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my idiot ex

Ate Wijbenga
Location: Damwald, Netherlands
Age: 28
My ex went gay and cheated on me with guys and girls, i had a relationship with him for a while 31 he has lots of money and cars but never spended it on me.

He's a lil to freaky

Cortavious Curry
Location: Jackson, Mississippi
Age: 18
Hes a freak we talked for about a week our two then I guess he got tired of me and start talking to this other girl that live in Houston or some..

She broke my heart

Priscillia Lippert
Location: Chambery, France
Age: 24

Cheating con artist

Chase Bellett
Location: Hemphill, Texas
Age: 23
Dated for a while then later found out he was stealing money from me. Found out later that not only was he conning other people out of money, he was letting gay guys suck his dick for money. One of his friends told me that if they paid more and he was wastedhe let them do more. I heard hes married now.. probably doing the same thing to her.

Creepiest kid in town

Blas Cataldo
Location: Lynn, Massachusetts
Age: 20
Kids been known for pressuring underage girls into doing stuff they didnt want to do, know for backstabbing his best friends and stealing money for drugs. Scum bag.

this bitch is nuts

Kayla Griffin
Location: Roanoke, Virginia
Age: 22
She lies about having cancer. She loves cum on her face.

Piece of shit bastard.

Tyler Cly
Location: Window Rock, Arizona
Age: 18
I though I was lucky to be dating the basketball star, but no. Little shit is an alcoholic. Drinks when he can and when hes drunk, he hits me. When I dumped, he tried to batter me, but his friends stopped him.

Momma's Boy

Steve Spaqi
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Age: 27
Broke my friends heart. Left her very upset and crying, kinda left without saying goodbye. He still lives with his crazy ass mom. Chose his mother over a good girl, so enjoy the pics.

pics of my gay ex, who like fuking around ! asshole!

Jonathan Laprise
Location: Ardmore, Alabama
Age: 19
I first met him at school then we decided to stay together, 1 years later he betrayed me with some ugly assdude! Vengeance bitch

fuck him!

Nick Cabot
Location: Edwardsville, Illinois
Age: 25
This guy is a grade a ass hole, cheated on me and sent naked pictures of me to all his friends, pay back is a bitch!