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Danielle Smythers
Location: Manhattan, Kansas
Age: 21
I left for school after the army and she decided to cheat

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Krista Hawkins
Location: Piqua, Ohio
Age: 19
Cheated on me with some random guy, got pregnant right after

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Jessica Burian Miller
Location: Whitehall, Pennsylvania
Age: 36
This is one of the sister that will cheat on you with her sisteryes her sister and a 65 old local bar goer. Plenty more to follow. Easy lay, dont mind scares from fake boob job or stomach. Turn lights off. Careful guys lives off child support 3 kids 3 dads. And government help and parents that give her a few dollars a hour to look over a grandfather that has died apparently four time. Yes a few dollars a hour. If I had the choice I would pay for prostitute but unfortanatly some did not. More to follow.

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Lela Woltjer
Location: Union City, California
Age: 40
This girl is clean and will fuck anybody. She works at The Bay Club in San Francisco The Gateway. She lives in Union City.

Compulsive liar/ manipulator

Bonnie Schembri
Location: Woodridge, Australia
Age: 22
She will constantly lie and it is believable in the way she says it she has such an innocent appearance but Ive never met someone that was so full of shit. She will profess that she loves you in so many ways but she will have other guys on the side she will keep her phone calls messages and emails wiped to cover her tracks. You will spend every cent you have on her and it still wouldnt be enough. Youd give her everything all your spare time love and attention and it still wouldnt be enough people watch out for this one.

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Ryker Burge
Location: Fairfield, Illinois
Age: 22
ryker burge is nothing but player and a complete asshole

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Rose Street
Location: Garston, United Kingdom
Age: 19
This girl gets used as a cum dumpster, she drops her knickers for anybody

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Kelya Lucas
Location: Carson, California
Age: 18
Shes a dumb hoe who swears shes the shit

shannon kowalczyk. from warren and hamtramack, michigan

Shannon Kowalczyk
Location: Hamtramck, Michigan
Age: 42
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Michaela Friend
Location: Norwich, United Kingdom
Age: 25
Cheating bitch been fucking my mate