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Amanda Foreman
Location: Abington, Connecticut
Age: 21
Dirty girl cheated on me with my friend

Man whore

Jordan Lanting
Location: Murrieta, California
Age: 28
I was married to this guy for 6 years hes a cheating man whore and can only get girls because hes rich peace of shit

Juliana McGuire Dutra (brasiliancutie)

Juliana Dutra
Location: New York, New York
Age: 41
Met this brazilian skankass chickenhead on okcupid in 2012. She played all innocent and sweet we fucked on the first night we met and she insisted that I blow in her mouth. funny she demanded that I pay her 40 for plan B the next morning come to find out dabitch was on the pill the whole damn time not just fucking me but multiple guys from all over manhattan, websites, bars, dance clubs, this ratchetass ho thought she was it. always talkin bout whiney exhusband and no money. If you see this troll online, in nyc or anywhere she got herpes so beware and her twat blown out, fuckin is so so and she look ok but she a boring ass fuck, all she want is yo money and everyones attention

This fuckin slut cheated on me and tried to ruin my life.

Mckenzie Hoffen
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Age: 18
Things were perfect between me and her but she became super clingy and it destroyed our relationship. I always had my suspicions of her cheating, but today they were confirmed. Besides that shes was an alright fuck. Awesome head. If you are from vegas or even Nola you probably know her. Sadly I misplaced the nudes with her face and what not, but if you know her you will recognize her signature rose tats.

Little Russian Dick Cheater

Gershon Khodzhayev
Location: Huntington Beach, California
Age: 20
Met him a year ago at the Bagel shop I work at. We fell for each other fast but he could never stop lying to me about the pretty females he would hang out with solo. Cheating Russian Bastard. He goes by Gary, works at mile square park. Make fun of this butthole he cares more about his motorcycle than another woman carrying his child.

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Christy Aston
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Age: 34
Like the attention so give her some and get your own pictures

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Dick Isichy
Location: Greater Sudbury, Canada
Age: 25
These are some shanks that I banged and love to send naked pics to me...

just wants to get u knocked up

Danny Kubacki
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Age: 29
thinks he a player but he will find any way to sleep with you then bails once your pregnant

Slutty ex

Rebecca Miller
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Age: 27
Exgf of mine who I caught cheating on me with her boss... Party animal to the extreme who always got absolutely blitzed and then slept with whoever was closest.

Anna from Germany

Anna Ziemlanski
Location: Muenchen, Germany
Age: 29
Anna loving to show her tits all over the world