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crasy native bitch

Ivy Raddi
Location: Tuktoyaktuk, Canada
Age: 35
here is a real winner, shes a big time cock dealer that supplies all of the north

Dumb Slut

Elizabeth Valente
Location: Woburn, Massachusetts
Age: 22
her legs must have similar type magnets, impossible to keep them closed.


Location: Tecumseh, Michigan
Age: 19
He is 19. I wont post a name. Enjoy

Friend\'s cheating ex..

Emily Foster
Location: Bowling Green, Ohio
Age: 22
This girl cheated many times on a good friend of mine, shes very easy to sleep with from what Ive heard. But at the same time shes supper fake and very good at lying...good luck to anyone who dates her.

psycho slut and attention whore

Monica Carter
Location: Rome, New York
Age: 26
Loves it in her ass n will even choose to fuck you even if it means not paying attention to her kids! Pills pot or drinks and shes ready to go!


Winonah Ojanen
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Age: 22
Lying skank

Pathological Liar and Cheater. Also physical abuser. Defiant and vicious when I caught her. STAY AWA

Kayte White
Location: Princeton, West Virginia
Age: 18
It all started when she messaged me on Facebook wanting to hang out. Considering she only knew me thru mutual friends I found it strange, but hey sex is sex. She was really clingy, but since I have a hard time saying no, and we clicked conversationally and sexually, I figured why not.rnrnBad idea. She is a pathological liar. She lied about saying she was in college and 20 in reality she was 18 and finishing up her last year of HIGH SCHOOL. Later, she lied about cheating on me, lied about giving a guy head, lied about where she was, lie lie lie. Even silly little things like her hair color or if she had already eaten, she would lie about. rnrnAccording to her, her doctors diagnosed her with an emotional disability, in other words thats a nice way of saying shes crazy!! One time she screamed at me in the shower, top of her lungs, and literally ripped the shower curtain down, bcuz we were talking about exercise shes lazy... If you couldnt tell and I had mentioned some ppl like athletes enjoy exercise, after she had said nobody enjoys exercise or sports! I was like ok so Michael Jordan didnt enjoy it Uhhh... She flipped. Out. She hated bein proven wrong, and since she was a huge liar and not very bright, it happened a lot.rnrnOne time I had to leave her house to go home. She literally grabbed my legs, prevented me from leaving, laid on top of me, sobbing, wailing, bcuz I wouldnt go. She jumped in front of my car and screamed at me to run her over bcuz in her words she wanted to kill herself. Finally I was able to leave peacefully but she is psycho!rnrnShe had sex with a guy and had told him she was single. Only after seeing my phone call a bunch I knew she was cheating and was right did he realize what was up, and ask her who I was. She said I was an ex. He called me and admitted they had sex. He also admitted she gave him head. All of which she denied UNTIL he admitted it to me too and he sent me screenshot proof. When confronted with proof, she went psycho and called ME abusive yada yada yes I called her names when she LIED TO ME AND CHEATED, OMG IM SUCH A JERK and then she blocked me and said talk to me again and Ill call cops for harassment. Even tho I wasnt harassing her at all, I had been on the phone with her lover boy at the time and we were having a bro moment talking about all of her lies. So what did I do Like a smart dude, I respected her wish and didnt call or text her, and instead I took her filthy slut shameful ass onto here where she belongs. Hopefully every man can recognize what she is before they date her, from now on.rnrnLastly, for the record I never cheated to her and didnt lie to her. I never physically abused her or talked bad about her to others or did anything to warrant the crazy abuse. Her dad loved me for a reason.


Amber Martin
Location: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Age: 21
More from the last

Beware. She screws everyone

Norma Eggenberg
Location: Durant, Oklahoma
Age: 44
Norma Jean EggenbergShe likes to lead people on and overly flirts with people on line. Stating she will meet up with them. However she has sex with anything that comes across her path.

My bitch

Amanda Jane
Location: Acton, California
Age: 27
She is awesome in bed