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Miranda Jones
Location: Bemidji, Minnesota
Age: 21
if she dont get her way shell fuck all your friends and family.

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Carlie Buddy
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Age: 19
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Elizabeth Haro
Location: Somerton, Arizona
Age: 19
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Katie Cozens
Location: Valencia, California
Age: 21
I wouldnt want to bore you with all the details. Here is just another scum bag whore in the long line of trash from society. This stupid insecure bitch clearly didnt get enough attention from her parents, so she has to go online and send nudes of herself to strangers so she can feel relevant. Yet she wonders why shes single and no guy wants to stick around in her life. But if its attention that she wants, its attention that shell get.

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Nicholas Mcdivitt
Location: Pontiac, Michigan
Age: 26
hes a loser with no job avoid him.

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Tyona Davis
Location: Lincoln Park, Michigan
Age: 20
WhoreShe a Whore! Im still over seas deployed and she dumped me, fucked her best friend fucked another random guy and now is dating some 18 year old dude.... Its only been a month since we broke up in May 2015


Josh Zeiger
Location: Oak Park, Michigan
Age: 25

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Ann Bedard
Location: Miami, Florida
Age: 20
She was having fun with me while she had a boyfriend. She deleted most pictures she sent me, but hey, I got to keep some

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Emily Simmons
Location: Barberton, Ohio
Age: 23
Right before we broke up she cheated on me and I have some pictures of her that are worth sharing

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Alysia Richter
Location: Coos Bay, Oregon
Age: 23
Shes a manipulative and shady girl with no morals what so ever. She cheats and uses her body to get what she wants...