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mr big

Willis Lewis
Location: Lafayette, Louisiana
Age: 39
Willis was sexy as hell, good in bed... But he liked having sex with other women

Rachael Clark

Rachael Clark
Location: Rochester, Michigan
Age: 21
The church girl

Slut boy

Marvin Liedl
Location: Herne, Stadt, Germany
Age: 27
This is Marvin Liedl. This guy cheating me.rnI post this photos and facebook. Pleas share the photos!

the worst ever

Michelle Lynn
Location: Galesburg, Illinois
Age: 20
I met here. Fuck first day we met. She a real slut lots of fun and love to take the end .

Melissa Gail Whitt

Melissa Gail Whitt
Location: Roseville, Michigan
Age: 45
Ex cheating whore

My mate's gf

Beth McDonald
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Age: 21
Peachy!Found these pics on my mates phone. Emailed them to myself and deleted the evidence and he doesnt know!


Jeanine Santopietro
Location: Bayonne, New Jersey
Age: 27
Big tit whore Jeanine

Cheating ex boyfriend exposed and totally humiliated

Ryan Granger
Location: London, United Kingdom
Age: 29
This is my cheating ex boyfriend in all his glory. I found out he was cheating, so I didnt say I knew. I just spent weeks making loads of humiliating sex snaps and vids of him! So I could expose him and get revenge after dumping him. This is what the cheating slut deserves!! Ive got loads of him sucking dick, balls, licking ass, spreading his legs and being the slut he always is. Ive no doubt that his new bf doesnt have any idea what hes really like, so maybe hell come across these photos and realise. Have fun jacking off guys, and if you reblog or repost these pics please let me know so I can get a kick out of seeing them spread


Judith Horvth
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Age: 36
My ex...

Juliana McGuire Dutra (brasiliancutie)

Juliana Dutra
Location: New York, New York
Age: 41
Met this brazilian skankass chickenhead on Okcupid in 2012. She played all innocent and sweet we fucked on the first night we met and she insisted that I blow in her mouth. funny she demanded that I pay her 40 for plan B the next morning come to find out dabitch was on the pill the whole damn time not just fucking me but multiple guys from all over manhattan, websites, bars, dance clubs, this ratchetass ho thought she was it. always talkin bout whiney exhusband and no money. If you see this troll online, in nyc or anywhere she got herpes so beware and her twat blown out, fuckin is so so and she look ok but she a boring ass fuck, all she want is yo money and everyones attention