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Lowellen Shotts a married mother and outrageous slut.

Llowellen Shotts
Location: Union, Washington
Age: 34
Lowellen placed an ad that I answered. I went to Shelton Washington and met her at a motel just off the highway. Shed put her baby in daycare so she could come meet me and take Canadian bone. She was a great time, but lied through her teeth about being hitched. Thats not good. Fucking is fine, but tell the truth. Shes up for the game though, you just have to step around her man. Shell do anything sexually you want and allowed this man of a minutes meeting to video and photo her. That means shell do ANYTHING. I could have brought a crew and we could have drenched her...she swallows and takes it in every hole you like.

Rebecca Tanner

Rebecca Tanner
Location: Victoria, Canada
Age: 47
Not too bad looking, right?Rebecca tanners a deepthroat queen. She loves sucking cock and swallowing. Sex clubs, multiple men and their wives too. She wants to suck cunt but the woman should have lots to hold on to, big tits and she needs to be a bit older. No young cunt for her...


Paula Falconi
Location: Barra Da Tijuca, Brazil
Age: 26
Paula Falconi

Dope head, will Fuck anyone

Jade Steele
Location: Rainsville, Alabama
Age: 23
This chick is the whore of Alabama. Get he drunk or high and you are guaranteed to get it. Sucks a mean dick.


Lorelei Culbertson
Location: Portland, Oregon
Age: 26
Lorelei Corinne Culbertson from Portland, OR.....

What a bitch

Janne Zijsling
Location: Mississauga, Canada
Age: 22
Well we were suppose to meet and she bailed on me twice, so I thought Id share some pictures of her because shes a bitch

cheater slut

Brielle Patton
Location: Athens, Texas
Age: 21
hoeI started going out with her even tho she had a kid I gave her the life she never had and wanted everything was great until I Gould out she was cheating and telling another guy the same things she told me like I love u Im gonna go live with u but at least she a freak

WORST Ex Boyfriend EVER!

Alexander Tebo
Location: Seaford, Delaware
Age: 26
AlexanderHe was my first boyfriend and he ended up broken my heart. He always complain about everything, has almost no friends, and still living with his parent.


Tiffany Shepherd
Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Age: 22
babys momma loves to fuck and suck in all holes but pusssy stinks and always bleeding

Deborah Jane Cope

Deborah Cope
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Age: 40
i love internet dating