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Added Jan 17, 2014

Sierra "CeCe" Stout

18 years old in Goshen, Indiana

"Sierra Stout"

Anonymous 12268 says: This wonderful girl is Sierra Stout from Goshen, IN. At the wonderful age of 18 and has already had sex with 30 plus guys. She was a freak in bed but she dont know how to act so shes going on here.

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45 Responses so far...

  1. TRUTH says:

    We got some big lips here!

  2. mike_nolastname says:

    My gosh !!! Those lips are made for sucking my friend!!!
    Can you say DSL!!!!!
    Just wondering if she’s bedded over 30 cocks…why enter raw?
    That’s not so smart my friend!

  3. Exposed says:

    Meet Me: Search “locals” in Goshen, Indiana
    Kik: Sierra2Cute
    Snapchat: CeCe34
    Facebook: Search “Sierra Stout Indiana”
    Works at: Rue 21, McDonalds, Shoe Show in Goshen, Indiana


  4. Disqus11111 says:

    You could flap those lips and fly away. Major turbulence.

  5. Exposed says:

    She deserves everything she’s getting.
    (574) six 0 six zero 5 zero 9

  6. Exposed says:

    Learned of her many beddings after we had fucked for 3 months. She lied so many times about everything. Caught her texting her exes constantly as well as any guy that would give her attention. Lots of daddy issues. Mom is a heartless bitch. She wrote a list of the guys she’s been with and it 30 off the top of the head!

  7. greg says:

    shit is crazy!

  8. Royce says:

    That’s beyond terrible. 30 guys at 18? Good lord!

  9. The Sheriff of Myex says:

    That’s what I call second hand goods.

  10. Tricky Dick says:

    DSLs… Dick Sucking Lips.. the proof.. photo number 9. And her mouth is cute too. LOL… this girl can get you both ways.. with as blowjob with those pouty lips and with that puffy snatch.

  11. mike_nolastname says:

    My Dude!! I want to thank you for posting these pics bruh! The pics you got of this lil freak is making me think my next bitch must have lips like this. Like my man Tricky says she can get you both ways…
    Thanks for the post!!!

  12. Exposed says:

    You’re welcome my friend. She could sure suck my shaft when she tried. She often times didn’t utilize those DSLs fully though. But man her lips were some eye candy when she was gagging on my long white shaft. I’ll miss both lips the most. Her ass was rather nice too. Just all around a very well rounded chick with amazing sex appeal. Its too bad she couldn’t stay faithful. Watching her facial expression while i was bottoming out was a quite a sight. I have many more pics and even a video.

  13. Tricky Dick says:

    Exposed, my man. You understand the purpose of this site. Before you drop the slut permanently you need to got out with a bang.. An old-fashioned gang bang. If she wants to be a ho, make her be a good ho. Ride her hard and then invite four of your boys to come in and have a turn. Bro, post the other pics and video. I’m ready to put this chocolate fun bunny, in the Ho Hall of Shame.

  14. Exposed says:

    How do i post the remaining pictures?

  15. EASY says:

    Exposed if you really are the OP then you doin good work by holdin it down with a full set of revenge pics and by gettin in the comment section …… good work , usually we all end up hating the OP, so its good to see you doing it the way we wish all OPs would

  16. mike_nolastname says:

    Very Good Work my Man!!!
    I hope the rest of these tards will use your post as a learning tool and stop all the fuckery thats been going on here lately…
    Stop up bro!!!

  17. EASY says:

    HER PUSSY HAS A PUSSY ………….pic 7

  18. Tricky Dick says:

    Exposed.. don’t know now you add to the collection here.. but if you must.. make a Sierra “CeCe” Stout Part 2.

  19. Exposed says:

    Okay I will post a part 2. Time to put ole CeCe in the Hall of Shame.

  20. Exposed says:

    Thanks fellas. Just doing my part around here.

  21. Sexybitch says:

    Dam what a fukin sexy bitch, want those big lips on my clit

  22. killa says:

    she sexy as hell

  23. Hellkart says:

    wheres the video?

  24. rd says:

    If these black women would stop fucking these pussy whipped crybaby white boys they wouldn’t get posted

  25. lonleyman says:

    hi sweety your pics is very great i hope you add me at massenger or kik / lonleyman2007 / or facebook ramez ra because im blocked for new add

  26. LaLa says:

    1606 Tippecanoe Dr.
    Goshen, Indiana

  27. KKK says:

    Bad little nigger girl…live to pass this white dick on you then leave…WHITE POWER YOU FUCKIN SLUT…WHITE POWER

  28. Mike says:

    Them lips and that mouth…. Oh hell naw

  29. Chase says:

    i made this bitch cum all over my bed and made scream my name ;)

  30. White man says:

    Mmmm nothing like a young nigger girl to plant my white seed into…lick that black ass too…even she agrees WHITES ARE BETTER

  31. Southern Pride says:

    Thats some big gums…oooo ooo ah ah

  32. Grand Plumber says:

    Man the things id do to this little black girl…shes got an amazing ass…i would love on that all night then fill her up with my white baby batter

  33. Dude says:

    Boy this is crazy people who ever did this to her god will punish and karma is a bitch

  34. Starr says:

    Wanna a white baby you little nigger girl…we gonna get you jigaboos bwahahaha

  35. White Invasion says:

    Cumm in that black pussy, give her the white seed…black genocide…whiteys taking over

  36. mr.sane says:

    What happened to the others bro

  37. Ass says:

    Any new info on her? Does she still get around?

  38. Dude says:

    I no her she doesn’t even get around dude he was mad because she broke up with him because he was disrespectful to her and her family.

  39. Reverend Dyke says:

    Let us all bow our heads and pray for the salvation of these pornographers who rummage in this sinful website. Amen!

  40. Hoe says:

    I know her. She’s the biggest whore in Elkhart and Goshen. She’s sucked off and fucked like 40 guys! She let my boy do ass to mouth to her disgusting ass.

  41. Deputy Dong says:

    Give that little nigger girl ya white seed buddy…RESERVED FOR THE WHITE MAN

  42. TiberiusT says:

    I would fuck this monkey’s ass, then shit on her to mark my territory

  43. johnny says:

    I want to cum in that beautiful pussy and suck her sexy black titties

  44. Damon says:

    She is gorgeous I love me some chocolate

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