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Added Feb 16, 2014

Aaron Case

32 years old in Sioux City, Iowa


Anonymous 14291 says: No sex drive little dick punk bitch fucker think he be somethin special and be controllin everything with everyone but he not shit. He like to post ads on his wife and everyone else she be involved with but he got his shit comin back to him

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  1. bgg says:

    This is bullshit! 3 pics, 3 different dicks you fucking dumbass!
    Pic #2 is a guy with a hernia.
    Pic# 3 is a guy with dark balls.
    Pic #4 is a guy with light balls.

    Hope the guy fucks you up for trying this shit you fucking bitch.

  2. fatty says:

    although he may be a asshole … but I still would love to do sex with him and get fucked by him …

  3. 8secondride says:

    Jeeze bbg, are u a cock expert? They look the same to me.. If this were my tiny pecker I would cut it off and hope it grows back bigger…

  4. Me says:

    The hell with the rest of the bullshit, look at that buck!

  5. Aaron says:

    Wow those put together would not even add up to what mine is keep posting people Andy and see where it gets you. Not to mention those are clearly different guys in the pics none of which are me except for the one of me with the deer i killed that was taken off my Facebook and not to mention the guys in the pics are clearly somewhat over weight and I am far from being fat. I am guessing at least one of those is Andrew himself since he does have a little teeny weinie. You would think that you would have come up with some more believable pics than that Andy besides you have actual pics of my dick and my wife that you stole out of me and my wife’s phones and computers and have been posting already so why not post the real pics of my shit now. Is it to try and make your self feel better about your self by trying to get people to believe that I am as small as you. Even the first person to comment called bullshit on these pics.

  6. peckerhead says:

    Damn I wish my dick was that big, lucky bastard.

  7. Natasha says:

    Let me start off by saying been with this man ( what would of been 9 years in July married 6 of those, since we split this past August) and i obviously know what his Male parts looks like….. believe you me I can say 100% those are not even close to looking like it.
    Andrew Ruschmann now that the truth has come out I think it’s time to stop the childish Games. For those of us who have children it has taken a toll on them most of all…. time to stop…

  8. bgg says:

    @8secondride You don’t even have to look at the dicks to see its not the same person.
    Pic #2 is of someguy with an inguinal hernia that has dropped to his scrotum.
    Pic #3 dark balls.
    Pic #4 light balls.

    These pics were posted by some sack of shit wanting to smear this guy.

  9. mario says:

    I agree that this is yet another piece of shit posting someone’s face and someone else’s body to try to fuck with someone.
    And I think ’8secondride’ is the pussy that posted this shit. If I were the guy in the pic, I would wait just a little while and then silence your fucking ass permanently.

  10. peckerhead says:

    If it was me Andrew Ruschmann would accidentally fall and break his legs.

  11. Andrew says:

    How did I post this from jail you dumb asses ? You guys are pathetic keep telling your lies and maybe people will believe them. Im done with this site and both of you. Natasha when am I getting the money you owe me ? Since you say shes not my daughter I dont owe you shit for child support like your husband keeps saying. The reason Brandi, Bobo, ect have disappeared is obviously because Aaron has accomplished his mission of blaming everything on me. You lost the last friend you have, now you have to find someone else to believe your lies and borrow you money. Aarons real dick has been posted on here before. Once again you guys are obsessed with my penis, its actually kind of funny . The only thing I hurt last night was my knee when I fell in all the dog shit. Have a nice life i hope you get the mental help you need. I wasnt high last night. I get drug tests and pass, I know you cant. You can read simple assault $167 fine and 12 hours in jail nothing about drugs. You have a nice life and I really hope you find happiness Natasha, I truly do. I said a long time ago you could set up visitation through my sister and never have to talk to me you refused. Just like when I loaned you that money we were supposed to get something as far as visitation in writing. You just kept stringing me along and borrowing me money and like a dumb ass I let you use mefor 10 years now. Your husband is a tough guy but i went to jail last night. You win again. I cant handle all these games you play. I told Aaron maybe you guys could work things out with marriage counseling ? So if im so obsessed with you why did I watch all 3 kids in November and kept them over night so you and Aaron could have some alone time ? What was my angle there ? Anytime you have ever asked for money if I had it you got it. It was much much more than $50 every 3 months. I spent like $600 on her at Christmas alone 2013 and didnt even get to see her. I bought the kids a Wii U in September or October and they have only played it twice. I just spent $100 on Wii stuff at the beginning of February. This was never about you and I, it was about myself and my 9 year old daughter. Ok im done tell some more stories about me to a 9 year old child.

