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Best head ever...should be a porn star

Daniella Stone
Location: Elkhart, Indiana
Age: 24
Like I said she should be a porn star!!!!

Desiree the PS3 Whore

Desiree Crespo
Location: Downey, California
Age: 18
She was my kinda online mingle thing while i was in a break up with my ex but now Wife well she tried to date me and say all these lies i knew she was a slut dating all my friends and lieing about the Navy! Heres my revenge hoe!

Cheating Whore

Rose Woolsey
Location: Vandalia, Illinois
Age: 26
So this bitch cheated on me the first time with her ex husband then after I took her back cheated on me with the meth dealing neighbor. Her excuse, she didnt think she deserved me and my love. These pics I recieved because she found out her current boyfriend, and possible baby daddy, reactivated his PoF profile. This was her revenge on him, well jokes on her.


Royale Warley-martinez
Location: Los Angeles, California
Age: 22
She is a Nasty Slut! I

Coroa Marta Insaciável (Marta Mature Brazilian)

Marta Motta
Location: Salvador, Brazil
Age: 55
My ex lover. She is 55 years old. She is an insatiable mature. Marta likes wellendowed guys. You are looking for Asais and men over 40 years old for sex and friendship.

Scam Artist

Emily Scott
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Age: 27
EmThis slut is down with 3somes or gang bangs. We met at a hotel party. She was one of 5 girls amongst 14 guys. She was a party animal that was into DP. She I hooked up several times later at my place to fuck. I really enjoyed her energy but I had to stop seeing the slut. She always asked for a loan or 50 to buy food. About 300 into it I ask if she was going to pay it back and she lost it. I had to put the bitch out. Another friend told me she was doing the same to him.

brianna miller

Brianna Miller
Location: Bellwood, Illinois
Age: 24
She was on bullshit now so am i

Lying, Cheating, Bottom Whore...

Andres Benavides
Location: Chihuahua, Mexico
Age: 21
He will say what you want to hear... Built a future full of lies. He will ask u to buy him a Diamond ring, and say how much he wants to marry you in the future or have kids... and the only thing that he wanted was fuck around with lots of guys and money.


Kaleigh Coonce
Location: Council Bluffs, Iowa
Age: 27
nice big butt

Loves to suck that DICK

Karina Beranal
Location: Brentwood, California
Age: 20
Gives some good head.