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Christian Syling
Location: Alamogordo, New Mexico
Age: 27
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Kimy Shaye
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Age: 26
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Julia Hernandez
Location: Columbia, Tennessee
Age: 46
I met her one late night at Walmart with one of my buddies. She asked me if I could help her reach a coffee maker on a shelf for her because she was to short. I walked around the store with her talking then helped her load the bags in her car. She gave me her number and that same night she started sending me nudes.

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Marielle Le Goff
Location: Brest, France
Age: 42
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Sarah Baker
Location: Ashland, Oregon
Age: 27
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Britt Gurino
Location: Brooks, California
Age: 19
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Piper Weston
Location: Denver, Colorado
Age: 26
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Shelley Right
Location: Irvine, California
Age: 21
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Kimiko McLaughlin
Location: Battle Creek, Michigan
Age: 19
Kimiko lies to all of her boyfriends about her past and actively cheats on them. Tells them she was raped by an ex that she actually hooked up with multiple times. She says that all she wants is true love when she actually wants to smoke weed, get drunk and fuck her friends. Dont let her lead you on. Shes already hurt several people with her lies and she will do it again.


Rebekah Janca
Location: Austin, Texas
Age: 23
This girl decided to leave after being engaged. rnthe coldest heart ever