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Punk/Goth Desperate Single Mother

Alecks May
Location: Kelowna, Canada
Age: 22
ClothedPlayed with my heart just to have a man around to mooch off of and to take care of her daughter while she went out to concerts and gets wasted so she can fuck anything with a dick.

Cheerleading Puck Slut

Kayla Sevigny
Location: Lowell, Massachusetts
Age: 19
One night stand with this chick. She had the tightest pussy ever. We fucked 3 times and every time we didnt use any protection, and she doesnt take birth control. She still doesnt know I came in her all three times. She seemed cool so I kept talking to her for a while. Then all of the sudden a flip switched and she became a complete bitch. Then I saw her tweeting texts I sent her online. Oh by the way she used to be a gymnast, and now shes a cheerleader at UMass Lowell. She also seems to have a thing for hockey players.

Travis or should I say Trista had a SECRET. :-0

Travis Bage
Location: Aylett, Virginia
Age: 26
This is Travis a completely straight dude since Ive known him... WELL HES NOT!!!!! AN WOW HES KINKY. Im a straight guy, Im actually married BUT would get deep inside his sexy little hole ANYTIME I COULD!


Keesha Tessier
Location: Huntingdon, Canada
Age: 19
This girl loves attention, so I thought Id give her some.rnLied about being pregnant and a misscarriage. Which she blamed on the boyfriend she was seeing at the time.

fucking slut

Taylor English
Location: South Bend, Indiana
Age: 21
this bitch loves to lie cheat and being a slut. shell do anything to get drugs and wants you to get into her pants. she even let you run trains on her. she likes to steal from people and sell her kids clothes for crack money. she will use you beyond belief. she fucked my sisters boyfriend and 4 other guys in one night. she probably has some type of STD too so if you tap it wrap it!!!

Marine ex girlfriend

Victoria Schenck
Location: Sunnyside, Washington
Age: 20
This girl right here was the love of my life. Story of my life her and I were friends for 7 years started dating then we parted ways after I came to okinawa, a year and half later she was sent to okinawa so we decided to date. Along that course her and I made some decisions. Nothing bad however she had a past. Never held it against her though. Towards the end of me leaving island she became stressed out and it got rough. She was weak and ran off to another man for comfort the. Came back to me. I found out and was pissed so I decided to go ahead and talk to a girl. Nothing sexual just as nice complimental words. After wards she found out and was pissed that I did that. What was funny is she had done multiple things that I knew of that were shady, but I never confronted her. I left shit alone because it would have stirred a confrontation. rnrnEither way this bitch was a barracks whore back in comm co. And is now beginning to be a barracks whore at camp courtney.

Elizabeth Flanagan

Elizabeth Flanagan
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Age: 24
she likes to take pictures, look her up on fb under elizabeth laura

The \

Maleiah Thompson
Location: Richmond, Indiana
Age: 19
Everybody thinks she is such a good girl. Look again.

Cheats on BF

Brenda Macias
Location: Long Beach, California
Age: 27
Straight Whore...

Walking talking living sperm bank

Megan Lowry
Location: Reno, Nevada
Age: 24
Megan Lowry is one of Renos biggest cum dumpster whores. I loved this girl and then found out that while she was living with me she was fucking her boss, at least two sugar daddies, and dozens of tricks off CL and Redbook. She has had more cum up in her than a big city sperm bank. So here is just a small sampling of what I found on her laptop.