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Ashley Sutton
Location: Denver, Colorado
Age: 24
In a nut shell I took her in when she had nowhere else to go and gave her money for food and such...only to have her go through my mail find my social security number and opened 3 credit cards in my name and maxed them all out for a total of 9k then ran off to Denver...dont quote me on it being Denver exactly but in that area if she hasnt moved again and dont quote me on age either I forget that too

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Angel Cummings
Location: Pembroke, North Carolina
Age: 21

Piece of shit whore

Patricia Latham
Location: Arley, Alabama
Age: 19
She tricks guys into going on dates with them so theyll spend money on he then calls her dad to get her before the dates over then never talks to them again

she is a BITCH!!!!

Arielle Sandovole
Location: Reno, Nevada
Age: 21
her face and tatShe is a stripper gone bad... I found out that she invites guys over when I was at work to fuck them for money...while we were dating....

Cara Hopkins

Cara Hopkins
Location: Moreno Valley, California
Age: 24
Enough said

Slut who does military guys!

Julle Lapierre
Location: Scott Air Force Base, Illinois
Age: 35
She loves to be pick up in bars every weekend...loves to be use as a slut

Bitch who blew me

Katie Berendt
Location: Woodridge, Illinois
Age: 18
Bitch was unappreciated never, cared about anyone but herself.

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Jana Bardell
Location: Halifax, Canada
Age: 21
Dirty little girl, loves riding friends.

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Danielle Bowker
Location: Toms River, New Jersey
Age: 22
So I get on plenty of fish which is too easy to get nudes. Start talking I ask her for her kik and I play the oh oops didnt mean to send this picture. She sends back some tease pictures and than I egged her on to send me nudes. She went on and told me her fantasies which was a 3 some. She even told me one of her friends brother pays her to take pictures of her in outfits. I made fun of her because she couldnt take my huge dick. This girl has a huge forehead and thinks shes hot shit when really shes another hoe.

Italian Slut WIfe From Verona

Barbara Birt
Location: Verona, Italy
Age: 43
I fucked this slut wife for years, now that our story finished i post her for your comments,