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Sasha Wegner
Location: Berlin, Germany
Age: 26
I found out that this slut was cheating on me with a 17 year old student of hers who was also in her running club. I tried to get her fired but no luck because all I had was texts and no pics plus the age of consent in Germany is 14. Thats such bullshit! So the only recourse I have is to expose her for the slut she is.

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Aaina Rumba
Location: `aynak, Afghanistan
Age: 19
I was out in afghanistan visiting my family and i bet this bitch at a bar we dated for a few months but i live in america and it was hard to get her here after like 7 months i finally got her into america then she left me right after just to use me for my citizenship.

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Nanci Woods
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Age: 41
Just a cheating ex, works at Kretzlers in North Hills, all you have to do is tell her she looks cute and youre in.

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Michelle Whitman
Location: Bowling Green, Ohio
Age: 36
junkie whoreI was with her for 6 that time I found out she cheated with over 100 different men.I caught her screwing her black heeoin dealer and I wallked I feel obligated to inform as many as I can about her.

Tiffany Buffkin- single mother with zero class and brains

Tiffany Buffkin
Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Age: 22
she lives in myrtle beach. dates a black guy that she calls daddy. very weird. has a child and is on looking for girls to enjoy and try to convince to join her black boyfriend who is like the only black guy on earth with a small dick. she showed me that too. i never talked to her or met her and she sent me all these pictures begging me to let her eat my pussy and join her and little dicked black daddy 2015


Alice Jones
Location: Englewood, Florida
Age: 26
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Simone Dema
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Age: 21
She cheated many times, is a lier.

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Samantha Wilson
Location: Charles Town, West Virginia
Age: 22
Young slut, wanted to just lie her way through school and hook up with all friends.

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Marta Davis
Location: Aptos, California
Age: 35
Shes a diseased herpe whore.

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Genna B
Location: Bellingham, Massachusetts
Age: 22
Slept around whole group of friends