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Added Jul 25, 2013

Trish "Hotstuff" Ferguson

52 years old in Mesa, Arizona

"secret lover"

Anonymous 3552 says: what a great wife lost to crystal meth!! hot wife until she got hooked on crystal meth, now she fucks the pipe

Damn, that's rough - Casey

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11 Responses so far...

  1. Mike says:

    Great body for 52 I would love to fuck her…….

  2. boby says:

    wow! I felt in love…

  3. holelog says:

    my cock pounding for her

  4. jene says:

    I know this bitch, what a tweeker!!! Shes really fucked up!

  5. Billy Bob Troy says:

    Senior citizen whore. She is definitely going to make the retirement home a place of excitement!

  6. HANK JOHNSON says:

    SHE’S FUCKABLE !!!!!!!!!!

  7. Kyle martin says:

    Never expected to see my pals mum on here, I’ve got to go and fix 3 window shutters for her as thinking a way now how I can use this to my advantage but does she know there on here mmmmmm

  8. Tray says:

    That could be so much fun fo sure!

  9. Tray says:

    Sorry my last post here was not really finished!
    {correction }
    That would be so much fun Smashing her fo sure!

  10. sambo says:

    nice fake tities and pussy!!!too bad!!!!

  11. rockncock says:

    Id tounge fuck her pretty lil puckered up asshole

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