  12. Andrew says:

    The site is 6 hours difference since some people obviously lack math skills its 9:26 pm or 3:26 am . If anyone comes to wear I live im calling the cops because thats what tough guys do

  13. Andrew says:

    These stories have large holes like swiss cheese, probably why I still have never been questioned by police. This has all been going on since November. What evidence they do have dosent point to me. I would have been in jail along time ago. I never claimed to be a criminal mastermind nor am I a computer hacker and I would have a nice cushy job if I was. I couldnt even remember the pin to my own cellphone last night. The one that had texts were you said to come to your house and you wouldnt call the cops. I had no marks on my head, but keep believing your hype. God will punish those responsible and its not this guy

  14. Andrew says:

    and I have offered Natasha access to my computer, she didnt find anything, my phone, email Facebook ect… She signed me up illegally for some internet reputation thing, they called my phone. Thats how I found the sites in mid December. When she 1st had problems with her Iphone way back in June I think ? I offered her my phone, in October I loaned her money for a new phone. If I had total control of her Iphone like they claim then why would I want her to get a new phone ? How do you prove your innocent ? I have felt bad about natasha shitty childhood and her problems. Im not claiming to be a saint, I have my issues. Ive owned up to them and told I was forgiven. We talked for like 2 hours about a month ago. Ive tagged pictures on 4chan for removal. I pray that those responsible are caught soon. This crap has consumed me and I had enough last night. Im sorry the kids witnessed us fighting, I cant handle all these false accusations anymore, its too much. Whomever is doing all of this wins.

  15. Andrew says:

    Shes afraid for her life but shes been alone with me in my apartment and at her house and no im not suggesting anything sexual happened because it didnt. Im sorry for the pain I have caused you in the past but all this internet shit is 100% not me

  16. Aaron J Case says:

    It was posted yesterday dumbass look at the date, you went to jail last night that means you had almost all of yesterday to have done it. Once again nice try regard but not everyone is not as stupid as you. Just think about it if this was posted on the 16th according to the site which is what you say is 6 hours ahead us which means it could not have been posted any later than 6pm on the 16th our time and guess what RETARD you never got arrested untill 8:30 pm our time on the 16th. Who can’t do the math and figure shit out now bitch you were arrested two and a half hours after the sight would have been putting stuff as the 17th. like I said not everyone is as retarded as you and have a functioning brain to figure out something as simple as this ,nice try though to bad your nothing but a failure at most everything you do except posting people to this website and you even fuck up that by not even coming up with convincing photos.

  17. Aaron J Case says:

    And I never called the cops the niebors did because your dumbass woke up everyone on my street with your car if you would not have drawn so much attention to your self and made such a seen the cops would had never been called if it had stayed between me and you you had everyone on my street watching out there windows

  18. Tony says:

    Aaron… LMAO! Dude we went to school together, I seen you in the shower. Man I really hoped that thing would grow by now.. Bummer that your pecker is still tiny..

  19. realbbc says:


  20. 8secondride says:

    Yeah I posted them Mario. I live in Michigan and just randomly know who this poor fucker is from iowa. @,bgg, those are the same cock n balls in all them pics, look at the legs and stomach. Ball sacks change size and color with temperature and arousal. I’m not saying they belong to the Aaron guy because I have no clue? But I do think they are pics of the same junk.

  21. Andrew says:

    I woke all your neighbors up at 8 pm ? Haha you are so lame. I want to hear some more stories. Comments are 6hour difference. Not sure how original posts work I’ve never made one. I wasn’t home most of the weekend. See the posts were the dumb ass keeps asking where my car is at ? It wasn’t at my house, because neither was I. I was on my way home when I stopped at your wife’s house for a few of my things. If you want to do round 2 you know where I live and don’t bring a car full of witnesses tough guy

  22. Aarons mom says:

    Aaron sweetie don’t let these rude people get you down. Your dad feels just terrible about all of this. He feels it’s his fault you were born with the micropenis gene. Really dad was hoping that god awful gene would end with him. As i have always told, it’s not your fault and you have no control over this defect. I am a little irritated as your mother that you would let somebody take pictures of it, why? You take care hunny and try to keep your chin up, and your pants too.

