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Ali Ware
Location: Crestwood, Kentucky
Age: 23
She sent me some nudes after I fucked her a few times. Later found out she gave my friend a blowjob at a party. She denied the whole thing so I decided to get even.

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Laquita Jonhson
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Age: 25

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Taylor Tay Tay
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Age: 24
Me and her used to sect back and forth and fuck around in her van on lunch break. She was cheating on her her babys dad the whole time but I didnt mind, she enjoyed it. Then I started talking to a different girl at work, and tay quit.

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Mihaela Lupascu
Location: Husi, Romania
Age: 36
Hi my name is Mihai,and im sending a few pictures about my ex, shes a crazy very crazy true slut.

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Amy Amy
Location: Newcastle, United Kingdom
Age: 23

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Brittany Sills
Location: Roseville, Michigan
Age: 24
Dated this girl for a while. She turned out to be the biggest trick i know. She tight as hell and would most likely put out for some weed or something. Has two kids and goes though guys like water. If you fuck with this one. wrap it

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Colette Fowler
Location: Kernersville, North Carolina
Age: 26
sweetest pussy ive ever tasted n the tightest too as u can obviously see

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Addie Vontease
Location: Alexandria, Louisiana
Age: 19
Saw this slut getting gang fucked on the basketball court in our trailer park.

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Berenice Wolf
Location: Leon, Mexico
Age: 24
She claims she is a decent girl, but she is not. Just take her to a subway restaurant and she is yours

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Jackie Rivero
Location: Glendale, California
Age: 35
I have been seeing this whore since we were teenagers. While she was dating other guys and married with a son. We have been fuck buddies for years and years. She loves to get fucked, suck cock, swallows, loves to eat pussy and loves anal. I have had my friends throw a train on her, she loves to get gang banged. Oh and she loves pussy, we always have three somes, sometimes four somes. She is one crzy orgy bitch.