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Alexandra Hengst zum Berg

Alexandra Hengst Zum Berg
Location: Bochum, Germany
Age: 39
So siehts aus Boys

Horrible Lady

Luci Marq
Location: Bogota, Colombia
Age: 35
This girl Lied and was very cold to me after I did a lot for her.

Silvia ;)

Silvia Wu Diz
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Age: 45

talks to multiple girls at once, cheats, lies

Sean Crabill
Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Age: 22
This guy is on multiple chat, dating sites, he adds random girls on facebook and tries to add them he is so desperate. he uses all the girls he talks to. he says he wants something serious but then talks to a new girl every day. this has happened to at least 5 people. he cheats and lies his way though everything. he fed me lies about so much stuff and i found out another girl he was talking to and she said the same thing.

Oklahoma slut

Krystal Fitzgerald
Location: Sand Springs, Oklahoma
Age: 26
Fucked me over enjoy!

Charlestown Cum Dumpster

Christie Duvall
Location: Charlestown, Indiana
Age: 24
We all know who Christie Duvall is!

Alexandra Homemade

Alexandra Hengst Zum Berg
Location: Leverkusen, Germany
Age: 39
Alexandra Laloca Privateure laloca kussi

Manipulative slut

Lyndsey Appleton
Location: Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom
Age: 22
Cheated on me and repeatedly lied about it

Anna Morgan

Anna Morgan
Location: Conway, Arkansas
Age: 28
Likes to sext, cam, and pic swap with bi guys.

A girl i used to date

Abby Tyjeski
Location: Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Age: 27
Simple, she left me, moved to Texas