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Broke ass Colombian

Edwin Villa
Location: North Hollywood, California
Age: 22
The whoreWell heres a picture if this broke ass nigga who steals money lmao I was gonna get him sweet revenge oh and he has a small dick .. Broke broke he has the need to steal women and cheat on his wife !!! Stupid dumb bitch

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Kelsey Bogaurd
Location: Sebastian, Florida
Age: 19
Shes just some dumb slut that I wasted 5 years on. Gotted cheated on twice with by the same guy with 3 years apart. We were on and off for a bit but every time we were off for even a few days she always made sure to be on someones dick.

Lying, Cheating Arsehole!

Kristofer Phelps
Location: Cinderford, United Kingdom
Age: 25
Told me we were exclusive whilst the whole time we were together he was still sleeping with his ex! I also found him using Grindr and Tinder when he thought I was away.

lisa loucks

Lisa Loucks
Location: Greensburg, Indiana
Age: 46
lisa loucks

biggest slut in Tn you will ever meet

Marsha Howell
Location: Jefferson City, Tennessee
Age: 19
Sends pics in the first 30 minutes of talking, loves doing anything that has to do with sex!

bad husband

David Youngblood
Location: Saint Louis, Missouri
Age: 30
He was a great father but a terrible husband

Hot Bitch

Zahra Aleem
Location: Dallas, Texas
Age: 24
SexyThis bitch is crazy in bed. Loves sex, loves head, loves to strip. Enjoy! Leave your comments!

Give him hell

Zane Foucht
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Age: 19
He was an compulsive liar and douche

cheating slut

Emily Osborne
Location: Darwin, Australia
Age: 20
this slut cheated on me and now its time for revenge...

Saggy Boobs

Kathy Wilhelm
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Age: 45
This girl is crazy, shes a true Mental case. Taking over 15 different medication and blames everyone for all the bad things in her life. No one can deal with her for long.