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Ashley Soule
Location: Tempe, Arizona
Age: 20
Anonymous 18871 says: This bitch has serious drug issues. She was always needing my help for bills then I find out she was using that money for drugs. To make it worse she was sucking a dirty drug dealers dick, and probably getting fucked, for drugs. Shes a nasty white trash drug addict bitch!

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Jessica Jensen
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Age: 19
Anonymous 18869 says: This is my ex Jess. We meet online and two days later we were fucking. She was always horny but she was a crazy liar and a cheater.

Steve Jordan

Steve Jordan
Location: Franklinville, New Jersey
Age: 23
Anonymous 18868 says: I dated Steve a little over a year ago now. We where two different people and ended up splitting up. So Im posting these photos now for the whole world to see. I hope your happy Steve.

Sami Tillis

Sami Tillis
Location: Houston, Texas
Age: 19
Anonymous 18867 says: She is an internet slut, everyone should know about

Leticia Clougherty

Leticia Clougherty
Location: Old Lyme, Connecticut
Age: 40
....Anonymous 18866 says: My ex, slut and a lier. Taste my revenge

Leticia Clougherty

Leticia Clougherty
Location: Old Lyme, Connecticut
Age: 40


Ericka Hatfield
Location: Caldwell, Ohio
Age: 25
Anonymous 18863 says: This girl is fucking nasty as hell she is such a nasty whore we dated for 5 months she gave it up the first night I beat that pussy to sleep for about 5 hour non stop this girl will do anything she took my 9 incher deep in dat azz and that pussy a bad case of. The pussy farts about every other stroke what loud queefs she also love being dp by countless big black dicks she thinks shes a country girl but shes a hood rat

Kim Kuhlman (St. Vinvent)

Kim Kuhlman
Location: Portage, Wisconsin
Age: 22
camo bikiniAnonymous 18862 says: So this slut loved to do exhibitionism Including the Truth or Dare pics site. Unfortunately she couldnt only fuck one guy at a time or at least arrange for me to pick another cock for her

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Mark J Schalk
Location: Altus, Arkansas
Age: 23
Anonymous 18861 says: this fucker cheated on me with three other girls, even though i have him everything and anything he wanted at any given time, so unfaithful!

Ingeniero Electronico

Alexis Soriano
Location: Zipaquira, Colombia
Age: 31
Anonymous 18860 says: lover of life and in search of success

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