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Zohar Peltzman
Location: Columbia, Maryland
Age: 36
She left her husband of 10 years and her 8yearold daughter and 3 weeks later had another man to fuck.


Tim Kane
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Age: 38
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Andrea Watson
Location: Holly Pond, Alabama
Age: 25
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Jessica Ortega
Location: Globe, Arizona
Age: 28
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Apollo Jolly
Location: Junction City, Kansas
Age: 24
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Brandie Powers
Location: Shelby, Ohio
Age: 25
4 years down the tube.. stripper that found a 56 year old sugar daddy to leave me

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Juanita Burwell
Location: Sicklerville, New Jersey
Age: 24
This bitch lies about everything, got tired of her shit.

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Marissa Mccready
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Age: 32
BoatShe loves to cheat and will fuck,suck, and anything for right


Jaclynn Bartel
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Age: 27
Had a lot of fun with this girl. Loves ass play and gives amazing blowjobs. Give her a few drinks and shes good to go.

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Tabbitha Guitar
Location: Alpena, Michigan
Age: 28
She sent these to 4 different guys! Tells me she loves me and no one else. Tries to tell me she sent them by mistake. One of these mistakes was to her ex that she tried telling me beat her all the time. Hard to say how many other guys she is sleeping with! Her sisters are just as easy if you want a fuck and dump! But they are all cheaters so dont go for anything real!