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mother of the year

Arianna Koziar
Location: Butler, Pennsylvania
Age: 26
Anonymous 20056 says: Meet ariana koziar.this girl lies cheats on every guy shes with. She beats her kids locks them in there room. Her aparment is trashed infested with bed bugs. He vagina reaks. She has 3 kids 2 difrent daddies. Gave up her yoyngest


Mandy Perez
Location: Fort Myers, Florida
Age: 18
Anonymous 20052 says: Left town for work only to find out she been getting dick while I was gone

I ruined her

Lindsay Thurston
Location: Broughton, United Kingdom
Age: 18
slutAnonymous 20050 says: Slut that will fuck anything. She is sick

Freak Nasty

LaToya LJ
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
Age: 37
Anonymous 20048 says: I have been dating this woman for a while now. Shes offered to do many things to me and for me threeways, her best friend, quads,the whole nine. Not to mentions when we first started having sex, she was a married woman in need of some good dick. Needless to say, years later,we are still fucking around. I mean, she will come anywhere I am to get a taste of me. This bitch has licked the crack of my ass I did enjoy it but I have others that do it better. She will NOT leave me alone. It used to be fun, I used to enjoy it, but hey, it got old and its just free pussy at this point. Ill be seeing her this upcoming week...

Such an angel

Christina Dalli
Location: New Port Richey, Florida
Age: 31
Anonymous 20041 says: Hit her up guys and ask her for a fuck


Emily Sample
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Age: 18
Anonymous 20040 says: Will fuck you if you make her a sandwich. rnrnLoves dick.rnrnLoves anal. rnrnrnShe had sex with a plunger in the bathroom once. rnrnKind of a sex nympho freak

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Bella Watson
Location: Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
Age: 18
Anonymous 20039 says: She sends nudes 2 every1

Cheated on every guy she dated

Lynn Hoang
Location: Sacramento, California
Age: 28
Anonymous 20038 says: Fuckin whore cheated on me and every other guy she was with. Even tried to hook up with her friends boyfriends while she was with me. Ho talks shit constantly about everyone. Parties hard. Drinks like a fuckin fountain.


Carmen Martin
Location: Listuguj, Canada
Age: 23
Anonymous 20037 says: Fucks everyone and will do anything, easy slut rn

slutty cunt

Trisha Myers
Location: Agenda, Kansas
Age: 20
Anonymous 20036 says: she led me on. had a kid then she moved onto next guy. she willing to do anything