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Cheating Chubby Paige

Paige Swanson
Location: Boise, Idaho
Age: 20
She didnt like the fact that I was starting to get serious into fitness so she got drunk and cheated on me with some fat fuck.

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Sara Roberts
Location: Bellingham, Washington
Age: 30
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Carey Potter

Carey Potter
Location: Clacton-On-Sea, United Kingdom
Age: 36

Gets you pregnant then leaves you for another girl

Wayne Hammonds
Location: Ventura, California
Age: 27
This piece of shit got me pregnant then left me and hooked up with our co worker a week later after having been together two years

Money Slut.

Kat Doyle
Location: Boise, Idaho
Age: 22
This slut wants money. She dated me while dating other guys always asking to go on dates and buy her presents.

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Nathalie Kelderman
Location: Saint Albans, United Kingdom
Age: 40
If fucking whores is your favourite pastime then you wont be disappointed with this racist South African horny bitch. I met her on a dating website soon after she ditched her Australian husband and I fucked her for two days no stop at our first date. I call her unlimited since nothing is offlimit for her, whatever you ask she will do for you for you, from orgy to fisting. If you are in St Albans UK you should definitely give her a callfuck although dont let her get too close to you due to her long standing psychiatric condition, which is the reason while I introduce her to an ugly friend of mine who she fucked in no time. When she asks and my girlfriend is not around I still give her a good dose of Mediterranean cock. If it wasnt for the fact that she fuck like an animal she would not be worth anything at all, although she believed she is clever because work in a dumb water company and get to destroy other people relationship. The most disposable hot pussy dumb blonde whore I have ever met and trusted me I have known a few. Has to be said that she has a tendency to start kicking and screaming like a pig in a slaughter house when she comes. If it wasnt that she is fun to fuck she would be a total waste of space, whores like her should not be let out and kept slave in slam brothel. Fuck her and run.she wont mind!

Paula C Stevens

Paula C Stevens
Location: Dagenham, United Kingdom
Age: 41
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Ishita Rajendra
Location: Pune, India
Age: 20
Deo loving whore

Christina Mcbeath Jayson Evens

Christina Mcbeath Jayson Evens
Location: Calgary, Canada
Age: 25
Ex gf posed naked for some slutty pics. Jokes on you now!

Lauren Pinero

Lauren Pinero
Location: Mays Landing, New Jersey
Age: 26
Lauren PineroWeird slut who needs to stop being so full of herself and come back to reality.