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Jasmine Doucette
Location: Irving, Texas
Age: 20
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Melinda Norbraten
Location: Salinas, California
Age: 28
This bitch told me she was inlove with me for 4 years, all to cheat on me.

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Jamie Zimmer
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Age: 20
Absolutely wonderful girl. All she wants is to make a man happy anyway she can.

Devin Cuellar

Devin Cuellar
Location: Evansville, Indiana
Age: 22
This chick acted super ghetto, but knew how to get down. Too bad my thoughts about not being able to trust her turned out right.

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Jennifer Oakley
Location: O\'Leary, Canada
Age: 22
She was hotShe was a cheater, 910 fucked like a starfish, and couldnt suck a dick to save her life but she had a tight pussy.

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Cari Hayes
Location: St. Albert, Canada
Age: 20
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Laurie Gillespie
Location: Waynesville, Missouri
Age: 50
She says husband cannot satisfy her. Started cheating first year of marriage. Going strong ever since. Husband doesnt know, so if you are discreet she will fuck you. If you see her, hit up. Very experienced.

Sandie Nolk Alexander

Sandie Alexander
Location: Toronto, Canada
Age: 35
This is Sandie Nolk Alexander, she lives near queen and coxwell in downtown toronto. She has 3 kids and no morals and loves purple pencils

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Jazzy Gibson
Location: Spokane, Washington
Age: 19
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Jasmine Kringle
Location: Anoka, Minnesota
Age: 22
Jasmine KringleIll keep it simple. Slut. Here enjoy her tits.