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Ex Girlfriend Katharina

Katharina Stech
Location: Landkreis Luneburg, Germany
Age: 20
German Babe with huge tits. If you want more pics add her on Facebook.

nikki posing

Nicole Ralph
Location: Rupert, Idaho
Age: 28
well leave you and marry your friend

NaAema \'O\' Bitch Ema

Naimah Isahak
Location: Mukah, Malaysia
Age: 25
Such a liar!!rnLooks Good with her hijab but already fucked 12 people in a year..rnmost of them are policeman.. buy her dinner she will have a sex with u..rnhave diploma in Civil Engineering but attitude more like a hooker..

she's a Hoe

Kelly Williams
Location: Rohwer, Arkansas
Age: 25
She is a whore and is always cheating

loves sex

Amber Shorter
Location: Lawton, Oklahoma
Age: 27
girl is just a strait up good fuck

Ugly Bitch Thinks She Is Sexy

Reba Sanford Davis
Location: Mabank, Texas
Age: 50
NASTY WHOREDAMN ex wife thinks she is sexy. Someone find her and tell her how ugly she really is. She is so damn stupid she cant even figure out what a divorce is. She keeps sending me these nasty pics and rhinking I want her. Ha. Not. She keeps trying to get me back even though I have left her several times. But she keeps trying. And she keeps giving me money. Stupid bitch. She stinks so bad I cant stand to eat her. Just plain nasty. Cant keep house. And laughs during sex. Now how messed up is that. Damn stupid nasty bitch leave me alone.

Stupid white girl

Alexandra Vizcaya
Location: Cayucos, California
Age: 23
Dont fuck this girl shes a whore if you email her she says she doesnt do request but she does and when she does she will send you nudes but men shes a whore probably with some sort of std

Vicky Rosas

Victoria Rosas
Location: Corona, California
Age: 27
My Fam Has Been Asking Me For My Ex Gf They Think We Are Still Together... We Werent A Couple For Too Long But She Really Made A Good Impression On Them Idk How To Tell Em I Kinda Dont Wanna Go Thru All That Cuz Then All The Questions Begin So Ive Just Been Avoiding It Altogether.

easy money

Rebecca Ackerman
Location: Lakeland, Florida
Age: 27
Just a hit and quit

Sociopath abroad

Hugo Chavez
Location: Manhattan, Kansas
Age: 24
Too much crazyHeadline explains the jist of it. He fits the description of a sociopath to a T. Everything out his mouth to anyone was a lie! Always looking to send and receive dirty pictures. Dick was okay but a lot of times I faked it. Definitely not good at giving face!