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Cynthia Zepeda
Location: Hesperia, California
Age: 18
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Danielle Tillman
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Age: 25
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Nada Ashraf Kamel
Location: Ma`adi Al Khabiri, Egypt
Age: 22
Hello there im a good samaritan , Youre friend Nada Ashraf Kamel has been working as a prostitute and was addicted to drugs all in her university years , and this are just pictures of her to prove im not joking , she had been addicted to drugs which led her to be abused and work for sex to fulfill her drug use , if u dont belive me check her forearm , just beneath her sleeves u will see all the cuts , wounds and punctures from drug , also she is highly speculated to have AIDS so youd better take precautions... if u need more information about her life in prostitution or drug abuse reply back ill give u all the evidence... Also i think she had aids and stds from her past life in prostitutuion , i advice you to take precautions when dealing with her because ever since i kissed her and my body has been feeling very bad and i get pimples around my mouth and man parts... Take care , These are photos of her fucking , that bitch used me and infected me with stds and propably aids , she cheated on me , then dumped me , then i found out she has Std , She used to be a hardcore drug junkie so i shouldve figured, even in university AUC Ahram canadian university guys used to give her drugs to fuck her , i respected her and she treated me like trash... she wanted someone who can make her feel like the worthless junkie prostitute bitch she is but i wasnt that guy so i was off her book , She lives in Maad btw , fel 3omara el ganb el banzena awel da5la , in the building next to the gas station in the first entrance... she works in not courses in dokki and maadi... , i thought she was the girl of my dreams , god i was wrong!!! , she was the girl from my nightmares , i i even tried killing myself after she left me and blocked me from everywhere after she cheated and i faced her with her bad action.... now a month later my heart is dead and i no longer feel any pity for her.

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Lisa Stock Well
Location: Reading, United Kingdom
Age: 25
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Teresa Meyer
Location: Surrey, Canada
Age: 30
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Jessica Jessicaa
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Age: 21
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Ashley Kelly
Location: Ada, Oklahoma
Age: 21
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Samantha Caviness
Location: San Diego, California
Age: 33
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Chanty Watzky
Location: Winkler, Canada
Age: 25
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Victoria Castillo

Victoria Castillo
Location: Lakeside, Arizona
Age: 19
saw she was already posted on here i have the same pics so here they are plus the rest