  23. Andrew says:

    Why in all of the responses between you and Natasha my money is never mentioned as well as your shitty parenting and laziness ? You just go on and on about my dick and how you beat me up haha your a joke

  24. Andrew says:

    Ok try to blame that Aaron’s mom post on me it was exact same time as the post I did make. I know her real name

  25. Andrew says:

    The neighbor who called the cops is also your mom. I read the computer screen in the cop car. Complaint called to xxxx st says Andy Rushmore hit her son. Tried calling complainant back and no answer blah blah blah and Natasha quit contacting my brother on Facebook trying to start shit. He punked Aaron’s bitch ass a long time ago and he knows your a crazy lying psycho. Quit trying to start more drama. If you have any brains you don’t want to start shit with Heather and her family. Just a fair warning there, I havnt talked to her in months

  26. Brandi the realest says:

    See more inbred hillbilly bullshit. Did yall eat lead paint by the gallon when you was little. All the schools was prolly coated in it. So who in SUX hasnt fucked your wife Aaron ? haha why dont you man up and admit your bbc and Bobo too Aaron James Case ?

  27. Brandi the realest says:

    Natasha did your stupid hillbilly ass really just tell the world you hit your husband ? Ya now like domestic violence ? Haha cant wait for yall to end up on cops ? Do Aaron hit you crazy ass back ? Stay classy in the sewer yall

  28. Bobo the realest says:

    Aaron what happened to your Facebook ? Was you getting lots of stalkers on there ? haha where is Natasha going to me her next boyfriend if shes not on Facebook or slinging her pussy downtown. I hear mavericks has an opening for a new girl, she would fit right in there. Haha

  29. Aaron the realest says:

    Mommy please dont talk about my teeny pecker anymore. Its the family curse. I tell Brandi not to post real ones, so she find bigger ones to post on here. I got to get ready for my big date, can I borrow the car tmrw ? O be a ggood little boy and borrow gas money to fill it up, I promise. Tony I remember you used to beat me up in school and steal the sandwiches my mommoy made me everyday , not cool bro not cool. Antone have any extra psudeo ?

  30. realbbc says:


  31. realbbc says:


  32. realbbc says:


  33. Brandi says:

    Dumb ass Aaron shut the fuck up everyone can see your obvious teeny pecker. You fantasize that you have a bbc. Maybe you should get a penis enlargement to keep your meth head wife from running all over town fucking other dudes for drug money. Do you guys cook that shit in your basement or hers ?

  34. brandi says:

  35. Observer says:

    Aaron you need to get an order of protection against this person. He sounds mentally unstable

  36. Brandi says:

    Aaron who is natasha husband posted both his wife and her sister

  37. Aaron Case says:

    Brandi please stop spreading the pictures I gave you around. I told you some of them have copywrites on them and your gonna get me in trouble. Natasha beat me up again cuz of all the shit you said. Im gonna go play with my little dick please dont post it on 4 chan anymore, I thought we had an agreement. Why you keep blasting me when I help you ruin natasha live

  38. Andrew says:

    I’m knocking at your door time for round 2 motherfucker. Pussy ass bitch answer your door. After I whoop you ass, I’m fuck your wife and tape it so you can watch how a real man fucks her. I might let you eat my cum out of her pussy if you clean up all the dog shit. Your mommy say it stinks outside because of you lazy ass

  39. Andrew says:

    Hey Aaron should I print some of these pages out and mail them to your mom? Or maybe some of your family members?

  40. BobotheRapist says:

    Jessica post some recent nude pictures so we can compare them to the ones you say are fake. We can then form our own opinions on these pictures. I think you wont because your ashamed of your supposed nice body ? You claim to have a nicer body versus your sister Natasha, time to prove it

  41. BobotheRapist says:

    HAPPY birthday Motherfucker

  42. Natasha says:

    Wow….. Your a bit off…. May want to guess again……

  43. Aaron says:

    Yea were covering our bases really good, right ?

  44. BobotheRapist says:

    Happy Birthday MF am I getting warmer ? Haha and Natasha thanks for responding so I know that your watching the sites. Did you like your new pictures ? Mmm these McDonalds fries are great, did you leave your light on for me again ?

