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Heather Garner
Location: New Castle, Indiana
Age: 30
took my love and ran away with it and never tell me why

what a whore

Jessica Alfrey
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Age: 25
she wanted a job but I guess she had other ideas

Ok in bed, nothing else going for her

Ashley Beckham
Location: Decatur, Illinois
Age: 30
Spent about a year hanging out with this chick. Wouldnt even call her an ex, just someone who was easy and liked to fuck. I quickly learned I wasnt the only one and moved on.

Cheater, liar, attention whore

Carly Hem
Location: Ajax, Canada
Age: 23
SelfieJust a sleazy girl. Lied, cheated, and did anything for attention.

horny bitch love to se tribute video of men comming on her pics

Nathalie Martin
Location: Montreal, Canada
Age: 46
Nathalie is always masturbating, all day long, cant get satisfied. simply love sex

Nasty Pants Torres

Marielena Torres
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Age: 26
Dated her a while she slept with everyone. Then she brought cockroaches to my house in her purse! She works in a bank and acts high and mighty. I wish her the best hope she gets rid of the bugs


Tim Kane
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Age: 38
This dog cheated on me twice....with married women. He is an expert cheater. If you hook up,with him dont believe anything he tells you.

A real black widow

Andrea Watson
Location: Holly Pond, Alabama
Age: 25
This is a nice vidBeen together 11 years and she cheated on me 30 all diff guys but she loves in the ass

miss,that big cock, it hurt so good

Apollo Jolly
Location: Junction City, Kansas
Age: 24
Best lay of my life asshole tho

what a fake one..

Brandie Powers
Location: Shelby, Ohio
Age: 25
4 years down the tube.. stripper that found a 56 year old sugar daddy to leave me