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Melissa Anne
Location: Brick, New Jersey
Age: 24
Anonymous 19313 says: Crazy slut loved calling me daddy

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Ashley Faye
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Age: 20
Anonymous 19312 says: This girl posts pictures of herself nude on facebook all the time! She sent my boyfriend a friend request and when he accepted it these pictures were all over her profile. She wants the world to see her naked so enjoy!

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Megan Balter
Location: East Lansing, Michigan
Age: 21
Anonymous 19307 says: While we were dating for a very long time she decided to cheat on me with some random guy she just met. now she is engaged and cheating on that guy too.


Elizabeth Vargas
Location: Mesquite, Texas
Age: 18
Anonymous 19306 says: This bitch broke up with me. Too bad

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Laryssa Paulson
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Age: 21
Anonymous 19300 says: So we lost our Vcards to each other... Or so I thought.. Turns out we only dated so that she could feel what a dick felt like.. She already had her cherry popped by some dyke bitch.. She cheated on me twice and ended up dating an ugly troll of a dyke.. Shes addicted to cats.. Yeah one of those.. I should have seen it coming.. I always thought she was a bit crazy..

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Justine Thorson
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Age: 24
Anonymous 19298 says: Shes a lying whore who loves to hurt people.

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Diane Lewis
Location: Odessa, Texas
Age: 34
Anonymous 19297 says: we had a threesome with a friend of mine thought all was well then I started getting some suspicion looked through her phone all text and photos had been erased. so I went on line while she was sleeping bought a system to retrieve erased or deleted messages, photos, and videos. we can say that my suspicion was right they had been texting and sending all kinds of pics so I wanted to share some of them with everyone.

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Tanya Carpenter
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
Age: 20
Anonymous 19295 says: Cheats, lies, has stds. Loves the dick, cant suck one though. She has a messed up grill so watch out. loves low life losers with no future. Shes a whore who lies. she has no job, doesnt go to school she is piece of shit


Cryus Cly
Location: Farmington, New Mexico
Age: 19
Anonymous 19294 says: He had a girlfriend while he was dating me. Cryus always put himself first. He acts like a bad ass and gets wasted everyday. Hes been so many girls Im surprise he hasnt catched anything. He fucks want he wants and doesnt give a shit anyone except himself

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Elizabeth Wilson
Location: Dallas, Texas
Age: 21
2Anonymous 19293 says: She goes by Violinistgirl or violinistlizzyrnrnFirst off, shes a bit of a fake. She likes to say all these things about how she has picnics in the cemetery, how shes into all these games and animes, but shes the definition of a hipster. Most of her interests are fake or she likes them because she thinks it makes her stand out. She has this thing where she likes to tell people how lucky they are to know her, sleep with her, or be friends with her. Arent you lucky you have a naked girlfriend who gives you blow jobs while you play video gamesrnrnrnShe got with Damen by cheating on her former boyfriend, Kris Tavis. She barely knew the guy but slept with him, aggressively and then went back to her boyfriend and pretended nothing happen only to break up with him on his birthday.rnrnIf you can see where this is going, she also dated her best friends ex boyfriend.rnrnShes been known tornPlay the Ill tell the cops you raped me card, rnPlay the Ill tell my dad you beat me card, rnPlay the Ill call child protective services on your friends so they lose their kid card.rnrnShe even went as far as to harass her exs new girlfriend with an angry rant letter over facebook.rnrnShes cheated on her last 2 boyfriends, one with her nearhomosexual friend Stephen M Middleton who fingered her, and choked her with his belt in front of a witness. rnrnShes into heavy BDSM, including anal sex, knifes, cutting, she has some deep mental issues. rnrnrnHer big problem is her lack of loyalty and honor and that shes constantly making threats. Like falsifying rape claims to win an argument. Or abuse.rnShe accused her bf Kris of molesting her postbreakup but she went to sleep over his house postbreakup..., she accused her former boyfriend Evan of raping her. She has a long list of basically, everyone who has ever broken up with or or shes broken up with has suddenly become a rapist for the purpose of sympathy. In actuality, its not happened to her once. Shes great with fake tears but when she meets new people she seems almost too eager to tell everyone about how shes a rape victim. rnrnrnShe has an impressive video collection as well. Not includedrnIf anyone feels like she is a victim, she has a profile where she has plenty of nude pictures already all of these are available there. She is an exhibitionalist including sex in public and in the rain.