  45. BobotheRapist says:

    Wanna go round 2 babycock?

  46. aaron case says:

    Anytime faggot, bring it on

  47. Radbrad says:

    Way to stuff her puffy muffin!

    Happy late birthday AAron

  48. Natasha says:

    Happy birthday babe

  49. Fuck You says:

    Happy late birthday, I guess I missed the party

  50. BobogetsRAPEDbyhisMOM says:

    Happy Birthday HOLMES

  51. Dozer says:

    Aaron sorry your wifes a whore, you seemed like a good guy. I hope you can find the person you deserve

  52. JessicablowsAndy says:

    Andy this is Jessica. I miss you

  53. Karma says:

    Bobo blows Karla get a life. Nobody believes the stupid shit you post, except maybe Natasha. She’s dumb enough to believe Aaron isn’t doing any of this. so the dumb shit will probably believe just about anything you tell her. The more you post, the more I post. I still have lots of real pictures that havnt been posted yet.

  54. Dozer says:

    Happy birthday Aaron

  55. Ryan says:

    Husband sounds like a Faggot haha this shits funny

  56. Andrew says:

    Husband is a faggot

  57. ggg says:

    This cunt is dumb

  58. Pit Doggy says:

    Aaron is a faggot little bitch. Ask your wife how my dick tastes ? Or maybe you have akready tasted it on her lips

  59. Andrew says:

    I want to fight Aaron again, will somebody give me a ride ? I love the smell of dog shit and whores

  60. Brandi says:

    Aaron when do we release Natasha’s videos ?

  61. Bobo the Homo says:

    Heres a few comments you got on those pics of your wife you posted. How can you do your kids mother like that dawg ?

    By Sandman1973 on Friday, April 11, 2014 – 1:39 pm: Edit Post
    Damn you are a serious hottie. Hope you post more soon

    By Rick51 on Friday, April 11, 2014 – 4:30 pm: Edit Post
    Love your pics especially those boobs and pussy pics.

    By Radbrad on Friday, April 11, 2014 – 7:37 pm: Edit Post
    Love her pierced nips and wet bald cunt!

    By Flirtyndirty on Saturday, April 12, 2014 – 4:31 am: Edit Post
    Hell Yeah.. I do hope that is her “I’m cumming” Face ;-)

    beautiful, shapely, pretty and sexy..

    Hot-hot-Hot !

    By Hardndeep on Saturday, April 12, 2014 – 5:03 pm: Edit Post
    Awesome pics, looks like a great fuck

    By Whatadoggie on Sunday, April 13, 2014 – 4:10 am: Edit Post
    Sexy lady! I got some lotion for her pretty face!

  62. Aaron James case says:

    I love the taste of strange men’s cum fresh out of my whore wives pussy. Sometimes it’s more then one strange man and it’s a fruity cock tail in there. When looking to domesticate a whore make sure she has an excellent parentage

  63. Karma says:

    Ok i’m not even sure where to start. First and foremost your douchebag opinion of me and my actions holds no merit. I have many many friends and a fabulous job. Nothing any of you say or do will get me to stop. I’m obviously accomplishing my goals. Natasha acts like shes ignoring me but I know she reads everything. YOU ARE FAR FROM INNOCENT Mr Douchebag McBride. I don’t need a man to buy me anything, I work hard and buy my many many nice things my own damn self. Natasha LIES, CHEATS, and STEALS. Where are her children when shes out whoring all around town ????

    Natasha thinks she has everything figured out, ask her what will get me to stop ? She would rather play the victim and blame me for airing all her dirty laundry. She needs to grow up, stop being a whore, stop using people, and be a good mother. I know she can be a much better person, and I expect much more from her. She is a drama queen, and thrives on all the attention shes receiving playing the poor victim. Karma is coming back on her 10 fold. Shes had affairs with atleast 4 men while married to Aaron. That’s not a mistake, that’s a series of SELFISH choices. You and Aaron are dumb enough to believe her lies. Stop fucking people over, grow up and be a Mom. Then and only then I might consider stopping. Otherwise what reason do I have to stop this ?????????

  64. Rice o Tony 80 says:

    Aaron is a little dick faggot too, maybe if he was a real man and kept his ho on a leash she wouldn’t be spreading that pussy all over town. Natasha find a real man with a real dick and you will be satisfied, we now your a size queen. That’s understandable sense your pussy is stretched and loose, Hagar. How do other guys dicks taste on your wives lips Aaron ?

