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Krystal James
Location: Clementon, New Jersey
Age: 24
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Cassandra Gill
Location: Clementon, New Jersey
Age: 22
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Soozie Yates-smith
Location: Coventry, United Kingdom
Age: 26
Cheated on me while we were together.

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Combs Laurel
Location: Shelbyville, Kentucky
Age: 45
I am a lying ass cheatin,whore that uses men for whatever I can get out of them!


Cristina Reyes Alverez
Location: Redlands, California
Age: 32
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Amanda Velez
Location: Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey
Age: 26
Title Says It All

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Ashlei Sabbatini
Location: Williamsport, Maryland
Age: 23
This girl is a true slut. Very easy!

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Angelea Cava
Location: Clementon, New Jersey
Age: 24
This slut does anything for money from fucking,taking nude pictures and even letting a group of guys pissing all over her.

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Lisa Swanson
Location: Cleburne, Texas
Age: 43
SexxyShe likes have it in her

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Isaac Calbo
Location: Crestview, Florida
Age: 22
5So this is a guy i used to fuck, he left his computer up so i decided to be devious p