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Begging ass hoe

Kelly Wade
Location: Macon, Georgia
Age: 19
Always begging for money, and doesnt have shit to offer

easy and up for it.

Hannah-marie Caudle
Location: Haslemere, United Kingdom
Age: 22
Just my cheating ex, loves anal and to be rimmed

just a habitual lieing slut

Sherry Randazzo
Location: Sturgis, Michigan
Age: 27
Jus a town whore who tries to act like a good woman hahahahaa

Fuckin' Slut

Sarah Thornton
Location: Saint Joseph, Michigan
Age: 21
Shes a cheating cunt.

Crazy ex girlfriend

Justin Lennon
Location: Newark, Delaware
Age: 38
This is a crazy ex going thru a divorce. Nice fuck though


Karen Evens
Location: La Puente, California
Age: 46
Straight slut

The slut that keeps on giving

Liz Mattoon
Location: Boca Raton, Florida
Age: 30
we were together for 4 years. She broke it off cause she thought i was cheating on her. Turns out she wanted an out to go fuck other guys.

She'll suck your dick for free

Becky Katz
Location: Lake George, New York
Age: 27
Lied and Cheated. Screwed anything that gave her attention. Started datingscrewing another guy she met on ski team while we were together. Another run of the mill whore. Became a drunk and a whore.

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Abby Garza
Location: Alice, Texas
Age: 24
What more can I say than she fucks everyone

Fat Bitch

Ashley Malpass
Location: Middletown, New York
Age: 23
She was nice at first, but then she became such an annoying bitch, she kept messaging me constantly. Dumb bitch sent me pics and thought I wouldnt show anyone.