  65. Jessica says:

    I WIN, Aaron are you going to tell Natasha the truth about everything now ?

  66. TheHero says:

    I have had an anal fetish since I was about 6 years old. I love men’s buttholes…In my masturbation sessions, for as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed something up my ass. I have always let anyone do it to me in real life..I don’t know why, I guess it’s just a hang up I have. I know it’s stupid.

    Anyway, to the subject. Once when I was about 11 years old I heard a guy making a joke about another guy, saying he was sliding up and down on his bedpost…I was intrigued…”You mean you can actually stick stuff up your butt?”..I began experimenting.. I think the first item I stuck up there was a wash rag. I remember coating the thing in Mom’s hand lotion and slowly working it into my butt. When I slowly pulled it out–IT FELT GREAT!! Especially while stroking my dick and balls…From that point on I was on a mission!! I began to search out phallic symbols in everything. If it was long, round, and had a pointy or round end on it, you can better believe, next time I jacked off, it was going up my butt. I lived in a very small town, and this was way before online shopping. So if you were looking for anal toys you pretty much had to make them.

    I remember one of my first “butt friends”. My Mom had this big bowl of fake wooden fruit. And yep, there was a wooden banana. That puppy and me became good friends. The only problem was the bowl was right on our living room coffee table so I couldn’t keep the thing under my bed. So I couldn’t use it while my parent’s were home or they would see that it was missing. Surprisingly, just yesterday I was at my parent’s house and that bowl of fake fruit is still there, 30 some odd years later. If only they knew how many times that piece of wooden fruit had been up my butt in my younger days!!LOL

    Over time, as I skipped school, to stay home and jack off, I tried just about everything imaginable. My first homemade dildo was a piece of 1 and a half inch PVC pipe. I took one of those old “super bouncer” balls (the old kind that was clear and had all these swirly looking lines in it). I put the ball on the end of the pipe and wrapped the whole thing in this grey electrician’s tape I found. It worked pretty good but that boy was kinda big. At first it would really hurt going in, but as I relaxed and worked it in it would feel great. I fucked the living hell out of my ass with that thang.

    The list grew a lot over time–

    -Broom handles
    -Carrots and cucumbers
    -You absolutely CANNOT get a tomato (even a miniature one) up your butthole.. It just bursts.
    -Real bananas
    -Hairbrush handles
    -Ping pong balls
    -Eggs (only tried this ONCE–stuck two of them up there, one broke in my ass!! I like to have died trying to get that sucker out of me). DO NOT TRY THIS!!!
    -I eyeballed a light bulb once, but after my experience with the eggs I quickly decided not to…
    -I had a miniature pool table once–got eight of them little balls up me one time!!
    -My dad had a hammer that had this cool rubber grip on it that had these little rubber bumps on it…It felt great but damn, that sumbitch was heavy!!
    -R2-D2 toys do NOT work well!! LOL
    -Once I found this wierd automotive flashlight that was long, thin, and ribbed and had this ball-like back end on it. That was a good one!!
    -My Mom had this old back massager. It wasn’t dick shaped, just a big handle with a flat, round metal plate on the end of it. But I found that if I let it rest against whatever was up my butt, the vibrations sent me into a tizzy.
    -Got my first real vibrator at about age 16. I was in another town at a Spencer’s Gifts store. I hung out there for about two hours getting up the nerve to buy it. And, of course, blabbered some bullshit story to the cashier about how it was for a girlfriend. I’m sure he was like “yeah right”….
    -Various other “God knows what” items over the years I can’t remember at this time.
    -I had never even HEARD of anal beads until I was about 23. Saw two girls using them in a porno. I thought “I bet I could make some of those”. I went to a Hobby Lobby and bought every kind of little ball and bead I could find. Rubber balls weren’t too good–they would split when trying to drill a hole through them. But I did find some little wooden balls that were really smooth. Drilled some holes in them and, with a piece of string cut off of a window shade, made a pretty good set of anal beads. You just had to lube them up pretty good.

    What about any of you guys? Any other imaginative folks out there?

