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Carl Jenkins
Location: Rhyl, United Kingdom
Age: 19
Guy went out with loves posing in nude photos with very small dick

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Cora Price
Location: Sardis, Tennessee
Age: 25
March 014 she went to Tennessee to VISIT FAMILY while I stayed in indiana to take care of our son and HER disabled grandmother, April she threw me out to move to Tennessee to be with 50 yr old Barry Milam, now I fight everyday just to talk to my son

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Savanah Marie
Location: Anderson, South Carolina
Age: 19

Kristy Winchester

Kristy Winchester
Location: Woburn, Massachusetts
Age: 26
afKristy Winchester

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Harley Moore
Location: Van Buren, Arkansas
Age: 25
She lies about everything. said she wasnt married found out she is. nothing buy drama. she cheated on me with her husband how she was seperated from. found that out when i came over one day an he was sittin there. an no she is pregnant with twins that arent her husbands.


Katie Monko
Location: Greenfield, Indiana
Age: 19
chick sends nudes to anyone that asks and has had sex with at least 40 people

Alexandra Hengst zum Berg

Alexandra Hengst Zum Berg
Location: Bochum, Germany
Age: 39
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Horrible Lady

Luci Marq
Location: Bogota, Colombia
Age: 35
This girl Lied and was very cold to me after I did a lot for her.

Silvia ;)

Silvia Wu Diz
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Age: 45

talks to multiple girls at once, cheats, lies

Sean Crabill
Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Age: 22
This guy is on multiple chat, dating sites, he adds random girls on facebook and tries to add them he is so desperate. he uses all the girls he talks to. he says he wants something serious but then talks to a new girl every day. this has happened to at least 5 people. he cheats and lies his way though everything. he fed me lies about so much stuff and i found out another girl he was talking to and she said the same thing.