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Jane Harker
Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom
Age: 36

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Samantha Jinks
Location: Bath, United Kingdom
Age: 31
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Janele Jolif
Location: Fresno, California
Age: 23
i found this guys cell phone and from what i read she is nasty and she is disgusting. from what i read, she cheated on him and she is a horrible person. i wanted to do the right thing and make it known that she is as i read a gutter whore

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Sandra Buelcher
Location: Kosciusko, Mississippi
Age: 40
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Sharon M Ringel
Location: Monroe, Michigan
Age: 53
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Dana Buschine
Location: Greenville, North Carolina
Age: 21
Dana has slept with over 45 guys and loves to lie. She models nude and even fucks her male model partners. shell do anything to make it to NY city

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Megan Chernecki
Location: Hamilton, Canada
Age: 21
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Helen Child

Helen Child
Location: Acme, Canada
Age: 41
Cheated on her hubby numerous times and is now destined to be a web slut for ever.

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Mary Sd
Location: Lea, United Kingdom
Age: 51
All mouth no action.. Silly... To send the pics.. Would have been better to have turned up for the date. Shes a barmaid in a pub in Stratford London..

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Helen Winters
Location: Coram, New York
Age: 26
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