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Tashina Adolph
Location: Lawton, Oklahoma
Age: 28
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Dacquire Johnson
Location: Tampa, Florida
Age: 20

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Ris Ras
Location: Ab Kettleby, United Kingdom
Age: 41
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Roxana Socaciu

Roxana Socaciu
Location: Redbridge, United Kingdom
Age: 28


Carson Tyler
Location: Athens, Georgia
Age: 19
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Sandy Rodriguez
Location: Bell Gardens, California
Age: 32
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Edith Gallegos
Location: Bangor, Michigan
Age: 25
This girl I used to talk to sent me pics of her we where gonna hook up and saw another guy leaving her house. That same day so screw this whore....

Kate Brady

Kate Brady
Location: Reno, Nevada
Age: 21
The nastiest girl i know, pathetic liar. Ugly face and fat body. Thinks shes smart, really dumb. really really dumb got caught lying about sleeping with a friend, now shes is here for the second time.


Carrie Emch
Location: Warren, Ohio
Age: 21
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Puta de Lake Forest

Cristina Garcia
Location: Lake Forest, California
Age: 24
She goes out with random girls every week to have sex and gets with guys only for their money.