Phillip "Flip" Wilson

From Mississippi, United States at Age 37

Phillip Phillip Phillip

Ladies,beware! He gave me a sexually transmitted disease

He's a smooth talker that can charm the horns off the devil,will lure you somewhere,roofie you and …you will be stuck with a sexually transmitted disease for life.
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From Hainaut, Belgium at Age 29

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Julien naked pics

This is my ex from 2015, we broke up. He is a total freak....non stop horny!
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Peter Cook

From Mississippi, United States at Age 29

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Pus Nuts No Peter

Idk WTF say bout Dis nigga. He be callin hisself a pimp. Dis nigga a in da closet homo. He be sayin …he a Gangsta Lord. I'm like WTF a Gangsta Lord. Nigga gone say he half Gangsta & half Vice Lord. Mf need lay off dat meth tbh. Say he layin pipe to da women. He talkin bout da crack r meth pipes bc his scrawny ass not layin no dick pipe less he countin Dem dicks he be touchin Dem toes for. Thank God I didn't fuck dis nigga. Be thinkin he got da crabs r sum fuckin std. Nigga got Dem clothes off & his nuts be all scaly. I mean dis nigga had athlete feet of da nuts r sumthang yo. Den he turn round & nigga ass be resemblin Rocky Balboa after dat beat down. Expectin dat ass to fart out da word Adrian. Nasty mf I tell u. Str8 up nasty nigga
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From Oklahoma, United States at Age 38

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Words with friends freak

Started playing this guy in words with friends. He told me he was watching his neighbor's bird while …she was gone. He made me laugh telling me how he tripped over a high heel there. Somehow he twisted the conversation to him trying them on. This led to trying on more of her clothes. I wanted pics and he was more than happy to send. I was having so much fun, until another girl on words told me he did the same story to her a couple of months before. Figured if he wanted people to see then i would help him.
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From Indiana, United States at Age 30

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Sissy cross dresser

He is a sissy crossdresser that loves to wear girly things I caught him wearing my stuff several …times
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From Glasgow City, United Kingdom at Age 20

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Cheated on me on numerous occasions, was very violent towards me, when I was in hospital nearly dead …proceeded to meet with escorts etc!!
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