    Much love,

  67. Jerry says:

    Never tell your wife shes bad in bed, she will seek out a second opinion

  68. Andrew says:


  69. Andrew rushmann says:

    When was the last time you got a blowing job from your wifey ? That head game is sick bro. I fucked her in your bed with the lacy shot all over it while you was working out of town. I fucked her in my jeep too, maybe if you were not a limp dick 2 pump chump she wouldn’t have fucked half of Sioux city. Was she calling you to tell you she loved you before or after I fucked her ? She would sneak me in the middle of the night so your mommy wouldn’t find out. Your wives a TRICK dawg

  70. Tricky Dicky says:

    Nice knee brace, haha gimp

  71. Rawdawg says:

    Now that your back to work I can go back to fucking your wive. You should have known you don’t marry a crazy chick. She’s a side piece bitch at best man

  72. Shauna Rettig says:



  73. Bobo the RAPIST says:

    Make sure to buy your whore wives sumthin nice for mothers day. Why did you quit posting her pictures on smyw ?

  74. Shauna Rettig 315-725-8611 says:

    GET AT ME 315-725-8611

  75. Andrew says:

    I win your wife is mine. We will spent your child support on lots of nice things, maybe your mommy will let you live with her if you ask nice

  76. The case kids says:

    Daddy I hope you bought Mom something nice today so you guys stop fighting. I hope you cook her something nice. We just want you to be happy and stop fighting

  77. Tyler says:

    As for aaron goes. Anytime you wanna throw im ready

  78. Andrew says:

    Jessica I am vary sorry for posting all this crap and making it look like your involved. I finally told natasha the truth that I act alone and post everything. I tell her the truth about you and me dating now, we don’t have to hide no more, sorry babe.

  79. Aaron says:

    Who let my ho ass wive off her leash ? She got end up pregnant or full of the VD, the bitch is always in heat.

  80. Andrew says:

    Neither Tyler or Aaron are gonna throw cuz your both pussy whipped momma boys. All you do is run your fuckin mouth and make threats. Talk with your hands or shut the fuck up bitch

  81. Tyler says:

    Theres a time and a place and your not gonna bait me in like that andy. And I do recall aaron knocking your ass into a pile of dog shit. I know you get enjoyment out of this but one day you will burn in hell for all of this so enjoy yourself now

  82. Andrew says:

    Yup Aaron beat my cripple ass up and made me eat dog shit. Hes a bigger man then you, feed me roids. I’m going to burn in hell haha thats some funny shit right there. Adulterering whore, home wrecking pussy haha im going to burn in hell thats a good one haha. You have to beleave in God to beleave in hell you fucking idiot, both are about as real as Natasha love. Keep baiting the troll, more shit coming HOLMES

  83. Shauna"TheHero" Rettig says:

    GET AT ME 315-726-4135 OR TEXT

  84. karma bitch says:

    Wow any of you people talking about God and people burining in hell is moronic. They say people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks. Let he who is without sin cast the firsst stone. Adultery used to be a deadly sin, still is in some parts of the world. So what have we done that your little pea size brains think we’re going to burn in hell for ?

  85. Karma 10FOLD bitch says:

    I may be a lot of things but lying, adultery, and a thief is what your wive Natasha is. I know your posting as Tyler and your pathetic Natasha. Your a no good trifling ratchet ass ho

  86. Natasha says:

    Tall b
    How are you doing Natasha care to chat ?
    About ?
    What are you asking ?

    Do you know there are nude pics of you online ?
    Yes i do… someone stone them

    that sucks… sorry to hear that. You doing ok ?

    I am not sure if the little blurb is true…but if you are married is everything ok?
    and anything I can do to make you feel better ?

    Yea it does…not even close to fine

  87. TheHero says:

    Well Today is May 20th. Justin Sure got his on the 19th. And I sure got mine. I inserted a entire car bumper in my anus. I was fisted by a pack of niggers. I even tried to suck on Carl claypooles cock But Carl Said no woman will ever touch him.315-726-4135 What a great event. Half of Pulaski Ny turned out to hammer my ass and Justin got his. May 19th. A magical day for myself.
    卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐

  88. #46 says:

    Justin Castilyn’s court date.

    You can send your cards too:

    434 west cummingham street apartment 2 in butler,pa.

  89. Kevin M says:

    I was there July 24 2009 at the Bandshell and downtown . I don’t know why anyone would lie about the day of their marriage ?

