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MY EX ID # 14180
Added Feb 14, 2014

Emily "Dani" Brooks

25 years old in Andover, Connecticut

"My ex"

Anonymous 14180 says: Dirty drug addict whore


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10 Responses so far...

  1. slut slayer says:

    Lol…swallow my children!

  2. donovan says:

    How come girls who are very good in playing the trombone have such filthy room?

  3. Law maker says:

    Continue giving her drug’s and fuck a shit out of her dude…

  4. The (Real) Lion says:

    Tell her to clean her fuckin room and lay off the purple helmet!

  5. Mr.Clean says:

    Hate nasty unclean people, Clean it up you PIG!!!

  6. alpha 23 says:

    Fucking slob. Shit lady it looks like your nose is longer than that guys dick.

  7. peckerhead says:

    Herbedroom has that lived in look.

  8. dipshit says:

    That is a monster head.
    I doubt if she could take that up the DIRT TRAIL.

  9. Ralph says:

    Geeze, so you have a picture of her blowing your boyfriend. Jealous much?

  10. YouGuysAreSad says:


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