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Alma Lopez
Location: Paramount, California
Age: 30
Heres a little whore me and my mates where passing around. Lol

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Abby Whore
Location: Inverness, Canada
Age: 27
this bitch deserves to go on blast. watch out for this dirt bag guys. thinks she is canadas next top music star. but she is just a skank you can tell by the ink on this whore. loves to ruin relationships and steal your man.enjoy

Danielle over the years

Danielle Oed
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Age: 38
Spent some hot time together but she had to fuck my friends. Oh well.

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Missy Walters
Location: Columbia, Maryland
Age: 30
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Karen Slut
Location: Exeter, United Kingdom
Age: 31
Karen is this little slut I was fucking for a while behind her husbands back. Oops

Tinder Skank

Julia Switzer
Location: Northbridge, Massachusetts
Age: 23
Met up with this spinner on tinder. She stayed the night and was a good lay but the next day I find out she was slammed by both my roomates after I fell asleep

My cheated ex

Jordan Guillon
Location: Nantes, France
Age: 21
My ex is an asshole who cheated with me

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Samantha Richard
Location: Americus, Georgia
Age: 21
This is my cheating ass ex... She will sleep with any man that will look at her!!! Beware

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Jennifer Banks
Location: Cortez, Colorado
Age: 21
Just an easy girl around town. She should be a porn star with how many times she gets banged for free. She loves to party and fuck

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Amber Tigner
Location: Bridgeview, Illinois
Age: 28
I dated this lady for 2 years. She loved getting bent over