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She loves to show herself to everyone.

Sara Havs
Location: Englewood, Colorado
Age: 18
She is a girl that wants to be known by the friends and for them to watch her without anything on.

i loved that ass

Kaeli Reiff
Location: Cottage Grove, Minnesota
Age: 21
ass2she left me so here is her


Lauren Follano
Location: Albany, New York
Age: 25
SlutLittle whore

ho bag

Caitlyn Kelly
Location: Strathmore, Canada
Age: 24
this chick is dirty whore. guys add her to facebook. message her she will send you anything you want. swear. even when she hss a man. she deserves to be on here.

Women Come In All Shapes and Sizes

Amanda Grimm
Location: Roswell, New Mexico
Age: 25
EwwNot much to tell. This girl found me online and started trying to get me to marry her. Needless to say, I got what I wanted, these pictures, and have blocked her number.

Kinky as hell

Natasha Cockram
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Age: 22
Love banging her. Shes a freak.


Erika Kunkel
Location: Norman, Oklahoma
Age: 22
Shes a fun fuck and always let me nut in her ass. Going strong.

my co worker COMMENTS!!!

Lillian Bonds
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Age: 24
nice nipples. round butt. DSL. tramp stamp. COMMENTS PLEASE.

Trashy Smut

Kanisha Pintagro
Location: Jamestown, New York
Age: 25
This smut I dated for 5 years off and on. She would break up with me every other month just to get a different dick then come running back to me. She cheated on me the first month we started dating. Called me on night to come spend the night and left a used condom on her floor. Now she likes to harass my fiance even thou its been four years since. Even while she has a man she still wants all the attention from every penis in town. Dresses in the trashiest outfit even when she was 9 month pregnant. biggest mistake of my life. DOnt trust this trashy mud shark.

Would send me nude photos

Monica Castillo
Location: Pharr, Texas
Age: 22

she is not what you say she is wow this is not good at all and these pictures should have not been put on here to begin with
Dis bitch loved it in her ass. She was to loose to get off in the pink. had to go get her clit pieced so she could get off. last i heard she was selling herself to a guy in buffalo to rub and suck her toes, while her man was at work. She gave me the clap a few times.
the OP is obviously a dumb fuck from hell, and fucked himself up for posting these, now she'll never fuck him again. it's obvious she didn't want a commitment, she's young at 20 and wanting to experiment around and not ready for anything serious. she's gorgeous though, and putting her on blast for stupid ass reasons is bullshit. you done fucked up son.. LMFAO!! hope she get her male friends and family members to kick your fucking ass, loser!
Named after Polish general in revolutionary war I think he stopped there made out with some of local girls
Yeah OP you are the good samaritan... bullshit. OP must be the wife or gf of this hoe's man. Posting her doesn't give you closure you grieving skank. Do not get mad... get fucking even. By the way support your local city cop in choke holding sluts and skanks roaming this site.
George listen I need to tell you that me and her had a sexual relationship for sometime while the two of you were together. Its true I'm a truck driver and she would meet up with me at the truck stop and climb in the back of my cab. Someone sent me this to read your ramblings. I'm sorry man but I thought you should know about me as well. ~Randy~