  90. Natasha Kelley says:

    No no that’s the wrong date. We got married June 6th at the courthouse and we celebrated by buying new strap ins to fuck each other’s dirty assholes. I used Aaron’s tears as lube. He’s very talented with a strap on much better then his real dick. Sometimes a girl just needs the real thing so I call up Tyler to make it a threesome now. Does anyone know how to get the dog kennel stench out of my vag ?

  91. Slayer of sluts says:

    If this is really Natasha husband trying to defend her oh the lolz. You call other people retards but you keep taking back a female that cheats on you ? So the real question is what kind of STD do you have that’s preventing you from finding new pussy ? How many makes have pro created with your wife in your bed ? As someone else stated what a train wreck. All aboard that hoooo train choo choo, is you the whistle blower ?

  92. Andrew badass Rushmann says:

    Aaron your mom said dinners ready, if your late again your going to get a spanking and be grounded

  93. Brandi Larson says:

    I too had to leave Aaron because he’s a broke ass and couldn’t fulfill my sexual needs. Maybe you need to fuck some guys like you did in high school Aaron

  94. Karma says:

    I feel really bad for all the children involved. Stuck with 2 worthless, lazy, and selfish fucking parents. Always putting their needs and wants ahead of the kids. Talking about all my bills, it’s called good credit dumbass

  95. Karma says:

    You wouldn’t know anything about good credit it’s like a good woman or a tight vag. You havnt been close to any of it in 9 years playa. Here’s a though sell your shit hole house and move in with your neighbor / mommy. Then you can save up some money and buy Natasha some plastic surgery. Make sure you get a tight leash so she can’t run off on you

  96. Rawdawg says:

    Wow the plot thickens, did you ever figure out who I am Aaron? I just got to thank you for this fine piece of ass that you married. I don’t why you stopped fucking her but she’s nice and easy and you have a comfortable bed. Are you out of town this weekend ?

  97. Aaron case says:

    I’m now gay for pay, gimme a call today 712 two five three 2053 . I will let you cum in my hairy asshole for $200

  98. Aaron case says:

    I may take car parts or guns as a partial trade. If the deal is good enough you can fuck my wive too

  99. Andrew says:

    I will be there in 20 minutes with cash if your Mom throws on a meatloaf dinner

  100. steve says:

    Did you ever notice a funky smell around natasha after her Roller Derby practice ? That would be my semen deep in her asshole. Her breath stink ? Ass to mouth cum dumpster. It was fun while it lasted. Most of you Derby bitches are the same. Starved for attention, easy whores. The ones that ain’t full on dykes anyway. You either the dumbest mother fucker on the planet or you know she been cheating on yoju a long long time dawg

  101. Natasha says:

    Aaron I’m sorry to tell you like this. I’m pregnant and it’s Andy’s I want to be with him. Please stop beating him up, I love him and we happy together

  102. Aaron says:

    I knows you just a dirty worthless whore but we can work through this baby. Nobody else will fuck me so I’m stuck with you. Will you cook me some catfish ?

  103. Aaron says:

    Happy late anniversary babe. I love that tight butt hole. My little cock feels so good pressed between that big ole ass u got

  104. Natasha says:

    Happy Father’s Day , I’m going to be busy all day giving the father and son special down at mavericks. Maybe we can do a late dinner and you can get all the baby batter out of my asshole

  105. Andrea Rushmann says:

    You promised I get to felch all the strange men’s cum out of your dirty butt hole ? You promised

  106. Rawdawg says:

    Thanks for the beautiful and talented piece of ass

  107. Jonah says:

    Aaron you want to know how to stop Natasha lying ? Cram your dick in her mouth, u might need to cram your balls in there too

  108. Karma says:

    Jonah the thief Chinn lives right down the street from Aaron. Crooks got to stick together. So Natasha is fucking him too ? That’s nasty

  109. Jonah says:

    Lol look me up on siouxland lockup bitch! ill beat your ass too

  110. Karma says:

    Real tough man putting hands on a woman. Surprised someone hasn’t knocked them buck teeth out.

