Walker P Stone

From California, United States at Age 31

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Walker P Stone

Walker P Stone, an UNEMPLOYED UX Wannabe designer living in San Francisco, heis going around the …beautiful state Pacific Heights, San Francisco making creepy sexual advances. He lures innocent naive women (unattractive young, impoverished countryside/Midwest/foreign girls) into a 50 shades of gray scenario (see email below) by sending dildos to their homes. He brags about “having sex with an estimated 200 women, 6 of whom are virgins and 20 of whom are Asians so that he can ‘feel the back of their walls'”. Here’s INSTAGRAM/WALKERPSTONE so you can get more insight to his personality where he follows “WU.TANGELA” And retweets THIS HOES BODY PART AFTER CUMMING ON THEM.. Once or twice he “would have sex/rape fat chicks just to amuse his friends” and proudly declares so. Most rape are committed among casual acquaintances so I implore any women in association with him, or just anyone in general, who has ever been in such a stressful situation to know your rights and come forward so we can emotionally support each other so legal authorities can make better decisions as we help make or towns/cities a safer place by.
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Steven Vawter

From Texas, United States at Age 25

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Bitch cheated on me with ten other women while we were together.

She, or should I say now he, is a no good, sorry ass, piece of shit that has nothing better to do …than hit up pieces of ass throughout our entire relationship. Feel free to get off to them.
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Paul Harrah

From California, United States at Age 35

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Tweaker whore

Beware of this con-man. He's a slammer and fucks anyone that looks twice at him. He will con you out …of money and is a horrible lay!
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Alistair Irwin

From Western Australia, Australia at Age 30

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My bipolar ex boyfriend gave me HIV before we broke up

He never told me that he got infected instead a few weeks before I broke up with him he gave it to …me.
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Joshua Galarza

From Connecticut, United States at Age 24

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Such a Douche and a cheater!!

I can't stand this dude! sleeps around even when he's taken! Doesn't ever tell anyone he's taken …until AFTER he messes around!
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Johnny Sawicki

From British Columbia, Canada at Age 23

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23 Year Old Virgin

Hiya Casey: I met this guy on a dating app. He was kinda cute and had a nice truck. I decided to …give him a try after he was telling me how his old man was giving him a business worth like 5 million dollars. We went out. He was so nervous couldn't even talk. Total lack of social skills. I really wasn't into him but I kept thinking about all that cash his dad was giving him. We ended up parking at this dump company he works at. He tried kissing me but you could tell he didn't know what he was doing. I asked him why he was so nervous. He told me he was a virgin lol. The date ended there for me. He kept messaging me for a couple more days. Even sent pics of his dick lol and offered to have a fully interactive MMF Threesome with me. Guess he has a little more experience with boys than with girls. Even 5 million bucks aint enough to pretend to like a loser like him.
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From Calabria, Italy at Age 26

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Look at this one

Told me he loves for people to see him naked
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From Indiana, United States at Age 25

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Great in bed

This is my ex boyfriend Cage he was a good guy just showing him off he sent me these pictures.
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David manning

From Ohio, United States at Age 31

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Nice guy with big dick

His dick is to much. But he can eat some pussy. He wanted a relationship but I didn't. I should do …this but fuck it here you go ladies try you some hes from columbus ohio
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From Ad Daqahliyah, Egypt at Age 34

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Hypocrite abusive Muslim wears panties

So-called devout Muslim veterinarian from Egypt likes to wear panties. He lives in Saudi Arabia now ….
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