Christopher Carter

From Maryland, United States at Age 25

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Biggest hoe in Maryland

He has nothing but a bunch of hoes texting him. When u are with him he has to put his phone on quiet …hours where he gets no texts messages when u are with him. He lives in a shitty ass apartment that looks filthy. He's the biggest asshole but has no reason to be one. He lies about his dick size and is just disgusting
2,054 votes


From Tennessee, United States at Age 24

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24 year old little boy who only wants fun

24 year old who thinks it's all fun and games, but will never grow up!
1,287 votes

Devin hatfield

From California, United States at Age 22

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Fuckboy cheater and a lier douchebag

Watch out for this piece of crap cheater, he is currently in Okinawa and uses hook up apps on his …phone that his GF doesn't know about "
1,283 votes


From Iowa, United States at Age 40

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This tiny dick cheated

Revenge is sweet! He cheated on me and I have naked pics of him doing all kinds of weird stuff. …LMFAO
3,393 votes

Tony Harris

From Mississippi, United States at Age 55

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Itty Bitty Willy Committee Wanna be Ladies Man

U know how word gets round in a small small town. Well dats how it was wit Tony. He brag bout all da …black pussy he be gettin. Well I had 2 see wat dis nigga had dat dem black brothers not have. He dropped his draws & god have mercy on my old eyes. I thought nigga didn't has no dick. I'm serious. But u know he hads da $$$ & I wanted da $$$. Nigga gots up on me & b4 he cud gets it in he be bustin a nut. Easiest $100 I Eva made. I took it & gots me a rock bigga den his lil dick. Yea I a crack head. But dat be all Tony be foolin wit. He spend his check on us crack heads & be go hungry.
4,847 votes

Travis morgan

From Iowa, United States at Age 32

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Two minute man

I caught him fucking my brothers girlfriend right next to me and my mom riding him i woke up to my …mom eating me while he was fucking her
5,522 votes

Jason Reighn

From Florida, United States at Age 38

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Small dick loser doesn't pay child support

Small dick loser doesn't pay child support. I had a kid with tattoo dork and he rather do crack then …pay child support. I think he has gay tendencies also. Look at his little baby fetus weiner ,ha ha loser
3,808 votes

Jake Alison

From Montana, United States at Age 20

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Fucked my girl while i was away in the military

Fucked my girl while i was away at my unit, i found out and tried being a man and talk about it, …comes back a couple months later and they're fucking again while i'm away and he sends me pictures. Tried being mature about it but now he's about to have a bad day when i come back whether they're together still or not. Don't fuck over someone who's trying to talk that stuff out with you rather than fighting and especially someone in the military. Now he fucked himself
3,484 votes


From New Jersey, United States at Age 26

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Alrighty soo , George Martin is a lying scumbag with no life . He uses the exscuse "babe can i see …my kid" then he will get to the house , play with his kid for 5 minutes then set his kid aside too fuck his girl. Tell me that aint some shit
4,263 votes

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