Chad Adams

From Kentucky, United States at Age 45

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Cheater and liar

Found out he was cheating but didn't know it was with a man till I found these pics on his phone. …Show his secret
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J.J. Uselton

From California, United States at Age 20

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Shitty College Baseball Player Trolling on Tinder

Hit me up on Tinder in St. Louis. Tried to say he was a professional baseball player (He's not). …Asked for my snap sent me a bunch of pics. Then told me to send him pics so he could jerk off. Told him no and he blocked me... But not before I screencaped the pics he sent. Enjoy loser!
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Clement Arthur

From Stoke-on-trent, United Kingdom at Age 43

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Arsehole alert!!!

Met this arsehole on badoo. Says hes in the army, seems he has a girl in every port! Got found out …when he accidentally added all his girls in a whatsapp conversation!
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Patrick Allan Lew

From California, United States at Age 31

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Sociopathic Psychopath!! Keep very far away!!

This is Patrick. We were together about 5 1/2 years. This guy will take everything important to you …& give you absolutely nothing but heartache & misery in return. If you want to keep your sanity, don't date him or screw him He likes both men & women, and claims he is transgender because of either the relationship we had or one right after, he jumped into. Obviously he doesn't know what the hell he wants. He goes through relationships like soda If you happen to *still* be interested in him... Don't be. He seeks revenge against those he perceives that do him "wrong" & threatens bodily harm through social media, blogs, his YouTube channel, text messaging/phone calls, skype video chat, etc Just leave him well enough alone & walk away. You'll be glad you did. I wish I had those years ago. He stalks my facebook with multiple accounts & talks about me every day.. One of his last girlfriends (9-10 in the 2 years I let him go) told me that All I can do is tell you to avoid him if you can
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From Gauteng, South Africa at Age 28

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Revenge on a drug addicted porn addict

This stupid fuck scammed me out of thousands!! Loves orgies and watches porn obsessively.
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From Nebraska, United States at Age 28

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Loves to whore around!

Dated this guy for a couple months but found out that he loved to fuck other women.
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From New Jersey, United States at Age 27

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After I found out he voted for Trump we drifted apart. I dumped his ass on New Years! Hope any new …girl he meets sees this InCase he try's to deny he's a republican
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Titus Tien

From California, United States at Age 28

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Titus Tien

Titus Tien is a narcissistic cheater and manipulator. Don’t be fooled by his innocent face and …voice. He thinks that the world is against him because of how attractive he is, and that all guys are jealous of him & all the girls want to have sex with him. He’s also a terrible employee and can’t hold a job. I remember him getting wasted before work and calling in before work b/c of how drunk he was. I met him on Yahoo Answers when I was 15 & he was 19. He is a child predator as he flirted with me when I was a teen. I didn’t meet him until I was 19 and he was 23. We dated for 3 years after we met, and I thought he was my best friend and told him everything. I trusted him and loved him with all my heart, more than I loved myself. On my 20th Bday, I blacked out from drinking and Titus told me that I cheated on him with his friend. I knew in my heart I’d never do such a thing, but blacked out & didn’t think he’d lie to me. (I later found out from his friends that what Titus said never happened. On the contrary, Titus beat me while I was blacked out, & his friend tried to get me away from him. That explained the soreness in the morning) He did all this to manipulate me and feel bad about myself. For the remaining 2 yrs of our relationship he’d hold this over my head. He was very controlling and got angry if I had friends or professors that were male. If I had a male friend, he’d get extremely jealous. I remember one time he thought I smiled at a guy, and he got exploded at me telling me he couldn’t trust me. Titus pretended to love me. He told me of how he wanted to marry me. I thought my future was with him. He would gaslight me, and make me question myself all the time. He criticized me constantly and used my weaknesses & insecurities against me. He had an explosive temper and threatened to hit me when he got mad. I remember him saying “If you weren’t a girl, I’d slap you right now,” “Can you be my punching bag?”, and “you don’t know how much I want to hit you right now.” When we’d argue, he’d hold me down or shove me. I didn’t know what to do because I loved him so much. He never actually “hit” me, so I stayed with him… Because most of the time he was the nicest acting guy I’ve met. He’d act so sweet and apologize, and beg me to stay with him, so I stayed. I lived with him for 9 months and we agreed to split the rent. He only paid for 2 months, saying his job wasn’t paying him enough & that he’d make it up to me. He refused to pay me back. Moreover, he cheated on me while we were living together and didn’t tell me until we broke up.. On the day we broke up, this is what happened. He told me that he cheated on me 6 months before when we were living together, while I was visiting family. He explained how it happened-- he went out drinking, and a homeless girl was walking around asking for money. Titus told her to come over, gave her money, and bought her drinks. Then he decided to hook up with her. He knew about how my ex Allen cheated on me, and previously pretended to be angry at him. Well, this day he told me that it was all my fault and empathized with Allen. Titus confessed to having herpes and said that he probably gave it to me. I was always completely honest with him, and he said I was “too honest.” Had I not decided to move and break up, he’d have continued trying to lie to me and use me for my family’s money. Tl;dr: Don’t trust Titus Tien. He’s a sweet talker, a scammer, and knows how to gain peoples’ trust, but it’s all a lie. He acts very sweet and innocent, and I’ve seen everybody fall for his nice act at first. Be careful though-- he’s a manipulative sociopath who is very good and pretending to be a good person.
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Mike Karacson

From Indiana, United States at Age 47

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Mike Karacson becomes a sissy crossdresser sucking cock a bottom cum slut

Mike Karacson from Mishawaka Indiana is a sissy crossdresser who sucks cock, and bottoms for men. …He started taking female hormones and wants to be castrated
7,892 votes

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