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Ashely Koale
Location: Argyle, Florida
Age: 22
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Arantxa Guerrero
Location: San Miguel, Mexico
Age: 23
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Chloe Irwin
Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Age: 31
She loves to suck the cock, cheated on me with another guy so thought I would share.

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Sarah Ven
Location: Aalborg, Denmark
Age: 22
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Jessica Wells
Location: Nicholasville, Kentucky
Age: 27
left me and took my son...a heartless bitch!

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Angelika Rose
Location: Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Age: 18
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Fuck Meat Elizabeth Culp

Elizabeth Culp
Location: Massillon, Ohio
Age: 19
Meet the dump of Ohios finest trash, Elizabeth Culp. This fuck slut loves fucking a different guy everyday and sending nude pictures to the entire university, so why show the entire world. Enjoy your fame, you dirty cheating slut!

Thinks he\'s something special! Lol.

Billy Reeder
Location: Hazard, Kentucky
Age: 23
This douche tried to act like he was the best guy in the world just to get what he wanted ... once he realized that he wasnt gonna get any pussy he stopped responding to my texts, and even blocked me on facebook!! The thing is, I only talked to this guy out of pity, he pursued me so long that I finally said hello. We went one one date and when he got in my car he reeked of body odor and cat piss! When I saw his apartment I understood why, he lived in a damn pig sty! It smelled so strongly of piss that it made me sick. There was garbage everywhere with a dog running around obviously urinating everywhere and the floors were so nasty you couldnt tell if it was carpet or vinyl! And him sitting on his ass perfectly able to clean it!! Sickening and pitiful!


Christy Lee Pimental
Location: Taunton, Massachusetts
Age: 30
Had some kids with a deadbeat looser....but would still send pics out even when they were together then he dumped her ass. She loves anal an isnt afraid to show her freaky side make you suck on her big toe....

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Corie Freshour
Location: Nelsonville, Ohio
Age: 23
This girl has a few screws loose. Shes a habitual liar who genuinely believes her own lies. Dated her for a while and she denies the whole thing ever happened. After first date she said she wanted to wait to have sex, took her home that night and she was all over me. Always sends out nudes, even behind her current boyfriends back. Be warned, guys, while she may be a decent lay, shes desperate for a baby and shell probably make up some story about how you abused her.