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Man whore

Jordan Lanting
Location: Murrieta, California
Age: 28
I was married to this guy for 6 years hes a cheating man whore and can only get girls because hes rich peace of shit

Little Russian Dick Cheater

Gershon Khodzhayev
Location: Huntington Beach, California
Age: 20
Met him a year ago at the Bagel shop I work at. We fell for each other fast but he could never stop lying to me about the pretty females he would hang out with solo. Cheating Russian Bastard. He goes by Gary, works at mile square park. Make fun of this butthole he cares more about his motorcycle than another woman carrying his child.

just wants to get u knocked up

Danny Kubacki
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Age: 29
thinks he a player but he will find any way to sleep with you then bails once your pregnant

ugly guy nice cock

Kyle Duroe
Location: Northampton, United Kingdom
Age: 22
everything on him is horrible but the cock

Humberto Sember Baez is a cheat!!!! and a big piece of shit

Humberto Baez
Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Age: 45
Humberto Baez cuerneroAfter 5yrs him cheating on his stupidrn ass wife Matilde Baez none as Rafelina this dog not only cheats on her with me and the promise to get a divorce he cheats on me with a whore Jailyn Diaz and fucks me over too his wife is soooooo stupid she having another baby jajaja pendeja know i now why he sucked in bed poor Selina and Sember Baez and new baby boy they have a piece of shift for a dad

He's a sissy

Will Engall
Location: Croydon, United Kingdom
Age: 20
Hes a sad little sissy boy, loved wearing my clothes. Would rather look at porn and masturbate than have sex with me.


Jake Wolf
Location: Providence, Rhode Island
Age: 26
Not much to tell, he has a really small dick.

Nice dick

Jay Jens
Location: Atkinson, New Hampshire
Age: 19
He is a whore and slit


Anthony Sumter
Location: Red Wing, Minnesota
Age: 18
My Ex with a big dick

Azhy DF

Ashley Gallacher
Location: Lincoln, United Kingdom
Age: 69
poon destroyerThis creep tried asking me out of snapchat!! he also cheated on me with other egirls and sent them SWIMSUITS! rnrnhis cock looks like a curly chip and reminds me of the nike logo LOL! rnrnSTAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN!