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Lacey Gilbertson

Lacey Gilbertson
Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Age: 26
what a ho. lies. cheats. lies. lies. thinks she is still hit. needs to focus on being a mom not a ho


Nasra Tabidi
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Age: 19
Not much of a story here. Stole my heart then tramples omit cause shes a dumb bitch. Perfect tits though.

dumb army slut

Kathy Kinard
Location: Brunson, South Carolina
Age: 34
This chick starts talking to me and within two weeks after meeting me is asking me to move in and she loves me. This count love black dick, or any dick for that matter and will claim to have a 90 day rule but will give it up in no time in her parents driveway. Oh also shell give you some b.s. that she was shot in Iraq but never was definitely an easy lay

She broke my heart

Priscillia Lippert
Location: Chambery, France
Age: 24

dirty gutter whore

Arlene Robinsonhallcowdell
Location: Tooele, Utah
Age: 33
dirty whorethis girl is nasty as hell she not only loose but she also has an std. while i was dating this girl not only did she fuck all myguy friends she stole my car and over 3,000 from me. she also sold all my stuff just cause i went back to my wife. she is a big time snitch and will call cops for every thing. she can not be trusted ever. and to top it off she did meth in front of my kids she is a horrible person and everyone needs to know this so please steer clear of arlene she will rob u blind then blame you for every thing and call cops on youshe is crazy and dirty

Pig Bitch

Katelyn Way
Location: Plattsburgh, New York
Age: 20
This hoe just got arrested for fucking a minor, yet getting completely off the charges.

Beautiful Blonde

Chelsea Gauthier
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Age: 22
HelloA long story

High School Slut

Diana Koo
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Age: 22
I went to High School with this whore. She was a huge cunt and thought she was hot shit. Found her on a sexting website. She goes by Lucy. Karma bitch

Cheating con artist

Chase Bellett
Location: Hemphill, Texas
Age: 23
Dated for a while then later found out he was stealing money from me. Found out later that not only was he conning other people out of money, he was letting gay guys suck his dick for money. One of his friends told me that if they paid more and he was wastedhe let them do more. I heard hes married now.. probably doing the same thing to her.

Jennifer Hoffman

Jennifer Hoffman
Location: Pasadena, Maryland
Age: 45
Loves cock