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Tyson Pollard Horsecock

Tyson Pollard
Location: Lebanon, Oregon
Age: 35
Tyson posing for pictures with his dick in his hand.

Lieing ass bitch! All My Exe's Rot In Texas!!

Cassandra Martinez
Location: Pharr, Texas
Age: 26
Was in love with this chick for almost 3 yrs, figured something was off for several months, after exploration i uncovered a secret bf she was hanging out with and spending the nights with and when confronted by this she admitted to cheating on me with him after 3yrs... I was hurt.But more so infuriated by her deceit. After what appeared to be a solid and renewed relationship by us both, she continued to lie to me and refused to stop seeing and talking to this guy, led me on twice. After much apology i still didnt believe a word from her trash filled mouth. This bitch doesnt deserve me or anyone just trash is all she will have. Tried to fuck me over to teach me a lesson bitch if your going to fuck someone over, you better know how. one thing for sure though she was a good fuck until her vag started to get loose. and her tits were good at first, now its all trash. She sucked at giving head but in time she will learn from all her downfalls. Hope your happy with your new dude. Rot in peace you backstabbing lieing dirtbag, sad excuse of a human... Crawl like the spider that you are! if you mention serial killershorror movies, and The JOker you will definatly spark her interest Fuck with her like she fucked with me!!

Taking me some shots

Alice Victor
Location: Atlantic Beach, Florida
Age: 22
My ex,left me to fuck some other dude

Carrie Bass The Pics She Used To Get Kid #2

Carrie Bass
Location: Corvallis, Oregon
Age: 31
Carrie\\\'s Bass  Trying To HardCarrie Bass liked to go online to meet random guys. These are some of the pictures she used to get herself pregnant by a random unknown guy.

Stripper whore

Jennifer L Amundson
Location: Roscoe, Illinois
Age: 30
Tried to turn a stripper into a housewife it didnt work. I guess I should have known better because shes already been engaged 3 times but never married because she just cant be honest and faithful to anyone. One interesting thing with her is she has real daddy issues so if youre the older protector type you have a good shot with her just know it would be long before so goes back to her cheating ways.

Committed adultery while I was serving in Iraq. she even slept with her cousin!

Giselle Soto
Location: Columbia, South Carolina
Age: 25
Giselle SotoWe started dating at 14 and were together for 7 years. we got married before I deployed to Iraq. I joined the military at 19 to give her a better life. While I was in Iraq she was fucking another guy for months. I payed for her school, baught her a car, and even sent her money every month so she wouldnt have to work. And while I was risking my life in Iraq she was fucking the guy that went to the same school I payed for her to go to! She admitted she fucked multiple people even including her cousin! She married the guy she cheated on me with and still sent me naked pictures because she said she missed me. She is as unloyal as they come!

Slutty Mc No Pants

Helen Bosie
Location: New York, New York
Age: 22
She just a down right bitch

Dutch girl

Flory Oldenburger
Location: Holwerd, Netherlands
Age: 27
IMG-20130805-WA0003a dutch girl i found on the internet

Queen of the Cocksucking Sluts

Jennifer McGlothen
Location: Genesee, Idaho
Age: 26
1Well I was dating this gal and she got prego and she told me it was mine. She told me she was going to have another abortion. Well she changed her mind had the child had me and like ten other guys do paternity tests and turns out it was not my child. Well we were still fucking until I seen another guy in her house last week

20 Year Old Biker Babe

Ariel Lessard
Location: Victoria, Texas
Age: 20
Just wanna post a few of this Hot Biker Babe that works at Buffalo Wild Wings in Victoria.