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MY EX ID # 10239
Added Dec 12, 2013

Jennifer Jensen

19 years old in Aurelia, Iowa

"cheating whore"

Anonymous 10239 says: Well she has tried to be with me 5 times and I am stupid enough to take her back but now its done cheated on me everytime!!!!!

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  1. Jennifer Jensen says:

    This is the girl that owns the photo I would appreciate it if you took my photo off the website. It is not only ruining my life but its also ruining my reputation and career. My lawyers are getting involved. The picture was put on here without my consent. I did not know he still had the photo from 2 years ago. Please take it off.

  2. Reality Checker says:

    Jennifer if you aren’t capable of staying faithful, don’t have a boyfriend. Then again women are naturally selfish so I know it’s hard so here’s your solution. Get a boyfriend who doesn’t mind sharing you so you’re both happy.

  3. Reality Checker says:

    Oh and your pics are probably all over the internet by now so just live with it and remember this is your fault.

  4. Big boss says:

    Jennifer I know who put it on here and I also know this picture is not 2 years old I saw it sent to him

  5. Texas boy says:

    Nice tits Jennifer I love your flat tummy can I please fuck you?

  6. Not an attorney says:

    Jennifer, if you need help taking this down, let me know.

  7. Fucked Her Once says:

    Lol, i was on here cuz a girl i know was on here, then Jennifer popped up. She is a slut. I met her on some website and then she was dying to come over that same day. She came over and i fucked her. She is such a dead fish. Then on top of it was texting some other guy about being with him or something. probably the guy who posted the pics. haha. She isnt worth anything

  8. goober says:

    You whiney women just don’t get it: if you didn’t give the fuck er the picture’ it couldn’t be posted. Duh!

  9. Stiff Kocken says:

    Would love to see that hairbrush handle pushed up her pussy! Nice suckable tits!

  10. lol says:

    Your lawyers are doing a great job getting this taken down. Imagine how many of your friends, family, and coworkers have saved your pics and jerk off to them nightly. You are a star, sexy.

  11. hot says:

    your all over the internet now.. just embrace it!

  12. althehat777 says:

    Yo anon 10239….have you even thought that the other guy was there first and you are the cheater guy….just remember when she is riding you its better than jacking it in mom and pops bathroom….

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