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Shes cute but is a cheater

Kara McEntarfer
Location: Tyler, Texas
Age: 21
met her at a club one night when she was a dancer we dated for 2 weeks until i found out she was cheating on me with two other guys

Alli Blackerby Loves Sending Nudes for Money

Alli Blackerby
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Age: 21
Alli has a side job where shell take pics for cash. Its definitely worth the 20

Sandra Schwierz

Sandra Schwierz
Location: Aachen, Germany
Age: 28

sucks a gd dick

Tessa West
Location: Soldotna, Alaska
Age: 23
She has no gage reflex. An likes to fuck


Joyce Dumbass
Location: Strasburg, Virginia
Age: 51
After 13 years of marriage she decides her mechanic needed a little lube for his dipstick.

Monica Armas Loved to Suck Me Off at Work

Monica Armas
Location: Riverside, California
Age: 22
I was this girls manager at Disney and I used to make her give me head between shifts. She never complained and always came back for more.

Cincinnati Slut Spreads Her Pussy

Kate Winsted
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Age: 27
This slut loves to spread her pussy and take pics

My fiance

Jessi Selle
Location: Vernon, New Jersey
Age: 23
My fiance insists on posting these pictures online anyway so here they are. More to come if she doesnt find this stuff. She wont ever believe it anyway.


Shelley Jackson
Location: Arlington, Tennessee
Age: 38
She stabbed me with a knife then lied to the cops and everybody! rnShe also cheated with some sleaze bag Kevin Raburn.

She's a whore

Nicolae Ioana
Location: Ploiesti, Romania
Age: 25
She cheated me whit 2 guys