Valerie Worthington

From Alberta, Canada at Age 23

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Girlfriend cheated on me forgot i pictures of her, her mistake

Caught her cheated and found some pictures on my computer, shes a very naughty lady loves dogged …style n when you cum on her face and breasts. Loves cream pies n anal play. Will play with her self for you and during sex. Great deep throat skills and bisexual.
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Nikki McCrimmon

From Georgia, United States at Age 30

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Skanville from the Trailor Park! Cheater Wife

Bitch was sleeping with someone else while we were married! This is the guy she is with now... …settled for some hamburger with a steak at home.
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Caroline Jane Gile

From Washington, United States at Age 18

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Caroline Jane Gile aka CJ Gile

After aborting our baby, Josie... she cheated on me and then dumped me... shes totally fucked in the …head, just saying...
1,286 votes

Lindsey Whaley

From New York, United States at Age 27

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Will sleep with anyone and anything

Super skank who fucks around with anyone. Mostly a groupie slut
1,015 votes

Robin Grant

From South Carolina, United States at Age 35

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Ugly Ass Whore

This nasty bitch will fuck anything. She is engaged to an asshole. He is in and out of jail a lot. …Every time he is in jail she will send out naked pictures in hopes of someone willing to come fuck her ugly ass.
903 votes

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