From Texas, United States at Age 25

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Such a smokin body!! - Her pussy is tight but her asshole is TIGHT, everyone cums within 30seconds

This is her riding my friends 9.5" thick cock and the rest are of her and random shit
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Barbie Cozby

From Louisiana, United States at Age 47

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Whore of Anacoco, Louisiana

Barbara/Barbie Joan Cozby is the hugest whore to come out of Anacoco/Leesville area. Barbie is pure …evil. It's all about how many different DICKS she can get and how much money/drugs she can get from them. Barbie is a cheater and user BIG TIME. Barbie has put her three ex husbands in huge financial debt. Screwed around on them, ex boyfriends and fiance's. Had her son and daughter taken away by ex husbands due to extreme mental, physical and unsanitary abuse. Has untold amounts of men who text her nude pics of them selves and call her. She'll try reverse psychology, tell you not to be jealous, there just friends. There in actuality her FUCK BUDDIES. Barbie trust to come off as a lady, nope Barbie is a true whore. Barbie fucked no less than three men while with me for six months. Kenneth Lawson, Jason Shields and son idiot named Mark FROM in Alexandria. Have nude pic of Barbie's boobs that she Facebook messaged to Jason. Shields, a married pie faced bald fat fuck fireman, to prove it. Barbie loves to fuck, especially after popping pills or doing meth.
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Dirty wife

From Arkansas, United States at Age 34

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Back page girl

Meet this whore wife off backpage and the hubby has no ideal shes selling that ass she's from the …little rock area
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No name

From Arkansas, United States at Age 23

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Cl whore

Found these pics in a co workers phone she's from the russellville area if anyone knows her post her …name please she's young looking but her pussy is hamburger meat
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