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MY EX ID # 1286
Added May 26, 2013

Kendra Silva

23 years old in Eureka, California

"cold hearted bitch"

Anonymous1286 says:Casey, she made me fall in love with her and made me think she was in love with me and then runs off to her ex as soon as he wants her back and she lied about staying friends after.

Dude, you could do better than this by going to a cemetery and raping a corpse. --Casey

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  1. bingaman says:

    Damn i bet her pussy stinks… better hope your dick wont fall off after you have fucked her dude!!

  2. sacio says:

    have him casey !!!

  3. Shawn kline says:

    What you mad at bro I have fucked half of these ho’s on tour she is ugly!

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