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I\'m a nasty whore!

Talia Rich
Location: Fairdale, Kentucky
Age: 28
Me at my finest... does it make you wanna throw up to like it does everyone else?Anonymous 20728 says: Found this on my husbands email. She sent this to him just 7 days after we were married! Idk about you but looks like shes so wore out she could fit Baseball bat in her ass and pussy! Can we say yuck to the home wrecking whore!

Don\\\'t Be A Smut

Angie Maugeri
Location: Willingboro, New Jersey
Age: 25
Anonymous 20717 says: This girl is a cunt. Flatout, there is no other way to put it.

Margo Garcia is a huge cunt

Margo Garcia
Location: Amarillo, Texas
Age: 32
Anonymous 20715 says: This slut loved to expose herself everywhere, even when she was pregnant. It would make her wet everytime.

If I can\'t have her then all you guys will have her soon

Rae Minear
Location: Golden, Colorado
Age: 35
Anonymous 20714 says: This slut put me in jail for no reason! She ruined my life


Staci Nicole
Location: Cat Spring, Texas
Age: 19
SleeeepAnonymous 20712 says: Bad...

Kelly Lorraine Hardee

Kelly Hardee
Location: Glen Saint Mary, Florida
Age: 39
Anonymous 20711 says: Casey, Kelly Hardee is an administrative assistant at Florida Gateway College in Lake City, FL. She is a superfreak that likes it all girls, 3somes, 4somes, anal and even DP.

I claim to be a good girl.

Tara Olte
Location: Abbotsford, Wisconsin
Age: 32
Anonymous 20710 says: I have trouble keeping random guys dicks out of my box

Todos Putas e Cornos/ All hookers and horneds

Sandra Cardoso
Location: Dalvares, Portugal
Age: 22
All hornedsAnonymous 20702 says: Todos tm habitos de pr cornos e ser cornudos. A sua ambio serem actores porno. they have habits of putting horns and be cuckolds. They only ambition is to be porn actors.

stay away from that bitch

Jessica Wellington
Location: Acton, United Kingdom
Age: 24
Anonymous 20701 says: she told me all i wanted to hear just to make me love her , to manipulate me and she finally cheated on me. stay away from her, she is poisonous.

Dis bitch iz goodzs

Krista Robinson
Location: Searcy, Arkansas
Age: 23
Anonymous 20658 says: Homegrl can sux a ball tru a wadahose