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Added Jul 19, 2013

Ashley Adams

18 years old in Anchorage, Alaska

"Slutty Whore"

Anonymous3214 says:She is a whore who needs to be delt with.

That body is damn ridiculous though - Casey

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  1. TerminalShutdown says:

    holy freaking god this girl is gorgeous. I’d put a ring on her finger while licking her asshole (don’t ask me how but I’d do it)

  2. steve says:

    If you mean dealt with as in fucking the ever loving shit out of her, then you are absolutely correct! she needs to be dealt with!

  3. Tomcat says:


  4. Lars says:

    Bet her parents are proud.

  5. Mathew Ian Finkler says:

    I want her 9073061558

  6. adam says:

    Wtf do u mean she needs dealt with?, she’s hot as he’ll!

  7. Reverend Dyke says:

    Let us all bow our heads and pray for the souls of these heathen bastards who frequent this website and destroy the lives of many. Amen!

  8. Mike Wills says:

    I would deal with those prefect pretty tits and tight tummy!

  9. Lisa says:

    Here are more Pictures :

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