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2inch johnson

Ben Johnson
Location: Albany, New York
Age: 28
i was told to post these

He cheats, lies & sends nudes to minors!!!

Aaron Weiss
Location: Bakersfield, California
Age: 23
This is Aaron hes a gamer and when we first met everything was great. Eventually over the few years of boyfriend and girlfriend..he became super shady. He would lie to me about seeing his ex girlfriend. Then we had snapchat and he would have random girls on this bestfriend list. I added them then figured out he was sending nudes to minors anywhere from 1618 year old girls. It was so gross and repulsive. He constantly just say their friends or he knew them from his friends. He met them on gaming sites or whatever sites he was on and would send naked photos! So Im here to put this guy to shame. He is liar and just a nasty creep.


Willis Lewis
Location: Lafayette, Louisiana
Age: 39
Like i said before, he was a good lay, but not faithful!


Shane Craig
Location: Shreveport, Louisiana
Age: 28
Will literally fuck anything. Even got busted for picking up prostitutes

Warning Stay Away

DJ Anthony
Location: Houston, Texas
Age: 27
Dustin DJ Anthony!! You can find him lurking so many dating sites calling you beautiful and gorgeous just to tell you he loves you get in your little panties and leave you. He aims for black girls with huge butts and he has a STD that you cant geHe sleeps with you and steals your stuff while you are sleep!! He is in the Army at Ft. Bliss right now ladies be careful and dont let the looks fool you and warn your friends. Naked pics included

Dumb fuck

Joe Makin
Location: Elmira, New York
Age: 20
Typical band dude

Sorry ass dick luvin woman beater

Charles Callum
Location: Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Age: 31
He loves to beat on women and sleep with men on the low. Come out the closet Lil dick boy. Everybody knows you fucked half of pine bluff and little rock men and women.Maybe thats why you stay in and out of prison fucking these men and catching shit.

Hairy Gay Sociopath

Josh Stahley
Location: Coral Springs, Florida
Age: 28
I assume his name is correct, could have lied about that too.

Carl from m&t bank

Derek Laviolette
Location: Buffalo, New York
Age: 21
Red haired Rambo. Loves to rap and dance. Beer is his best friend.

Military Douchebag

Ass Hole
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Age: 25
I dates this guy for 2 years, 2 yars ill never get back. He only cares about himself. also he likes a finger in his ass.