Heather taylor

From Saskatchewan, Canada at Age 51

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Heather taylor ( exhibitionest-slut)

not only does she like her men , shes a extreme exhibitionest now that part i was pretty laid back …about providing it was'nt close to home . now that i mean if were were on a trip somewhere , where were were'nt known then i didnt care it was actually a turn on . as things went along it got steady worse she would come out of the bathroom after a shower when a few of my friends were there topless saying it was a accident and took her sweet time covering up . she would say what difference is it if she is topless here in front of company or we were out of town my friends are married and said they would never tell a soul on account if their wifes ever found out ....well you get my drift . a few of my friends one night were over , we were drinking heather came home had a few beers with us went into the bedroom then returned nude just like that . with out getting into the gory details i succumbed to the fact that it wouldn't change thats the way she is . after a while it grew on me i guess i wasn't really into her as i thought letting her go nude , topless etc when i had a guest ,every where we went i took photos of her topless or nude in broad day light little did i know till later that she was fucking them and had photos on her camera so in a nut shell you can't have your cake and eat it to .
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Jacque Solis

From Nebraska, United States at Age 33

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Big tit pizza slut suck for cash

Used to work with this bitch and fucked her, go to her pizza hut in Dundee and flash some cash and …she fucked me again. Go get it
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Shelia Blair

From Ohio, United States at Age 45

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Cheating whore shelia

lying whore is easy for her being a good woman impossible
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