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Cheater from hell,

Tim Rubenstein
Location: Perth, Australia
Age: 43
Wife and 2 kids and cheating

Arsehole sends his dick to all the girls

Mannie Youngson
Location: Peterhead, United Kingdom
Age: 24
This guy had a girlfriend and he still insists on speaking to other girls he sends dick pics to all the girls and has slept with probably half of Peterhead. Feel sorry for his girlfriend who has to put up with his reputation everyday

Liar. Cheater. Small Dick.

Chris Workman
Location: Richmond, Virginia
Age: 22
He cheats on any girl hes with. Caught him jacking off for people online. Hes sex deprived.

Hot Fucker

Robert Shawn
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Age: 21
NiceNice guy but doesnt know what he wants.

my revenge on my ex

Bill Clark
Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Age: 36
he thinks he\\\'s so greatThis is bill and he decided after 11 years of marriage he was done, so a few months go by and bill falls in love with a wonderful woman. Well obviously I didnt want him to be happy so I played him for months getting information and since he forgot to change his passwords on my computer it made things all that much easier . Lets not forget I own his phone . The best part was when he cried for hours about how he didnt know what was going on and he didnt . Fuck you bill i hope you enjoy having just a small taste of happiness.

Lax boy with a pretty hung cock

Michael Quigley
Location: Oak Ridge, North Carolina
Age: 21
Basically he went a little stupid. Good dick, stupid head.

ashley luna

Ashley Luna
Location: Anaheim, California
Age: 20
i had no idea she had a husband...but then i found out she likes to cheat and 3 other guys have told me they contacted her too and had wow man...she is easy haha just say she is beautiful and she is a easy score for pussy ass and titties not for the face though haha.


Jenny Korotkova
Location: Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Age: 23
JennyNo story just fuck

giantdick asshole

Taylor Lizarraga
Location: Acton, California
Age: 22
he cheated on me with a girl we had a three some with

huge dick amazing fuck bad boyfriend

Jesse Hesh
Location: South Bend, Indiana
Age: 23
Well I met this guy Jesse and hes a sweetheart and swept me off my feet but I dont think hes in alot of relationships BC he was kinda a bad boyfriend but I will give him these he sure can eat a pussy and fucked my brains out best lay ever and hes got a 9in long thick dick but like I said bad boyfriend good lay so if ur looking for a fuck hes ur guy but I wouldnt date him lol