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Kourtney Newell
Location: Fontana, California
Age: 24
This hoe will be with anyone who will take care of her. She has a sour pussy and a bad attitude. She is a user and a liar. She will let anyone hit who will take her to drinks.

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Jessica Tesluk
Location: San Diego, California
Age: 21
Jessica is a really nice catch and an a really fun fuck. She can take a pounding for hours and always swallows.

Hairy Gay Sociopath

Josh Stahley
Location: Coral Springs, Florida
Age: 28
I assume his name is correct, could have lied about that too.

Cheating skank

Izzy Porter
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Age: 20
Cheating slut

Typical whore

Brandy Shaw
Location: Seneca, South Carolina
Age: 31
Just your typical pyscho, cheating, dickloving whore. Ran me over with a Galant, beat her mixed kids, stabbed me, tried to break all of my belongings, and always started shit with all my friends. Oh, and tried to sleep with all my buddies.

Girl Next Door Gets Tag Teamed

Taylor Thompson
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Age: 25
Looking innocentMy buddy shared these photos and videos with me. He and another guy were tag teaming Taylor a couple times a week for almost 4 months last summer while she lived in Chicago. They took a couple videos and photos of her with and without her approval. I fucked her once right before she moved and she was the best cock sucker I ever had. She also got her ass fucked by my friends. Since then shes turned back into a good girl and has turned us down. With a body and skills like that, she should be willing to fuck all the time. Nice tight little body.


Angel Wigingon
Location: Iuka, Mississippi
Age: 24
This whore sent tons of nude pics to my 43 year old dad and their were multiple numbers and names of other men linked to the photos. Dumb bitch forwarded it to all of them.

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Briana Nye
Location: Porterville, California
Age: 22
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My dumbass ex

Megan Renee
Location: Bison, Oklahoma
Age: 24
Ill break it down Barney style, I was gone on deployment, come back, shes in bed with my brother and best friend. Bye bye slut, heres for the world to see you in all your glory.

Carl from m&t bank

Derek Laviolette
Location: Buffalo, New York
Age: 21
Red haired Rambo. Loves to rap and dance. Beer is his best friend.