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The Epitome of a Drunken Whore

Kristin Spears
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Age: 48
Notice the big herpes sore on her lipWhere to begin describing this lame excuse for a humanbeingwoman 1 She is a habitual cheater and sex addict. She has cheated on EVERY man shes been involved with since she was a teenager. And, she deserted her two children when they were 10 and 12 years old. 2 Shes a complete alcoholic currently she is going through treatment for the 6th time at Aurora Behavioral Health in Glendale, AZ. On top of dozens of trips to detox attention whore. 3 Shes a TOTAL LEECH. If you have money, she will steal it from you. Shes conned a guy named Richard Shapiro an accountant in phoenix out of over 25k in the last 4 months. 4 Shes a herpesinfested whore. Shes had sex with at least six men in the last two months without protection. Notice the big sores on her lip. 5 She will lie, cheat, and steal from anyone, including her family and children, to survive. 6 She is a 100 Narcissist. She loves to post nude pictures online to attract her victims. 7 And, finally, she is on plenty of fish rungirl333 Luckily, I never gave her money...I realized early on what type of person she was.... a complete skanky whore She does have a great set of tits and fucks like a bunny a really loud one but, besides that, she is buttugly in the face and a worthless pieceofshit...beware.

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Loretta Sirmans
Location: Homerville, Georgia
Age: 27
Will ruin your life, swallow 80 valium and still not fucking die, and then call you fucked up for supporting her and her retard kid while she smokes pot and watches the walking dead on repeat for weeks on end...fucking violent suicidal and childish...avoid!!!!

Simi Valley whore

Allison Hunter
Location: Simi Valley, California
Age: 23
This whore has slept with over 20 guys while shes still with her baby daddy. Shell send you pictures of her naked she will cheat on you any chance she gets

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AMY AMERLITA Jurilla Berden
Location: Central Singapore Community Development Council, Singapore
Age: 45
Dates men with , double dates men over the world.

Dance Slut Kris

Kris Capi
Location: Missoula, Montana
Age: 21
I was fucking this dance team whore for two years before I found out what a cheating bitch she is. I came home early one night to surprise her and found her having a threesome with two football players. The cunt didnt even stop when she saw me just kept on getting fucked as I packed my things and left.

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Amber Ewing
Location: Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Age: 24
I was fucking this bitch then found out she was letting her boyfriend beat on her 2 year old boy and she locked him in his room all day that was covered in piss and had no toys, occasionally tossing a pop tart or cup in. she has 5 kids to 4 different dads gave the first one up at 3 months old just left her in a crib with a note an ran off with some guy lost her second now shes on the verge of losing her third. she has like 4 profiles on facebook under amber ewing amber d ewing amber dawn and Ashlynn sparks.

Cheating whore

Rachel Owre
Location: Auburn, New Hampshire
Age: 28
I was banging this chick a lot and then come to find out she had a husband that was away on business trips while I was banging her.

Huge Slut

Leigh Anna Osborne
Location: Barnstead, New Hampshire
Age: 26
Not much of a story... She was just a huge slut that loved sucking dick and was extremely sexy. She has now been exposed. Also to everyone posting discussing chicks... No one wants to see that.


Stephanie Aakre
Location: Crestview, Florida
Age: 26
This bitch had an affair with a coworker. Then got pregnant with his child to trap him.she not only destroyed our relationship but tried to ruin another family.


Marlena Scott
Location: Sacramento, California
Age: 21
I found this slut on meet me, and she has a husband and a kid but still wanted to trade pics and meet to fuck with her kid in the other room.