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Jerk never called

Den Nis
Location: Middlesex, United Kingdom
Age: 40
Nice guy but not very committed. Preferred friends over my company.


Tim Kane
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Age: 38
This dog cheated on me twice....with married women. He is an expert cheater. If you hook up,with him dont believe anything he tells you.

miss,that big cock, it hurt so good

Apollo Jolly
Location: Junction City, Kansas
Age: 24
Best lay of my life asshole tho


Shawn Janis
Location: Palomar Mountain, California
Age: 22
Ex thinks hes cool trying to get me mad on purpose, mission accomplished. Hope youre enjoying the repercussions, theres more where that came from.

Someone Needs To Put A Finger in His Ass & Yell Snake

Jeff Cunningham
Location: Elmira, Oregon
Age: 34
Little weenie! No wonder he does not have any offspring.

Euro Trash

Fordyce Lux
Location: Denver, Colorado
Age: 24
Enough said

Nice Hairy pussy

Caroline Metosa
Location: Ash Fork, Arizona
Age: 31
Nice hairy pussy

Deutsche hairy pussy

Peter Peter
Location: Alega, American Samoa
Age: 27

great in the sheets

Jimmy Bowling
Location: Piqua, Ohio
Age: 31
He makes girls believe hes a great guy but in all reality he knows he has a big dick and knows it will get a million girls so be warned he is a cheater. He will play anyone that he can he stole my heart and then broke it.

Small Dick says he's straight but loves to do guys.

Shawn Joseph
Location: Plymouth, Massachusetts
Age: 43
This is my ex he pretended he was straight but he cheated on me with guys.