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Cara Hopkins

Cara Hopkins
Location: Moreno Valley, California
Age: 24
Enough said

Slut who does military guys!

Julle Lapierre
Location: Scott Air Force Base, Illinois
Age: 35
She loves to be pick up in bars every weekend...loves to be use as a slut

Sexy thin freak

Jana Bardell
Location: Halifax, Canada
Age: 21
Dirty little girl, loves riding friends.

Italian Slut WIfe From Verona

Barbara Birt
Location: Verona, Italy
Age: 43
I fucked this slut wife for years, now that our story finished i post her for your comments,

Dumbass hoe

Tina Whittmore
Location: Strongsville, Ohio
Age: 23
She is such a unfit mother. She rather do drugs and party than take care of her daughter. Shes the real definition of a hoe. She tried to pussy trap me and get me to get her pregnant, only to find out that her ex gave her a U.T.I.

35 years old my cute ex

Bozena Wilczek
Location: Oberhausen, Stadt, Germany
Age: 35

Old slut still whoring around

Gloria Hart
Location: Weaver, Alabama
Age: 57
Fucks anything that moves. Posted me so Im posting her...own it whore

Rutgers Girl Gone Bad

Chelsea Meyers
Location: New Brunswick, New Jersey
Age: 22

Bipolar lying pilled up whore!

Sylvia Emly
Location: Melbourne, Florida
Age: 25
This girl is a liar and she uses people to get what she wants. She did porn before and now shes back at it doing porn again.

Bipolar Superficial Whore

Kendall Mason
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Age: 19
Me and this girl have been sexting back and forth for years, it finally has reached its end so i thought id share her pictures