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Jennifer Webber
Location: Cynthiana, Kentucky
Age: 30
dirty whore

Brooke Lambert

Brooke Lambert
Location: Warrenton, Virginia
Age: 26
Major slut bag of Highland School, took her skills to college @ Lynchburg. Easy fuck, short, big tits.

just the not so average one

Chelsea Elliott
Location: Yorktown, Virginia
Age: 26
Meet her out at bars, or challenge her to pool she learned the game. But be ready for a sarcastic narcissistic personality.

my hoe ex

Alexia Robbinson
Location: Miami, Florida
Age: 21
had her. lost her. now the slut is taking mad dick from any dude she can get her tits on.

Dirty ass mother

Maggie June
Location: Houston, Texas
Age: 22
Such a slut ready to give out pics

sex was great but the relationship wasn\'t

Ashlee Clarke
Location: California City, California
Age: 18
I mean she played around on new but I really didnt care I had a side chick who was way better with sex and personality but I promise this Ashlee chick will give it to anyone for some Starbucks

Don't let her fool you

Amanda Blackwell
Location: Chesnee, South Carolina
Age: 21
She sent pics to me when I had a gf and said she was bi polar and had a spilt personality that sent these pics she said her name was Alison when she sent them

The Idiot who cant hide shit

Brandon Whitlock
Location: West Springfield, Massachusetts
Age: 18
The douchebagWe dated for a year and in that time period, he talked shit about me behind my back, cheated on me multiple times, cheated on me on my birthday, took my virginity then dumped me. He fucked with my emotions so im gonna fuck with his. I hope he sees this and knows im fuckin done with his bullshit

Bi-Polar and STD driven.

Bianka Dupuy
Location: Sayreville, New Jersey
Age: 20
Strap up and leave. the term relationship is not existent to this whore. Horrible personality and needs makeup to walk in the sun. Feel bad for the next dude.

Two/Three Timing Cunt

Savannah Swanson
Location: Roscommon, Michigan
Age: 22
Was dating this dumpster bitch for awhile. Find out shortly before we split that shes screwing two other guys which are brothers. Smh then find out she cleared out my account to pay for stuff for them. Thats cool though. Nailed her sister and best friend together and got her ass thrown out of her new apartment. Those pics coming later.