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Lexie Coulter

Lexie Coulter
Location: Saginaw, Michigan
Age: 20
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Rebecca Maxian

Rebecca Maxian
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Age: 19
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Carina Baez nude

Carin Baez
Location: Columbus, Georgia
Age: 22
Carina Baez PosingCarina Baez was my gf at one time and she cheated on me with every guy friend she had. She needs to be taught a lesson.

Found out about lots of men at the end.

Aline Silva
Location: Germantown, Maryland
Age: 32
Be forewarned. She picked up herpes along the way which I thankfully avoided.rnrnGradually it was revealed to me that this girl was messed up and gradually is how you find yourself getting attached to people. So by the time you understand the whole picture your heart is involved and you tend to not walk away from some of the worst kinds of people. Another aspect that screwed with my judgement is that I was a wounded individual going through a divorce and this affected my perception, my self esteem and I was more ready to sell myself for way short.rnrnWhen I met this girl she pretty early on asked me if I noticed anything after we had an intense makeout session. I was a little freaked out because I thought it was possible that she could have been a very well disguised cross dresser. There were some signs there... She has very veiny hands which were borderline man hands and I noticed on a few occasions she would frequently would get impressive chin hairs that would rival most men that she either didnt notice or didnt care to do something about. She was Brazilian and because initially I thought she was exotic and hot I overlooked a lot of shit and weird behavior. Fast forward I will never look at a Brazilian. I loathe Brazilians because I met a bad set of Brazilians in Germantown. If I meet one that shows this was a isolated scenario, fine Id accept it, but at this point Id never date a Brazilian again and I would strongly discourage anyone who has their citizenship from doing it either.rnrnFrom this girl and her pocket of friends I feel like they depicted their people as over sexualized immoral and no sense of honor toward anyone. They see most people as a means to an end and finding an honest Brazilian is like find a Mexican Leprechaun. They the worst type of criminals because they are desperately in survival mode usually trying to get away from a very corrupt country that has left the majority of them destitute uneducated and without any sort of means to a good future.rnrnPerhaps I shouldnt be so hard on her because she comes out of poverty and a fucked up family where the father was cheating on his wife with a 17 year old girl... but then she was telling my kids she loved them while sleeping with 4 other people and although I didnt like being cheated on the hell if Im gonna let a person screw with the heads of my kids. I learned about all her partners at the end and it was exactly what I needed to understand that the girl was garbage.rnrnI thought Id have to get her accustomed to me before we discussed her chin hairs and perhaps she was still acclimating to this culture. Her legs were also extremely hairy and ready for an Antarctic climate.rnrnWell it turned out what she was asking about with the did you notice anything comment was that she had fake boobs. I was unaccustomed to plastic surgery and hadnt gotten a good luck so initially I didnt notice.rnrnAfter she told me I saw the scars from underneath which were very obvious. They felt very fake and ridiculous. I got to a point where I thought I loved the girl and so I overlooked a lot of things including her undesirable physical traits. Love is supposed to see beyond scars rightrnrnHer personality was by far one of the shittiest personalities Ive ever observed in a person. I was going through a divorce when I met her and so the low self esteem had me in a place where I was willing to date this loser and for me it felt like a 2nd chance after having gone through a failed marriage. rnrnI had primary custody of my daughter and she was really good with her initially but as time went on I realized this woman had a scary temper with waiters and waitresses and would freak out whenever the waitress had her credit card for more then 2 minutes. On several occasions she flipped out on wait staff and what I saw was a little scary and I started to rethink whether this woman was a good example to any kid and had some very strange habits.rnrnShe told me once that she lived with a man for 5 years that she didnt love because she couldnt afford to be on her own. He then got her pregnant and she didnt tell him. She just aborted the kid and no one ever knew. When she told me this I considered if she was capable of that dishonesty with me... I thought about it and said no way she seems like a really nice girl and besides... She was going to church with me.rnrnI caught her picking her nose and curling her boogers on a few occasions. I caught her flossing her teeth with her own hair while it was in her head. She was very weird, but again, I dismissed it as a cultural difference instead of her just being really fucking weird. She would wake up at 5 am and go down on me and it was horrible. I recommend her for anyone that has a molar fetish because she really likes to get her teeth involved with her oral fetishes. rnrnWhen she would give her dog a haircut she would man handle the dogs junk. Not with gloves but very deliberately fully grip this little white dogs yellow discolored pecker. It was nasty. I once bought her a comforter for her bed and I noticed on many occasions it was covered with dog semen. She slept with this crap all over her bed regardless. I saw this dog humping the shit out of her pillows and she didnt bother to wash them or make her dog stop. Then the worst part was yet to come. I saw one morning she was letting the dog hump her while she was sleeping in bed and she noticed and let the dog continue until he finished on her and in her hair. SHE LET HIM FINISH!! WTF Who does that A VERY NASTY AND WEIRD RELATIONSHIP WITH HER DOG. ITS GROSS.rnrnShe would keep this dog in her room all day long while she worked 3 jobs illegally. No green card, nothing but a student visa. rnrnHer parents helped her forge bank documents that made it appear as if she could afford school but that was far from the truth. rnrnTwice I broke up with her because I felt she was just too weird for me and she was very rude to most people and emotionally she was dead, like a person who seems to not care about anything or anyone. She was low maintenance and I was going through a divorce and was always very busy.rnrnId host a party and when she wasnt working and made it out, shed sit on her phone on facebook like a snobby teenage girl, except she was 32 and not 16. She wouldnt talk to people. She went to church and put no effort into interacting with anyone. She was a total bitch. I dont even know why she was at a church.rnNear the end of the 2 year relationship I finally was paying attention to what she said she was doing and checking her facts.rnShe started having cheesy excretions from her vag which was probably some sort of infections and I shut things down with her assuming it was a normal female issue unrelated to being a whore.rnrnShe was a great and horrible fucking liar. Literally, fucking lot of random people that she met online and even guys she met when she was on dates with me. Strangers that had been near us while hanging out. She exchanged numbers when I was in the bathroom and followed up. What a horrible person rightrnrnIm very happily moved on and my faith in humanity was restored when I met someone months later who was extremely honest and honorable from the get go and has only brought good into my life.rnrnI wish I had broken it off sooner or avoided Aline altogether because I would have met someone of much greater much sooner had I kept myself available for the right one.rnrnYou live and you learn.rnI thought about these photos that she had sent to me over time and I realized that since she sent them to me and most of Germantown Maryland Id just make them more easily available.rn

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Angelica Perez
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Age: 26
Nothing faithful, dated for a year and find out shes cheating on me through a sex video on her cell, saying its old with a time stamp from the weekend before.

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Mary Anne Lempka
Location: Howell, New Jersey
Age: 21
This dirty slut has the smelliest pussy ever. Looks good though so hit her up and hold your nose and maybe it wont be so bad. Make sure to refill your amoxicillin prescription first though.

Tasha nude

Tasha Cocks
Location: Bossier City, Louisiana
Age: 35
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Former Exeter High Football Coach Current Capuchino High Coach

Ben White
Location: Exeter, California
Age: 45
My former husband, used to fuck ex students after they graduated.

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Annie Cartee
Location: Miami Beach, Florida
Age: 27
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Brittany Delamar
Location: Charleston, South Carolina
Age: 24
Non nudesHooked up with this slut at my friends party. We immediately hit it of and dated for a couple of months. She loves to suck cock. I mean like you have never had your cock sucked before. Pussy was always tight and wet and she does anal!! It was not long that I caught her with some black cock. She such a slut but was a good fuck. If you do get with her pound that shit hard for me. Enjoy the pics.