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Shelby Hurley
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Age: 18
She has a kik and Instagram

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Tyler Cly
Location: Window Rock, Arizona
Age: 18
I though I was lucky to be dating the basketball star, but no. Little shit is an alcoholic. Drinks when he can and when hes drunk, he hits me. When I dumped, he tried to batter me, but his friends stopped him.


Lorraine Glezman
Location: New Brunswick, New Jersey
Age: 20
Hit her up if your looking for a biggirl that can suck sum good dick shes good for a quick nut nthn more.shes kind of to slow for a normal conversation.


Fredricka Jackson
Location: Plainfield, New Jersey
Age: 22
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Helena Garca
Location: Arroyo De La Encomienda, Spain
Age: 26
1Os dejo unas fotitos de la viciosa de mi ex, espero que disfrutis con ella

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Melisa Draper
Location: Batesville, Mississippi
Age: 25
This hoe emails me dirty pictures and wants to meet up but she has a bf and all of a sudden stops talk in to me

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Mallory Martin
Location: Pekin, Indiana
Age: 25
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Slutty Sara

Sara Swanson
Location: Kenosha, Wisconsin
Age: 27
Ex wife just loved to suck dick so much shed suck anyones. Caught on to her cheating but didnt let her know that i knew. Had a threesome where friend and I fucked her good over and over. She loved it in the ass. Then kicked her to the curb

Left me cuz of her parents

Sweta Shaw
Location: Clintonville, Wisconsin
Age: 19
Broke with me cuz her asian parents dont like me.They want asian brown guy for her.

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Roxanne Hunter
Location: Checotah, Oklahoma
Age: 34
Cheating Bitch will break your heart. Called me whole giving another guy