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Shay Shay Stanps
Location: Jonesboro, Georgia
Age: 32
I love playing men and leading them on until I get what I want, then I drop them like a bad habit. This Bitch played the wrong one.....

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Tabby Yes
Location: Rockford, Illinois
Age: 20
Her name is tabby she is 20 years old and lives near rockford il she likes to hook up with guys a lot.

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Tina Mcullough
Location: Alexandria, Ohio
Age: 29
Ex Gf

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Irene Kempinsky
Location: York, United Kingdom
Age: 20
Caught her having sex with some looser.

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Rachel Tuchscherer
Location: Aberdeen, Maryland
Age: 23
Tries to screw here boss so he plays favorites

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Christi Merrit
Location: Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Age: 25
Everyone in the Air force has pics of these tits

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April Allred
Location: Mooreville, Mississippi
Age: 20
Little girl big slut this is april allred from peppertown ms . Shes a good Christian girl like most of these sluts in Mississippi. She loved me like she does most i banged her for fun and let me tell you she will do anything. Total pig. She got kicked out of her moms house do shes fucking a old dude naned grandpaw for rent in peppertown. She even fucked a midget with one leg. Guys if you want a filthy date call her up . Shes a diamond in the muff , of sluts that is.

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Nekee Stamps
Location: Phenix City, Alabama
Age: 32
I tried to play many guys and treat them wrong, lead them on to believe lots of shit that wasnt true. Then in the end I try and make them think they have a problem when all in all its my little fucking game that I like to play to make me feel better about myself...

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Naji McCallar
Location: Buffalo, New York
Age: 20
Mal compris means misunderstood. Nothing to understand, other than shes a lying whore. Sent nudes to a mad amount of dudes. After she got dumped, she talked to like, six dudes at once and did escorting in Buffalo. Nasty girl if I ever saw one. Acts like she one of those faithful types, so she expects you to allow her to do what she wants. But god forbid you even glance at another female.

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April Marie Martinez
Location: El Paso, Texas
Age: 21
This bitch will suck dick for a lil weed, n gets wet if u talk to her in French