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Joanna Garcia
Location: Amarillo, Texas
Age: 26
This whore lost weight and now thinks shes better than everyone. Hit her up on Facebook! She will fuck anyone!

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Lauren Bennett
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Age: 25
Met this girl in second life Gorean area she sent me pics and wanted to be with me but later found out was still having sex with her ex boyfriend, and some guy she worked with. All the while telling me she loved me and was faithful.

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Blythe Gosp
Location: Fairfield, Connecticut
Age: 23
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Regina Whore
Location: Eustis, Florida
Age: 45
Fucks anything that walks

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Tamara Fry
Location: Remus, Michigan
Age: 26
model shootSo this is my Ex, she liked to send dirty pics to a bunch of guys while i was away, have fun jerking off I know she liked to watch it.

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Denyse Pickering
Location: Leek, United Kingdom
Age: 22
This fat slut will have cock or pussy and cheated with both on me

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April Bush
Location: Pineville, Kentucky
Age: 45
I took care of hed when she was sick and she was online cheating when I was working

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Sandra Toncrova
Location: Ostrava, Czech Republic
Age: 24
HahaOnce I ran to you I ran rnNow Ill run from you rnThis tainted love youve givenrnI give you all a boy could give you rnTake my tears and thats not nearly all rn...Tainted love

Liar and thief

Brandon Case
Location: Mount Pleasant, Iowa
Age: 22
This guy is such a liar and a thief. You cant believe anything that comes out of his mouth. He broke into my new building and stole my four wheeler and sold it. What a piece of shit. He has a beautiful body but a little dick. Beautiful little assume on him tho. Nice and tight.

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Rubi Alvares
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Age: 25
aqui les dejo las fotos de esta putita que se las presta a todos