Alli M.

From Tennessee, United States at Age 25

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Ex co-worker

she said she wanted a fwb relationship but when we fooled around we both felt something more. she …then insisted on just being friends since she was scared of getting feelings. next thing i know shes calling and wantin to fuck. 2 days later she ends it again so she can fuck who she wants while on vacation.
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From Michigan, United States at Age 38

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Anthony Vanraalte: Scam Artist, Rapist, and Skirt Chaser Extraordinaire

He owes me at least enough to pay off my bills and student loans. Raped me when I was drunk but I …was bullied out of reporting it by him. Cheated on me after I got him enough money to get an apartment and food to stop being homeless while he was living in a van. Manipulated me into using my student loan to buy him /"us" a car and refuses to give it back or pay for it and threatens to wreck it. Has raped drunk women and raped his ex wife because the anal sex started to hurt her but he was close so an orgasm was worth more than her pain. Will take sewing commissions then use your money to buy lightsabers Now constantly preys on girls under 25 and has had 4 kids and does under table jobs so he doesn't have to pay. He takes money and never pays you back then makes you miserable and blames it all on you. Convinces all your friends you're horrible and have them all talk behind your back and he will as well to twist the story.
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Jenna Marchant

From Georgia, United States at Age 24

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Old ex, had some fun

A girl I used to work with, now she is gone and found somebody new. doesn't mean that I can't show …off some fun pictures we had together
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Lauren Knowlton (Cowens)

From Florida, United States at Age 25

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Fucktarded Ugly Crackhead looking Cunt

I dated her at one time, If I knew then what I know now, it probably wouldn't have never happened. …she likes fucking guys even when she was supposed to be in relationships. she has been doing it for several years. Thought she could get some money from me for sending me these nudes. now time to make her infamous. the final point on her miserable existence where even her family refuses to help her.
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From New York, United States at Age 54

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Hot amaateur blonde sucking cock

sex maniac that loves to suck cock and swallows every drop of cum
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From Missouri, United States at Age 35

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"This fake slut wants to be famous, so heres your chance"

Gotta be the biggest fake Ive ever known in my entire life,, the 1 thing that isnt fake about her is …shes a real dirty whore.... She fucked a coworker that she was a manager over, was fucking multiple guys and hiding it from all, and took on 2 younger guys at the same time.... She tries too act like shes a class act but I know the truth behind this fake!
28 votes

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