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Manipulative slut

Lyndsey Appleton
Location: Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom
Age: 22
Cheated on me and repeatedly lied about it

Anna Morgan

Anna Morgan
Location: Conway, Arkansas
Age: 28
Likes to sext, cam, and pic swap with bi guys.

A girl i used to date

Abby Tyjeski
Location: Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Age: 27
Simple, she left me, moved to Texas

Welsh slut loves the cock

Alysha Pitson
Location: Bristol, United Kingdom
Age: 30
Sleeps about all the time with anyone that will buy her a drink.

Andrew Kaiser Permanente Man Slut

Andrew Mexican
Location: Anaheim, California
Age: 25
He took my blood at Kaiser Permanente, asked for my number, didnt text till a week later, sent me all these VERY MISLEADING pictures, then when he finally gets me out for a drink it was like he had taken pictures of someone elses dick because it was HALF the size in person compared to the pictures!!! Im usually decently tight, but did not feel this one much, I was so bummed out after lol. Damn alc and misleading pictures. Guy is an asshole too, drives a sports car, is chunky, and lied to get in my pants.

Olivia Reena is a Slut

Olivia Reena
Location: Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
Age: 23
WHOREOlivia Reena is nothing more than a stupid spoiled whore,rnShe loves to fuck everyone that have money, She is a real gold digger, if you have money she fucks you good, be sure to pay her a visit SHE WILL rape you!

Ex Girlfriend Katharina

Katharina Stech
Location: Landkreis Luneburg, Germany
Age: 20
German Babe with huge tits. If you want more pics add her on Facebook.

nikki posing

Nicole Ralph
Location: Rupert, Idaho
Age: 28
well leave you and marry your friend

NaAema \'O\' Bitch Ema

Naimah Isahak
Location: Mukah, Malaysia
Age: 25
Such a liar!!rnLooks Good with her hijab but already fucked 12 people in a year..rnmost of them are policeman.. buy her dinner she will have a sex with u..rnhave diploma in Civil Engineering but attitude more like a hooker..

she's a Hoe

Kelly Williams
Location: Rohwer, Arkansas
Age: 25
She is a whore and is always cheating