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A lying cheating Bastard Thief

Amos Agesa
Location: Mombasa, Kenya
Age: 24
Yap...he suckedHe had a girlfriend all along. Even got her pregnant while we were together and and lied me into paying for their abortion.rnHe moved in with me when his father died and i found out the truth and that he had been sleeping with two other women besides us. His girlfriend gave him HPV allegedly. he gave me HPV...rnI did everything for him. I thought he was my friend.rnrnHe just used me for sex and money, and i when i found out he had a girlfriend he went running back to her. He refused to pay back what he owed me.rnHe called me ugly, psycho, weird when he left. He always called me fat, i weigh about 105lbs. His poor girlfriend, whos about 170 and my height clearly loves emotional thrashings.rnI hope he gets hit by a bus rn


Megan Crabtree
Location: Palatka, Florida
Age: 21
She is a good woman and listens well

Uses younger girls for sex when he is actually married

Andrei Petrov
Location: Cote-Saint-Luc, Canada
Age: 32
Uses younger girls for sex when hes actually married. Uses online dating sites to pray and lie to girls.

Usmawn Rana the drug dealer and molly head

Usmawn Rana
Location: Sterling, Virginia
Age: 27
I met this fool on a dating site. His game was so played out. Little did he know we had mutual friends and I knew all about him. He is a drug addict and has had multiple drug convictions. He still lives with his mother his bedbug infested house where him and his brother Furhawn push drugs. His house has been rated twice,correction his mothers house has been raided twice. Their roommate Sisco a barber will push cocaine out of the house prolly gunna get raided again. He has this girl name Sadia he uses while he fucks Spanish bitches on the side. Really he will fuck anything. Too bad the sleep center he works at does not know about him stealing equipment. Hopefully they will wise up and drug test his ass soon.

will fuck anything with a warm hole

Tom Bieler
Location: Buffalo, New York
Age: 33
He needs to take photos from certain angles to make his cock look bigger, then once he gets you in his apartment youre in for a surprise. its so small! He says hes in a relationship but Ive fucked him multiple times recebtly. Be careful though he might film you fucking without letting you know

You Post mine, I post yours.

Lazarus Jimenez
Location: Los Angeles, California
Age: 22
You posted my pictures after you decide its funny to stop talking to me , BECAUSE OF 1 MISTAKE! everyone isnt perfect. Here you go.

cutting depressed loser

John Echo
Location: Bath, Michigan
Age: 25
I met this guy a while back and we became good friends, but i cant stand him anymore he only talks about hips lf, he cuts and chokes himself and is constantly depressed.

Mega player!

Tyler Ruark
Location: Seaford, Delaware
Age: 24
This kid is the biggest liar and cheater ive ever met. Sweet talker makes you feel like your the only girl... will had you to his FB but you cant comment on anything bc he wouldnt want his other girls to see. He thinks hes gods gift to earth. I could go on and on but its not worth my time im just trying to warn other girls... your just his next fuck!

Lying, Cheating, Bottom Whore...

Andres Benavides
Location: Chihuahua, Mexico
Age: 21
He will say what you want to hear... Built a future full of lies. He will ask u to buy him a Diamond ring, and say how much he wants to marry you in the future or have kids... and the only thing that he wanted was fuck around with lots of guys and money.

Will VanAken your such a selfish @sshole

William Van Aken
Location: Salem, Oregon
Age: 40
Asshole kept telling me I should exercise some and always made me feel bad about myself. Then had the nerve to say I have a low self esteem. I know hes cheating on me, but I cant prove it. He wrecked my car and now Im stuck battling with insurance. Fuck this asshole.