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Faye Hiscox
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Age: 24
Cape Town cock hungry slut used to sell car insurance. Meet her at party and we used to fuck regularly till i realised she would fuck whoever regardless of your feelings towards her! She was a great fuck real dirty, she loves to watch you cum over her!! Would suck and fuck anywhere!! But she will break your heart...

This Bitch cheated and stole everything in my house, then she shit on my carpet

Kimberly Swanson
Location: Sioux City, Iowa
Age: 55
this woman cheated on me with a nasty truck driver named Dan Wortman. she moved out, showed up later at my door with the cops and said i hit her, I went to jail and she stole everything in my house and truck.even my eye glasses....... then shit on my new carpet on the way out the door. what a bitch. She said ill never get any better than her.. lol.. chubby grandma... lol

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Tiffany Luckner
Location: Akron, Ohio
Age: 31
Got caught messing with couple...lied her way out of it

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Benjamin Allaert
Location: Vannes, France
Age: 22
NudeI discovered he had a hiden boyfriend.

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Brianna Schultz
Location: Arcadia, California
Age: 19
Meet her online traded a few pics n wanted to share

Cathy Muller

Cathy Muller
Location: Paris, France
Age: 28
Aime shabiller de faon provocante pour que des hommes la touche et la drague.

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Alma Lopez
Location: Paramount, California
Age: 30
Heres a little whore me and my mates where passing around. Lol

abby the whore

Abby Whore
Location: Inverness, Canada
Age: 27
this bitch deserves to go on blast. watch out for this dirt bag guys. thinks she is canadas next top music star. but she is just a skank you can tell by the ink on this whore. loves to ruin relationships and steal your man.enjoy

Danielle over the years

Danielle Oed
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Age: 38
Spent some hot time together but she had to fuck my friends. Oh well.

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Missy Walters
Location: Columbia, Maryland
Age: 30
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