Roy Wilkerson Jr

From Oklahoma, United States at Age 38

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A true piece of shit!!!

When I first met Roy he was still technically married. At first the sex was amazing and everything …was great. That was until I became pregnant. We only lasted a couple months into my pregnancy before she went crazy. He left me for an 18 year old who he later cheated on with another teen who he's still with. He not only left me, but never tried to see our daughter again. I later found out that he cheated on me several times including multiple threesomes. He once asked me to baby sit his son so he could go out with friends. I later found out that he went out with my cousin and fucked her in my car. He also ran a drug ring bringing drugs in from South Texas. I found out he would take naked pictures of girls in MY house while I was working. He obviously want who I thought. The nude pic is one I found of him online years ago. I'm pretty sure it's from when we were dating. He's now married to the girl that he cheated with on the girl that he cheated with on me. They have kids that he sees and he makes no effort to see our daughter. He also has one other child in Duncan that he may or may not know about. He got a girl pregnant during a drunken drug fueled bender and left her the next day never speaking to her again. The others are more recent off of his family's Facebook.
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Michael Harrington

From Florida, United States at Age 21

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Exposed For the whole world to see

This little boy pursued a relationship with me after meeting on tinder. He's attractive but when we …got to have sex I realize he has the penis of a 4 year old child. Nonetheless I put up with t until o realized he is a lying cheating scumbag. So now the whole world can see your DEFORMITY
3,638 votes

Steve Ched

From Alberta, Canada at Age 36

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Casey he has cheated,with all my friends and now with my best friend. How Low is that. .
2,688 votes

Stephen robins

From Virginia, United States at Age 27

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Woman beater/sleeps withe best friend

Got into a physical fight with me, forgets he's a herion addict, thinks he's Gods gift to earth and …has the maturity level of a 10 year old, oh did I mention he's fucking my so called best friend plus he can't fuck worth shit he's lazy and wants you to do all the work.
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From Nordrhein-westfalen, Germany at Age 29

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Fag boy

This boy is a straight acting guy who seemed great at first. He was funny, cute, outgoing and …understood more about females than most. But I noticed he had some...delicate....features lol and he never was all that into sex. Or so I thought. I found pics of him cross dressing, getting fucked and cummed in, and even some of him drinking an old man's pee! Ew!! Found several VIDEOS YUK! This one is mild compared to his others! He also screwed a slew of slutty fat bitches and he now has 2 STDs!!! Hehehehe let him know how worthless he is!
4,492 votes

Gary Wathen

From Missouri, United States at Age 22

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Piece of shit lair!

He did nothing but lie to me and hide shit behind my back he's 22 and still had to ask him mom to go …to town to get a soda he's a piece of shit Oh btw he's supposedly straight lol
8,131 votes

Leonides Patrick Herrera Jr.

From Oregon, United States at Age 45

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So he & I had Met back around July of 2015 and were on again off again and then he was released from …his prison sentence AGAIN around January 26th 2016 & to my address we thought we'd give it a go little did i know the shit that would occur there after he was abusive and threatened to do me harm and as well proceeded to harass me for the longest not to mention was only using me as a bed, meal & sex ticket all the while cheating it up and lying his face off to me. then he had promised to pay me back what he owed which came to some $375 or better & NEVER PAID IT back so i am relinquishing telling pics and stories so that the world can watch out for this douche.
5,308 votes

Nicholas Stuckart

From Wisconsin, United States at Age 24

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Not only has he cheated on me...he did it with 3 seperate best friends of mine. He hooked up with …his high school sweetheart in Washington when he told me he was going over there for "work". He has multiple women that he fucks! He is VERY charming and VERY handsome! But, don't be fooled! He is a scum bag!
4,402 votes

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