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Christy Lee Pimental
Location: Taunton, Massachusetts
Age: 30
Had some kids with a deadbeat looser....but would still send pics out even when they were together then he dumped her ass. She loves anal an isnt afraid to show her freaky side make you suck on her big toe....

Crazy Ass Bitch

Corie Freshour
Location: Nelsonville, Ohio
Age: 23
This girl has a few screws loose. Shes a habitual liar who genuinely believes her own lies. Dated her for a while and she denies the whole thing ever happened. After first date she said she wanted to wait to have sex, took her home that night and she was all over me. Always sends out nudes, even behind her current boyfriends back. Be warned, guys, while she may be a decent lay, shes desperate for a baby and shell probably make up some story about how you abused her.

In the motel

Marlen Mar
Location: Madrid, Spain
Age: 31
Blonde sucks dick

Green Card Wife

Clare Gonzales
Location: Saint George, Utah
Age: 28
This horrible person married for a green card, then tried to steal everything in the divorce.

Skinny cheat

Alexandria Simpson
Location: Clovis, New Mexico
Age: 25
Found her cheating with the neighborhood.

Baby mom

Jennifer Vasques
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Age: 24
Fuk her...

my hot looking ex jessi

Jessica Grey
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Age: 24
your the best ex ever

When you are with a slut...

Joy Karmelingo
Location: Santa Clarita, California
Age: 27
Its a helluva thing to find a sex tape on your girls computer featuring her and some other guy. Sluts be slutty.

Slutty Fiona black

Fiona Black
Location: Leeds, United Kingdom
Age: 23
this slut fucks anything and everything. she is a whore in bed and lets you do anything you want and i mean anything. she loves being a rag doll for you to use and is great at giving bj and will always swallow.

Stupid idiot

Autumn Grant
Location: Vidor, Texas
Age: 20
She is just stupid. Never dated her, but she has nice tits lol