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MY EX ID # 11165
Added Dec 29, 2013

Lisa Jeanelle Iwig

45 years old in Elkins, Arkansas


Anonymous 11165 says: Deadbeat mom left her 4 kids for some hick in Arkansas she met on the internet,dumped them on the father. Left while they were in school. Doesnt pay child support. Her dad died and she inherited an oil well,all she cares about is that oil well. Said she is getting married to the dude she ran off with and wants to know when the oil will strike cause they are looking to buy a house, didnt even care about the mothers sickness or the dying father. Slept with the nigger janitor of her kids school in California while she was still married,he dumped her. Lied in court about the dad of her kids,didnt show up for court,skipped out completely. This bitch is a piece of work, she is the biggest co artist ever and biggest whore Ive ever seen. She doesnt like to work either likes her sugar daddys to pay her way while she gets on the internet to flirt and send boob pictures. Shes not a real red head either, straight from a bottle.

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