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Stephanie Gleason
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Age: 24
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Yun Zhong
Location: Kingston, Australia
Age: 22
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Sarah Zimmerman
Location: Accord, New York
Age: 22
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Marie Smith
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Age: 27
This twisted woman after we broke up stalked me and my date up and down Btown, during the btown roadaglow, told me I couldnt see my kids, and had a epo put out on me when I told her how much bullshit that was after all her preaching about how I need to see them every other day, lied her ass off in it. Her and her punk ass exmethhead boyfriend need to be beat. Sick of her getting over on me, stringing along that bitch Judge Garber.

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Kirsten Mohwinkel
Location: Isanti, Minnesota
Age: 19
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Caleb Fables
Location: Enterprise, Alabama
Age: 21
Caleb is not actually my ex unless you consider a cyber stalker an ex. He found pics of me and my mom on the net which were posted against our will and has been harrassing us with horrible comments. Ive included a screenshot of one comment he sent my mom. But this guy is so dum he also sent naked pics of himself and his tiny dick to me. So I am posting them here so he can get a taste of his own medicine. How do YOU like it douchebag.

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Sumran Sharna
Location: Kapurthala, India
Age: 22
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Cynthia Easy
Location: Lakeland, Florida
Age: 22
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Amavel Velezz
Location: South Ozone Park, New York
Age: 24
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Allison Brown
Location: Florence, Kentucky
Age: 29
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