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MY EX ID # 4606
Added Aug 14, 2013

Sarah Miller

30 years old in Oak Lawn, Illinois

"I took her from her husband"

Anonymous 4606 says: I took her from her husband and now she want different then me so here you go

She's a big fan of public bathrooms. That's never a good sign - Casey

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6 Responses so far...

  1. lonleyman says:

    hi sweety i see your pics at MyEx it is very great i hope you add me at my massenger or kik
    lonleyman2007 or facebook ramez ra because im blocked for my add

  2. Really!!!!! says:


    Seriously give it up are you that deaperate to post in every single woman’s pic!!!! Go Kill Yourself.

  3. Mr nice says:

    Yeah lonleyman…….FUCK YOU lol

  4. Bingo! says:

    Let me get this right, you were a cockhole and helped her be a cheater, and get a divorce, and now you’re salty about it? hahahaha, dbag.

    And you didn’t expect her to cheat on you too? you SAW her track record, you were a part of it yourself.

  5. StuckUpBitch says:

    She used the poster to get her divorce … but then he is stupid enough to expect her to be with him ?

  6. johnny says:

    i would have borrowed the slut, fucked her and given her back, why keep a ho bitch

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