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Zrish Zaur
Location: Aber, United Kingdom
Age: 21
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Catie Wieleba
Location: Denver, Colorado
Age: 28
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Emme Riffey
Location: Forest Hill, Maryland
Age: 18
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Arklene Gonzalez
Location: Rio Abajo, Puerto Rico
Age: 25
She was nice but disappeared From Vega Baja Puerto Rico Jose Cheguis exwife jose was a boxer

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Brittany Rose
Location: Bristow, Virginia
Age: 26
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Sumeja Dzananovic
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Age: 20
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Brazie Mazariegos
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Age: 23
This is a girl from guatemala living in charlotte nc She used to work at hers mothers store milton st the plaza

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Nikita Hayes
Location: Clay City, Indiana
Age: 23
Nikita HayesSo after fucking this girl countless times its safe to say shes one of the best fucks in clay city. Her ass could take my 8inches and a 6inch dildo at the same time and she was still screaming for more. Plus its never to rough for her, loves being tied up, spanked, hair pulled, hot candle wax, biting and clawing, ect... IF you get the chance definitely fuck her BUT be careful dating her she will fuck with your head, girl told me she was pregnant so Id stay with her then 5 months later says she has a miscarriage and blames it on me. then when we break up after 2 years says she was never pregnant. Shes a nurse so if you ever in the hospital and get her as your nurse just pull your dick out, she never turns down a big one.

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Tasha Davis
Location: Chickasha, Oklahoma
Age: 24
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Damian Maguire
Location: Trillick, United Kingdom
Age: 21
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