From Illinois, United States at Age 21

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Ho-bag from tinder/fetlife

Matched with this slutbag on Tinder, almost met up with her until I saw her pictures on fetlife …getting drilled by many dudes with no condom. Sorry babe, you ain't hot enough to risk Herpes. She'll literally fuck any dude. Trust me.
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Emina Mecan

From Ostfold, Norway at Age 23

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Emina Mecan

BITCH who do not keep her promise, at least not send any money to her account. Then you will be …fooled, promises to send both the one and the other but you get nothing .....
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From Uttar Pradesh, India at Age 25

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My ex is a good lover

I loved my ex and she loved me too but we could no get married for complex reasons. We still used to …meet in private even after our marriages to different partners and she is totally in love with me. Infact, her I am the actual father of her first baby. Both of us wanted to have a baby and we want to keep it a secret.
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From Granada, Nicaragua at Age 42

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Fucked me for my money

bitch, fucked me and acted like she loved me i thought i was going ti marry and then one day she …disappeared and went to Miami.
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Isabel serna

From Texas, United States at Age 23

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Ice head whore

This hoe was a good fuck, easy too et her to send nudes shitty parent tho ...
2,154 votes


From Alberta, Canada at Age 31

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Hot Ex Steph

My hot Ex Crazy but hot a hell
2,401 votes

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