E. Baca

From Texas, United States at Age 30

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Liar and cheater

Liar, cheater and uses people for her benefit. Now she in a relationship with a professor at …Hallmark University. But she still slept with her ex while with the professor.
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From Massachusetts, United States at Age 35

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Horny Latina in Boston

Met this one online and she sent pics straight away...hope her husband won't mind
14 votes

Ky Brooks

From Florida, United States at Age 19

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Ebony Ex

Didnt understand loyalty. Cheated on me and then the next dude with me.
16 votes


From Liverpool, United Kingdom at Age 21

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Blonde slut is a cheater

This slut is a whore. She fucked my best friend the whole time we were together. Fuck them both
13 votes

Christina McAllister Moss

From Indiana, United States at Age 27

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This whore needs to stop shes disgusting, she is still messaging her husbands best friend begging …him to come over and fuck her while her husband is at work, who knows they probably already have! which her husband works nights so theres no telling if they have fucked or not! She is a lying and deceitful vindictive whore she doesnt deserve to be with Ray! I seriously doubt this is the only friend of his who shes went after behind her Husbands back! There is a clue as to who the friend is in one of the pictures he sent to her!!! Be careful Ray you may want to get checked and a paternity test done on your baby, if this whore is going after your best friend whos to say she didnt have one of your friends baby! DIVORCE HER LYING CHEATING ASS RAY!!!! Oh and did i mention ive seen a lot of pussy and this bitchs is the nastiest ive ever seen!!! and shes only had one kid like how much has your pussy been fucked girl!!!!
19 votes

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