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Amy Jo Miller
Location: Milton, Pennsylvania
Age: 22
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Rachel Sosa
Location: Ballwin, Missouri
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Nicola Wrana
Location: Burlington, Canada
Age: 24
dumbslut7All I had to do was send her a pic of my dick and she was begging for it.

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Kristiane Jones
Location: Dunfermline, United Kingdom
Age: 20
She sent me all these photos over facebook, played me for a fool. I later found out she was seeing a couple of other guys!!

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Dejeune Long
Location: Fontana, California
Age: 23
She a lying cheating unfaithful military wife make her famous

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Tracey Henry
Location: Milton, Florida
Age: 34
Cheated on me during my deployment and got married while i was deployed and lets just say i got the dear john letter weeks after she got married to an airmen.

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Kendall Wilkinson
Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Age: 20
Just buy her a couple beers and shell be on her knees in no time


Ed Adler
Location: Hewlett, New York
Age: 29

Dorothy Elaine Burk

Dorothy Burk
Location: Cleveland, Tennessee
Age: 26
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Jamie Tellez
Location: Abbeville, Alabama
Age: 18
She took it up the ass then gave head till I finished

You are all idiots, I mean the way you form a response and react to the information infront of you is insanely frustrating for me. Knowing that there are people like "you" out there in the world bothers me. I'm almost certain that the people whom comment below me will use the same bash, unimaginative, and quite honestly idiotic means for interacting with another human. Especially one who has actually formed a opinion based off of relevant information to the topic at hand.
Trust me when I say this George. You really did get the last laugh. She hates me more than she hates you. Can you imagine living with a woman that requires everything from you and gave nothing. She cussed me out one night because I told her I wanted to go to my sister's engagement/birthday party and she needed to find a sitter and I had to pay for it. Find another word other than selfish George. Selfish does not ever scratch the surface. Now, in the spirit of Christmas. Please just stop.
Phone number pretty please?
Listen to what these other people are telling you. I listened to you finally and realized what was going on. She is not worth it and is infatuated with two men that do not and will not ever love her more than a once a week rendezvous. She may want to waste her life away pinning after these two men, but I will no longer do it with her. Please just stop! If I had know you were dating her, I would have never went out with her.
George, if it make you feel any better, I am sorry I slept with the girl you were dating. It was not till a month and a half after we started dating that I knew she was still dating you. By that time I had already fell in love with her. George, you got the last laugh so just give up on your revenge with her. If you continue to harass her and her daughter, it will not end well for you.
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