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Kristin Crews
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Eureka Monroe
Location: San Ramon, California
Age: 27
Not my ex, wish she was... I bought a computer on eBay and ran an undelete on the hard drive... found a SHIT ton of pictures, under the girls name. This guy must have been a real player because there are several dozen, I will share all of them in time...

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Amanda Powers
Location: Antioch, Tennessee
Age: 24
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Anna Williams
Location: Agoura Hills, California
Age: 47
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Lauren Bowling
Location: Angleton, Texas
Age: 18
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Tess Knippel
Location: Half Moon Bay, California
Age: 30
oneFound this in a private photobucket account with a weak password.


Emily Swader
Location: Akron, New York
Age: 22
She had a miscarriage with our kid then two days later banging another guy. Just used me for money she is a lazy piece of shit.

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Joseph Moskalow
Location: Newark, New Jersey
Age: 22
We started talking and then messing around a lot. He messed with a ton of girls and it didnt bother me till I got pregnant and I wanted him to take responsibility. He completely cut me off and it wasnt until he moved that I gave up and raised our son alone. If youre talking to this kid, drop him.

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Margaret Hantakas
Location: Berkeley, California
Age: 36
Favorite phrase Keep it real! but doesnt practice what she preaches. Whatever the case, shell let you spray in her face long as she Bathing Apes!

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Joanna Garcia
Location: Amarillo, Texas
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