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Samantha Stapleton
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Age: 19
We were fucking each other when I found out she was fucking three other guys on the side at the same time... 2 of them at the same time! She is basically a joke among me and my friends and we all take turns passing her around the base here.. Has seen more pole than a strip club.. have fun fellas!

Caitlin K

Caitlin Kitt
Location: Warrenton, Virginia
Age: 28
Huge slut, bipolar, a mean dick though when she isnt drugged out.

Pompy Swingger

Jo Davis
Location: Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Age: 36
Jo loves cock! Loves group sex and as many cocks as she can get!!


Sidney Fairchild
Location: Saint Matthews, South Carolina
Age: 20
Gives ass and pics to any and everybody!

hoe for any dick that aint white

Emily Gille
Location: Argyle, New York
Age: 20
Stop talking to her for a week and she fucks the next best example of dumb blonde

Great in bed

Wesdon Brazzell
Location: Afton, Texas
Age: 22
Fuck him!! Asshole

My ex Merissa Rippon

Merissa Rippon
Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom
Age: 23
Merissa RipponEnjoy!

Crazy Stalker

Natalie Boyd
Location: Jackson, Mississippi
Age: 50
bikiniFreaky, Kinky crazy ass stalker... Lies, cheats, fucks everyone that moves... SHE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE!!! Dont mess with her!!! Not worth it!!! Washed up old woman who is trying to live her youth again!!!!

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Amanda Pruitt
Location: Dallas, North Carolina
Age: 26
she love dick and send photos to men


Brooke Bennett
Location: Knox, Indiana
Age: 22
Shes the definition of bitch. She likes to make fun of people constantly to make herself feel better. She pretends to be a good girl but everyone knows shes a closet whore and cheats on her boyfriend all the time.