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Maddi Henson
Location: Milton, Florida
Age: 19
Will fuck anyone and shes really tight.

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Chelsea Taylor
Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Age: 23
took every chance she had to cheat on me

My Ex

Gwen Coleman
Location: Johnson City, Tennessee
Age: 24
Just another chubby skank.

Exhibitionist Bitch

Madison Hoyle
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Age: 20
Sent me a bunch of nude photos, said we were gonna fuck, expressed nervousness that I would share the photos, and THEN proceeded to be a raging bitch. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, this one

Shes tight and easy to get

Amanda Stewert
Location: Tampa, Florida
Age: 30
This girl resides in Tampa and will do anything for prescriptions. ANYTHING. I met her at the pool at our apartments, 10 minutes later I was inside her. She think shes some sort of money getting pimpette but she got gamed by me.

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Anthony Smith
Location: Ankeny, Iowa
Age: 22
Cool guyHe is a cool guy but just addicted to she. Dont get me wrong it was great but just too much

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Layla Gortze
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Age: 27
perfect nips

Asian slut

Justine Lim
Location: Walnut, California
Age: 25
Justine Lim cucked her boyfriend a ton of times until he decided it was enough

Trailer Park Meth Dealer

Jennifer Pruitt
Location: Summerville, Georgia
Age: 25
Cant stop cooking meth long enough to do anything except bang it into her veins. This whore is a menace to society.

Crazy Ex girlfriend

Kerri Ruffin
Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina
Age: 20
Favorite past times include drinking and bringing guys home from the bar. Lying is one of her best qualities. Daddy died and her grandmother and mother support her. Shell text and flirt with other guys while in a relationship. Hasnt even accomplished anything in her life except getting what she wants out of me