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Geor Lucarelli

Georgina Lucarelli
Location: San Pedro, Argentina
Age: 18
Girl from my city

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Berenice Simancas
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Age: 20
she sends naked pics to who ever gives her attention


Samantha Poncho
Location: Chandler, Arizona
Age: 19
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Dustin Simmons

Dustin Simmons
Location: Rogers, Arkansas
Age: 25
Had a fwb situation with him. Wish it would not have ended. Great dick, great lay.

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Andrea Carry
Location: Abernant, Alabama
Age: 29
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Ali Ware
Location: Crestwood, Kentucky
Age: 23
She sent me some nudes after I fucked her a few times. Later found out she gave my friend a blowjob at a party. She denied the whole thing so I decided to get even.

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Laquita Jonhson
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Age: 25

fun while it lasted.

Taylor Tay Tay
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Age: 24
Me and her used to sect back and forth and fuck around in her van on lunch break. She was cheating on her her babys dad the whole time but I didnt mind, she enjoyed it. Then I started talking to a different girl at work, and tay quit.

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Mihaela Lupascu
Location: Husi, Romania
Age: 36
Hi my name is Mihai,and im sending a few pictures about my ex, shes a crazy very crazy true slut.

Amy selfie

Amy Amy
Location: Newcastle, United Kingdom
Age: 23