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High School Slut

Diana Koo
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Age: 22
I went to High School with this whore. She was a huge cunt and thought she was hot shit. Found her on a sexting website. She goes by Lucy. Karma bitch

Cheating con artist

Chase Bellett
Location: Hemphill, Texas
Age: 23
Dated for a while then later found out he was stealing money from me. Found out later that not only was he conning other people out of money, he was letting gay guys suck his dick for money. One of his friends told me that if they paid more and he was wastedhe let them do more. I heard hes married now.. probably doing the same thing to her.

Jennifer Hoffman

Jennifer Hoffman
Location: Pasadena, Maryland
Age: 45
Loves cock

Old Dallas Stars Ice Girl

Ellen Kay Martinez
Location: Dallas, Texas
Age: 30
Chick I used to fuck a little while ago. Nice tits, nice ass, pussy was a bit sloppy though and face was a little too strong jawed. Wasnt very good at head or fucking but was still fun to cum inside.

using cunt

Alicia Yandell
Location: Amsterdam, New York
Age: 31
bitch stole a ton of money from me

Biggest Slut

Sue Pierce
Location: Oak Grove, Louisiana
Age: 35
This chic is one of the biggest sluts I know. She will sleep with ANYTHING. Will lie about anything. Doesnt matter what color or age you are. She is hated by everyone in town cause how big of a whore she is. Heard her pussy smells like Catfish.


Kathy Jones
Location: Batesburg, South Carolina
Age: 20
Lying ass filthy whore

MILF, but big SLUT!!!\

Christina Stafford Kelly
Location: Lees Summit, Missouri
Age: 43
faceShe is amazing bed, and has a beautiful body. Definitely can give great head. She always contacts ex bfs when out w her new guys. She wont admit it but loves anal. I would definitely fuck her every chance i got... i fucked her when she was seeing her current bf and she still dont think she cheated lol... and the fact of the matter is is only a matter of time b4 i blow my load on this slut again!rn

Nasty fat slut

Jessica Moncrief
Location: Mill City, Oregon
Age: 37
the fat slutThis bitch will fuck and suck anything for money weed alcohol ect..this is one mulpulateing whore works men for money fucks for a happy

Creepiest kid in town

Blas Cataldo
Location: Lynn, Massachusetts
Age: 20
Kids been known for pressuring underage girls into doing stuff they didnt want to do, know for backstabbing his best friends and stealing money for drugs. Scum bag.