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Justin Lennon
Location: Newark, Delaware
Age: 38
This is a crazy ex going thru a divorce. Nice fuck though


Karen Evens
Location: La Puente, California
Age: 46
Straight slut

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Liz Mattoon
Location: Boca Raton, Florida
Age: 30
we were together for 4 years. She broke it off cause she thought i was cheating on her. Turns out she wanted an out to go fuck other guys.

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Becky Katz
Location: Lake George, New York
Age: 27
Lied and Cheated. Screwed anything that gave her attention. Started datingscrewing another guy she met on ski team while we were together. Another run of the mill whore. Became a drunk and a whore.

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Abby Garza
Location: Alice, Texas
Age: 24
What more can I say than she fucks everyone

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Ashley Malpass
Location: Middletown, New York
Age: 23
She was nice at first, but then she became such an annoying bitch, she kept messaging me constantly. Dumb bitch sent me pics and thought I wouldnt show anyone.

sam grollman

Samantha Grollman
Location: Morgantown, West Virginia
Age: 20
this easy slut likes to send nudes to any one and has had a 4 sum with 3 guts and had an abortion she is an easy tiny slut.she has teeth that like like she chewed on a rock.

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Samantha Stapleton
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Age: 19
We were fucking each other when I found out she was fucking three other guys on the side at the same time... 2 of them at the same time! She is basically a joke among me and my friends and we all take turns passing her around the base here.. Has seen more pole than a strip club.. have fun fellas!

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Hailey Lehman
Location: Fort Myers Beach, Florida
Age: 18
She is engaged slept with ten guys in November and five guys in December while her fiance is working. She has stolen his property and money. She lied to me about it. All the while this hoe is manipulating everyone and lying to everyone. She loves sending nudes to 15 year old kids and several guys she even fucks her boss in the back room.

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Melissa Gearing
Location: Santa Rosa, California
Age: 25
fucks at randomMet her at a rave. Pumped her full of ecstacy vodka and dick. Apparently has a boyfriend who is a homosexual and is cool with her fucking random dudes when shes raving.