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MY EX ID # 11719
Added Jan 8, 2014

Melissa "Princess Mel" Stevens

30 years old in Bear, Delaware

"needing a horse or five men"

Anonymous 11719 says: My wife and I have had a curiosity about me filming her doing a horse also one with her doing five men or more. But will not settle for less. Need guys with big stuff to cram it all in one hole at a time she is loose enough to take five in the same hole as well as a horse with it. Interested 3023128528

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6 Responses so far...

  1. metpach07 says:

    Omg that’s it’s one fucked up disguising pussy I think I found proof that there is a super massive black hole at the center of the galaxy. This bitch should fucking kill herself

  2. stupididiot says:

    Your an idiot. I would beat that fat flower pussy up all night.

  3. metpach07 says:

    @stupididiot go right ahead just make you don’t get sucked into a parallel universe

  4. ahornydude says:

    That sounds so hot! I would love to help! I will even by the video if you are willing to sell it!

  5. the marine says:

    Ewwww fuck no that’s one fucked up pussy. I’ve see brain splatter on the road that looks sexier this bitch should kill herself. That thing looks like it smells like road kill

  6. Lissa says:

    not even my number u dumb ass bitch men go fuck a doll all you are perverts

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