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Sarah Ricks
Location: Orem, Utah
Age: 24
This girl blew me in my office at the gym and actually tried to go on a date after. What a stupid, filthy little cunt.

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Alana Darnley
Location: Winnipeg, Canada
Age: 34
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Sasha Graham
Location: Rockford, Illinois
Age: 22
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Hailey Widmayer
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Age: 22
Oh man, this girl. Some of you may notice her as Aces Goaltender Gerald Colemans girlfriend and mother of his son. Ever since he left herafter pounding out all her friends shes been tag chasing the local Air Force army guys. After her last break up, she fled to Minot, North Dakota. Shell be back again though looking for another guy to leech off, be ready.

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Location: New Cumberland, Pennsylvania
Age: 41
this is one trashy how took me only once with her to realize it was barely worth the drive

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Ken Felton
Location: Bolton, United Kingdom
Age: 33
Heres my ex Ken. He wanted to get into the swinger scene and spent time on websites and chatrooms on the internet. Ive no proof, but wouldnt surprise me if he cheated

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Beth Taibi
Location: East Prairie, Missouri
Age: 44
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Kiara Fair
Location: Los Angeles, California
Age: 22
shes killed around 8 of her own babies already, and shes a liar, and a cheater. dont trust her.


Hunter Braff
Location: Salinas, California
Age: 19
Forehead too big, nice pussy but boring and too quiet, but amazing lay.

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Maxine Mason
Location: Basel, Switzerland
Age: 19
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