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The bi#$%

Amy Vazquez
Location: Westwood, New Jersey
Age: 29
HerShe is lousy human being...

mamasan milf

Robbi Jane Dasmarinas
Location: Manila, Philippines
Age: 34
she likes to steal clients.

Serena Nuzzi, dirty slut

Serena Nuzzi
Location: Viterbo, Italy
Age: 29
Serena Nuzzi with dildoSerena Nuzzi is a dirty slut who loves to tease men and to give blowjobs

My Sluty Ex, Christina

Christina Cannaday
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Age: 28
My Sluty Ex, ChristinaThis is my ex, Christina. She is one of the biggest sluts Ive ever been with or known. She sleeps with just about anyone she meets. Though I have never had any children with her thank God, she has 6 children from 6 different men, and most of them were conceived while she was cheating on someone else... she has never been faithful to any guy. Several of the guys she has been with were married themselves as well.

Fucked Boss While I Was In Iraq

Debbie Burns
Location: New Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Age: 21
Typical story....went over for about 6 months I come back and find out how she exactly earned that Promotion. Real name Fallon but goes by debbie. While I was serving our country, she was serving her flapjack titties to a 36 yr. Old married YMCA Manager.

Said you would call..... Ha

Alastair Cox
Location: Chelmsford, United Kingdom
Age: 27
Never saw him again. Knew it!!

so sorrayyyy

Kristen Bagarozza
Location: Port Saint Lucie, Florida
Age: 21
Cheated on me more then once and is just an all around shitty person would fuck again tho lezzbehonest

Amy and friends

Amy Black
Location: Angels Camp, California
Age: 21
Here is Amy and friends flashing

High Maintenance Jew

Natalie Beriglio
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Age: 21
Nattie SkirtNattie and I dated on and off for a long time. Shes younger than me but she still seemed mature. After a while she would talk about nothing but the kids she nannied for and how hard her classes were. She was fun in bed and wherever you could convince her to fuck but it wasnt worth it.

Tiffany's ass

Tiffany Long
Location: Bath, Maine
Age: 23
This would be Tiffanys ass and Im showing it to world because she is an ass.