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Bethany Tuleja
Location: Holland, Michigan
Age: 18
Anonymous 19104 says: This girl cheated on me while I was at basic training for the army and then when I was leaving her she told me if I did she would tell the cops I hit her. Needless to say, she is out of my life. Still had to spend a night in jail though. Crazy bitch.


Shelby Hays
Location: Carrollton, Texas
Age: 21
Anonymous 19103 says: Shes literally the nastiest, lying, conniving monster that ever existed. She lied about having herpes, and didnt admit to it until I found her medications for it. Then she had me arrested for assault just to screw up my life. She smells, never showers, or brushes her teeth.....YUCK!

The Drug Whore of Bloomington

Janielle Grubb
Location: Bloomington, Indiana
Age: 19
Anonymous 19102 says: I found her on Facebook, dated for a whole first day I met her we hooked up. I thought we fell In love immediately. Then I was forced to move to Florida and she started dating other guys and talking to other guys, partying, getting drunk, ect. So after I come back, being told that she quit everything for me, in reality. She didnt. She never quit. Then she started cheating on me and so on... While being prego with my kid she left me and went for another guy, invited him over while living there with her, and slep with him.

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Janet Purly
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Age: 60
Anonymous 19101 says: We went to sunnyside high school in tucson arizona. And we dated in 1970 for three months.

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Chyanne Rigbee
Location: Greensburg, Indiana
Age: 19
Anonymous 19100 says: Weird bitch hope yall enjoy I didnt hahaha

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Taylor Lawson
Location: Springfield, Illinois
Age: 20
Anonymous 19098 says: taylor was prostituting for a while and shared these pics

College SLUT!

Elley Christanson
Location: Farmington, New Mexico
Age: 19
Anonymous 19097 says: we were together and I trusted her. We both went to college and some guy messaged me that she was cheating on me at her college! HERE YOU GO YOU BITCH

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Nicole Tobar
Location: Rowland, North Carolina
Age: 26
Anonymous 19095 says: She has spread her legs for everything she has and will suck your dick for a 10 movie or dinner. Shes been with over 40 men but is a closet lesbian that only really fantasizes about women, has done more drugs than most, and is now a drug dealer that she brings into her classroom who also happens to be missing his front teeth. She will lie for your sympathy. She just wants attention and sympathy. She use to say she would do porn if she wasnt a teacher. Even though she does skype shows for .see pic below I have hardcore pics and vids of her swallowing and that big booty bouncing on it takin backshots if shes popular enough ill upload those picsvids too.

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Cynthia Yepez
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Age: 34
Anonymous 19094 says: The best deep throat Ive ever had.

cheating slut

Nicole Marie Crutcher
Location: Independence, Missouri
Age: 21
Anonymous 19090 says: Total cheater and liar caught redhanded. Her fiance doesnt even know how theyve been bragging about this.