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MY EX ID # 2076
Added Jun 25, 2013

Laura Hibbard

20 years old in Harlow, United Kingdom

"A Psycho if there ever was one"

Anonymous2076 says:Casey this girl doesnt know how to be honest. I'm not sure if she ever told me the truth. Apparently one ex was abusive, one ex, she accidentally slept with his twin brother, another ex tried forcing her to get pregnant, it goes on. She even said that at the age of 12 she was raped by her neighbour and had a son, who was then hit by a car while we were going out, but I was never allowed to see or mention him around people because he was in care and it was all meant to be a secret. Im naive, yes, but it was because I like to trust people and she went overboard. Why would someone lie about that sort of thing? She went off to school and she cheated on me and broke things off. Only now have I decided to show these pictures.

People like this cant be honest even if they try. Its like a brain condition. --Casey

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  1. op211112 says:

    shes on facebook and works in waitrose in bishop stortford

  2. Stiff Koch says:

    Jeremy Kyle Show fodder!!

  3. Delroy Frazer says:

    How the fuck do i get hold of her,,, yea she maybe nuts but shite what a bod,,, would love to pound her with my black meat,, and she is local

  4. bigyank says:

    bangin pus pus little tits i like it 7/10

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