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Vanessa Villarreal

Vanessa Villarreal
Location: Escondido, California
Age: 24
Vanessa loves cock


Tammie Noakes
Location: Enid, Oklahoma
Age: 39
Tammie just loved sending me panty pics!

Slutty wannabe model

Brie Sesseli
Location: Los Angeles, California
Age: 26
Slutty wannabe model with some nice big tits, thought shed belong on here!

Will sleep with anyone for money

Jon Sampson
Location: Kissimmee, Florida
Age: 35
She love cock but mostly black or hispanic! Take her out once and you can have all the herpes you want!rn She thinks she can be a pro model but model mayhem doesnt make you a model.


Claudia Krischka
Location: Eisenstadt, Austria
Age: 45
Claudia KrischkaThe fuckslut Claudia Krischka cheated

ex will fuck you just for a place to stay

Tia Foster
Location: Dallas, Texas
Age: 30
She a whore. Will tell you anything you want to here to get you. Truth is she has no education, no car , no license , no job and no place to stay. The 1st time I ever said no I cant help. She started fucking someone else. Soulmates ha !

Kaitlynn Phill

Kaitlynn Phill
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Age: 21
Love to lick cum off her fingers

She thinks she's hot

Amber Johnson
Location: Inwood, New York
Age: 24
This hoe thinks shes perfect

Red headed slut

Alexis Cochran
Location: Grants Pass, Oregon
Age: 20
Dated her on and off for years she got a two year old baby with some guy but he not even the father she thinks cuz she got raped so many times and thinks the baby from the one guy who raped her, she did herion, and other drugs, cheats every chance she can get fucked her ex fianc best friend and tried to get back with me sent me a lot of nudes and web camed me all the dam time she got some shit called pid witch is practitly an std she had 2 or 3 babies die already she has a bf right now bit he went away and she mesaged me sent me more nudes and says she wanna fuck me and shit shes a total slut and her younger brother in jail for touching a 4 year old girls ass and wanted to do shit to her can u say fucked up family had a lot more pics but deleted them

She cheated on me with my friend

Mary Hayes
Location: Blakely, Georgia
Age: 20
One day we were having sex and she felt loose. Then she told me my friend was a lot bigger than me.