Cameron Campbell

From Georgia, United States at Age 19

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Adds you on Facebook, asks for nudes, and asks for sex. He is a freaking creep!

This guy has been adding people on Facebook to ask for nudes, then he shares nudes that people give …him, claiming that they gave him permission to do so. He kept calling me "Baby boy" and asking if he could suck my dick, even after I told him politely "No, I have a husband." This guy is a creep and is clearly messed up in the head. He also has the smallest dick i've ever seen! Even my Korean boyfriend from High School had a bigger dick than this guy!
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Shauna palmer

From Doncaster, United Kingdom at Age 22

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"Innocent" cock hungry slut

She's been on here a few times, but some of you fucktards keep finding her and telling so she gets …her pictures removed. She's a cock hungry slut but acts all innocent, she lives in doncaster and works in a bar. Originally lived in Leicester. She has massive juicy tits and loves send nudes. She's sent them to loads of guys whilst still being with her boyfriend. She's into all dirty shit like bondage, gang bangs, and rape roleplay. You recognise her then spread her the fuck around, love to see her boyfriends reaction.
227 votes

Alisha Embrey Yarnall

From Colorado, United States at Age 30

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Denver slut Alisha

This little whore was famous for having trains run on her in her hometown of Las Cruces, NM. That's …where these pics were taken, when she was 20. She's still up to her old tricks, but in Denver now. Don't ever let the world forget how much this slut loves to pose nude and spread her juicy pussy!
3,825 votes


From Ohio, United States at Age 24

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Ohio whore

I met this girl at the gym and after we fucked I found out she was Married, she said she was leaving …him, she never did and I found out she is fucked at least 2 other guys that I know of, STAY THE FICK AWAY FROM THIS BITCH!!!
3,364 votes

Christina Guaracci

From New Jersey, United States at Age 25

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Cock Tease

This stupid bitch would text me all kinds of dirty shit that she wanted to do, along with sending me …these pics, but nothing ever happened because shes nothing but a cock teasing whore. Enjoy fellas
3,378 votes


From Thuringen, Germany at Age 30

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German Stupid Hot Blonde Ex Girlfriend Expose

She wanna get be a very famous dirty Whore. She Love to be a absolutly dirty Toilet Whore for …Everybody. She also like get paid for Sex. Money makes her Pussy wet. With good Money she let fuck herself deep in Mouth, deep in Ass, and brutally fist in Pussy and Ass. She also Likes Pee on her Face and Body and she loves Scat, but only her own Shit. No Problem for her to eat or suck her Shit, filled her Pussy with Shit and she lickes extreme shitty Blowjobs after i fucked her hard Anal During she was shitting.
3,195 votes


From Maine, United States at Age 27

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Was with her for five years, she cheated and thought so could come back, lol nope
2,408 votes


From Oklahoma, United States at Age 36

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Who knows this disgusting mexican?????

Amanda the mexican webslut from Oklahoma..loose used twat,with giant udders for slapping and coming … dick online for cheap..Anybody Know her??? Come on people degrade this trash good this time!!
2,388 votes

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