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Charmaine Coleman
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Age: 31
Found her on line 1st warning, said did not do anal 2nd warning ..take it in her ass big time.. did not like to swallow nut drinks it like water 3rd, SMH worked at hooters

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Janea Lynn
Location: Atchison, Kansas
Age: 18
She keeps it classy...


Stephanie Moore
Location: Houston, Texas
Age: 29
This is what you deserve. Say Cheese bitch.

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Ashley Andrews
Location: Ventura, California
Age: 25
Dumped her ass!!! Revenge bitch!!!

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Melissa Rose
Location: Greencastle, Indiana
Age: 26
She cheated on me several times

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Ariel Erickson
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Age: 19
A crazy bitch I used to fuck. Her pussy was so good! Cant turn a hoe into a house wife!

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Logan Adams
Location: Lancaster, California
Age: 21
So this jerk and I started dating and I realized a month in he was sleeping with my sister! Then he goes and calls me a slut lol! Well now everyone can see his 3inch dick because he likes to send nudes haha

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Megan Oliveira
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Age: 25
Loves to party with all

Slut cheated on me with my frat brothers

Dea Jeremic
Location: Sydney, Australia
Age: 20
easy girl she will fuck anyone for some weed...

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Francesca Almonte
Location: Danbury, Connecticut
Age: 30
Ex wifeyShe bounced on me with my truck, my kids, and my dollaz. Peace out bitch.