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Marisa Oliveros
Location: Westminster, Colorado
Age: 20
Bitch is a straight jump off. Nothing else much to say. Always hopping from one dick to the next.

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Vontrail Love
Location: Hanford, California
Age: 24
Couldnt man up so he pussied out and ran like the bitch he is.

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Meaghan Peterson
Location: Norton, Kansas
Age: 21
wonder braI was dating this girl for 3 years, and throught the relationship she cheated on me 10 times that I know of. Things were great in the beginning always seeing me spending the night. As things moved allow she would have the periods of time being distant and not lovey, which I found out she was cheating, caught in the act or texts or FB messages. She always denied all of it even being caught red handed. She always told me she loved me more than anything, wanted to be with me forever and that shed would never cheat. Well so Mich for all those broken promises. She made us hid the relationship from her parents, even though she was 18 when we started dating and is 21 now. She still lives with her parents, 1040 curfew on weekdays and 1230 on weekends. Then this last Sunday she barely had contact with me except to tell me taut we were still together and that she loved me. then ignored me all day Monday and didnt see me. Then today we were suppose to meet at the local Loves store to meet for a kiss before work like always, then I show up and she is there kissing and having this local cops tounge down her throat. So thats how I got dumped found out by her making out with this dude. Thanks for the together forever and Im the only guy forever. So this is why Im posting and wanting some revenge, cuz 3 yrs of all this was enough and it about drove me crazy!

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Jade Jewell
Location: Lewiston, California
Age: 21
she was a hot one night stand with a fuzzy hot pussy.

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Ariel Williams
Location: Oak Park, Minnesota
Age: 21
shes a slut who squirts like a water hose! and fucks any dude willing to let her put their dick in her tits.

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Stella Pasha
Location: California City, California
Age: 20
use to date with her until she cheated on me

Toni McCreadie

Toni McCreadie
Location: South Ayrshire, United Kingdom
Age: 23
Toni McCreadie

Cheating Chubby Paige

Paige Swanson
Location: Boise, Idaho
Age: 20
She didnt like the fact that I was starting to get serious into fitness so she got drunk and cheated on me with some fat fuck.

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Sara Roberts
Location: Bellingham, Washington
Age: 30
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Carey Potter

Carey Potter
Location: Clacton-On-Sea, United Kingdom
Age: 36