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Shane Hacek
Location: Appleton, Wisconsin
Age: 21
Just to much sex.


Laura Aming
Location: Leeds, United Kingdom
Age: 23
Chubby slag

my ex

Marit Volbeda
Location: Harlingen, Netherlands
Age: 28
she went with another guy and cheated on me

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Kaitlin Autumn Rose Harris
Location: Conway, Arkansas
Age: 19
Got these from friends email. Shes fucking huge but damn those tits. Also dtf like mad and was on my friends dick within seconds of meeting him while sharing bed with sleeping friend.

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Shelby Freeman
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Age: 20
Shes a dumb lying cheating whore that doesnt give a shit about anybody!

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Stacey Fangman
Location: Dyersville, Iowa
Age: 25
this dirty bitch loves to tease you but only to get somthing she wants. she alays wants to show so here you go.

Attention Whore and Teaser

Skyla Luther
Location: Buellton, California
Age: 19
She always craved guys attention, sex, and loved to tease.

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Amanda Daisey
Location: Manassas, Virginia
Age: 35
Slut wife likes to fuck while her hubby is away. For some reason she insisted on me cumming in her pussy every time.

Second post of Elizabeth Pace

Elizabeth Sabra
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Age: 22

Great fuck buddies

Alexis Deen
Location: Buena Vista, Georgia
Age: 22
We have been fuck buddies for the last few years. She young dumb and full of cum. She is a great fuck a little on the heavy side gives terrible head but has a tight pussy and huge jugs. Here you guys go have fun