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my buddies cheating ex

Liza Ann
Location: Ashland, Massachusetts
Age: 23
He sent me the pics of his cheating ex slut of a gf so I told him Id do him a favor and put them on here.

Maria Martinez

Maria Martinez
Location: Elmhurst, New York
Age: 25

Paola Sanchez

Paola Sanchez
Location: East Elmhurst, New York
Age: 22
My ex.

Girl works at Ulta in patchogue if you want her

Courtney Thyberg
Location: Bayport, New York
Age: 22
shes a dumb whore

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Bree Nickles
Location: Griffith, Indiana
Age: 30
Sexy Bree

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Steffy Pertz
Location: Albaek, Denmark
Age: 19
steffyslutty ex, good fuck. too bad about her being slutty tho. She loved the size of my penis. Oh, fun fact I kissed her mom, like 20mins after eating her ASS out!

Just Another Cheating Slut

Bree Fabbroni
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Age: 24
Bree was my fiancee and she was a good fucksuck but she wouldnt shut the fuck up during sex. Watch the video and youll see what I mean but youll have to end putting it on mute. But when she met Snoop Dog and fucked him I was fucking done with her. I posted her last year and the slut moved out of state and thought she could start over but she underestimates the power of the net. Now she has accepted that shes a full blown slut and has actually responded to the pervs and fucked a couple of them. My advice, if you ever hook up with her, better wear two condoms.

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Narettia V
Location: Escondido, California
Age: 23
Be careful if u meet her on tinder shes hot fiasty and knows what she wants she will fuck u silly the first night and maybe a few weeks after she will start telling u crazy shit about being in a mental institution and how shes not good for you then next thing u know shes sucking another dick shes got the las Vegas mentality except shes back in SD lol here she is boys

Web Slut\'s Daughter Exposed

Winnie Schwartzel
Location: New York, New York
Age: 19
Ok, I admit I only boned this girl because shes the daughter of the hottest web slut of all time, Joy Schwartzel. And Joy Jr aint half bad at giving head like her mom and she does like it up the chocolate highway but she wouldnt let me take any face pics of her doing it and she refused to even let me meet Joy so my fantasy was crushed so the hell with her.

biggest whore in Morgantown

Natasha Nickels
Location: Morgantown, West Virginia
Age: 23
This dumb cunt thought it was funny to play head games with me. Now whos laughing bitch