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MY EX ID # 802
Added Apr 21, 2013

Victoria Falcon

in Madera, California


Loves to suck dick! Always horny and loves asshole fucking.

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6 Responses so far...

  1. rob says:

    Such a turn on, love tattooed tits

  2. Rhino rd says:

    Love to motor boat those titis yum

  3. Digbert says:

    Fucking ugly Whale and terrible tats.

  4. gay gerbils against reality says:

    we the gay gerbils of america would like to see dude, reality, carl claypoole and dixie normus use their stinky gay finger to shove each others anuses and see if a brown genie comes out on top of their finger nails.

  5. althehat777 says:

    and there’s something to read while your waiting……

  6. HANK JOHNSON says:

    SHE IS A HOT SLUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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