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Just Another Stepford Slut Wife from Fresno

Yvette Gonzalez Vedrine
Location: Fresno, California
Age: 30
A conservative whore, who claims she such a Christian, when the reality of things are shes notp BLTN......

Jeri Myers is a gold digger

Jeri Myers
Location: Wayne, Oklahoma
Age: 28
Hello Im here to tell you about this fine dime but weathered from the ruff rides.. She has 2 kids from 2 deferent baby daddys and only one pays the other is a tool and she lives off her child support she searches for rich guys and prayes apon them to get what she needs..

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Heather Hernandez
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Age: 30
not much to say but heather is a big time whore. she will send nudes to just about anyone and has a crazy psycho ex bf who stalks and harasses her. but anyways a friend told me she loves black dicks and plans on marrying a black dude. one hot milf though.

he will fuck anything

Jeremy Sellers
Location: Lake City, Florida
Age: 25
He will fuck anything and fuck your friends too

Slut who will fuck anyone

Jessica Dickinson
Location: Syracuse, New York
Age: 25
All you have to do is walk up to her and say hi , if you have cigarettes or weed your good shell fuck you good til she gets what she wants then she gets to boring of a fuck so when you bitch about it she treats you like shit and moves on to the next guy then a month or so down the road shell start hitting on you again while shes with him lol and at 25 she had over 75 guys she just cant keep one guy for her self she wants them all

cheater and a liar

Marisol Garcia
Location: Lake Forest, California
Age: 21
she cheated on me a couple times and tried to lie about it even though i had hard evidence.

Danish girl and slut

Louise Grib
Location: Rodding Kommune, Denmark
Age: 19
1just a plain slut


Laura Poehlien
Location: Church Point, Louisiana
Age: 36
FB photoShe started doing drugs and was away from home more and more tell she didnt come back at all.

Puerto rican slut carmen

Carmen Fernandez
Location: Rockaway Park, New York
Age: 30
comment her and enjoy carmen loves her some bbc

Cheating young wife

Melanie Scott
Location: Boise, Idaho
Age: 26
After I met her it turned out she was cheating on her husband who was working on a petrol pump in Alaska.