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Katy Robinson
Location: Pearl City, Hawaii
Age: 19
I met this girl station Pearl Harbor.she loves to fuck She can take what ever you can give her. The first time we fucked she asked me to put it in her ass. It was my first time going ATM she did not care. We only together for a month. She left me for my friend who we would all ways have a threesome with. Im not mad cause we DP that bitch. We filled all her holes we would hit that shit raw and she would love it when we came in her as well as on her. In my book Im done with a bitch after I cum in all her holes but I guess he fell in love with her.

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Julieta C
Location: Draper, Utah
Age: 18
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Yvonne Jasperson
Location: El Cajon, California
Age: 28
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Yannel Mesta
Location: El Paso, Texas
Age: 22


Quinn Hall
Location: Brantford, Canada
Age: 23

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Janie Eckhout
Location: Littleton, Colorado
Age: 19
1This is one of those hi daddy, i am so pure type of girl, but late at night when everybody is sleeping she enjoys going to omegle and showing herself to strangers, she loves to see dudes from all over the world cumming for her big yummy tits.

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Michelle Rowland
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Age: 26
She cheated repeated. She keyed my truck. She works at a strip club.

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Lyn Van Der Flaas
Location: Wortel, Belgium
Age: 23
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Lela Dawson
Location: Belmont, New York
Age: 21
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Reese Moore
Location: Bryant, Arkansas
Age: 21
She sends nudes to guys even if shes in a relationship