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Shanli Spradlin
Location: Bloomington, Illinois
Age: 27
Sent me these pics behind her Fiances back... enjoy

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Shayla Rau
Location: Barrhead, Canada
Age: 23
Loves nobody but herself. Takes nude pictures just to see if I look better than most girls who do this...and I do D. Loves attention, would ride cock just for a bit of it.

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Vicki Smith
Location: Tamworth, United Kingdom
Age: 28
General cheating hoe typical of Tamworth

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Melanie Mills
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Age: 38
Met this slut when she was married. She is a former stripper but total whore. She uses stupid men for money but overall good for what you need a whore for.

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Lucy O\\\'Halloran
Location: Adairville, Kentucky
Age: 22
Title says it all

Nicole Ramundo

Nicole Ramundo
Location: Williamstown, New Jersey
Age: 29
Married slut that likes to cheat with her ex and shes bi with her best friend Tara


Leah Snider
Location: Lexington, North Carolina
Age: 26
Goes behind your back and talks to another dude and trus to play u at the same time

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Ivy Raddi
Location: Tuktoyaktuk, Canada
Age: 35
here is a real winner, shes a big time cock dealer that supplies all of the north

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Elizabeth Valente
Location: Woburn, Massachusetts
Age: 22
her legs must have similar type magnets, impossible to keep them closed.


Location: Tecumseh, Michigan
Age: 19
He is 19. I wont post a name. Enjoy