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two faced liar

Jaime B
Location: Buena Park, California
Age: 20
This chick was so hot to fuck...

Mexican little hore

Gabriela Legoff
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Age: 30
A bitch i used to fuck. Enjoy

Irina Nemec Kurva

Irina Nemec
Location: Koprivnica, Croatia
Age: 19
Irina Nemec Kurva

I can\\\'t believe he wasn\\\'t satified with this dick so he had to get a b

Demareo Bass
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Age: 21
Came home to find him with a bigger dick in his ass.. He loves big dicks in his mouth and in his ass..

My Taiwanese Ex wife

Miko Wu
Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Age: 30
My wife from Taiwan, we lived together in Taiwan.

Silly ho

Jess Garrett
Location: Medford, Oregon
Age: 26
Her name isj jess she seems like an innocent girl but she is a sex freak and trust me she loves to fuck....

Malcolm Gore. No good, weed growing asshole.

Malcolm Gore
Location: Dallas, Texas
Age: 30
He thought i was done after all the shit he put me through, haha your funny. I hope you enjoy this. And all those little girls you have over. Youre a fuckung sicko not to mention your creepy obsession with legwarmers. Hope you enjoy your new roomate.

just a rude girl

Knikki Viechec
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Age: 20

Slut wife Wendy

Wendy Stevens
Location: Albany, New York
Age: 47
A real slut wife who has a cuck hubby

Good for a fling

Carolina Castreja
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Age: 29
used her for a couple of weeks while on holiday

You see when you are truly exceptional like me. Looks, body, money, education, personality, etc. hard to obtain to these bitches but not impossible. You end up with bitches that wont leave so you got to cheat on them and abuse them then they still don't leave because they like that shit. They love problems. Fuck bro sometimes I wish I was just average and a waste of life like the rest of you normal ass dudes. Oh well someone has to flip the scrip of these bitches. Someone has to be there match
Not bad for a 50yr old bitch. I don't fuck hoes over 30yrs. Shit be to dusty and musty. Smell like dirty wet carpet or wet dog smell. Anyways she obviously stop liking what you had to offer. All bitches are about what do you have to offer that someone else don't and seeing how most people are pretty average then there isn't much difference in what you have then the next except for the view.
What's wrong with her face? is it supposed to be shaped like that? fuck! anyways that's great she had you on the side that's cool. you didn't have to buy her shit or deal with her feelings or anything just fuck her and send her home when you done. That's way I do it to. much better that way
OP couldn't even spell the last name right, dumbass!
speaking of dumpsters that exactly where I would love to fuck her so I could just leave her right where she belongs. She looks pretty decent. nice tits and nips. Send her over. Does she have any STDs yet? If not don't worry I will hook her up for you
Sleeps around and is pretty easy. Hmmm I couldn't tell by the way she dresses and her age thanks captain obvious. Can you please teach me more like maybe how she didn't like you enough to send you any nudes or maybe how you probably don't even know the bitch. Hell you might even be her brother posting shit because she didn't share the playstation with you lol