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Alesha Accountius
Location: Fortuna, California
Age: 22
Getting Undressed Before ShowerI was loyal to her and just wanted to spend time with her. she left her facebook open one day and i saw some photos of her nude that were sent to one of her ex lovers. now they are here for all to see.

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Sandra Calero
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Age: 36
Sandra Calero was my coworker. I fucked her meanwhile her husband was in china for business. She let me took these pics before she went back to her asshole husband. Bitch you are a whore and a player. I resigned my job and moved out cuz she broke my heart.. well here it is, hope your hobby see you in here!! fuck you..!!!!!

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Craig Bruce
Location: Millville, New Jersey
Age: 21
His sex was amazing as you can see he is pretty big just couldnt keep his dick in his pants after 4 years I gave up

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Jamie Newham
Location: Athens, Ohio
Age: 27
This girl is pure evil.

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Trayce Busby Buchannon
Location: Henderson, Kentucky
Age: 44
She prefers two pricks at a time. She also enjoys licking the split. Cheated on me after 20 years of marriage with this guy.

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Derrick Snyder
Location: Saint Petersburg, Florida
Age: 32
Huge liar

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Natasha Ramsay
Location: Royal Palm Beach, Florida
Age: 27
Had a terrible smelling vag. I had to ask her to shower all the time. She would go a week between showers. Gross

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Glenn Rabelink
Location: Deventer, Netherlands
Age: 24
My exMy ex has cheated on me 5 times!!! A friend of me has asked him to take his clothes off and assume sex positions. He didnt know what is was for!!!rnrnIt is time to get him back!!!

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Nat K
Location: Leedstown, United Kingdom
Age: 22
She loves to get naked when shes drunk

Halle Kathryn

Halle Kathryn
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Age: 23