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The Scottsdale Slut

Kristin Spears
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Age: 48
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Chelsea Lipscomb
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Age: 23
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Aileen Cruise
Location: Bellemont, Arizona
Age: 22
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Carly Berg
Location: Wausau, Wisconsin
Age: 20
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Anastasia Rose
Location: Dodge City, Kansas
Age: 26
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Katelyn Thomas
Location: Champaign, Illinois
Age: 23
OK so my ex dumped me on Christmas, then I took her back late January because I loved her. I still love her. But she left me again and cheated on my with the Same guy as before while shes carrying my baby. I just need revenge.

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Rachel Arney
Location: Saint Louis, Missouri
Age: 24
Rachel will sleep with any one thats in the armed forces or if youre a cop. She is also a kinky chick and is a switch as well. To her it does not matter if youre active or just discharged she will sleep with you. The sex is great but its not worth her being 100 batshit crazy.

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Julie Duke
Location: Montreal, Canada
Age: 22
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Natalia Mazur
Location: Jastrzebie-Zdroj, Poland
Age: 22
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Hannah Allen
Location: Foley, Alabama
Age: 25
I found out she was stealing my medication from under my medication from under my nose. At first I thought she was the perfect woman. She loves anal