  111. Jonah says:

    Bitch can try. Bet you aint got the balls to say that to me cuz you know what would happen

  112. Case kids says:

    Daddy are you not a good wrestler ? Is it cuz you and Jonah are weak ass bitches ? Do you tape mommies wrestling fights to put them on the internet ? We know you need the money for important things like tattoo, guns, and cigarettes

  113. Aaron says:

    Jonah can you cum over tonight ? Watch them teeth my dick is already small enough. If it get smaller even Natashs won’t let me fuck her

  114. Bill says:

    If you knew half of the stuff your wife has got caught doing at work. I always heard stories now I seen pictures. Thanks for sharing her with us.

  115. Karma says:

    Did you blow some shit up in the hillbilly holler ? Spending money you don’t have on fire works ? Always a good idea

  116. Natasha says:

    7122532073 text my husband and tell him what a good little whore I am p

  117. Natasha says:

    Babe I’m sorry I make you broke as the condom that made me. Maybe if you worked a little harder we would still be together. Love you babe

  118. Karma says:

    I wonder where your wife is ?

  119. Karma says:

    Do you want to fuck my wife 7123013333

  120. themcasekids says:

    Mommy we so happy you and Daddy wrestle again are we going to have another little brother ? How come you still wrestle with Tyler and Andy too ?

  121. Bobo says:

    Lol that’s funny shit

  122. Karma says:

    Hilarious stuff right sis

  123. Karma says:

    AUGUST 25, 2014 AT 2:40 PM
    7123013333 I do anything for $20

  124. Aaron says:

    My name is Arron case I am a selfish lazy asshole who never spends any time with my kids. My shitty truck and hunting are way more important then my kids. I only stay with Natasha cuz I can’t get anyone else. Tasha can we have some more kids ? ?

  125. Natasha says:

    You forgot to post that your broke and bad in bed also

  126. Tyler says:

    I wish I had a shitty truck a bunch of guns dogs I don’t feed and a whore for a wife

  127. Aaron the real James case says:

    I can’t afford my wife’s habits anymore. 7123013333 take her off my hands please

  128. Karma says:

    Must suck to be almost 40 broke dead end job and a whore for a wife

  129. Fkkfkk says:

    He only has the hairline of a 40 year old

  130. Aaron Case says:

    Fuck you CUNT
    Where have all the good girls gone. Y do I end up with cheating whores ?

  131. karma says:

    Anyone down for a $10 handie or $20 blowjob ? Find Natasha down at the Hard Rock, rock bottom prices. Don’t try the vag I hear it stinks. She dirty

  132. Karma says:


  133. Adam says:

    Did you really fuck Jessica ? I had a fantasy since high school to fuck them both at the same time. You the man

  134. AaronHEADcoach says:

    I wish I havnt ever had premium pussy unless I pay for it now im broke I only get rachet click click

  135. Andy says:

    Have you found a new ratchet ho yet ? Maybe you get a second job and tighten Natasha leash

  136. TheCaseKids says:

    Daddy are you not a good wrestler ? Why do we keep hearing tag team ratchet when your not around ? Then mommy walks funny the next day and says she sore from practice

  137. Andy says:

    Aaron you fat ass momma give me genital warts. Tell her to get some valtrex and I holla back

  138. Natasha says:

    Honey are you ashamed of me ? How come you don’t visit me at Hard Rock ? Is it cuz I’m fucking my boss ?

  139. Aaron says:

    My kids mom is a retarded disgusting whore. cares about nobody but herself and where she’s gonna get the dick from next. oh well, I fucked her sister, her cousin and three of her best friends. #winning

  140. Bobotgerapist says:

    U now what’s fucked up is Natasha paid twice to get her post took down but all the people she post are still up. Time for a new one cunt

  141. Andy says:

    I’m heading to prison soon just want to update Natasha still a dirty whore and still owes me $10000 dollars. Still see you in your nightmare CUNT

  142. Natasha says:

    Did you know I’m on 10 different websites now ?

  143. WTF says:

    Damn dawg I heard you cut wholes in your wife’s frilly panties and she rams your ass while you cry. No wonder you post her floppy tits and stinky cunt all over the intrrnet

  144. Natasha says:

    That’s some funny shit. I am a cruel heartless bitch and love to mess with people’s head

  145. TheCaseKids says:

    Are you our real Dad we hear Mommy sucked and fucked every dick in the 712 and a few vaginas too. Dad why did you marry a dope whore that cheats on you is that why you beat her ?

  146. WTF says:

    Have you ever turned the phrase you can’t turn a HO into a housewife ? Ho make excellent ex wives. Just some free advice

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