Loyal Petslave

From Central Singapore , Singapore at Age 22

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Shes my loyal pet slave, 22yo

I loved to share my pet slave naked pict. Shes loyal, will do anything that i command. Shes still in …training. Hopefully this will help her. Enjoy
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Melissa Dix

From Alabama, United States at Age 39

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Ungrateful lying whore

Within 24 hours of me getting her out of jail, she was back shacking up with her abusive, drug …dealing ex under the guise of seeing to a dying grandfather then later as doing home health care. She did this for months periodically coming back to my town to bang me, use my car and hit me up for money. I had to find out from her mom.
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Jennifer Elliott

From California, United States at Age 30

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She likes either the dick or pussy. Puts those two in front of taking care of her children. She …thinks shes a model which is a joke. She doesnt even get paid. Ha
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Consuelo Caraballo

From Ontario, Canada at Age 27

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My wife fucking her lover

I met this whore in Colombia in 2008 and married her in 2012 and brought her to canada in 2013. She …was dirt poor and starving in cartagena. She joined ashley madison and had affairs with several men which i found on her laptop. she moved in with one of them. this video was taken a year before she left me for her th lover.
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Val Dawn

From Alberta, Canada at Age 23

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Rave slut

meet this girl at a rave we talked a bit she texted me these pics and asked me to come to the …washroom with here and hadsome pretty wild sex, i love sluts
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