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Added Nov 12, 2013

Ashley "Blows Dick For Coke" Montgomery

25 years old in Batesville, Arkansas

"This pussy is kinda wore out but bring a little coke or meth and she will do anything"

Anonymous 8537 says: This cum catcher does anything for a little bit of drugs. I dated her for a while until I realized how many times she came to see me kissing on me with het cum breath and shit after she left some random guy lots of blacks. I bet she has been fucked or has blowed every guy and drug dealer in Batesville. Bet she has more std cases than a health dept. Enjoy guys


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  1. Bigstick says:

    Hang that nigger lover

  2. imlovinit says:

    wow!!! i have known her since i was in middle school. tight ass pussy from the looks of it. i wld still bang her!

  3. Bob says:

    Any other chicks from the bville area on here?

  4. howdidmycumtaste says:


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