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Trista Robertson
Location: Springville, Alabama
Age: 24
I took care of her and her three kids for three years. Since we got together 3 years ago she hooked up with 6 different dudes. I took care of our family and made sure we had a good life all to find out she also hooked up with one of my best friends.

Robbed me!

Anna Jardzioch
Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom
Age: 28
She cheated with more than one guy then always wanted money from me stupidly I did then in the end after Id lost over 46000 she robbed me of over 21000 shes one very evil girl stay well away from her.....!

Raul Miguel Monrreal: I Really Like Dick

Raul Monrreal
Location: Unadilla, Georgia
Age: 21
This Is Raul Monrreal he was molested by a man from mexico and leads girls on. He makes it no secret that he finds football players cute. He gets humped on at work by other men.

Drunk Cheater

Terri Morrison
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Age: 34
Wife of 10 years... spoiled her and gave her everything she wanted, but still had to go cheat with multiple guys at her job. If you see her in the bar buy her a few drinks she cant stop drinking...then get some!!!

Just some chick I fucked

Angel Commacho
Location: Manhattan, Kansas
Age: 20
Smoking hot girl I fucked. Lots of fun.

Chubby whore

Megan Macaruso
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Age: 25
Just a run of the mill whore


Crystal Ogle
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Age: 32
Another hot milf

opioid junkie slut

Alexandria Kusturiss
Location: Canonsburg, Pennsylvania
Age: 37
Worst boob job pussy lips look like chipped ham and she a world class junkie


Sheryl Ann
Location: Ochelata, Oklahoma
Age: 34
Sexy mild to share

The slut of Reliance

KC Bozner
Location: Reliance, Wyoming
Age: 35
After 15 years of her not working me supporting her, I catch her making out with our renter. Dumb bitch cant get a job so Ive been paying her bills I find out shes fuckin 2 different guys. So enjoy this revenge.

Which bar does she frequent?
"Fell for it" aka Zack, your NOT A REAL MAN, grow the hell up, she has her own place your the one that won't leave, you and dog need to get the hell out before her kids come home, if your not I will find out where she lives and remove all your stuff along with your dog, mess with her and her family again if you do you have it coming to you I PROMISE YOU THAT!!!
And "fell for it" If I ever find you or come in contact with you or the douche bag loser that posted this I will personally beat the living piss and shit out of them and remove their nuts with a spoon and shove one up their ass and the other down their throat! No woman should ever have to go thru this!
Last but not least, you are not a man and nor will you ever be if this is the way you treat women! Maybe it should be you who should be on here not this beautiful woman! She obvisiouly has priorities and one of them is not your ass!!!! I feel sorry for your ass cause I'm sure you can't even keep a woman if this is the way you treat them
One nobody has any right to do this to another person, two it's nobody else's business but that individuals! You and any person that post this shot is a worthless piece of shit that doesn't deserve to be happy ever! Jesus said " he who lives without sin may cast the first stone" nobody in this world is perfect everybody has their own faults and issues but that is between them and God!
First off I would like to say that "fell for it" your probably just pissed off cause you couldn't have this girl and that she probably don't want you cause first off your not a man for saying shit about this girl and two you probably have a small dick that couldn't please a goat! So grow the fuck up you stupid pice of shit and to any person that post shit like this about their exes or some guy or girl they had relations with!