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Audrie Padmore
Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota
Age: 21
stupidWe dated off and on for 2 years and she gets all fuckin jealous n stupid n fucks my best friend at a fuckin party in the bathroom. She tried to act like shes all fucking high and mighty but shes been doin tons of shit behind my back.

Whore who likes playing with emotions

Martika NA
Location: New Britain, Connecticut
Age: 23
Emo slutA lying bitch who would see other people behind my back

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Laurie Gillespie
Location: Devils Elbow, Missouri
Age: 50
Shes a club favorite. Married and cheats. Will fuck on the fly. Real cock rocker.

loves when u let her suck ur dick after u fuck her in the ass

Mikae Dunklin
Location: Mesa, Arizona
Age: 25
One of the exs. Loves sucking ur dick after u fuck her in the ass. Especially freaky when you give her drugs. A good fuck with a pretty tight pussy, a tight little ass, and a good cock sucker. Will fuck on the first date if you know how to spit game. sends nudes within minutes. Shes a little thiker now but that just means her ass is fatter and shes easier to convince to fuck and suck.

Current Jess

Jess White
Location: Southampton, United Kingdom
Age: 24
Very hot girlfriend

cheating ex boyfriend exposed for all

Eric Gunkel
Location: Leipzig, Germany
Age: 29
He cheated on me twice with a 16yo girl! Now shes his I want revenge!

tease whore

Tori Waddell
Location: Scandia, Minnesota
Age: 20
All talk no action, attention whore. Well bitch now eryerybody knows hoe.

Haley Melikian --- Hollywood Slut

Haley Melikian
Location: Los Angeles, California
Age: 29
Haley Dressing UpHaley will screw any Hollywood wannabee she can lay her hands on. She cant be trusted and is into a lot of crazy bondage stuff. Make sure that youre using protection if you hook up with this bitch...youll thank me.

Just a PoF girl who liked sending pics

Jessenia Jessenia
Location: Lakeland, Florida
Age: 19
No real story here... pof girl loves showing her nudes and loves sucking a dick. Good for a one nighter, beyond that shes a bitch.

Bitchy, Bitchy, BitchBitchBitch!

Rachel Monkeylove
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Age: 29
MonkeyloveEgotistical, conceded woman, who still had her heart set on someone else from the past. Thinking that texting him during our relationship was ok, she said there just friends. Then she goes back to him after our breakup, this man is 45 years old and 15 years older then her. the dude is like 6 and looks like herman munster. Honest to god, I hope he has a heart attack.