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Married Army Slut

Tiffany Gobert
Location: Poitiers, France
Age: 24
Oups. I think I gave your Facebook. No worries, it is only your tits, and your fucking big ass rnI hope guys you enjoy her ugly face and hope your husband like it bitch

He cheats, lies & sends nudes to minors!!!

Aaron Weiss
Location: Bakersfield, California
Age: 23
This is Aaron hes a gamer and when we first met everything was great. Eventually over the few years of boyfriend and girlfriend..he became super shady. He would lie to me about seeing his ex girlfriend. Then we had snapchat and he would have random girls on this bestfriend list. I added them then figured out he was sending nudes to minors anywhere from 1618 year old girls. It was so gross and repulsive. He constantly just say their friends or he knew them from his friends. He met them on gaming sites or whatever sites he was on and would send naked photos! So Im here to put this guy to shame. He is liar and just a nasty creep.

Mandy Sunshine

Mandy Sunday
Location: Manchester, Pennsylvania
Age: 24
Whore in Store Managers clothing. Roses in Manchest across the street from Giant.

Big biatche

Marie Lavec
Location: Ecaillon, France
Age: 20
This girl is my ex and he is a big biatche ! fuck him p

Craigslist Redhead

April Elliott
Location: Nacogdoches, Texas
Age: 30
Her husband and her divorced, she has no skills so tried to hook on craigslist.

Dirty Draining Slut

Kelly Taylor
Location: Anderson, South Carolina
Age: 22
Skank who took several dicks deep to the throat in our bed while her kids laid on a pallet in the floor

Easy Booty

Tamara Reid
Location: Elizabeth, New Jersey
Age: 26
This girl is easy good lay head game needs a lil work but good fuck any hole goes!!!

Slutty Minx

Nikol Calloway
Location: Vancleave, Mississippi
Age: 22
Well this one was a doosey, near about fondled me in a Waffle House she worked at. Her tight little twat was insatiable and man did she love being choked hard enough to where she would almost pass out. Now shes got a bun in the oven and isnt even with the guy and is already shacked up with someone else. Man I wish I could get some pregnant pics from her to post.


Willis Lewis
Location: Lafayette, Louisiana
Age: 39
Like i said before, he was a good lay, but not faithful!

Brooke Ruggiero is a SLUT!

Brooke Ruggiero
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Age: 23
I slept with Brooke the same night I met her. I found out a week later she has a boyfriend. But wow was she good in bed. We dated off and on for awhile. She gave some of the best roadhead ever. Pure slut! Find her on facebook and you will see what Im talking about.