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MY EX ID # 240
Added Jan 4, 2013

Elizabeth "Liz" Jerry

20 years old in Shelton, Connecticut

"Hot mess!!!"

she is a hot mess, plain and simple. great body!

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  1. waheed says:

    hi pls can u add me at my massenger pls or kik lonleyman2007

  2. YouGuysAreSad says:

    What a sad group of people posting photos of your X?


  3. YouGuysAreSad says:

    Let’s all jerk off to these stupid photos- psyche, no!

  4. alpha 23 says:

    Yes great body. Now let me tell you a story. I have been married for 20 years and for 20 years I have been in love with the same woman, and if my wife found out about it she will kill me.

  5. speeluker says:

    She is attractive… very.

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