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MY EX ID # 7166
Added Oct 14, 2013

Sasha "Sash" Misson

21 years old in Winchester, Indiana

"Sasha Misson, Indiana\'s biggest Slut!!! Winchester HOE!!!"

Anonymous 7166 says: This girl Sasha Misson is Indianas BIGGEST SLUT!!! She meets guys, have sex with them, steals their money, then do the same thing with the next guy.rnrn After a couple dates and having sex with her twice, she asked me if she could borrow some money. She said she would give it back when she get her next check. works at Walmart, gets paid every week. I liked her a lot and really cared about her. so I let her borrow 100.00. A MONTH later, she still have not gave me my money back. She dont reply to my text, nor answer my calls. Broke my heart and my pockets. So I submitted naked pics of her and a nude video of her for the WHOLE WORLD to see, getting my revenge on this bitch!!! If you're gonna fuck with this slut SHELL FUCK ANYBODY, GO FOR IT! Just DONT let her borrow any money, you'll NEVER see it again. WARNING The bitch get pregnant EVERY YEAR!

Sasha Misson - Indiana Slut -portrait photo 01 -  Myex.comSasha Misson - Indiana Slut -portrait photo 02 -  Myex.comSasha Misson - Indiana Slut -photo -  Myex.comSasha Misson - Indiana Slut -Booty photo 02 -  Myex.comSasha Misson - Indiana Slut -Booty photo 01 -


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6 Responses so far...

  1. w2n says:

    Wasn’t bad, until #8. Those broken thighs killed her for me.

  2. lonleyman says:

    hi sweety your pics is very great i hope you add me at massenger or kik lonleyman2007 or facebook ramez ra because im blocked for my add

  3. Dickdealer says:

    $100 broke ur pockets? Hahahahah faggot

  4. Voyeur says:

    A picture of an ass that could belong to anyone and a video that doesn’t work. Boy, you really showed her!

  5. says:

    I think she is cute as fuck!

  6. Reverend Dyke says:

    Let us all bow our heads and pray for the souls of these heathen bastards who frequent this website and destroy the lives of many. Amen!

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