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What a bitch

Corrianna Barneck
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Age: 28
She is a Mormon girl that loved me and then because of my life she left

Bad Fuck

Heather Gamble
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Age: 26
She was a bad girlfriend. Always cheating and whorein around. She wasnt a good lay. Just laid there and wasnt up to do anything but that. Didnt like butt play or anything else

Freaky bitch outta new Orleans

Geranne Lee
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Age: 22
freaky Nola girl

warning monroe herpes giver

Sharon Ringel
Location: Carleton, Michigan
Age: 53
this sick nasty old whore is trying to spreed herpes in carleton and monroe the pussy is blowed out

swedish girl

Cornelia Almung
Location: Karra, Sweden
Age: 20
Cheating girl

Vanessa Castano Ortiz

Vanessa Castano Ortiz
Location: Miami Beach, Florida
Age: 25
Soon to be the riches whore in the world. This is my on again and off again girl friend. She is a model in Miami Beach. I have been paying her bills for 2 years. She would give me 3sums with some of the hottest whores in Miami. She also like to have 2 dicks at the same time. This bitch told me today she does not need me anymore because she is about to be rich on her own. She suing a Hollywood Playboy for millions and told me she does not need me. BITCH! Google her name and you will see who she is.

Corinna Sarioglu

Corinna Sarioglu
Location: Muenchen, Landeshauptstadt, Germany
Age: 32
Corinna SariogluCorinna Sarioglu eine dauergeile Trkin die ich mehrfach durchgevgelt habe!

She fucks for drugs

Kristina Upchurch
Location: Rhinelander, Wisconsin
Age: 21
Shell do anything for any kind of drugs

She loves to show herself to everyone.

Sara Havs
Location: Englewood, Colorado
Age: 18
She is a girl that wants to be known by the friends and for them to watch her without anything on.

i loved that ass

Kaeli Reiff
Location: Cottage Grove, Minnesota
Age: 21
ass2she left me so here is her