From Kentucky, United States at Age 24

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I will admit, I cheated on him and dumped him. But that didn't give this bastard any right to sleep …with my mom or my sister.
215 votes


From New York, United States at Age 35

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Milf to be used

She will fuck anyone , just give couple drinks and she become a hot kitty
715 votes


From Victoria, Australia at Age 20

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Cheated on me with best mate and her bosses & her brother!
1,146 votes


From New York, United States at Age 26

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Useless slut

This useless little slut used to send naked selfies to literally anyone. Every male in her cell …would have pictures of her topless. Oh and she fucks just about anyone too she isn't fussy.
1,590 votes


From Bristol, United Kingdom at Age 38

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Bareback slut

She cheated on me with my neighbour, best friend and was a Gangbsng whore
1,414 votes


From Monaghan, Ireland at Age 27

Sylvia  image #1
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Syliva Fryz exposed

I met Sylvia about two years ago. She seemed quiet and reserved but was crazy dirty! A great sex …drive! Also one hell of a body! A really brilliant arse! Also did a bit of nude modeling too. Not shy at all ans sucks cock on her knees which is my fav! She into some crazy shit. No limits on her when she gets going. We went swinging a couple of time and she loves guys watching her thick ass bounce everywhere when getting fucked.. A real fun girl!
1,807 votes

Carol Moore

From Illinois, United States at Age 34

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Dumb Submissive Slut

I met the married slut on she's married and loves to do anything you can imagine she …loves anal sex, having things shoved up her ass sucking dick, getting spanked with your hand paddles whips you name it there is nothing she won't do sexually she's looking for someone to be her "daddy" the reason I'm not with her anymore is because when she agreed to meet me and the second I said hi to her she called the cops on me and I found out I wasn't the only one she did this to she has done this to 6 other men and it was all done in public places with witnesses around verifying that the men were innocent and the police said she has done this before and here a pictures of her showing me her underwear in the bathroom of the bank she works at taking off her panties and putting them in her purse and a pictures of her breast and a small picture of her pussy and a few other extra pictures I'm just throwing in for good measure
1,629 votes


From Wisconsin, United States at Age 24

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Easy leg spreader

So I was dating this girl for almost a year, and 2 weeks before our 1-year anniversary, she dumped …me. She has a kid and she CANNOT stop herself from opening her legs for 30 and 40-year olds. She's into BDSM cuz' she's a dumb kink slut, so I thought you all could enjoy her sluttiness right here! She likes to cam fuck and do voice sex as well.
1,883 votes


From Texas, United States at Age 23

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Pay the cheater for a good time

This girl loves to go behind her mans back to have a little fun. She used to be an escort from what …I've found and she ducks around while get man is at work. Haven't heard from her in a month or so but damn wad she good.
4,973 votes

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