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MY EX ID # 9184
Added Nov 23, 2013

Georgia Skank

29 years old in Atlanta, Georgia

"Big Boobies Skank"

Anonymous 9184 says: so I have a feeling this girl was banging about every guy around because she is very flirty and was a bartender. she changed jobs to be more respectable, but whatever, once a skank always a skank. so we hooked up a few times and she was okay at sex. she would swallow and I could creampie her, and dont get me wrong, I have banged a bunch of girls, but something always told me she was screwing tons of dudes and I dont want aids, lol. well I had big plans for us that I didnt get to try. I think she was up for a threesome with a buddy of mine cause she is a whore! anyway, she sent me these without me even asking so I am sure a bunch of guys have these, so I want to share them with the world. she has a bf now poor guy but she still texts me. I think I should get more pics from her, lol. who knows, maybe I will hook up with her again, but probably need some rubbers.

yumlet\\\'s see those big boobies!not the best boob pic, but still a boob picyum againnice buttyes she took it in her butt :)

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8 Responses so far...

  1. Aussie Boy says:

    I think you are the whore ! You reckon you know that she’s fucking every man and his dog and you still want sloppy 215ths ! Desperate Dan I reckon sport

  2. Get Real says:

    Not bad but it would have been nice to see some pussy pics.

  3. Reverend Dyke says:

    Let us all bow our heads and pray for the souls of these heathen bastards who frequent this website and destroy the lives of many. Amen!

  4. McLovin says:

    Very nice ass

  5. Craig says:

    Ho lee shit, I fucked this girl. Haha. She was good as in letting me do whatever. I think she liked an alpha male. Good luck all.

  6. althehat777 says:


  7. Korzuh says:

    WOuldn’t Mind Sliding my cock inside her ass!!.

  8. brady says:

    Damn, I may have seen her out. I think I’ll make a move and see if she is indeed a Georgia skank.

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