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Married less than 90 days and cheating online.

Adam Butcher
Location: Columbia, Missouri
Age: 31
1Married in August 2014 but still cursing Craiglist looking for hook ups.

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Kendra Prokony
Location: Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Age: 28
I dated this girl Kendra for close to a year we got very close we even got to the point where we introduced our children to each other. She was always talking about us moving forward in the relationship, when it came time for us to make the next step,I found out several things about her that she neglected to tell me. First off she was not telling me the truth about her X who would periodically come over her house and sleep there for days,next I found out the truth about her ex who still wanted to be with her on top of that he was a registered sex offender and Kendra refused to tell me that little fact.I I later found out she had faked a number of her address is in order to avoid being labeled someone who lives in Pawtucket. Also she is a lot about what she did for a job she did not work in bank resource she was a teller. when I finally confronted her about everything she blamed me for not coming to her first and talking about things when she wouldnt come forth with are all the information

Tyra cheating but got leaked

Tyra Shara
Location: Los Angeles, California
Age: 25
Tyra slut cheated with the wrong guy who send me hers. She wanna get stuffed by a big dick...

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Jemilet McCal
Location: New York, New York
Age: 18
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Marcus Windo
Location: Bristol, United Kingdom
Age: 20
small skin not worth the time of day.

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Regina Graves
Location: Warren, Michigan
Age: 21
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Eryka Anna
Location: Bacurov, Slovakia
Age: 30
In eryka 30year old from Slovakia I love licking ass

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Quyen Huynh
Location: Marysville, Washington
Age: 39
Exposed Vietnamese ex.

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Delly Madrid Arana
Location: Miraflores, Peru
Age: 35
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Lonely wife cheating on her husband

Shannon Bolton
Location: Boise, Idaho
Age: 24
We had a fling, and I fucked this chick for about 6 months or so. Husband never found out, but she broke it off with me cuz she wanted a fling with some other guy. She is still cheating on her husband. She took my seed unprotected the first night we met. And she might be carrying my child. And now she is taking another mans seed, probably unprotected as well. I think she was trying to get pregnant by someone other than her husband.