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she cheated on me

Kelsey Johnson
Location: Vashon, Washington
Age: 21
Anonymous 19511 says: kelsey is a total flirt and is always looking for some dick.

Deep down

Carly Letto
Location: Toronto, Canada
Age: 18
Anonymous 19507 says: Just another slut craving some dick meat

selfish on all levels

Catherine Bruner
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Age: 29
Anonymous 19505 says: She was a great lady but then all things went south plus she doesnt even give good head or fuck that well for that matter


Arlyn Mallo
Location: Tarlac, Philippines
Age: 32
Anonymous 19500 says: married just to get into the USA she gets physical and yelled a lot than she get yelled back she cant take it and blame me for everything

HEATHER Tillman 2006

Heather Tillman
Location: Leesville, Louisiana
Age: 42
Anonymous 19499 says: she love to suck all the dicks

Bridgette kolesar - Sick-cock hungry old woman!

Bridgette Kolesar
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Age: 49
Anonymous 19498 says: met online. Lied to me about her age. Sent me photos. We met in person. Had sex once. Found out about her real age from her drivers license. never called her back. fake bitch.

Stupidest Slut you\'ll ever meet!

Jamie Norton
Location: Conyers, Georgia
Age: 30
faceAnonymous 19496 says: Dumb dumb and more dumb. Worst sex of my life and her pussy has to be the ugliest thing Ive ever seen....Make sure to stay strapped up cause this bitch gets around.


Tiff Mottola
Location: Mahopac, New York
Age: 18
lolAnonymous 19494 says: this bitch ruined mad peoples lives

Slept with my best friend!

Meghan Williamson
Location: Rochester, New York
Age: 36
Anonymous 19491 says: She slept with my best friend.

Fucked my best friend while we were together

Eileen Valerio
Location: Rochester, New York
Age: 27
Anonymous 19489 says: Lying cheating whore.