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Heroin addict

Brandi White
Location: Camby, Indiana
Age: 28
Brandi white is a user and will try to get money from guys to get drugs she will say that she has a drug dealer after her and will cry in front of you hoping to get money from you she also stole my gun for heroin

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Zhiyi Chen
Location: Shanghai, China
Age: 28
doing prostitutes behind me

Alisha Yarnall, Denver Slut

Alisha Yarnall
Location: Denver, Colorado
Age: 29
Met her on Tinder, slut loves roleplay and being tag teamed, enjoy

Cares, the busty lawyer

Carmen Martinez Jimenez
Location: Distrito Federal, Mexico
Age: 25
Some pics from this big titted lawyer bitch from Tijuana.

This hoe has no manners

Kris Fee
Location: Enid, Oklahoma
Age: 24
Shes been a whore since gosh knows when and had banged over 10 guys. She makes fun of virgins and shes just not worth my time

It just happens sometimes

Silvia Gonzales
Location: Miami, Florida
Age: 20
I was always the bad guy in the relationship. The fight starter, the one who would make them worse. But the fact that she broke up with me about every thing I did was just ridiculous. I would have never given up on her and I know this is wrong. I have no willpower.

Russian Whore Ekaterina

Ekaterina Lade
Location: Winter Springs, Florida
Age: 30
Ekaterina Lade 4This filthy Russian whore Ekaterina Lade came to the states when she was 21 looking to target an American who would take her as his slut wife in exchange for a citizenship. Apparently the guy, Jeffrey Lade, was willing to take this cunt to enjoy himself with her body in exchange for her citizenship. They divorced in 2013, 1yr after she falsely claimed that her marriage to him was legitimate to immigration services. I unfortunately met this female and put aside judgment and believing her story that she sacrificed herself body so she could have a better life here in the USA, and that the marriage was genuine. Not surprisingly, she brought the same slutty behaviors from her fraud marriage into our relationship and was verbally abusive and a few times physically abusive too. After several months of dating and discovering her real story for traveling to America, I ended the relationship. I later found out that she had been cheating on me with her ex husband Jeff Lade because I caught them in public. Do not let this Fking cunt fool you into thinking she has good intentions for you. She is desperate to get pregnant now and is looking for another dick as a sperm donor for her delusional fantasies. In addition, this slut met her husband at a strip club in Daytona Biggins gentlemens club where she got arrested for inappropriately groping a client.

Fun little slut

Rosmery Flores
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Age: 18
Takes dick well. Never wasted a drop.

Homewrecking Gold Digger

Tammy Hranek
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Age: 45
Crazy, Lying, cheating, cold hearted, homewrecker.

Easy Slut

Rebecca Redland
Location: Redlands, California
Age: 29
Met and fucked loves big D

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I'm such a loser. I actually think whoever owns this website who is in some foreign country not subject to any U.S. laws or regulation gives a shit about my ranting and raving and useless threats. I am also thrilled to know that I am an internet porn girl whose picture will/have spread all over the internet world and that guys will be blowing loads all over my factor a long time to come. Oh well, if I can turn this into drug money I won't really care what they do.
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Communications decency act largely shields websites from legal consequences stemming from material submitted and published on there site by third parties some states are starting to pass legislation to deal with the revenge porn phenomenon for example in October California passed a law that criminalizes revenge porn were you can get 6 months and a 1000 dollar fine
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