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Amber Fowler
Location: Killeen, Texas
Age: 24
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Amber Alize
Location: Groveton, Texas
Age: 22
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Maria Gonzalez
Location: Nacogdoches, Texas
Age: 24
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Misty Trick
Location: Lufkin, Texas
Age: 31
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Montana Donaldson
Location: Longview, Texas
Age: 18
Gave me pics without even seeing my face. Trolls dating websites to talk to guys

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Neida Sanches
Location: Diboll, Texas
Age: 21
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Rachel Victoria Knowles
Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom
Age: 22
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Rose W
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Age: 23
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Kelly Gustafson
Location: Schaumburg, Illinois
Age: 23
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Jackie Arrizon
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