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Tiffany Satterfield
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Age: 32
Gross Cunt....

My chubby lil mexican

Guadalupe Cruz
Location: Tehachapi, California
Age: 21
Shes amazing and beautiful

Backstabbing ex

Macy Broner
Location: Athens, Alabama
Age: 21
I was just bout to propose to her after 5 years of dating and she cheats on me for her best friend she deserves every bit of the humiliation


Kirsten Bailey
Location: Livonia, Michigan
Age: 22
Kirsten Bailey 3biggest slut in Livonia

My high school sweetheart

Samantha Pineda
Location: Brownsville, Texas
Age: 18
Took these shots of her in the mirror. Little whore wanted to fuck around so I dumped her ass

Just a Whore I Work With...

Samantha Smith
Location: Wilmington, North Carolina
Age: 34
Just a nasty bitch I work with at Walmart ...

gabby the big dick whore

Gabrielle Rose
Location: Glendale, Arizona
Age: 22
I knocked this bitch up awhile ago and she fucked around with my friend behind my back while engaged to me, loves to suck and take big dick, will bend over and get on her knees by instinct if you have a large dick

Super whore

Amanda Daisey
Location: Manassas, Virginia
Age: 35
I found these photos on my wifes phone. I didnt take them nor is that my dick or cum on her face. Please share and repost!

Old classic

Elizabeth Stacy
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Age: 22
An old post from the ugotposted archive. You can tell pics are of same girl from moles on stomache.

Sexy ex girlfriend

Ruby Hall
Location: Hampstead, United Kingdom
Age: 20
herShe dumped me because I was weird in sex, including sniffing her ass and feet.