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Jessie Cochran
Location: Dayton, Tennessee
Age: 20
Easy pussy.

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Fallon Davis
Location: Collegeville, Pennsylvania
Age: 20
Loved tossing that around shes only 51. Taught her oh so many things, now she teaches special ed classes and works at a local ymca. I dont hate, I congratulate.

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Alyssa Rose
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Age: 30
....could be a man. Pussy was reallly weird.

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Angelica Pereira
Location: Santa Cruz De La Sierra, Bolivia
Age: 23
Well I was in love with this girl until she decided to dump me out for a rich old man. A truly gold digger. Nice pussy, tigh ass, recomended to everyone out there, I dont care anymore. She removed her fb profile from view, sorry.

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Jana Bardell
Location: Halifax, Canada
Age: 21
Loves anything, give her 25 cocks shes in heaven

Cheating Ex-Wife

Ashley Holmes
Location: New York, New York
Age: 37
facebookMy wife of over a decade decided to start fucking some guy she met on a job, left me, came back to me, lied about having an affair, only to leave me again because she finally came clean. Dumb bitch didnt realize that I had her passwords to everything. Found out she was texting him nudes.


Danielle Smythers
Location: Manhattan, Kansas
Age: 21
I left for school after the army and she decided to cheat

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Krista Hawkins
Location: Piqua, Ohio
Age: 19
Cheated on me with some random guy, got pregnant right after

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Jessica Burian Miller
Location: Whitehall, Pennsylvania
Age: 36
This is one of the sister that will cheat on you with her sisteryes her sister and a 65 old local bar goer. Plenty more to follow. Easy lay, dont mind scares from fake boob job or stomach. Turn lights off. Careful guys lives off child support 3 kids 3 dads. And government help and parents that give her a few dollars a hour to look over a grandfather that has died apparently four time. Yes a few dollars a hour. If I had the choice I would pay for prostitute but unfortanatly some did not. More to follow.

Complete whore that will fuck anything

Lela Woltjer
Location: Union City, California
Age: 40
This girl is clean and will fuck anybody. She works at The Bay Club in San Francisco The Gateway. She lives in Union City.