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You can read more about our removals policy here.

If you have been submitted to the site as a minor then you must IMMEDIATELY GO TO THE POLICE and report the individual who submitted you.  The police will assist you in validating your claim and getting removed from this site.  You MUST file charges against them for child pornography! has a zero tolerance policy against child pornography!  These individuals must be arrested and prosecuted for the appropriate crime!



  1. What if I was a minor when the pictures were taken?
    Contact law enforcement, file a police report & have law enforcement contact us.
  2. How do I find out who posted these pictures?
    We do not keep any records of the people who post. No emails, IP addresses, or info.
  3. How do I have a post of me removed?
    Click the link in the post that says remove my name & follow the instructions.
  4. What if I own these images not the person who posted them?
    Send us the copyright registration number that you received from the copy right office after you registered the photos. If you do not have a copy right registration number we will ignore your emails.