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married but not happy

Suzette Long
Location: Orlando, Florida
Age: 28
An ex of mine from years ago. She is now married with kids. She doesnt mind still sending pics and explaining to me how unhappy she is. Here are her pics. If anyone else has anything on her, id like to see what you have.

Adelas Milos

Adela Milos
Location: Sacramento, California
Age: 42
Lose pussy but gives a great BJ....

Easy to fuck, but she\'ll never tell a truth.

Whitney Hickman
Location: Fremont, Michigan
Age: 30
The good She will fuck you anytime, any place, on command. rnrnThe Bad She fucks everyone, she has 4 kids with 3 baby daddys, and if you fuck her, you best believe she will tell you shes pregnant. She has told every guy she has fucked that she was pregnant, and has positive pregnancy test to prove her case. God forbid you try to move on, she will make your life a living hell and lie about everything. She says shes been raped by one of her baby daddys, that she has terminal cancer or had cancer. And she will strongly argue against wearing condoms saying shes allergic to latex.

princezz emmy

Emily Sillivan
Location: Wood Ridge, New Jersey
Age: 20
facewe had a horrible unhealthy relationship, her live revolves around drama and gossip. shes a wonderful finnesser and lier. leaving a lot of things out and jumping to the point, she messaged me a few days ago saying she still loves me and misses me and wants to know that im and doing well, and would like to see if we can get along now that time has passed. the next day she got a white male boyfriend with blonde dreads.

Layla Schmiedeler

Layla Schmiedeler
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Age: 19
LaylaShe cheated on her boyfriend with me and my friends so many times its unbelievable. These are most of the pics we got from her as a collective.

Raging alcholic and deadbeat mother all in one

Kendra Duke
Location: Muncy, Pennsylvania
Age: 35
Heres one that cant function without booze. She has a DUI, no job. Her credit is so bad, people wont take her cash. She also has a 13 year old son that lives 3 hours away with his father. Total scam artist. She will tell you how she got fucked over by all her exs.. Dont fall for her lies and broken promises.

Slam pig

Jill Radcliffe
Location: Farmington, New Hampshire
Age: 26
Will suck and fuck any guy on earth and take full advantage the second she gets the chance do not trust her she will rob you blind and fuck your best friend also a huge coke head and in debt up to her eye balls

She ain\'t the prettiest

Victoria Fontenot
Location: Basile, Louisiana
Age: 23
I came across these pictures of my exes best friend or someshit like that. They seem to like to share the same men, even the hobby of being a slut. At least her pussy aint bad to look at. Man does lighting and pose make n break this beast

Lacey Gilbertson

Lacey Gilbertson
Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Age: 26
what a ho. lies. cheats. lies. lies. thinks she is still hit. needs to focus on being a mom not a ho


Nasra Tabidi
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Age: 19
Not much of a story here. Stole my heart then tramples omit cause shes a dumb bitch. Perfect tits though.