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Do you even know this girl? Have you just found this picture whilst browsing/ stalking on facebook?
Yet another fake post- yawn
Sounds suspect to me
Seriously I've know April almost all my life. She told me about this site once but I didn't know you could leave comments. Obviously, she was on here once or twice but knowing April she is not going to let this get her down. I mean really, what can she do? Sit her and defend her self against lies and rumors? I agree with the above person"if your so Godly why are you on here?" Further more you did pass judgement upon her. Afraid of losing her? Is this a joke or are you crazy? Why don't anyone on here have the guts to e mail or contact her and tell her how you feel? Or what you think? Instead of using some page like this to disrespect her? None of this makes any sense to me at all. All this is doing is allowing a gateway for people to taint her image. Anyone that knows April, knows this is so far feteched from the truth no wonder she quit coming on here. She quit dancing has been working full time care giving. I bet half the comments are coming from dancers as it is. Mad that they are still stuck in a strip bar while she finally got out. And you would have to be a complete moron to not know some of these comments are from her ex husbands fiance or wife. Who knows,and who cares. Jessica D Miller (Simkins)Always pretending she's over the drama and that April is so insecure and jealous of her. Jessica is a pretty girl, April is a beautiful women. End of story.April asked for the divorce, she was tired of the snoring at night and of her ex husbands issues in the bedroom. I wont put them on blast but what kind of women would want a sexless marriage forever? As far as everyone else & their derogatory statements there's no need to take it so far that any fool could tell it's a lie. I wish I could do more to support April on here. Honestly I do. Yet, I too can see now there is no point. She can't prevent what people write about her. Though I could go on forever stating all the good things about her; leave it up to someone with no life to continuously stalk this page and tear her apart some more. There is karma in this world, however as if putting her photos up for everyone in the world too see wasen't cruel enough. You girls start in with awful rumors. Not for a second thinking of what it must feel like. Her ex husband did this too her once before. Uploaded all the photos on his phone onto the web. The result: some freaks took her children's photographs and placed them on phedopile websites where like this one they could leave awful,despicable comments. She had to contact the police. If you don't know April & the life she's lived you have no right to continue to banter her. If you know her boys then you would know how much she loves them. And how much they love her. They are so very well taking care of. The photos on her facebook speak volumes:dont matter who you are. End of story. This women your looking at to some: is just some naked women that's a stripper. We know how everyone stereotypes strippers. I've met some of her dancer friends & most are just moms working doing their best to get by. They dance, yeah, but for the money. It don't make them bad people. Not everyone has to or is going to like April but this is taking is too far. Makes me think about who would post this and not openly admit it? It don't sound like something a guy would write about an ex girlfriend. If you read the original post compared to what other guys write about their ex. I know she has nude photos of her ex husband and some true stories she could write & post on here. She also has photos from work of naked friends, never posted on Facebook but saved nevertheless. along with true stories she could share. However she has not. Doubt that she will. She & her boys got a fresh start and they are happy. I'm happy for her. Personally I'd never bring even an enemy down so low. Some of us have more respect, class,ethics and understand long term damage over some little fued would never result in this as a way to solve a problem. April, I'll send this too you because knowing you. Your not even going to have time to be bothered with this site. Just know your true friends will always stand by your side. Your doing great if others can't turn the other cheek and move on. Well, then it just shows your better then they are. This is not worth your time. I despise the lies on here but my hands are tied. You know your a good mom and your family & friends love you. I'm so very sorry though that this happened to you. And of course they went trying to find what they considered the worst and most damaging photos. Photos don't make up a person nor do these ignorant comments. To the one who published this actually took the time to do so & the ones leaving demeaning comments( for no other reason then to hurt or justify why you don't like her.Try facing your own problems first off) If in your heart you don't feel you have went too far with this. Than I just pitty you. What a sad life you must live to continue to do this. Not one person is contacting her but you claim to know oh her so well. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY!
We also can't believe you dated her
nice tits, if they are hers?!