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Leebeth Ortiz
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Age: 32
Leebeth Ortiz is currently a nurse in Jacksonville, Florida


Lucy Vite
Location: Arrondissement De Saint-Pierre, Reunion
Age: 23

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Isabell Meyer
Location: Aspen, Colorado
Age: 19
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Jennifer James
Location: Atka, Alaska
Age: 26
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Amber Perry
Location: Easton, Massachusetts
Age: 19
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Yvette Gonzalez Vedrine
Location: Fresno, California
Age: 30
A conservative whore, who claims she such a Christian, when the reality of things are shes notp BLTN......

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Heather Hernandez
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Age: 30
not much to say but heather is a big time whore. she will send nudes to just about anyone and has a crazy psycho ex bf who stalks and harasses her. but anyways a friend told me she loves black dicks and plans on marrying a black dude. one hot milf though.

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Jeremy Sellers
Location: Lake City, Florida
Age: 25
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Jessica Dickinson
Location: Syracuse, New York
Age: 25
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Marisol Garcia
Location: Lake Forest, California
Age: 21
she cheated on me a couple times and tried to lie about it even though i had hard evidence.