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Amber Ewing
Location: Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Age: 24
I was fucking this bitch then found out she was letting her boyfriend beat on her 2 year old boy and she locked him in his room all day that was covered in piss and had no toys, occasionally tossing a pop tart or cup in. she has 5 kids to 4 different dads gave the first one up at 3 months old just left her in a crib with a note an ran off with some guy lost her second now shes on the verge of losing her third. she has like 4 profiles on facebook under amber ewing amber d ewing amber dawn and Ashlynn sparks.

Cheating whore

Rachel Owre
Location: Auburn, New Hampshire
Age: 28
I was banging this chick a lot and then come to find out she had a husband that was away on business trips while I was banging her.

Huge Slut

Leigh Anna Osborne
Location: Barnstead, New Hampshire
Age: 26
Not much of a story... She was just a huge slut that loved sucking dick and was extremely sexy. She has now been exposed. Also to everyone posting discussing chicks... No one wants to see that.


Stephanie Aakre
Location: Crestview, Florida
Age: 26
This bitch had an affair with a coworker. Then got pregnant with his child to trap him.she not only destroyed our relationship but tried to ruin another family.


Marlena Scott
Location: Sacramento, California
Age: 21
I found this slut on meet me, and she has a husband and a kid but still wanted to trade pics and meet to fuck with her kid in the other room.

Naughty girl not very nice though

Sarah Jones
Location: Elsham, United Kingdom
Age: 23
Slept with a number of guys whilst with me this girl is up for anything

Fun Beautiful Sexy and Horny

Ashley Stitch
Location: Cambridge, Canada
Age: 25
She was great nothing bad to say shes just an ex with great body and loved to suck dick and she never complained about swallowing either. Just thought others would enjoy her pics. Gonna miss this girl for sure but life goes on some other lucky bastard has her now. she wanted kids and I wasnt ready for kids so we parted ways but damn it would have been fun making babies with her.

Wanna be mexican

Beatriz Huizar
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Age: 21
this bitch is black and tries to act all mexican lol. she is a fucking poser and fucks with any nigga.

Martina Tochtermann

Martina Tochtermann
Location: Hausen B.Wuerzburg, Germany
Age: 34
Martina TochtermannDas bin Ich Martina Tochtermann die Hure aus 91353 Hausen.

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Maureen Doto
Location: Clearwater, Florida
Age: 49
She is crazy as hell but i have seen her squirt at least 20 times in one nite