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Added Jan 25, 2014

Ruth Jeffery

24 years old in Southampton, United Kingdom

"Ruth Jeffery"

Anonymous 12787 says: Ruth Jeffery, an internet slut who will pose for anyone.

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20 Responses so far...

  1. Matt says:

    Loving her showing off her nakedness in pic 5. Yum x

  2. Matt says:

    a quick search of her found these linkss. wow

  3. big d says:

    Thats a fat pussy

  4. Disqus11111 says:

    This is old stuff being recycled. A few years back this girl went public after someone posted her pics all over the internet. One of the cable channels did a segment on her.

    So what is this bullshit being recirculated now with that crap ass backstory? Some asshole keeps posting these british girls with these bullshit backstories. He digs up photos from girls he doesn’t know, never knew and just found on the internet somewhere and posts them like he actually has some connection to them. This is a revenge site, not a place for some loser stalker, wanker to get his jollies off. Fucking asshole OP

  5. alpha 23 says:

    Slut or not, I would do her. This is a prime piece of meat.

  6. nonya says:

    Yeah,,,, but,,,, she’s british!

  7. Shamus E Cheese says:

    Wow a Brit pussy that isnt as hairy as a baby bigfoot

  8. TRUTH says:

    Very pleasant for a Brit Bitch, I like the shape of her tits and the test looks OK.

  9. TRUTH says:

    Dam spell checker. I,mean twat

  10. speeluker says:

    Boobies make me smile, and her slit she looks like a virgin.

  11. Guru says:

    Another brit that wont smile for the cam because she has those fucked up Brit teeth. What is it? She obviously lives in London or Bradford, maybe Chipping North. GOD! can’t you people see a Dentist?

  12. topdog says:

    @TRUTH do you test all of yours first? and are we talking IQ or blood? pmsl sorry bro couldnt resist

  13. doc says:


  14. lonleyman says:

    hi sweety pls can u add me at massenger or kik lonleyma2007

  15. wazza says:

    fuck off all of you checking her out

  16. ren says:

    I just watched the story of this girl…and the disgusting things someone she trusted did to her. Sadly this is very real and a risk in our society.
    As a mother of 3, I just want to say…. kids these days have to be tech savvy as the www is so accessible. That is not a bad thing in so many ways it opens up a world of knowledge and possibilities.
    So with that knowledge speak to your loved ones!!!!
    I emplore every body to have open dialogue with their children. Even their adult children. At all times. Once something is posted it is there forever. That is the bottom line.
    Smarten up.

  17. John Le Mesurier says:

    Pussy like a chocolate eclair… Lovely!

  18. zikka says:

    links por favor(pls links all pls ,,)

  19. Rose says:

    All you sad sick wankers! You all need professional help! It’s time to get these images off the Internet once and for all, not just for Ruth but for women all over the world who have been victimised by perverts! #teamruth

  20. slagsmasher says:

    #blowme teamruth

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