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Added Apr 21, 2013

Ashley Soltyshak

in New Plymouth, Idaho


I loved her but she loved sending naked pics to any guy who asked her for em. Then she says they blackmailed her. Come to find out she sent em cuz shes was fucking them. I hate her!

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  1. Chad says:

    id hit it.

  2. Mike Wills says:

    Id fuck her big titty ass in a heartbeat

  3. Young says:

    I have so many more nudes of this chick. Some of her sticking bottles in her pussy.

  4. speeluker says:

    Ashley Pinson, that’s her maiden name I slept with her mom Melanie Pinson, and her little brother is Joshua and her big sister is Heather. She did hated me because I picked her mom up at Mr Q’s in Boise, they all hated me except Mel.

  5. speeluker says:

    She was 13 when I knew her. Now she’s probably like 30 l don’t know if she remembers me she should remember after all I am the one who bedded her mother on the first night and was cave yodeling and skrogging her all night long

  6. speeluker says:

    Mel starting calling me Titanic and speeluker. Both of the names stuck.

  7. speeluker says:

    Ashley is in her late twenties. In 1994 is when I picked her mother up in the pool hall.

  8. Al says:

    So did you ever fuck this girl?

  9. Al says:

    And this girl is actually only 19 now so I think you have the wrong girl,

  10. spokane says:

  11. Okie says:

    I’d pay her to let me suck her toes. Shes pretty.

  12. Ashley says:

    I’m not a slut, I promise

  13. dbfunguy says:

    If you want to hookup let me know…..

  14. Me Hungry says:

    I want it

  15. Alt says:

    Ashley, who put these up on this site

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