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big mouth

Melissa Stanford
Location: Ashland, Wisconsin
Age: 21
She loves to run her mouth, among other things.

easy to get

Faiza Zaheer
Location: London, United Kingdom
Age: 30
in bed

she is a slut. but not to bad in bed.

Lauren Lott
Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas
Age: 26
she will do anything

Hairy Ex exposed

Laura Hagen
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Age: 21
Pics of my ex.

drew the bitch

Drew Elsie
Location: Clearlake Oaks, California
Age: 23
This bitch likes to sleep around especially married ones and likes to be handcuffed, humiliated and treated like a bitch who likes it up the ass.

Ex-wife and mother Carla

Carla Grainger
Location: Wigton, United Kingdom
Age: 33

Cheated on me after 3+ years

Daniel Benson
Location: Burleson, Texas
Age: 28
We dated for 3 years and he cheated on me with a skank from his hometown when he back to visit. His best friend sent me emails he had sent him explaining details of the weeklong affair.

Well this is a lot of pics

Jaeden Bailey
Location: Norwood, Colorado
Age: 18
Shes like... a slut or something. Ruined a family. Molested her little sister. touched by older brother. And then Ruined another family... Had sex over 1000 time, fact slept with over 50 guy, loves the creampie. Also shes typical white trash in case you havent noticed haha. But i digress.

I knew this girl, but she ain\'t my ex.

Naji McCallar
Location: Buffalo, New York
Age: 20
One of my friends was dating this girl, but he swore she was cheating and all of HER best friends even told him so and gave him proof. She was also a miserable bitch and intentionally pissed him off to start fights. Bitch tried to fuck me SEVERAL times, and I told him every time she did. I ended up with these pictures because he sold me his old Droid and I guess he forgot to delete the pictures. I told him I was posting them and he goes Those pictures are yours now, do as you please. So heres a shoutout for my boy, who was made miserable by this bitch.

Lisa bowers

Lisa Bowers
Location: Midvale, Utah
Age: 32
Lisa bowers 15She stole my car twice, said possession is nine tenths of the law. Let her know i have her nudes too with that same quote. Lisa wants to be a famous musician... that sucks!