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Law Santiago
Location: Bronx, New York
Age: 28
Anonymous 19343 says: just sharing

6 foot cocksucker

Diana Trigila
Location: Port Chester, New York
Age: 23
Anonymous 19340 says: This bitch sucked my dick everyday. Look at the beak on her nose slam her ass hard. I even slap her up stupid slut. She cant stop cheating and sucking dicks.she puts all her thongs in a little white basket in her room i cum in them before lol. She smells great nice ass gives alot of head and is just stupid whore that cant stop putting on costumes snd opening her legs.

Dirty-Butt Whore

Bethany Hutt
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Age: 28
Anonymous 19339 says: Well in Oct of 2013 she went to and started a profile to meet me ppl. Mean while we are together. She meet a guy by the name John Wolfe and started a relationship with him. She and I would hang out til 9 or 10pm then I would go home, then she would have this John guy come over or she would wake our daughter up and run out the door at 11 or 12pm. She is such a great mother. Well I found out that this has been going on from her mother back on valentines day.

Chanel Brewer Brown Likes the Black Dick!!!

Chanel Brown
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Age: 22
Anonymous 19334 says: Chanel Brewer Brown is a liar and a cheater. Believe me I know because we have been fucking behind her dudes back for the past few months. I have even included a photo of the dumb idiot who actually married this cunt because I want the world to know what kind of hoe she really is. She actually loves the black dick hahaha

Shes such a sexy bitch

Lebo Cele
Location: Durban, South Africa
Age: 23
leboAnonymous 19332 says: Dated her for over a year she likes ruff riding really crazy in the sack

Cowgirl gone bad!

Alyx Wznick
Location: Fargo, North Dakota
Age: 21
Anonymous 19321 says: this is my x alyx, we were together for 5 yrs n she left me, now its time for payback

More of my ex who left me for my best friend.

Jenna Delashaw
Location: Thonotosassa, Florida
Age: 19
Anonymous 19318 says: She left me for my best friend and married him.

Ex gf slut

Melissa Anne
Location: Brick, New Jersey
Age: 24
Anonymous 19313 says: Crazy slut loved calling me daddy

Facebook slut

Ashley Faye
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Age: 20
Anonymous 19312 says: This girl posts pictures of herself nude on facebook all the time! She sent my boyfriend a friend request and when he accepted it these pictures were all over her profile. She wants the world to see her naked so enjoy!

Crazy cheater

Megan Balter
Location: East Lansing, Michigan
Age: 21
Anonymous 19307 says: While we were dating for a very long time she decided to cheat on me with some random guy she just met. now she is engaged and cheating on that guy too.