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Known in college as the quiet dick-sucker

Nickole Dawsome
Location: Houston, Texas
Age: 25
Anonymous 20595 says: Met her...sucked my dick in two days, found out she was fucking 3 guys while fucking me. Pussy smelled weird cus of her vag being a cumdumpster. Said she love me but still fucking her ex I stopped caring and only let her suck my dick. Now Im like fuck it and fuck her. Caught her cheating via text...had pics of another dick in her phoneiPad. rnrnIf youre ever in houston, look up Nicole Dawson...phat ass and you can do anal, she gives great bjs, she swallows too. An easy fuck....get her 2 shots and youre in!!!

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Tiana Somebitch
Location: Gosford, Australia
Age: 23
Anonymous 20582 says: Annoying clingy bitch, wants something serious but then just roots around. Never got to that point, she just wouldnt shut up.

Charlotte Kinsella | Manchester

Charlotte Kinsella
Location: Aghagallon, United Kingdom
Age: 20
Anonymous 20577 says: slut shaming


Riza Juanico Liz Ds
Location: Manila, Philippines
Age: 26
Anonymous 20575 says: slut 63 928 124 5711 rn65 8164 2646

Internet Prick Teaser!

Alexandra Vizcaya
Location: Cayucos, California
Age: 20
Anonymous 20570 says: This bitch is admittedly hot as shit, but is an internet attention seeking cunt of an addict!! She loves to flirt and lead guys on and if you beg long enough may eventually send you nudes of her... saving you the trouble! lmfao!! rnTell her you saw nudes of her on the internet..... somewhere! rnShould totally fuck the prissy bitch up!!

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Autumn Balling
Location: Miami, Florida
Age: 23
Anonymous 20569 says: Ex wife, she was a huge whore, but amazing fuck


Nadz Mansfield
Location: Mansfield Woodhouse, United Kingdom
Age: 27
Anonymous 20568 says: traitor

My Sweet Ex ;)

Kinga Janicka
Location: Mierzecice, Poland
Age: 22
Anonymous 20565 says: Moja bya, miego przegldaniarnMy ex, please, enjoy


Alondra Rivera
Location: New Haven, Connecticut
Age: 35
sexyAnonymous 20564 says: she love to be exposed , enjoy it

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Savanna Marie
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Age: 18
Anonymous 20563 says: she was not only a prostitute but also a sex whore to loades of guys she wanted cock 247 even if i was her boyfriendrnshe also gos by savanna schap