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Lindsay Myhran
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Age: 25
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Courtney Ward
Location: Pickens, South Carolina
Age: 19
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Tina Whittmore
Location: Strongsville, Ohio
Age: 23
She is such a unfit mother. She rather do drugs and party than take care of her daughter. Shes the real definition of a hoe. She tried to pussy trap me and get me to get her pregnant, only to find out that her ex gave her a U.T.I.

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Lily Castillo
Location: Alpine, Utah
Age: 34
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Joe S
Location: Defuniak Springs, Florida
Age: 26
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Bozena Wilczek
Location: Oberhausen, Stadt, Germany
Age: 35

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Camelia Denisa
Location: Roma, Italy
Age: 18
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Gloria Hart
Location: Weaver, Alabama
Age: 57
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Marine Delaunay
Location: Goussainville, France
Age: 22
Just a normal whore who cheat everyone.

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Angel Tiltman
Location: El Paso, Texas
Age: 20
So met this chick in the army great girl but a better player will use u for a few fucks and dump u she will lie any way she can to get u though then tell u she just feels created out and thinks she is into woman she has done this to 2 other guys I know of.