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Dick Isichy
Location: Greater Sudbury, Canada
Age: 25
These are some shanks that I banged and love to send naked pics to me...

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Danny Kubacki
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Age: 29
thinks he a player but he will find any way to sleep with you then bails once your pregnant

Slutty ex

Rebecca Miller
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Age: 27
Exgf of mine who I caught cheating on me with her boss... Party animal to the extreme who always got absolutely blitzed and then slept with whoever was closest.

Anna from Germany

Anna Ziemlanski
Location: Muenchen, Germany
Age: 29
Anna loving to show her tits all over the world

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Kyle Duroe
Location: Northampton, United Kingdom
Age: 22
everything on him is horrible but the cock

Hungarian bitch

Zsuzsa Budai
Location: Szentes, Hungary
Age: 32
She suck much cock and she like lot of cock, just my cock is not enough. She have many men when she not wit me in my country.

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Sierra Patterson
Location: Watertown, Wisconsin
Age: 27
Just a crazy fucking bi polar whore.

Bro Hopper

Haley Godfrey
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Age: 23
Found these on criaglist and there are some more. she was married to some guy in the military started dating my bro who was her husbands friend while they were still married and sent these pics to other guys hope this gets back to her bf.

she's on one, maybe several

Lacy Cooke
Location: El Dorado, Kansas
Age: 33
She was cool at first but then became a head trip. The list is ok at best and not good orally . I tried to be friends with her but she just went off the deep end

GB's biggest slut!!

Trista Chandler
Location: Glen Burnie, Maryland
Age: 22
Trista used to send me pics all the time while we were talking and I would jerk off to them and make videos of me cumming on her face and she would love it!!!