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Alejandro Aguirre
Location: New York, New York
Age: 19
Anonymous 19036 says: Fucked me over left me and tells the same story to all his victims hes a dog dont trust him

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Adriana Smith
Location: Blackwood, New Jersey
Age: 31
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Joseph Harris
Location: Milford, New Hampshire
Age: 24
Anonymous 19021 says: Little slut boyfriend, wanted to try to ruin my life, just doing the same here, this kid will fuck anything and anyone as long as it walks.... Go get him All sluts welcome at Helene Drive in Milford New hampshire!!

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Cindy Morneau
Location: Beckwith, Canada
Age: 23
Anonymous 19020 says: This horny thing is great in the sack me and my girl have been ducking her for months she lick pussy and sucks cock but is really dirty we had a party one night and fucked five guys in a row no condoms and couldnt figure out how she got knocked up 4 abortions in 8months shes a coke head pill popper

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Alberto Montilongo
Location: El Paso, Texas
Age: 41
Anonymous 19014 says: This guy wants to be straight but likes it in the ass by big nlack cock!

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Jake Roberts
Location: Aberarder, United Kingdom
Age: 22
Anonymous 199003 says: Good shag but all I could do with him

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Dan Baker
Location: Cosby, Tennessee
Age: 25
Anonymous 18996 says: Screwing my sister while I was asleep. He thought his dick was big. Rate his dick pics ladies

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Ricky Vandexter
Location: Williamstown, New Jersey
Age: 25
Anonymous 18991 says: Spenda money but lies alot

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Aaron Dartez
Location: Sour Lake, Texas
Age: 23
Anonymous 18982 says: We were together for a few months and boom! out of nowhere he left me. I still dont know why. You should at least tell someone the reason youre breaking their heart!

douchbag leaves me for a 20 year old

Mark Strobel
Location: Independence, Missouri
Age: 45
Anonymous 18979 says: this man promised to marry me then takes off with a 20 year old bitch named debby