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Lying fake moocher bum with a little dick

L Luera
Location: Lincoln City, Oregon
Age: 36
Anonymous 19415 says: he is a fake lying asshole that uses women for whatever he can dont fall for it. plus he has a small little dick. hate him

Dated a married guy

Brent Stewart
Location: Port Orange, Florida
Age: 37
Anonymous 19381 says: This guy Brent came over to my house to do work. I found him cute and asked for his number. A few weeks later we started dating. After a month of dating I googled his name. He had a few duis but I found his marriage certificate. I confronted him about it and he said he met a Russian girl Elena and they got married because he was lonely and she would have sex anytime. I broke up with him. This guy live in port orange and ladies beware .

Tight hole

Shawn Cim
Location: Montreal, Canada
Age: 19
Anonymous 19376 says: Dated this guy for a few months. He had a tight ass but thats about it. Whiny, spoiled and selfish, just a complete waste of time.

Rob Anthony of Toronto

Rob Anthony
Location: Toronto, Canada
Age: 35
Rob AnthonyAnonymous 19371 says: Rob is a bisexual male who leads more towards men. He is someone you should be very careful associating yourself with. He has a habit of speaking to and sleeping with a large quantity of men in the community and then berating them behind their backs. He represents himself as professional, an intellect and pretty much perfect, yet hes quite the opposite and is completely delusional with narcissism. He slanders anyone who doesnt work in the way he wants you too, which follows his superficial views and unrealistic ideas of how guys should be. He is known to message up a lot of guys on all of the dating websitesapps, he uses it to hookup and when he gets his way he wont use protection. The reason why I am putting this up is to warn others beyond their safety be careful with this guy hes pretty toxic and not very safe to associate with.

His sex is amazing

Rob Roberts
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Age: 22
He so handsome my pussy wetAnonymous 19370 says: His name Robert ForeverMac Roberts on Facebook he gets money and one of PHILLY he be 23 he be 23 724 Follow him on Instagram Robphillymac hes a Poet and Songwriter Youtube Search Rob Mac Poetry .. hit him up 2676025819 rob

lawyer - liar

Manuel Zosa
Location: Cebu City, Philippines
Age: 30
Anonymous 19341 says: Hes a real cheater. He lied to the girl before me. And he lied to me too. He cheated on his ex and he cheated on me too. The worst part is he used to me to meet new girls and even texted and flirted with some of my friends. Girls, beware of this guy.

Jonathan Blairs tiny penis

Jonathan Blair
Location: Alden, New York
Age: 32
Anonymous 19328 says: Jon has a tiny penis, an inch soft and barely 4 inches when hes all hard.

douchebag drug dealer

Michael Bonham
Location: Beaumont, Texas
Age: 22
Anonymous 19316 says: cheats in every relationsip. Lies, cons, steals. brags about stealing. deals cocaine and constantly getting treated for stds from all the skanks hes been hooking up with.


Cryus Cly
Location: Farmington, New Mexico
Age: 19
Anonymous 19294 says: He had a girlfriend while he was dating me. Cryus always put himself first. He acts like a bad ass and gets wasted everyday. Hes been so many girls Im surprise he hasnt catched anything. He fucks want he wants and doesnt give a shit anyone except himself

Miniature sized penis

Stuart Philpot
Location: Sydney, Australia
Age: 29
JokerAnonymous 19277 says: Stu has a micropenis 4 inches. Ladies stay away unless you enjoy faking it or are doing a science experiment!