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Chara Konstantinou
Location: Kambia, Cyprus
Age: 18
Anonymous 19452 says: we used to date for over a year, and she dumped me for another chick

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Abbie Wallis
Location: Alton, Australia
Age: 20
Anonymous 19450 says: she sent me these pics an hour after dating her

This girl is a manipulative liar and plays too many games.

Leah Wehrmann
Location: Asheville, North Carolina
Age: 20
Anonymous 19444 says: Has a fat ass and some boobies but thats about it.

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Dakota Erwin
Location: Belton, South Carolina
Age: 19
Anonymous 19443 says: Sexy slut that always cheat on me

Logan Halverson

Logan Halverson
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Age: 20
Anonymous 19440 says: Big slut in Vegas, has a kid but is fucking someone else

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Lauren Robinson
Location: Valparaiso, Indiana
Age: 21
Anonymous 19439 says: One of those charity bitches that constantly needs to be doing something stupid she thinks will benefit society. Fucked her a few times, but she was just alright, then she got fat. Plus side is she does like to show of the boobs

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Katherine Cooper
Location: Ucluelet, Canada
Age: 30
Anonymous 19438 says: She is dating this guy I know from Calgary named Joe Leslie, but she has been fucking me the whole time...sending me pics just like this via text constantly.When she was dating Ryan, she was fucking Paul his best friend. This chick fucks everyone. When she was visiting her dad in Penticton, she fucked 2 of his buddies at the same time. Sorry Joe, send this one back!

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Katie Stanley
Location: Tamworth, United Kingdom
Age: 23
Anonymous 19432 says: Not an ex as such but she is a slag, Easy as there is. A Tamworth regular.


Alyssa Cheseldine
Location: Richmond, Virginia
Age: 22
Anonymous 19430 says: dumb bitch screwed me over. enjoy.

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Dottie Merritt Moore
Location: Georgetown, Texas
Age: 42
Anonymous 19428 says: This married whore loves to fuck black cock. Her husband went along with it initially but got cold feet and she kept fucking me. Kind of a lazy fuck, not a great cocksucker but she tries. Not real bright, I kept stringing her ass along and she kept coming back for more. Worth a couple fucks, nothing more.