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tease whore

Tori Waddell
Location: Scandia, Minnesota
Age: 20
All talk no action, attention whore. Well bitch now eryerybody knows hoe.

Haley Melikian --- Hollywood Slut

Haley Melikian
Location: Los Angeles, California
Age: 29
Haley Dressing UpHaley will screw any Hollywood wannabee she can lay her hands on. She cant be trusted and is into a lot of crazy bondage stuff. Make sure that youre using protection if you hook up with this bitch...youll thank me.

Just a PoF girl who liked sending pics

Jessenia Jessenia
Location: Lakeland, Florida
Age: 19
No real story here... pof girl loves showing her nudes and loves sucking a dick. Good for a one nighter, beyond that shes a bitch.

Bitchy, Bitchy, BitchBitchBitch!

Rachel Monkeylove
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Age: 29
MonkeyloveEgotistical, conceded woman, who still had her heart set on someone else from the past. Thinking that texting him during our relationship was ok, she said there just friends. Then she goes back to him after our breakup, this man is 45 years old and 15 years older then her. the dude is like 6 and looks like herman munster. Honest to god, I hope he has a heart attack.


Maria Garcia
Location: Amsterdam, New York
Age: 23
My ex. Cheating on me with one own bestfriend

Cheating Lying Bisexual Bull Rider

Dustin Wilson
Location: Concordia, Kansas
Age: 26
normal lookIn a relationship for 5 years but lied and cheated the whole time. Bull rider, but not very good at it ...just uses it as a way to pick up girls and guys ...Fucked many other girls but also likes hooking up with guys because he likes getting it in the ass. The whole time I was with him I had to use dildos on him. Sucks in bed, has a huge dick but his balls are the size of grapes and maybe that has something to do with the fact he cant fuck longer that 3045 seconds. BEWARE OF HIM!!! He will lie about EVERYTHING!! Also. BEWARE OF CATCHING SOMETHING, if you look at one of the pictures you can see the sores on his dick. Supposedly is dating the girl I caught him with but I know for a fact hes still messing around with other men and women ... KARMA!!!


Amber Yates
Location: Freeman, West Virginia
Age: 20
nice tits and big ass

ex bf

Eric Volden
Location: Norwalk, California
Age: 27
Making amendsrn

Lauren Sergent of Tallahassee, FL NAKED

Lauren Sergent
Location: Tallahassee, Florida
Age: 22
This girl repeatedly cheated on me with my friends and shared her pictures with every guy she could.

lovely tits

Kelly Rodriguez
Location: Annapolis, California
Age: 24
Fucked this girl when she had a bf so wanted to share some pics