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Sandra Buelcher
Location: Kosciusko, Mississippi
Age: 40
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Sharon M Ringel
Location: Monroe, Michigan
Age: 53
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Megan Chernecki
Location: Hamilton, Canada
Age: 21
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Helen Child

Helen Child
Location: Acme, Canada
Age: 41
Cheated on her hubby numerous times and is now destined to be a web slut for ever.

All talk and no action...

Mary Sd
Location: Lea, United Kingdom
Age: 51
All mouth no action.. Silly... To send the pics.. Would have been better to have turned up for the date. Shes a barmaid in a pub in Stratford London..

Helen the backpage queen

Helen Winters
Location: Coram, New York
Age: 26
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Will Sleep With Your Friends

Jessica Walker
Location: Anaheim, California
Age: 24
I could care less about this hoe. Knew she was a hoe thats why we arent together. But the friend that she got with behind my back lied to me to my face about it and will have to look over her shoulder until the day she dies.

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Josh Votta
Location: Charleston, South Carolina
Age: 24
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Kristi Murray
Location: Sayville, New York
Age: 26
good girl, but then went totally bad. Total slut let me fist her fuck her in front of ppl

Teacher Cow

Amber Fowler
Location: Killeen, Texas
Age: 24
Typical Christian good girl slut