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Kate Rodgers

Kate Rodgers
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Age: 19
Fat tittiesAnonymous 18997 says: She is a slut in town

paige ashley

Paige Ashley
Location: Anderson, South Carolina
Age: 18
Anonymous 18993 says: Paige is a stupid whore who will fuck anyone and everyone that asks her to or someone that can get her attention

Wendy Chen gets rooted deeply

Wendy Chen
Location: San Francisco, California
Age: 22
Anonymous 18990 says: So here we are...rnrnWendy comes from Taiwan. She likes oil painting and art, photography. But get this, she works at Wells Fargo in San Leandro. Association with Bancroft.rnrnYoure very clever. Very good artist.

girl I meet online

Mandi Latizio
Location: La Place, Louisiana
Age: 22
Anonymous 18989 says: Just meet her online and she started randomly sending me pics will post more if I get more

Horny little babe miss her like crazy

Jenna Jameson
Location: Buffalo, New York
Age: 19
Anonymous 18986 says: This ex of mine left me for a guy with a nice ride rnI guess she likes the high end lifeStyle haha

Jennifer Ezzo from Akron NY

Jennifer Ezzo
Location: Akron, New York
Age: 30
Anonymous 18983 says: Lying, cheating BBW. Life long friends with her fiance and cheats on him with a guy at her work whose she known for a few months. rn


Amanda Gomez
Location: Baytown, Texas
Age: 18
Anonymous 18981 says: she is a slut

Probably seen her loads on many sites but I dated her.

Vicky Macauly
Location: Dunbartonshire, United Kingdom
Age: 24
Anonymous 18978 says: I knew and dated her a while back, she is quite the whore, sleeping around, so hes a few pictures from my phone.

Nude ex-GF

Kim Balanay
Location: Sacramento, California
Age: 27
Anonymous 18976 says: She was a harlot who stole my heart and then blasted these pics to other who then ended up sharing them with me.

Big tit slut loves all cock esp. BBC

Paige Yates
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Age: 29
Anonymous 18974 says: I knew Paige a few years ago. One of the best fucks Ive ever had and could suck a dick better than any girl Ive ever had. She was 57, constantly changing hairstyle punk girl, big tits, chubby, nice ass and dick sucking lips. Did lots of phone sex. Loved fucking her while she told me about other guys she had fucked. White girl but loved bbc, lost her cherry to a bbc. I still jack off thinking about having sex with her.