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Alexandra Budica

Alexandra Budica
Location: Maidenhead, United Kingdom
Age: 24
Will fuck anyone for a bag of crisps. Takes it up the arse and will offer it up on a plate. Professional ironer of clothes.

Chloe the erotic masseuse exposed

Katherine Arthur
Location: Troy, New York
Age: 28
crazy cat collector of course Her real life is a nursing student. Treats guys like shit, selfish, only cares about herself, typical airhead.

Dubstep Psycho Bitch

Sophie Dipshit
Location: Redlands, California
Age: 21
Shes a crazy psycho cunt who begged me to fuck her.

Rebecca Wolfbrandt US Navy Slut

Rebecca Wolfbrandt
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Age: 26
rebecca wcheated on her bf so he passed her pictures around to everyone he knew.

Hairy Gay Sociopath

Josh Juice
Location: Coral Springs, Florida
Age: 28
I think thats his real name, but he lied about everything else.

Your wife dude

Susan Corine
Location: Edwinstowe, United Kingdom
Age: 45
I had an affair with this lady for over two years. But her sneaky husband kept following us around, trying to take photos of us together. He threatend to expose our relationship. In the end I got so annoyed I ended it.So here you are dude your wife and the photos you never got to take . She had never given a full blowjob before she met me her husband was super uptight I left her as a cock sucking anal queen.

Caroline Howington

Caroline Howington
Location: West Monroe, Louisiana
Age: 21
Worked with this girl. She is a decent fuck. Has no idea how to give a blowjob.

cheating whore, became a hooker

Allison Olson
Location: Orange Park, Florida
Age: 19
She was working at a massage parlor and offered to jack off an undercover. Turns out she was cheating with an out of town dude for 6months also. Classy.

Cock-craving slut

Per Westlund
Location: Kiruna, Sweden
Age: 18
My revenge. I fucked him for some weeks. He was a blessed bareback rider and Always took the load in his ass. When the summer was over, he promised to stay in touch. But did he No. Now I find some use of this photos I captured

Sue - ex Sacramento and Dallas Escort

Byambakhuu Chuluuntogtokh
Location: Sacramento, California
Age: 24
Enjoying what she doesSome good reviews of when Sue was escorting in the North Bay ArearnrnReview 1rnSo my coworker and I have been good friends since grad school and we are both sales execs for a fortune 500 enterprise. We are in our 50s and have experimented with a few providers in the past not to mention a few exs! We generally get a large suite with a master bedroom you gotta love a western king and video tape some of the action if the provider is into it. We love watching each other with women, though we are not into each other beyond that. We do enjoy some DP and especially with providers that offer premium services that brings us to Sue. We got the overnight service with two gents, which I have to admit we thought was a bit pricey for this young lady. HoweverrnrnWhat a doll. She is petite with the best ass on an Asian we had seen we agreed instantly and were fascinated by it. It ended up worth more than we paid by far. She is an A cup, which is no issue since she has an A for an amazing Ass and she is gorgeous all over besides. A pretty shaved pussy and asshole which turned out to be as sweet as her tight little box.