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Courtney Fuckinwilliamson
Location: South Bend, Indiana
Age: 22
Courtney W. from Osceola. Shes a fucking slut. Only took 5 minutes on facebook and she sent me these.

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Naomi Mcfadden
Location: Dallas, Texas
Age: 19
Dated for a good year, the entire time she was sleeping with someone else, didnt find out until the very last moment. The other guy didnt know as well, and she blocked me on all ways to contact her before I could tell him. Hope he sees this, he deserves the truth too.

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Hayley Nicole
Location: Chicopee, Massachusetts
Age: 21
This sluts pretends to have no money and wants money for modeling school and tell you after you been with her if you love her you will pay for anything. Caught her taking and sending nude pics for money.

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Chris Walkin
Location: Adolphus, Kentucky
Age: 29
Was with him for 7yrs, he fucked my sister and is now with some crack whore

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KC Barr
Location: Texarkana, Arkansas
Age: 33
KCSpent money on new tits instead of getting her 2 front teeth fixed.

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Rachel Hoes
Location: Port Jefferson, New York
Age: 27
Was doing three guys at one. Loves anal gang bangs and sucks like a Hoover

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Krystal Garcia
Location: New Braunfels, Texas
Age: 21
She works at kids dental and she is a total slut.

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Stefani Langford
Location: Lubbock, Texas
Age: 27
This little Adderall junkie is one of the craziest bitches youll ever meet. She super easy to get into bed but be warned shes full of drama and extremely crazy.


Carrie Hendricks
Location: Parma, Michigan
Age: 21
If you dont want your pics all over the internet dont send them to random dudes you barely know and then stop talking to them after sending nude pics with your face in them. Dumb bitch!

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Tiffany J
Location: South Berwick, Maine
Age: 22
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