From Texas, United States at Age 25

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Cheap, fast and easy fuck

Just posting a little slut. Not so good at sucking, but she loves loads on her face (she said it's …good for the skin) nasty bitch once sucked my cock after I fucked her ass she licked it clean. It might not seem like it but her pussy is tight as fuck! Even after her first kid. I want her. Just buy her food. And she is good to fuck.
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Christina Libaire

From Minnesota, United States at Age 44

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Drama Queen

This compulsive lieing, game playing slut likes to be mean and nasty every chance she gets. She …thinks its funny to make agreements and then break them and give you the run-around.
2 votes

Jordan Evans

From Utah, United States at Age 26

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Face Down A$$ Up

Nuttin like some doggy dickin in someone else's bed with someone else's man. Ruff ruff!
9 votes

Victoria mae gernoske

From North Carolina, United States at Age 20

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She'll probably report it so save them and repost them. Sluts don't get a choice

She claims she is against these being out but keeps sending them to different tumblr blogs and …amateur websites
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Love Kollie

From Greater Accra, Ghana at Age 24

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Thief Trying to Run From Her Background

Thief who stole thousands of dollars from me in Liberia. When I then left her (as expat could not …get her arrested) she then had me arrested on made up charges to get thousands more. Thinks of herself as "business women" but after a few failed attempts in a few months moved to Accra (Sept 2016) to run from her past/reinvent herself. Now calls herself Love Kollie (which she now uses on Facebook, Imo, etc.) instead of the Patience Kollie that she used in Monrovia. Moved to the area with the major bars (Jokers, etc.) so that she can do the only real work she has ever known--she was a street prostitute in Buchanan , Liberia for years.
6 votes

Alex Smitson

From Indiana, United States at Age 23

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Great at first

This guy is great at first, pounded me in the sack, then starts to drift away after a few months and …slips out of my life.. Just like that!!
8 votes

Carla Can

From New Jersey, United States at Age 36

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MILF hoodrat

This fine woman here is the biggest slore of all time. She gives strange men hand jobs in random …places Even though she has a boyfriend lol
17 votes

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