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Mary Johnson
Location: Addison, Alabama
Age: 20

Look out

Shalia Heywood
Location: Columbia, Missouri
Age: 22
Been divorced once already also in and out of relationships, look out because she screws screws anyone who gives her attention

bad mother. drug user. sociopath.

Nichole Byron
Location: Bay City, Michigan
Age: 22
Just a bad person all around. Steals from friends, families, etc. To suppport her habits. Will leave her kid alone or screaming to party and have sex. Does drugs in front of her kids. Basically looks for guys to leech off of.

Here you go sam :)

Samantha Turner
Location: Orlando, Florida
Age: 19
She likes to make you believe that shes in love with you

Slut of Metropolis, Il.

Heather Williams
Location: Metropolis, Illinois
Age: 38
She will have sex with anyone white or black just have some pills.

She'll give you herpes

Heather Huffman
Location: Austin, Texas
Age: 35
Weird eyes. Sleeps with anyone for drugs


Stephen Calderon
Location: South Gate, California
Age: 18
Tweaked for like 5 years on the low

Heart destroyer

Hannah Grube
Location: Commerce Township, Michigan
Age: 18
Was my best friend for years, we were together for about a month, then after she left me, she got a new bf and stopped talking to me and started hating me for no reason when she promised that she would stay my best friend.

Bitch always want more

Tianyue Wu
Location: Seattle, Washington
Age: 22
So a month ago while I was there with her, she actually seduced a young chinese professor in UW, Hanchao Wang. And this bitch, however, told him that she likes him, and he likes her as well. She started ignoring me and texting and dating that guy.rnrnThis bitch never tells the truth, and me take all the blames.

Secret slut

Sophia Doylle
Location: Beaufort, North Carolina
Age: 18
Secret slut has sent three different guys the same pictures she sent her old ex, and she LOVES sucking dick. This whore will do anything you ask her or tell her, and then shell go fuck your best friend.