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Nikkiy (The Smoke Shop Girl) Carothers

Nikkiy Carothers
Location: Topeka, Kansas
Age: 31
ClothedShe is a whore who has clymidia and cheats

She is a Very Naughty Girl..... little Scammer

Marie Tetyana Dewi
Location: Central Singapore Community Development Council, Singapore
Age: 25
lingerieI was thinking she was an innocent good christian girl. i was helping her occasionally with her bills. In the end she Ripped me off for a few hundred dollars ,,,, i obtained the hand phone i paid for her. She had Several facebook,tagged,whatsApp, viber, and email accounts. She was scamming about 20 guys and was even Engagred to marry a guy in the UK. Some fool calledMad Mike

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Barbara Kann
Location: Lynnwood, Washington
Age: 57
nice smileBarb loves to suck cock, anywhere she can, and with anyone available when shes horny. She can sometimes have an orgasm just from sucking a guy off until he cums in her mouth. Yes she swallows! Enjoys oral, anal, group, public, DP, and gangbangs.


Kristen Mopin
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Age: 21
Shes a cheating whore

Alexandra hernadez

Alexandra Hernandez
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Age: 21

Craigslist Scammer

Hudson Valley Scammer
Location: Poughkeepsie, New York
Age: 21
Kept getting unsolicited, unwanted emails from this girl, she kept sending me photos! Thought Id give her the attention shes been craving.

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Diana De Groot
Location: Zwolle, Netherlands
Age: 21

Lil freak bitch. Lightskin

Kiara Ranee
Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Age: 19
She be on oovoo getting nasty with me cuzz she be dead playing with herself every night with me. Jb for real she wild. Nice young jank


Emilia Wilson
Location: New York, New York
Age: 22
She is one horny creature!

She loves attention

Marie Parry
Location: Pleasantville, New York
Age: 22
hiiiirecently broke up shes been going out and having a blast... gets really drunk and who knows what she has done....found out she messages guys on kik.. ill give you her username if you want...