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Bethany Howard
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Age: 19
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Jennifer Mlyniec
Location: Waterford, Connecticut
Age: 19
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kori bishop

Kori Bishop
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Age: 32
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Syria Lima
Location: Chaparral, New Mexico
Age: 18
This girl is such a lying bitch she told me she was pregnant by my son I was like ok Ill be there for my son after a while she stopped talking about her pregnancy and every time I would ask her she would just ignore me anyway I just stopped believe she was pregnant cuz every time I would ask to go to the doctor she would say I couldnt go and so on then one day I saw her posting pictures of a baby and when I asked her she said that was him and so I told her I wanted to be there for my son she then said she put him for adoption this was a year and some mouths ago now shes says that she has him but him but doesnt want me in his life

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Stacy Steinmann
Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Age: 38
She cheated on me

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Kaycie Newcomb
Location: Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas
Age: 22
Went on one date and couldnt even be seen at her house and she is to easy!!

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Marque Piper
Location: Latrobe, Pennsylvania
Age: 18
dumb slutfound these on my friends phone when he left it at my pad. think its his ex.

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Jana Coty
Location: Waterloo, Canada
Age: 24
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Karla Diaz
Location: Los Angeles, California
Age: 24
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Susan Shea
Location: Meridian, Mississippi
Age: 35
She acts so innocent but she is not so! Here is proof!