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Lauren Bubeck
Location: Pottsville, Pennsylvania
Age: 23
Shes a stupid drunk college slut

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Certhezza Buiser
Location: Abucay, Philippines
Age: 20
Me and her hooked up and were doing great but kept cheating behind me back and lying about it.

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Jasmine Delatorre
Location: Compton, California
Age: 19
Met her and talked to her for along time until we finally dated . We went out for months until I noticed she had a freaky side in her. She one time decided to give me a blowjob and wo she knows how to give it like an expert. Great fucking too!! She then decided to have sex with other guys for money.. Sadly I ended it and well hope everyone enjoys

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Hitomi Nakamura
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Age: 25
Wanted to share more about this cute little Japanese thing

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Nicole Barela
Location: Glendora, California
Age: 19
she sends nudes to every guy imajiable and she has a tight pussy for a whore

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Trey Darby
Location: Ruskin, Florida
Age: 24
Met this dude off of grindr...after things fell apart he told me the truth. turns out he was a typical whore type gay guy, wanting to have unsafe sex to spread his diseases around. hes goes to school in north carolina Mount Olive University so if you see him... youve been warned. avoid him at all cost.

Sleeps with Anybody Who Has Money and Status

Caitlin Manley
Location: Gainesville, Florida
Age: 24

Will fuck anybody.

Chrystal Short
Location: Houston, Texas
Age: 25
Sexy girl, but not very particular with who she have sex. Caught her having sex in a car in my driveway with some random dude. Check the selfies she sent me.

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Jean SDreamer
Location: Adah, Pennsylvania
Age: 45
I love her body, but she hate me now.

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Jess Conner
Location: Lititz, Pennsylvania
Age: 18
Lied and cheated for 10 months