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Carrie Springman
Location: Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Age: 57
Married woman having 3 lovers and fucking different other guys over internet...she is an drug addict and an alcoholic.


Emily Sullivan
Location: Buttzville, New Jersey
Age: 20
retarded whore, ez 1st day fuck. if u got some weed u can get it np.

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Stephanie Binkley
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Age: 24
She is such a naughty nurse who loves big dicks and is super sexy and dirty

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Shannon Powers
Location: Corinth, New York
Age: 28
Shannon PowersShannon Powers

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Victoria Reynolds
Location: Compton, California
Age: 20
Traded a few pics with her. Total freak wanted to share

BDSM freak

Amanda Butler
Location: Lebanon, Tennessee
Age: 24
Met this one on POF, had her panties off within two hours. Really into BDSM, torture, and squirts from anal.

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Amelia Welsh
Location: Taunton, Massachusetts
Age: 21
ex that would do pretty much everything. loves to talk to every guy and show off everything.

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Ramona Burri
Location: Kriens, Switzerland
Age: 23
She is dumb but nice to fuck

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Christie Merz
Location: West Union, Ohio
Age: 24
Easy lay. offer some goodies and shes all over your junk. had it a few times myself. hell of a good sucker she is tho

Just a slut ;)

Amber-Jo Caplinger
Location: Hillsboro, Ohio
Age: 18
Talked to her for a day and she sent me these while her bf was with her.