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Alicia Crosby
Location: Calgary, Canada
Age: 21
Alicia Crosby from Calgary, Alberta, CanadaSlut only interested by your money

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Marlene Cotto
Location: Imperial, California
Age: 25
this Latin fox was in a relationship with another guy for a week she left him real quick for me because she was sprung on me i guess took her straight to my house and pounded her ass in my room want to fuck me everyday and is now my girlfriend going on 7 months and i only 18 lol

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Bradley Coyne
Location: Ogallala, Nebraska
Age: 21
Bradley is the type of guy that will do and say anything to get a woman to fall in love with him. But at the same time decides to fuck around and send out naked pics. He is a jerk.

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Emily Andrews
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Age: 33
I was married to her for 10 yrs! gave her everything I could to make her happy! forgave her for cheating and getting pregnant by another guyshe had an abortion. we have an argument over our son being over scheduled. she leaves then I find out shes been cheating for the last 7 months.

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Natasha Demick
Location: Sparks, Nevada
Age: 26
This dirty whore was fucking me just two weeks before she got engaged to someone else. I had no idea until I got back from a vacation. I wonder if he has a clue. I should have known better than to get involved with this skank when she sucked and fucked me the first night we got together. I hope she burns in hell. Put this bitch on blast. Avoid this sleaz at all costs.

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Amy Mason
Location: Greenville, North Carolina
Age: 30
this bitch left me in November after a 5 year marrage and one son, she hit me with a separation and two days later was in another relationship with a fag,

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Curva Borata
Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Age: 19
face ce face si tot de pula se loveste..ii place sa il linga pana moare

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Lomar Lee
Location: Newark, New Jersey
Age: 23
I dated him for only a week and already cheating... He left his Facebook open on my phone the fucking idiot now Imma put ever thing out there 3 inches!! He trys to talk to all these girls in fb but cant get any of them to talk hes wack, hes a fucking loser !


Elvira Morales
Location: Houston, Texas
Age: 19
she wass just a hoee

Slut Lilia Fedorov

Lilia Fedorov
Location: Lynnwood, Washington
Age: 23
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