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My bitch

Amanda Jane
Location: Acton, California
Age: 27
She is awesome in bed

Meg Owen

Meg Owen
Location: Midland, Michigan
Age: 19
MegShe was a good fuck.

Found her online

Elizabeth Darrah
Location: Saint John, Canada
Age: 24
Found this girl on a fetish dating site and got her to send some photos before she up and vanished. Didnt take long to find her info.

Kate upton, fuxk yeah

Kate Upton
Location: Auburn, Alabama
Age: 22
Cheated on me with Jason verlander. Fuck my life

Gold digging Thai slut

Yothakan Thatwisai
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Age: 37
Thought I was in love with her, but all she wanted from me was money


Amber Martin
Location: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Age: 21
Shes a slut and thats about it

Kingsways most well known

Gabriella Rosario
Location: Swedesboro, New Jersey
Age: 18
Cheated on me with my best friend as well as with the rest of my schools black population

Small town slut

Allie Shoop
Location: Columbus, Indiana
Age: 18
Fucked her a few times, then she decides she wants to be a good little girl. Once a slut always a slut. Shame to she was pretty good in bed, however I am confident that one day I will once again have this bitch again

crazy fat ex works at stooges yall

Kristen Despain
Location: Mount Washington, Kentucky
Age: 24
met this one a year and a half ago we been dating since then. fucked her on the first night she came to my house while my room mate and her friend listen to me beat it up. she was hooked and came back for more just about everyday it was fun at first but not no more. she gives head and takes it in the ass i give her props for that. but her sucking dick skills are bad and she sucks at having sex. its like a beached wale she just sit there. give her a few drinks flirt and go in for the kill she is easy and spreads her legs like no other. her pretty pussy went from a pretty pink color to some bad hamburger that was left out looking color apparently she has some kind of transmitted sexually transmitted bacteria which is why she always has yeast infections all the time which leads me to belive shes been screwing around and another reason why she wasnt giving it the past two months or so like she use to. crazy bitch will use you oh and hide your money fellas she will take it lmfao.

Warned you Jessia Eden Shord

Jessia Shord
Location: Williamston, South Carolina
Age: 18
Shaking my head baby girl.