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Closet Freak

Lucy Richarldo
Location: Congress, Arizona
Age: 26
She used to suck the best dick and act like a dirty little whore for me


Amy Neir
Location: Brazil, Indiana
Age: 31
Just another clay county.. but very fun

Craigslist Slut

Karmen Carroll
Location: Jefferson, Iowa
Age: 22
posts ads in multiple cities for fun.

Takes Money for ANYTHING

Michelle Rinkov
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Age: 24
I met her while she was pregnant. We exchanged numbers and texted. She had a boyfriend baby daddy and offered me sex for money. She has HUGE tits!! Not a bad looking woman, just be careful guys!


Catrina Lemley
Location: Villa Rica, Georgia
Age: 25
Engaged sloot. Hot chick

cheated on her husband a lot

Brandy Brown
Location: Gulfport, Mississippi
Age: 24
This girl will sleep with anyone. She works at the family dollar and has no problem giving service with a smile.


Sophie Whittingham
Location: Macclesfield, United Kingdom
Age: 18
this girl has no empath.

fucked over husband, then me, really?

Kristi Webster
Location: East Tawas, Michigan
Age: 33
oh you\\\'re hot shit?Well Ill have better ones soon, but youd love this bitch. Cheats on her husband with his half brother, has twins then tells the world her sob story about how bad he is. Ive met the guy, hes pretty cool. But when youve got this bitch who fucks anyone with CASH or the promise of anything, cuz her LIFE is just so bad This bitch thinks welfare is a career option!

Nude swapping bitch

Mandi Whoever
Location: Antarctica, Antarctica
Age: 28
Fucked this pig than dropped her like a wet rubber. Pussy smelled like ass

Slut has a boyfriend

Andreah Walker
Location: Cornwall, Canada
Age: 23
FaceI found this slut on Tumblr posting nudes. She has a boyfriend.