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Jamie Tellez
Location: Abbeville, Alabama
Age: 18
She took it up the ass then gave head till I finished

Navy Skank

Aruuna Ashley
Location: Tyler, Texas
Age: 30
Swinger on fetlife, got kicked out of the navy or something. Shes a hot milf though


Ashley Anglada
Location: Westminster, Colorado
Age: 21
Dirty slut who will send you pics!

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Andrea Allen
Location: Taneytown, Maryland
Age: 30
Just a big fat free whore

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Kristi Murray
Location: Jensen Beach, Florida
Age: 26
def wasnt who she thought it was that posted these pics, but since I just got my ass kicked for posting the last ones AS PROMISED HERE ARE NEW ONES!

Brittney Delamar North Charleston Slut

Brittney Delamar
Location: North Charleston, South Carolina
Age: 23
Brittney DelamarEx girlfriend from school recognized this slut when she posted on Craigslist. What a dumb bitch. Did you not think someone would take your pics The only thing I loved was her ass hole. Such a brown tight ass she had. She may have big monkey nipples but damn those tits were fun to play with. Her pics are everywhere online. She is a tumblr slut google her name and you should find a few pornos. Feel free to copy this whores pics and show the world her naked body.

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Brandon Cornwell
Location: Portland, Oregon
Age: 23
Hes gross


Jane Harker
Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom
Age: 36

Small tits cheating slut

Samantha Jinks
Location: Bath, United Kingdom
Age: 31
Small titted ugly cheating slut who would open her legs for anyone and liked to send her photos to strangers

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Janele Jolif
Location: Fresno, California
Age: 23
i found this guys cell phone and from what i read she is nasty and she is disgusting. from what i read, she cheated on him and she is a horrible person. i wanted to do the right thing and make it known that she is as i read a gutter whore