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Heidi Williams
Location: Bradford, Indiana
Age: 26
Nead to know if someone knows her

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Jacob Masson
Location: Fort Drum, New York
Age: 23
So I dated this guy for a few months and loved every minute of. Great body and nice cock only problem is we are both military so when I got stationed somewhere else we had to end it. Great guy Im just one for sharing so here you go ladies

The biggest slut in Girard

Steph Murr
Location: Girard, Pennsylvania
Age: 18
This girl would fuck with multiple dudes at once! She would be fucking one guy while still staying loyal to some fucking dueche she loved from her home town Baltimore Maryland. She would cut herself repetitively and send him the pictures of her cuts. Her arms are covered in cutting marks. She would also send countless nudes to him as well. She has fucked at least over 11 guys from just Girard alone! Total skank! She sent these willing and then her tits for a cut of weed which she didnt get! How pathetic! Fuck this dumb slut! Enjoy gentlemen.

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Julia Clarke
Location: London, United Kingdom
Age: 36
We met through the Internet. Met once then found out she was seeing loads of different guys through the Internet.

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Callie Morris
Location: Maringouin, Louisiana
Age: 20
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Celina Guerreo
Location: Seguin, Texas
Age: 28
want head wanna fuck got pills shell do it all for some pain pills. I found out the hard way so be warned

Believes gossipy lies, accuses you of banging a slut

Avery Gerhardt
Location: Napa, California
Age: 19
This girl who has lied about me before and has been problematic is roommates with Averys friend. She made up lies about me, SAID WE DATED, and told her roommate, Averys friend, stuff like that because I didnt like her romantically. Then Avery believed the third party account of what was already hearsay from an unreliable source getting knowledge from a liar.

caught him with my bestfriend

Tj Thomas
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Age: 25
Walked in on him fucking my best friend. He is an loser scumbag

Too small

Nina Flech
Location: Fulda, Germany
Age: 35
She wanted a gang bang, I didnt, she dumped me. I like big tits better anyway. Hope she gets fucked by everyone now.

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Ana Claudia Marquez
Location: Trujillo, Peru
Age: 24
1she loves fuck with a lot of guys.rnfind her on fb and twitter AnitaMarquezC