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Ex Stripper turned whore

Tiffany Gardner
Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Age: 28
1Tiffany used to be a stripper before me. With me she was down for threeomes, gangbangs, whatever.

dirty slut from caledonia

Stephanie Veldman
Location: Hamilton, Canada
Age: 26
I fucked this girl while her bf was away working lol


Samantha Mclaughlin
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Age: 19
Fucked allmost everyone at work

just another slut

Veronica Casanova
Location: Agua Dulce, Mexico
Age: 21
slut sucker

Pyscho Whore

Alicia Andrews
Location: Dana Point, California
Age: 36
Psycho SkankLikes to steal all your shit and likes posting hundreds of fake craigslist ads

She has a really tight pussy

Josslyn Ortega
Location: Alamo, Texas
Age: 18
Big titts and her pussy is tight and her ass is pretty big

Insane crazy slut

Laura Anne Charbonneau
Location: Montreal-Est, Canada
Age: 26
Pretended to pregnant for months. Threatened taking me to court. Sent borderline threatening messages to random girls on my facebook telling them to stay away from her baby daddy. She lives on Hector Street in East Montrealrnrn...I didnt even date the whore. We just got drunk and fucked a few times.

Unappreciative Lying Hoe

Katie Usery
Location: Salem, Missouri
Age: 18
Just an all out unappreciative, lying, whore. Will use you for money, food, shelter and then take whatever else she can. She is bi sexual but denies it. She will be 2 faced to you, tell you she loves you while she is texting 5 other guys. Doesnt go to school, no job,living under moms roof. Into drugs, partying and drinking every night. Shes a hell of a good liar. If she doesnt like you she will ger her friends to call you and harrass you 247. The sex isnt even that great...might as well go fuck a blow up doll...big tits only good thing

her nudes

Blair Flanders
Location: Frederick, Maryland
Age: 18
she said she dont care if i put em up so here u go

pink pussy and sweet redheads

Elisabeth Wilkinson
Location: Topeka, Kansas
Age: 31
we thought it would be fun and sexy and she likes their own to look at the bodyshe has pink my skin and big boobs an her pussy tastes like candy