From Kansas, United States at Age 22

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Cheats with blacks

These are other pics I found of my ex. I already put some up on here. Found these in an old phone …and decided to let you all see. She secretly loves black dick even though she acts racist. Tight holes and she loves to get it rough.
66 votes

Vidal elizabeth lillie

From Texas, United States at Age 26

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Army Slut wife loves to send nudes when hubby is away

this slut is lillie e vidal...attention slut and whore all in one. she loves sending nudes and …having guys worship her while her hubby is away . this slut has accounts on meet me , bad oo, fetlife, a facebook she always deactivates and reactivates. says she isnt a slut but then sends nudes on fb and claims to be a natural exhibitionist. if u confront her about her husband she blocks u lol. lets see how much of an exhibitionist she is lmao
258 votes

Regina Gutierrez

From Mexico, Mexico at Age 18

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Ex Slut

Sorority Slut. All these pics were her very first time sending nudes and u can tell she's a natural …little slut.
707 votes

Jimmy Van Deilen

From Florida, United States at Age 23

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Two years wasted

After two years of lies and manipulation, he moved 300 miles to Tallahassee to work at dale ernhardt …jr Cadillac. Little did I know he was found a girl on tinder and was cheating on me. Then he suddenly left me, blocked me from Facebook. I found out he got in a relationship with her. He swore it was a fake relationship in order to see if I'd fight for him. He tried coming back so I decided to play along. I went up to Tallahassee with him and the other girl showed up to surprise him! Needless to say, I've never seen a more glorious backhand. He told me he saw us both as objects. He looked very pleased with what he done. Sitting there smirking. After two years of wasting my life with manipulation and lies, it's time to expose he steroid shooting, lying, psychopathic, manipulative ass.
835 votes


From Virginia, United States at Age 30

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Friend with Wife

For the longest time my wife and I had talked about having threesome. To make it short, we got drunk …and she fucked her friend on the bed. Nice of them to ask me for permission while I was passed out on the couch.
1,493 votes

Kelsey tut tut

From Connecticut, United States at Age 20

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Be ware this dope fiend has no boundaries

She steals from kids and uses people until she can't get anything else out of them. She thinks shes …a princess, but in reality she's just another hood rat, should of left her in the sewer where I found her. BEWARE she talks a good one about wanting to change her life, but she's TOO lazy, sleazy, and is okay with being a charity case.
2,304 votes

Sylvia Crowley

From Georgia, United States at Age 22

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High school sweetheart

We dated all through High School moved in together she got a job as a secretary. I was painting …their offices after hours and was just snooping around and in one of the bosses desk drawers found a video that said Sylvia on it. When I watched it I could not believe it she was with her 2 bosses and 1 salesman and they were all screwing her at the same time and videoing it. I had no idea but at the time my girlfriend was getting g********* at work!
2,614 votes

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