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No matter what country you live in,  you should always celebrate America’s birthday because at one point in your life, we’ll probably invade you. So you better be have a tiny American flag and a mullet when we get there, so we can claim you as one of our own.  So hopefully you had lots of beer by the pool yesterday and managed not to blow your hand off with fireworks.  If you lost a hand, here’s Courtney Stodden in a tiny, patriotic bikini to show you what you sacrificed for. MURICA.

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Rosie Jones


It’s unclear why Rosie Jones isn’t more famous than she is, because if you were trying to design the perfect body, you can stop. Rosie Jones already has it. If you’re a dude, I’m sorry if you disagree. You’re more than welcome to continue shopping for scarves online or picking out bedazzled bows for your terrier.


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There’s not going to be many times when we get to see Jennifer Lawrence naked unless she’s chasing an Oscar or leaks a sex tape, so good thing she decided to play Mystique.  Today we all have nerd boners.



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I’ll be honest, I have no idea who Juicy J is. I barely know what twerking is. But both of those things happened last night when Miley Cyrus showed up at a Juicy J concert and twerked on stage. I that hope when the aliens attack they don’t hold this against us.




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Pamela Anderson shot a commercial for the England-based, web hosting service Crazy Domains, and it has been banned in England by the Advertising Standards Authority after they received complaints that the ad was sexist and degrading to women. As you watch the video, try to pinpoint the exact moment a woman is being degraded (hint: you can’t). It’s a shame when unattractive women have to call and complain when they see a woman hotter than them in a commercial. Maybe we should ban that.

Source = The Guardian

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If  your parents are Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin are you turned out ugly, something had has gone horribly wrong.  So I’m glad Ireland Baldwin has appeared to have dodged that bullet.


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January Jones Sweetwater Topless


January Jones is by far the hottest thing on Mad Men (except for this season when she’s been in a fat suit), but unlike her character Betty Draper,  she is staring in a new movie, Sweetwater, where she plays a prostitute avenging the death of her husband. Oh and she’s topless a lot. Did I mention that? That should be a selling point.

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With the exception of Kelly Brook, Lucy Pinder is the queen of the Page 3 Girls.  It seems like every model in England has gigantic boobs without being fat. Get on that, America!


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Polish model and Real Housewives star Joanna Krupa was in Miami this weekend where she decided to go topless at a pool.  Luckily, paparazzi are don’t care about privacy laws, so now we have the pictures for you. Just doing our part to make your Monday better.


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Kelly Brook GQ Turkey


Kelly Brook has dated Billy Zane and Jason Stratham, so she probably won’t be dating us any time soon, so good for us that she poses like this in Vogue Brazil.  If you could design a woman’s body in a lab, it would come out looking like Kelly Brook.


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