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Debbie Pearson
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Age: 22
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Stephanie Na
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Melissa Wilkinson
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
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Michelle Marks
Location: Makawao, Hawaii
Age: 24
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Alaina Groen
Location: Wellesley, Canada
Age: 24
WhoreAnonymous 19106 says: This little bitch got dumped for trying to fuck my brother and then actually fucking around on me with some loser from highschool. She was then shocked when she got her stupid ass dumped. Later when I got a new and way hotter gf she messages the chick telling her we were still fooling around causing me to get dumped. wtf.

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Bethany Tuleja
Location: Holland, Michigan
Age: 18
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Shelby Hays
Location: Carrollton, Texas
Age: 21
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Janielle Grubb
Location: Bloomington, Indiana
Age: 19
Anonymous 19102 says: I found her on Facebook, dated for a whole first day I met her we hooked up. I thought we fell In love immediately. Then I was forced to move to Florida and she started dating other guys and talking to other guys, partying, getting drunk, ect. So after I come back, being told that she quit everything for me, in reality. She didnt. She never quit. Then she started cheating on me and so on... While being prego with my kid she left me and went for another guy, invited him over while living there with her, and slep with him.

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Janet Purly
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Age: 60
Anonymous 19101 says: We went to sunnyside high school in tucson arizona. And we dated in 1970 for three months.