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Chris OB

Chris OB
Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Age: 26
chris obrien pictures

Pussy Ass Bitch

Vontrail Love
Location: Hanford, California
Age: 24
Couldnt man up so he pussied out and ran like the bitch he is.

Gets you pregnant then leaves you for another girl

Wayne Hammonds
Location: Ventura, California
Age: 27
This piece of shit got me pregnant then left me and hooked up with our co worker a week later after having been together two years

Bill Bernhard is going gay on me

Bill Bernhard
Location: Houston, Texas
Age: 50
My husband has been hiding his gay and bi activities for a while. I am exposing him for the lies he has told me for so long. I found all these photos on his computer. Now the world can see them.

met him on meetme

Nick Shore
Location: North Little Rock, Arkansas
Age: 22
I seen everyone else putting him on here, might as well put my experience with this lame. Well for starters, Im only 17 years old. I told him that and he didnt care, the first time meeting him he was trying to get in my pants. Keep in mind hes UGLY AS FUCK. I told him no, and he was trying to take me to the movies and I told him no. He looked a mess and I would be damned if I went anywhere with him. I read the other my ex profiles on here. And he fucked over a lot of girls. I honestly dont see how someone so fucking ugly treat people like that. Dude need to thank God that someone would even consider having a conversation with him. Hes tall, has gross hair, his car was matches him. He smelled bad when I met him. He only wanted to have sex. Ladies stay away from him. I heard he have aids. Lol dude is so ugly man. I had to stop talking to him , I was to embarrassed, he looks retarded. Smh I looked his ex up on Facebook, and she is WAY TO PRETTY for that guy. Idk whats she thinking being with him after all the shit people said about him. I heard he like boys. That girl needs to run from him, or hell kill her.shes to cute to be with a scum like him. Ugh it makes me mad knowing how bad he do women . Idk why he keeps running back to her, she needs to opens her eyes like seriously, hes doing some dangerous shit. Oh and his dick isnt that big,I thought I was until he pulled it out on front of me. He had tiny bumps all over it and he was wanting some head and he got made because I didnt want to do it.


Dacquire Johnson
Location: Tampa, Florida
Age: 20

My Cross Dressing Soon To Be Ex

Will Hanson
Location: Castle Rock, Colorado
Age: 22
This is my soon to be ex bf. He left his email open and, among emails confirming that hes been cheating on me, I found these. There are plenty of face pics too, please let me know if I should flat out humiliate him by posting those with his real name...

cheater but damn he's got a big dick

Michael Thomas
Location: Richburg, South Carolina
Age: 35
I was with him for awhile. We would go to clubs and bring woman home with us a pretty good bit. All the girls knew about him because he was fuck in them all. They didnt even care though.

good fuck

Jacob Masson
Location: Fort Drum, New York
Age: 23
So I dated this guy for a few months and loved every minute of. Great body and nice cock only problem is we are both military so when I got stationed somewhere else we had to end it. Great guy Im just one for sharing so here you go ladies

caught him with my bestfriend

Tj Thomas
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Age: 25
Walked in on him fucking my best friend. He is an loser scumbag