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Denise Hupperich
Location: Saarlouis, Germany
Age: 27
she in her football dress during the wmIve found those pics on her Smartphone she had sex with several guys while we were together! Ive never seen before such a bad bitch!

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Alex Allen
Location: Kansas City, Kansas
Age: 22
New nipple ringsshe cheated on me and denied we were ever together

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Dakota Brux
Location: Rockton, Illinois
Age: 21
I knew this girl since high school. I started fucking her almost every day for a month before her boyfriend got out of jail, and then when he got out at least 3 times a week for another 2 months. She would even make excuses to get out of work just so I could fuck her in my truck. She always wanted me to cum inside her pussy, poor bastard is probably still eating it till this day. She called it quits and freaked out on me when she told me she wanted to be with me and wanted to leave him for me and I said no. So she completely cut me out all together. Oh well hope you enjoy!

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Melissa Mobley
Location: Butte, Montana
Age: 30
BaseballI met this girl over a year and a half ago via a website for sugar babies seeking sugar daddies. She originally wanted 10,000 per month but I reluctantly agreed to 3,000 per month for her time and companionship. After awhile, she fell in love but I couldnt give her the quality time she seeked. So she left me but still wanted to enjoy the comfortable lifestyle I afforded her so she kept her profile up on the sugar website as well as placed ads on craigslist and backpage for willing paying men. She essentially became and moonlighted as an escort for hire aside from her realtor career.

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Sharon Primm
Location: Pahrump, Nevada
Age: 22
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Linda Lawrence
Location: London, United Kingdom
Age: 24
she cheated on me with her teacher

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Brittany Turner
Location: Columbia, South Carolina
Age: 24
Just another cheater exposed!

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Shasa Moth
Location: Adjungbilly, Australia
Age: 19
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Bailey Samsel
Location: Sacramento, California
Age: 25
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Danielle Silbey
Location: Hamilton, Canada
Age: 22
no assSleeps with any worker male or female. Constantly playing head games. Fucks the promoters for her spots and the fans for free shit. All around loose and plays the poor me all men are jerks card.