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Latin Whore

Daniela Valencia
Location: Concepcion, Chile
Age: 20
She was my gf and it was a total whore.

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Kimberly Watts
Location: Clarksville, Florida
Age: 18
Fucked with me while she had a bf n is still with him.

Big Tit Bitch

Jayden Bre
Location: San Diego, California
Age: 19
Met her online so wanted to share. Enjou

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Donna Chamberlain
Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
Age: 37
Fucks and sucks anything that walks

Midalis Cartagena

Midalis Cartagena
Location: Brandon, Florida
Age: 20
Shes a good fuck, we fucked a few times in the same house as her boyfriend while he was sleeping lol. Shes a little freak who loves to swallow. I found out she has a foot fetish, so she would give me footjobs as well.

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Olga Kertz
Location: Anton, Bulgaria
Age: 48
She working secretary our company . I am 8 yers ol Office boy . She like Show her tits and legs some time dont use panties after open legs and Show her shaved pussy . She make me horny more . My boss fuck her alog time and I fuck her 3 times


Margo Garcia
Location: Amarillo, Texas
Age: 32
This girls loves to show off!

Slut for Money

Lisa Johnson
Location: South Bend, Indiana
Age: 48
Runs with Married Men and thinks its ok.

Stupid crazy ex

Jose Mayo
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Age: 27
My crazy ass ex, pay backs a bitch aint it. This is for all the pain and suffering you put me thru you selfish fuck. Talking to girls on fb and flirting and texting them them from my phone, well here you go . Only thing good out of this was that he had a big dick and the sex was great. Oh and when he cooked and grilled for me all the time.

Screws around on BF

Molly Brown
Location: Norwalk, Iowa
Age: 26
just sends pix of herself out, meets guys everywhere, has a serious BF too