Brandy McCormick

From Texas, United States at Age 36

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Beautiful personality, Kind, Sweet, Hard-Working, Generous, Respectful of others..............NOT!

BOLO - "1 Adam 12, 1 Adam on the lookout for this women in the Garner area - she is said to …be armed (with a meth pipe) and dangerous (driving a 2500 lb vehicle stoned on meth and weed)". She'd love to work, but it's kinda hard to find a job when you're busy smoking meth, then sleeping for three days. Hey, give her a shout out on FB. Toss her a few bucks for dope and she'll be your love doll for the evening. She has a private trailer and her parents love meeting her new bf's (every other week) .....first trailer I ever seen with a revolving door on it, but what the heck....why not? (just when ya think you seen it all).
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Jennifer Ashley Marie Barker

From Arkansas, United States at Age 31

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Jennifer Ashley Marie Barker

Jennifer is a married mother of 3. She lives in Prairie Grove, AR, and works for JB Hunt. She has …had numerous affairs with both men and women.
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From California, United States at Age 24

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Tinder hoe

i matched this guy on tinder and he sent a bunch of pics to me we eventually did hook up, but i …recently found out he matched all my friends to and has been doing the exact same thing, he also took a secret video of us fucking, and he gave me clamitia, plus his dick is uncoftably fatttt not even in a good way.. his kik is drsues9 i think torchure him haha
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From New York, United States at Age 43

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Crystal was ok at first. Great sex. Fat ass. Cooks and cleans. But as the relationship grew she …showed her true colors. Didn't want to have sex. Entertain a few other men. Allowed her family to be involved in everything we did.
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Suzie Q

From Illinois, United States at Age 35

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Married this cum dumpster....worst mistake of my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were together for close to 10 years. We would have sex all the time and almost anywhere which …was great! She finally got me to agree to marry her and all the sex just up and stopped so I had to find other outlets. I never actually cheated on her but she threw me out after finding out I had gotten a thai massage and thats when I let her have it. I told her that I had gone 6-7 times since we got married, which was a lie, only because I knew she would want a divorce which I got her to pay for half of it. Now I am a hellva lot happier now that this bitch is outta my life for good!
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From Nevada, United States at Age 19

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Whore and cheater

This fat big is the biggest cheater ever.
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Stephanie Reyes

From Massachusetts, United States at Age 24

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Cheated on me after a 5 year relationship

We were dating for 5 years and found out she was having guys over our house while I was working.
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From Distrito Federal, Mexico at Age 25

Helena   image #1

Helena putita universitaria del df

Here I bring you the photos of this 25 year old whore named Helena from Mexico City, most believe …her a serious and decent girl, but the reality is that she is a whole bottle and swallower.
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