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Dixie Carter
Location: Alexander, Arkansas
Age: 19
Shouldnt have left me for him again

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Lucy Lim
Location: Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Age: 28
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Jadelyn Pugh
Location: Lakeside, California
Age: 20
Just putting her pics out there for being a slut. Make sure to let her bf know shes sending nudes while with him. And posts them on instagram for shoutouts. Works at parkway plaza mall. Go see her in person.


Dora Madarasz
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Age: 27
Miss Budapest here is the type that leaves her guyfianc while he is deployed.rnrnLet us salute Miss Budapest!rnrnAt least she is good at something!rnrnAm I right

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Sherkana Norford
Location: Laidley, Australia
Age: 19
She seems nice at first ... but then you find out she is only interested in how much you earn.rnShe cheated and caught an STD. When I left her she went psycho and broke into my house. These photos were taken when she was only 18. If you see this slut beware. She lies,cheats and takes your money.

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Stefanie Willis
Location: North East, Maryland
Age: 18
found out she was cheating on me. letting multiple dudes fuck her when i was working.

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Selena Bieber
Location: Lakeland, Florida
Age: 22
Started dating, admitted she lost count of how many guys she fucked, but if she had to guess, 90100! So i knew she wasnt a keeper. Low and behold i catch her sending naked pics to other guys...those pictures taken in MY HOUSE! So i knew that next time she wanted to fuck, id get one last piece of ass and confront her as soon as im done. You know what she does Calls the cops and accuses me of RAPE! You can RUIN a mans life with lies like that. So here you go, pictures tell no lies!


Kayoloniey Phillips
Location: Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Age: 22
Slept around with several different people...and is now currently knocked up. The father is her best friends husband.


Fred Faroe
Location: Los Angeles, California
Age: 21
Rule number one, is that you gotta have fun, But baby when youre done, you gotta be the first to run.

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Katy Robinson
Location: Pearl City, Hawaii
Age: 19
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