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MY EX ID # 11638
Added Jan 6, 2014

Tiffany "Tifftiff" Speaker

20 years old in Fort Smith, Arkansas

"Young slut but is the best at sex and loves gAngbangs"

Anonymous 11638 says: She sucks fucks loves anal gangbangs will eve fuck you for her to get a hAircut

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12 Responses so far...

  1. BigThurm says:

    This her real name? Never heard of her.

  2. Tank Owens says:

    All chicks fuck for something…

  3. Tank Owens says:

    And then some chick’s fuck for nothing…

  4. Douchebag says:

    Well it banged her in her car in Kroger parking lot best pussy and ass every horrible head though text her for a good time lol eight seven zero four eight nine 8451

  5. Bo Bo says:

    This girl is underage. She was 17 years old when those photos were taken. Whoever posted these could get arrested for having child pornography. I know this girl personally & know that she and her family have already involved the police. By continuing to comment on these pictures u are enabling sick pedafiles! Charges will be pressed. It’s a long process but they will not give up. So who ever wants to get in line to be next go ahead ;)

  6. Jealous says:

    Bahaha Bo Bo you clown! 17 isnt underage in arkansas! Legal age of consent is 14 there. 12 if its with an immediate family member or first cousin!!

  7. Unknown says:

    I feel sorry for this girl I mean whoever the douchebag was that did this should of at least had the balls to tell her about this or admit to it. I don’t get what she did so wrong to this guy who posted it. Karma sucks ya know, yeah she is hot to look at but still only a low life would do this. I get she took pictures and all but still you shouldn’t have done this to her whoever you were. You could of at least stated why you posted these of her.

  8. michael says:

    I Luis a video

  9. Chris says:

    What a video????

  10. Logik says:

    The legal age on consent in Arkansas is 16 bro. In the state of Arkansas anyone 16 or older is considered an adult in regards to sexuality or sexual images. It’s disgusting, but true.

    - Logik

  11. old friend says:

    This hoe was NOT underage. She’s just a hoe & sends nasty pics to every dude who gives her a bit of attention. Bitch is sure enough well into her 20′s & sends filthy vids to every dude, too.

  12. old friend says:

    Oh & FAAAAAT

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