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Kaitlynn Marie Dandy
Location: Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Age: 30
Shes the nastiest woman in Cedarburg! She likes to sleep with guys who are engaged and invites felons over to her apartment when her kid is awake to do drugs.. She even did a drug deal with her adderall right in front of her daughter and even though one of her boyfriends stole all her money and medications she still allowed him around her kids! She even through out a disk in her back and sits around her kids all high off her unprescribed painkillers. She also told a friend of hers that she gets off while shes at work and that working on dead people gets her horny... shes even fooled around with one of her patients THATS SICK! WHY WOULD YOU EVEN ADMIT TO THAT! Shes also got the nastiest pussy..... it smells like a morgue. Shes in her late 20s but she literally looks like she would cough dust.... She looks so old. Shes on just about every dating site including plenty of fish and eharmony.. so if youre looking for someone Easy to hit and quit.. Just make sure you dont have a pulse... and check out her dating profiles.


Kourttney Wallace
Location: Parkersburg, West Virginia
Age: 18
Cheated on me, and publicly humiliated me on the internet now its her turn!

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Desirea L
Location: Austin, Texas
Age: 34
This chick will act like she is hardcore but will let you fuck on the second date. She lies about talking to one dude when its like four. She sends nudes if you ask. dont be too nice to her or she wont take you seriously. Stay crying no one will be faithful to her but she thinks its ok to fuck around.

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Maria Loster
Location: Abesedo, Spain
Age: 38
My ex girl.

Humberto Sember Baez is a cheat!!!! and a big piece of shit

Humberto Baez
Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Age: 45
Humberto Baez cuerneroAfter 5yrs him cheating on his stupidrn ass wife Matilde Baez none as Rafelina this dog not only cheats on her with me and the promise to get a divorce he cheats on me with a whore Jailyn Diaz and fucks me over too his wife is soooooo stupid she having another baby jajaja pendeja know i now why he sucked in bed poor Selina and Sember Baez and new baby boy they have a piece of shift for a dad

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Amy Lear
Location: Hammond, Indiana
Age: 26
total dirty dick sucking whore. give blowjobs in the bathroom of her job for coke

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Will Engall
Location: Croydon, United Kingdom
Age: 20
Hes a sad little sissy boy, loved wearing my clothes. Would rather look at porn and masturbate than have sex with me.

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Jenny Casanova
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
Age: 21
she sent to me this picture

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Rosie Davis
Location: Keller, Texas
Age: 42
Rosie is a dumb bitch. Two faced and a lier. Not to be trusted.

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Sarah Edwards
Location: Arlington, Texas
Age: 18
Prego whore who doesnt even know who her babys father is