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Josh Zeiger
Location: Oak Park, Michigan
Age: 25

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Ann Bedard
Location: Miami, Florida
Age: 20
She was having fun with me while she had a boyfriend. She deleted most pictures she sent me, but hey, I got to keep some

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Emily Simmons
Location: Barberton, Ohio
Age: 23
Right before we broke up she cheated on me and I have some pictures of her that are worth sharing

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Alysia Richter
Location: Coos Bay, Oregon
Age: 23
Shes a manipulative and shady girl with no morals what so ever. She cheats and uses her body to get what she wants...

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Loretta Mora
Location: Bakersfield, California
Age: 32
LorettaShes married and had me fooled she wasnt then when i break it off because shes married she lies and says the are divorcing so i still around its now a year later and they just bought a house together she was still fucking me up until a few months ago. She also tried having me move in with her and her husband by lying to this poor dude saying i was her cousin.

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Katelyn Job
Location: Hogansburg, New York
Age: 23
Cheating liar, dated for 2 months and she turned out to be a slut. Thought Id share the love

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Diana Fuenzalida
Location: Madrid, Spain
Age: 25
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Jessica Burruss
Location: Charlottesville, Virginia
Age: 30
Everyone thinks she is innocent but look at these pictures of her. This slut isnt innocent but loves cock, love taking dirty pics of herself and sending them to everyone.

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Ashley Semler
Location: Tampa, Florida
Age: 25
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Sabrina Sol
Location: Miami, Florida
Age: 18
Shes another Braddock slut I have more if people ask Ill post them