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Added Oct 16, 2012

Gianna Ntempou

45 years old in Athens, Greece

"The slut school teacher"

I was married. She knew it! She had sex with me from the first date. I fall in love with her. I was ready to destroy my family for her. She never appreciated whatever I did for her. She was a psycho... She believed that I had an affair with every woman that was close to me!... She especially suspected her friend! She destroyed me... She is worthless... All I wish now is to pay her back the same way...

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  1. journeytap says:

    more information ??

  2. ops a faggot says:

    hahaha the cheating fat fuck is mad HE got cheated on and his bs backfired on him

  3. peckerhead says:

    what do you expect? she is fucking greek. she got the greek out of you now bitch

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