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Brittany from The GSpot

Brittany Leap
Location: Mount Holly, New Jersey
Age: 23
This chick works at the GSpot bar in Mt. Holly as a bartender. She seems like a nice girl when you meet her for the first time, but dont be fooled. She likes to use guys. She likes to tease and be something you cant have if youre single and show interest in her shell friend zone you like no other. If your in a relationship or seeing someone else shell start sending nudes of her self and tell you she wants you and how she regrets puting you in the friend zone. The second you stop seeing the other girl shes no longer interested. She could be fun, after all, she did fuck some stranger in a mosh pit at a concert. Dont waste your time with this one, hit it and quit it if you can, but dont put up with her shit.

Crasy Little Inuvik Slut

Delta Cardinal
Location: Inuvik, Canada
Age: 27
Crasy little inuvik Slut will fuck anyone once

Drug Dealers Gf

Emily Esau
Location: Inuvik, Canada
Age: 27
This slut fucked everyone of my friends


Tyler Wise
Location: New Philadelphia, Ohio
Age: 20
Biggest fuck in the world.

Fuck Slut

Lisa Cardinal
Location: Whitehorse, Canada
Age: 33
Crasy Indian Fuck Slut

Inuit Fuck Slut

Nicole Joss
Location: Inuvik, Canada
Age: 26
this little fuck toy got all her kids taken away cause of her drinking, and shes fucked everyone of my friends

Inuit Fuck Slut

Raquel Nuttal
Location: Inuvik, Canada
Age: 30
this little crazed slut went from girls to boys to girls to boys and has fucked em all, loves to be fisted and is a big time squirter

FWD'd to me, had to share Miss Jordan Stricklin

Jordan Stricklin
Location: Austin, Texas
Age: 23

Atlanta School of Ministry Girl gone Wild!

Sara McKenna
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Age: 23
Sara Ranae McKennaI was paying her way through Ministry school until I caught her banging 2 fellow preachers in training in my apartment at the same time.

Just a mess

Ally Baker
Location: Castalia, Ohio
Age: 52
Lady in redI have been banging this woman for a long time. Shes gone but the pictures are still here