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valentina andriolo

Valentina Andriolo
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Age: 20
She cheated

my asshole ex

Tiana Gamino
Location: Abbeville, Alabama
Age: 18
she was a dick

A lying cheating Bastard Thief

Amos Agesa
Location: Mombasa, Kenya
Age: 24
Yap...he suckedHe had a girlfriend all along. Even got her pregnant while we were together and and lied me into paying for their abortion.rnHe moved in with me when his father died and i found out the truth and that he had been sleeping with two other women besides us. His girlfriend gave him HPV allegedly. he gave me HPV...rnI did everything for him. I thought he was my friend.rnrnHe just used me for sex and money, and i when i found out he had a girlfriend he went running back to her. He refused to pay back what he owed me.rnHe called me ugly, psycho, weird when he left. He always called me fat, i weigh about 105lbs. His poor girlfriend, whos about 170 and my height clearly loves emotional thrashings.rnI hope he gets hit by a bus rn


Megan Crabtree
Location: Palatka, Florida
Age: 21
She is a good woman and listens well


Tonya Lebore
Location: Machesney Park, Illinois
Age: 37
When youve got nothn left...she will move on..youve been warned..

Trailor park hoe

Taylor Dunney
Location: Blountsville, Alabama
Age: 24
Found this nasty sluts pics in my mans phone!! Shes the whore of the trailor park up in blountsville and sucks black cock for crack and dont even have custody of her 3 Daman kids shes nasty as fuck!!! Hope my pos ex didnt give me a disease from her!! Taylor Dunney we call her dirty Dunney cause shes a crack hoe


Megan Gibson
Location: Garner, North Carolina
Age: 21
For everyone to see.


Markettia Ford
Location: Vancouver, Washington
Age: 29
Fun to ride

this bitch

Sara Neal
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Age: 25
Together for a year and a half. About four months ago she told me her ex had called and she felt bad for talking to him. Fast forward to febuary and I catch her lying to me and fucking him.

shes a wannabe beaner

Raquel Smith
Location: Dallas, Texas
Age: 24
Let them have those hangers