Steve C

From Alberta, Canada at Age 40

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Revenge on cheater

I want revenge on this,cheater Casey
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From North Carolina, United States at Age 28

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So I met will a long time ago.We were married and We both have a son together that he wont help me …take care of :/, Hes from Tampa. But as far as i know lives in NC. He cussed me out and called me names. but did not work out between us. I still think he's hot. He doesn't know i Still look at his facebook pg. He cheated on me with a bunch of girls and let me go. So he deserves this big time!!!!!!!
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Michael lapine

From Connecticut, United States at Age 23

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Cheating lying using loser

well to make a long story short, this retard cheated on 2 of his girlfriends with me one time. than …blocked me and one of his girlfriends. got this girl pregnant, told her that she was a slut and a whore and that it wasnt his baby. i befriended the pregnant one. just told her to be careful of him, i told her exactly how he was. how when he found something better that he would move on. even though he put his hands on her and left marks, loves a bitch, and she is now back with him. since he has blocked me through his account, he messages me through her account like the bitch that she is. and that "they"are getting a restraining order, and that the cops are watching so i had better be careful on what i say..... FYI no such officer exists and he is a dumbass
366 votes

Bill Kieger

From Ohio, United States at Age 34

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Traveling Cheater!!!

He travels for work, meets new girls in every city he stays in, and CANNOT STOP CHEATING ON HIS WIFE …that lives with him back in Ohio. He makes bs promises, won't call/text on his real phone, constantly wants Skype sex. Oh he's an Aries too. Stay away.
323 votes

Jim D

From Maryland, United States at Age 35

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Jim from Baltimore

Likes to sex chat with guys wives and send dick pics
219 votes

Justin Fabri

From New South Wales, Australia at Age 43

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Loved cock aswell as pussy

Had sex with just about everyone he met whilst we were together. Male and female
157 votes

Robert Johnson

From North Carolina, United States at Age 30

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Lame Nigga

this guy use to be a good friend but dropped me for some fat bitch cause she was jealous. he cute …and sweet but damn the boy whupped if hes going to drop his friends like that.
153 votes


From Nordrhein-westfalen, Germany at Age 18

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He fucked my lil sis & my best girlfriend! I wish the world can see how small his cock is! …HAHAHAHAHA :D
327 votes

Damian gaye

From Port-of-spain, Trinidad And Tobago at Age 29

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Giving boys aids in trinidad and tobago.

biggest homosexual cheater and prostitute in trinidad and tobago he lives san juan he is a hoe he …sucks boys dick 4 free he follow boys in the toilet,. he suck vagrants dicks he lets homeless boys fuck him without lube or condoms, he spreading hiv all over arima, toco chugunas pos beetham etc u been warned he is dangerous....
122 votes

Richard Crowe

From Somerset, United Kingdom at Age 48

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Turns out he's one of the most famous gay flashers on the planet!

I'd been going with this older guy, Richard, for a few years. Really liked him - very handsome, …experienced, great body and cock. Then my friend tells me he has seen his pics online and stuff, always nude, often with an erection, sometimes even wanking and cumming. I was dumbfounded. Looked for myself and found his images everywhere, from model sites to pornos. Comments from other guys suggest he's well known as an online naked exposer. Like everyone, everywhere has seen his cock and more. I felt like a total idiot. Like the whole world had been cheating on me with my man. What a whore though. No self respect or anything. I was well rid
121 votes

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