From Saskatchewan, Canada at Age 25

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Ex slut

found these on her cell phone guess she was sending them out while we were dating
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Sam R

From California, United States at Age 27

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Tiny Dick

This tiny dicked loser acts like he's straight but I'm pretty sure he's Gay or Bi. He should just …take his place as a gay bottom. His dick is too little to feel, better just to laugh at. If u see him kick him in his tiny balls n tell him he doesn't need them to be a bottom! Can you guess his hard n soft dick Size? Does he have a Micro-penis?
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Jina Heydon

From Nevada, United States at Age 33

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All she cares about is your money.

She'll say she's all about positive energies and that she's just filled with love, until she finds …someone with a bigger wallet. Then she'll cheat on you and laugh at you for believing she cared about you. That's why she works in snobby boutique clothing and jewelry. She's looking for a new trade-up. And by trade up I mean they are richer than you.
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From Massachusetts, United States at Age 35

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Horny Latina in Boston

Met this one online and she sent pics straight away...hope her husband won't mind
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