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Alexandra Underwood
Location: Lake Ozark, Missouri
Age: 27
Alexandra J Underwood drinks all the time and will sleep with anyone she get DWIs smokes meth crack . shoots up heroin. Will take any drug she can get her hands on. She has STD and knows it but lies and tells people she is STD free. Kicked out of everyplace she stays. Moved down to the lake of the Ozarks. And has been fired from 5 jobs this year alone. For steeling and being to fucked up at work. She has worked at alley cats. Bikini Bay, and many others. Now is trying to work at casa grotto, and the Boat house at village marina. Used up all her friends cheated on her fianc. Every time he would leave town for work. Stole half his stuff and took his 2 dogs. If you see her just walk away or punch her. If you have time call her and tell her what a piece of shit she is. And she needs to take care of the dogs and feed them.


Zonama Seto
Location: Portland, Oregon
Age: 20
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Anna Vanetsyan sexy way

Anna Vanetsyan
Location: Aravet, Armenia
Age: 26
Some photos of my ex girlfriend Anna ...

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Sarai Villa
Location: Tolleson, Arizona
Age: 25
Some cleavageGreat while it lasted... until she cheated on me with some guy and I think this girl in the pics too. I thought for a while that she was cheating on me with a few guys but I guess now I know it was more than likely true. She was so hot physically and in the bed too. Oh well. Let me know what you guys think.

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Ashley Dewolf
Location: Conroe, Texas
Age: 21
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Ceci Mora
Location: Almirante Brown, Argentina
Age: 38
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Gregory James Kleaver
Location: Paterson, New Jersey
Age: 23
He got laid off from work so he sits at home and does nothing all day. He is a lazy piece of shit. He talks to countless girls and lies all the time. He is a cheater.

Elyssa \

Elyssa Thomas
Location: Quantico, Virginia
Age: 19
Shes a lesbian virgin with 32 B breasts. Very immature.

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Caroline Robertson
Location: Dunoon, United Kingdom
Age: 32
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Gabby Wilcox
Location: Stilwell, Kansas
Age: 18
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