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Fred Faroe
Location: Los Angeles, California
Age: 21
Rule number one, is that you gotta have fun, But baby when youre done, you gotta be the first to run.


Quinn Hall
Location: Brantford, Canada
Age: 23

My ex

Jordan Bitter
Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Age: 28
He was mean sometimes...

such an asshole

Ryker Burge
Location: Fairfield, Illinois
Age: 22
ryker burge is nothing but player and a complete asshole

fucking Asshole

Joe S
Location: Defuniak Springs, Florida
Age: 26
Honestly I faked most of my orgasms he is a fucking fag who has a 5 inch Dick at best and doesnt even know how to use it he started off as a charismatic and intelligent guy, but as soon as he has you he becomes a control freak ass kissing leech who always thinks his better then you and even though I could never prove it because his good at covering his tracks he cheated on me so fuck you joe and good luck with the boy toy

Eric S. Downs

Eric Downs
Location: Oxford, Ohio
Age: 26
Eric S. DownsThis is the guy my wife cheated on me with. I confronted him and he had no remorse and was proud of destroying a marriage and a family. The world needs less people like this.

Very proud of himself

Jeff Dahlstrom
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Age: 30
Started off nice, but once we had sex he became paranoid and jealous of everyone. Finally had to dump his controlling ass. Found out he was sharing my pics with all his friends. So here he is!

hung cheating ex

Lewis Oliver
Location: Croydon, United Kingdom
Age: 21
body shotlong story short, pics of my hung ex he sent to me before finding out he cheated on me!

hung ex

Damien Hill
Location: Chelmsford, United Kingdom
Age: 22
body pica couple of pics and vids of my ex before we split

Cheated on me and got caught

Jake Buck
Location: Westbrook, Maine
Age: 19
Been around, good in bed but likes to talk to tons of girls. Pretty big dick and good fuck can fuck for hours.