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Bro Hopper

Haley Godfrey
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Age: 23
Found these on criaglist and there are some more. she was married to some guy in the military started dating my bro who was her husbands friend while they were still married and sent these pics to other guys hope this gets back to her bf.

she's on one, maybe several

Lacy Cooke
Location: El Dorado, Kansas
Age: 33
She was cool at first but then became a head trip. The list is ok at best and not good orally . I tried to be friends with her but she just went off the deep end

GB's biggest slut!!

Trista Chandler
Location: Glen Burnie, Maryland
Age: 22
Trista used to send me pics all the time while we were talking and I would jerk off to them and make videos of me cumming on her face and she would love it!!!

Stupid disease ridden slut

Michele Vega
Location: Hobart, Indiana
Age: 23
Some slut I used to know.

Holly Jacobs the Professor of Pornography

Holly Jacobs
Location: Miami Beach, Florida
Age: 30
mate sent me this pictures of one of his teachers. he said that one of the students in the class got into her email and found these that she had sent to a few guys.

fat little slut

Christy Aston
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Age: 34
Easy girl likes to send pictures tell her what you think she likes it

Slut fucks everyone including old men, and black drug dealers

Biggest Slut Ever Stephanie Crosby
Location: North Charleston, South Carolina
Age: 38
This bitch is the biggest lying slut ever born.rnShe sucks dick for crack and heroine, has 6 kids, 5 different fathers and and incredible amount of abortions. Different family members raise the kids that DSS havent taken from her. Recently she fucked a man over 20 years older just so the dude would give her money. She has hep C, and who knows what else.rnShe also fucks her teenage kids parents.Shes been arrested for kidnapping, child neglect and forgery.. She is hooked on suboxine methadone


Kourttney Wallace
Location: Parkersburg, West Virginia
Age: 18
Cheated on me, and publicly humiliated me on the internet now its her turn!

This Texas Whore

Desirea L
Location: Austin, Texas
Age: 34
This chick will act like she is hardcore but will let you fuck on the second date. She lies about talking to one dude when its like four. She sends nudes if you ask. dont be too nice to her or she wont take you seriously. Stay crying no one will be faithful to her but she thinks its ok to fuck around.

My ex girl

Maria Loster
Location: Abesedo, Spain
Age: 38
My ex girl.