak or text if got no weed or thats meg


Samantha Alvarado
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Age: 22
Anonymous 19146 says: Shes a Bitch. She sleeps with every girl she sees including the ones she meets at clubs. The girl is gross. Cant believe I even dated her.

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Megan Flynn
Location: Crystal City, Missouri
Age: 18
Anonymous 19133 says: Shell send anyone pics on kik. Her user name is cheerbabe16123.

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Emma Jackson
Location: Peterborough, United Kingdom
Age: 31
Anonymous 19132 says: she cheated on me with my best mate

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Briana Strang
Location: Weymouth, Massachusetts
Age: 31
The WhoreAnonymous 19128 says: Had boyfriends that were in and out of Federal Prison that she would cheat with. Sociopathic whore.


Some One
Location: Glen Cove, New York
Age: 20
WhoreAnonymous 19125 says: Whore

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Elizabeth Westbrook Allen
Location: Athens, Georgia
Age: 33
Anonymous 19124 says: I used to date this girl for 2 12 years. She turned out to be a real bipolar slut bag.Here she is in all her glory.. or whats left of it... Cheers!

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Christina Simon
Location: Gemeindebezirk Favoriten, Austria
Age: 20
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Red Head Cunt Slut
Location: Tampa, Florida
Age: 25
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