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Ana Claudia Marquez
Location: Trujillo, Peru
Age: 24
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Viktoria Epps
Location: Alpharetta, Georgia
Age: 37
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Karla Rios
Location: Trujillo, Peru
Age: 21
I remembered her firsanal, she was excited, naw she has big holes, because she loves anal with different men

Mrs. Delusional Drunk Whore

Heidi Quilici
Location: Sacramento, California
Age: 34
This is Heidi Quilici. I dont need to explain why Im posting these. She knows why. Oh and Heidi, dont think just cuz youre a spoiled money hungry drunk whore u can use and hurt people and get away with it. I never deserved the decietful game playing fake act you played on me and i certainly am not going to let u just drop me like a piece of fuckng garbage and continue to think u can ask for money and call me a loser Hope this hurts even a smidgett as bad as u have hurt me. U RIPPED MY HEART OUT AND I FUCKING LOVED U ANYWAYS. U FUCKED MY LIFE UP U FUCKING SELFISH SLUT!!!

dead hoe

Scott Lucia
Location: Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Age: 25
He goes around getting girls pregnant and doesnt take are of any of his kids. He is constantly online trying to find new girls to hook up with. He is unemployed and will use you for anything that he can possibly get outta you. He is a sad excuse for a father and a boyfriend.

Michigan Gutterslut with STD

Rhonda McLaughlin
Location: Clinton Township, Michigan
Age: 45
The GUTTERSLUTThis Michigan based gutterslut sleeps with everyone and gives them STDs without ever warning them or disclosing her disease!


Gaby N
Location: Academy, Canada
Age: 22
Gabsbye felicia


Jennifer Webber
Location: Cynthiana, Kentucky
Age: 30
dirty whore

Brooke Lambert

Brooke Lambert
Location: Warrenton, Virginia
Age: 26
Major slut bag of Highland School, took her skills to college @ Lynchburg. Easy fuck, short, big tits.

just the not so average one

Chelsea Elliott
Location: Yorktown, Virginia
Age: 26
Meet her out at bars, or challenge her to pool she learned the game. But be ready for a sarcastic narcissistic personality.