Victoria Retzer

From California, United States at Age 22

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Queen Bitch Victoria

Not your average low selfesteem whore. This is a very special insecure cunt who has been used and …thrown to the side by so many guys that shes given the word whore a brand new meaning. How stupid can you be, bitch Sending pictures of yourself to a guy you never met or ever hoped to meet, then not expect them to end up online Some people dont tolerate bullshit from trashy bipolar whores so theres a very special place online where scum bags like her get put in her place. She is as low life and worthless as the bums who lurk on this site and troll. She deserves to be in the same place and category as you trolls. I feel sorry for her daughter to grow up knowing her mother is filth. She brought this all upon herself. Moral of the story is, check yourself before you get wrecked online. Learn to behave properly or be thrown to the trolls.
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Xia Leng

From Taiwan, Taiwan at Age 23

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Stereotypical Chinese Girl

A international student. Never leaves the house without a camera and would happily pose in any way …you long has the picture is good..never thought Chinese girls was like this...the pubes sadly put me off a little bit however those tits was worth it..A proper selfie whore i can say. Found these pictures when i was using her laptop..she didnt really hid
134 votes

Elena Istratenko

From Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine at Age 19

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Webcam Girl

Met her on a cam website, we spoke daily, i proposed to marry her at one point, she played me along …while she was dating another guy and speaking to another member who has more money than I have who she eventually met and hooked up with. Played me for money, and I think shes doing the same to guy she is with now. All her ex boyfriends had cash, beware.
237 votes

Mary Hoskins

From Kentucky, United States at Age 43

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Fist of all she cheated on her first husband with me years ago..and we reconnected last year so i …left my home to be with her. she left her second husband the day i hit town.Just like her daughter always looking for the next best thing.. So i go back out of town to sell my house and while im gone she hooks up with someone else and lies to me about it but yet its all over facebook. Well here!!! As bad as it pains me to do this here is her pics id post videos but i got rid of them. This is what you get for cheating on me then not having the guts to tell me the truth!!!!!!
1,269 votes

Jade French

From Northamptonshire, United Kingdom at Age 21

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Jade French From Kettering

This is Jade. She is a dirty little slut as I can testify to when I ransacked her knickers at a …music festival. Skid marks all over the place. But to be fair she hadnt washed for 3 days. Ugh Flabby arse too and tiny squiffy tits. She can be found working in Kettering at the HSS Store. You cant miss her. Pop in and tell her what you think about her body.
1,234 votes

Nicole Boisson

From Alberta, Canada at Age 32

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Cheating wife

This chick was married to my best friend for over 4 years. In that time, she made out with a few …different guys, sexted me and tried to deny it, hooked up with her ex a couple of times, and in the last few months alone, hooked up with two different guys. All this time, my buddy was working like a dog 200 hours a month, paid all the bills, and took care of the kids and housework in the evenings. She blew all the money she made on booze, drugs, and Monster High dolls to the tune of over 1000. Now, shes leaving him, and hasnt even had the guts to tell him. I had to let him know that. This bitch deserves everything shitty in her life, and I look forward to hearing about her failing miserably when karma catches up to her. This is my small contribution to seeing that happen.
925 votes

Jennie Li

From Redbridge, United Kingdom at Age 23

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Being her first Boyfriend, you would think they would behave, however with this girl the moment she …went to uni, she became slut. Sleeping with people almost every night. Caught her in person when i went to surprise her and found her giving someone a blowjob outside her apartment. Nice fuck, nice body and amazing tits Best Ive seen on a Asian Dont get fooled with her young face, 100 slut underneath!
1,032 votes

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