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Maria Ramos
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Oceane Perin
Location: Calais, France
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Jenni Lamb-Mcgrew
Location: Conway, Arkansas
Age: 24
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Ella Dawson
Location: London, United Kingdom
Age: 22
The dude she cheated on me with didnt even know I was with her, she was hot but is a bit of a slut

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Erin Smith
Location: Concord, New Hampshire
Age: 22
She was by far one of the worst hook up I had. Also has no idea how to give a blowjob. Enjoy!

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Michael Smyth
Location: Waterbury, Connecticut
Age: 26
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Kathy Nuzum
Location: Ravenswood, West Virginia
Age: 27
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Kayla Blankenship
Location: Rising Sun, Maryland
Age: 25
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Florence Parsons
Location: Elyria, Ohio
Age: 22
Every time I looked at her Facebook page she was in a relationship with many guys

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Jess Schmidt
Location: Munzing, Germany
Age: 19
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