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Caitlyn Humphryes
Location: Glendale, Arizona
Age: 24
I took her in when she had she no where else to go but one of my buddies was able to find her on tinder and then got these photos out of her. I asked her several times and she said she doesnt send nude photos cause it might ruin her image... Time to make her famous!!!

Avoid at all costs, or cost you all

Amber Pacheco
Location: San Jose, California
Age: 24
For many years I helped this bitch. Gave her all she asked for. And she gives Nothing back, her promises are shit. She says she is straight but really she likes pussy. She also says guys want one thing, girls do too.... They just want your sole. She is easy to fuck, after you have know her for a year or so. Just dont expect Her to put out much and she cums once and shes done. Shes a real bitch on what she wants. She use to have a satisfactory body she would be like, what does that mean Nice tits Bs with small stingers, ok rounded but. Pink pink pussy that I was the only one she let in. Dont know if thats true, felt like it it was hot in her but still like fucking a dead fish, that keeps telling you what to do. Anyway, she got with some bitch Alex, who abused her. Beat Her and caused internal bleeding. And during that time up to now. She does not eat right, so here boobs look old. Pussy is no longer a pink landscape, her ok butt. Its missing. Watch out, she barrows and neveir gives back.

Dumb thottie

Illyana Martinez
Location: Pearland, Texas
Age: 20
This dumb thot tried to play someone I know...

A tease and pill popper

Jessica Arms
Location: Hoopeston, Illinois
Age: 25

Chubby slut

Ashley Merriman
Location: Ludington, Michigan
Age: 18
Just a slut really

give her a fuck

Ally Stewart
Location: Attalla, Alabama
Age: 20

Kimberlin Zamora

Kimberlin Zamora
Location: Lynwood, California
Age: 19

Sex Ed teacher

Kristan Duran
Location: Staten Island, New York
Age: 43
She gave me STDs but great fuck next time Ill use a condom!

Fraud Alert!

Simar Bains
Location: Surrey, Canada
Age: 24

Short dick ex

Martin Reyes
Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
Age: 24
Here is my ex, Martin from Uruguay. Hes a very disgusting person, a professional liar.rn