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John Booth
Location: Bellville, Ohio
Age: 45
This ass hole left me .. Fuck him and his kids

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Melanie Mack
Location: Gaston, South Carolina
Age: 24
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Arielle Yates
Location: Burbank, California
Age: 20
Arielle is a slutty goth girl who loves to be used and abused, only seems to enjoy being taken advantage of

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Chantel Brown
Location: Ohio City, Ohio
Age: 19
Why are you so eternally sad

Drama Queen BDSM Slut

Zoe Beaumont
Location: Old Colwyn, United Kingdom
Age: 28
1This bitch drained the life out of me. She refuses to take any accountability for her actions.rnShe claims to have PTSD for an event that never happened and always makes a mountain out of a mole hill.rnShe thrives on drama, was fucking strangers when she was 15 and posted all these photos on FetLife.rnEnjoy.

Lying bitch

Ciara Loppnow
Location: Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Age: 25
She left took all my stuff then 2 years later tries to come back. Bitch!!

Cheaters gonna cheat

Liz Roberts
Location: Meridian, Idaho
Age: 21
My friend hooks me up with this chick, and things go well. Sleep together on the first nightshould have been my first clue. She moves in after a month and a halfgiving me sex for a roof over her head. While sleeping withusing other guys as well. Sleeping with her boss so she can use his car, ect . . . Reconnected after a while, turns out Im the guy shes cheating with this time. Enough is enough, the pictures are going up.


Heather Washington
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Age: 27
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Liping Duan
Location: Charleston, South Carolina
Age: 40
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Erin Opened
Location: Albany, Missouri
Age: 28
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