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any wins on sabrina what a slut

Sabrina Belanger
Location: Greater Sudbury, Canada
Age: 19
Most sudbury heard of this girl. Shes young and been getting around.

Sex addict & loves slinging his dick to anybody who wants it

Josh Weatherford
Location: Darlington, South Carolina
Age: 38
Hes basically a male whore. I had a child by him early into his baby making years, he now has 17 kids still making more. He only has a relationship with 2 regularly. He thinks all women want him bc hes so damn sexy but not all of his baby mommas feel that way!

Fucked two other guys while I was away on business

Kaitlynn Morris
Location: Longford, Kansas
Age: 30
KaitlynnCute girl with nice body. She cheated on me with two other guys while I was away on business. You can have her.

Lisa Wants to Be Famous

Lisa McIntire
Location: San Francisco, California
Age: 31
Shes a feminist writer, but shell take a facial any day.

Love this gals ass

Chelsea Hunt
Location: Frenchburg, Kentucky
Age: 25
Was a great piece of ass

It was fun

Letty Conception
Location: Dallas, Texas
Age: 18
Always a good time

Awesome Nympho!

Dawn Chandler
Location: Sacramento, California
Age: 26
PreviewThis girl is a little on the curvy side, but she is hornet as hell and will do just about anything.

Hard to get

Elaine Saberan
Location: Troy, Michigan
Age: 26
Dated her and now I regret it...

Lies and other fairytales

Kelly Baber
Location: Spokane, Washington
Age: 34
on the leftThis girl tells a million sob stories to every guy she comes by. She tries to get you feeling bad for her and the fact she is a single mother then lets you ride her bareback. I actually was told by another one of her victims he saw me leaving as he was coming to see her. There was several occasions she would fuck 2 or 3 guys in the same day telling them all they were her knight in shining armor to come save her. When the cat came out of the bag she acted like it was all our fault for using her. incredable.


Tom Ellis
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Age: 23
Sent pics on kik after meeting him on tinder, he stopped talking to me so Im sharing