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Nicolae Ioana
Location: Ploiesti, Romania
Age: 25
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Sandra Schwierz
Location: Duesseldorf, Stadt, Germany
Age: 28
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Amanda Patton
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Age: 30
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Amanda Ruddy
Location: Tyler, Texas
Age: 20
This TJC slut. She trys to pretend to be all saved and christian when really she whores around and uses people i date this cheating slut for 3 yrs.

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Melanie Fernandez Prada
Location: La Molina, Peru
Age: 22
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Tina Da Silva
Location: Albany, New York
Age: 39
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Amanda Powers @ Antioch Tn

Amanda Powers
Location: Antioch, Tennessee
Age: 25
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Alison Walkin
Location: Big Lake, Alaska
Age: 19
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Stephanie Gleason
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Age: 24
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Yun Zhong
Location: Kingston, Australia
Age: 22
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