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Dirty & Kinky Asian Slut ... (Part 1) (33 Pics)

Jasmine Wong
Location: Toronto, Canada
Age: 26
Anonymous 20795 says: Jasmine Wong, 26 years old, half Chinese half Vietnamese. This slutty whore is married. She cheated on her husband with me, rnrnand now she dumped me for another guy another lover. We were seeing each other for almost a year and I got to fuck the rnrnshit out of her holes, used her any way I wanted, took tons of pictures and videos. Now, since she got bored of me and left me rnrnfor another lover, Im getting my sweet revenge by exposing this whore, yeah!rnEnjoy!

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Sonny Rice
Location: Anaheim, California
Age: 27
Anonymous 20792 says: Slut sucking for a nut

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Erin Sedei
Location: Alliance, Ohio
Age: 24
Anonymous 20791 says: The bitch cheated on me a bunch of guy and gave me a std! Biggest slut ever!

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Gina Peltier
Location: Driscoll, North Dakota
Age: 19
Anonymous 20790 says: Uses people

Slut Karen Stuart

Karen Stuart
Location: Bendigo, Australia
Age: 50
A slut\\\'s pretty face.Anonymous 20789 says: This bitch will fuck anything that is alive. But she has one of the worlds best cunts. Such delicious cunt meat.

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Megan Kenney
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Age: 22
Anonymous 20787 says: Want to share these photos

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Andrea Abernathy
Location: Russellville, Arkansas
Age: 19
Anonymous 20781 says: Where do I start if she sees any kind of cock she will suck it or fuck it and if you smoke weed oh then your definitely gonna get some

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Sandra Wittrich
Location: Nuremberg, Germany
Age: 27
Anonymous 20778 says: she cheated me and to be honest, she is a real bih

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Jessica Whore
Location: Stafford, Virginia
Age: 26
Anonymous 20777 says: Just another internet whore


Kira K
Location: Martinez, California
Age: 30
slut kmk_4Anonymous 20776 says: Player goldigger cheater