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jeff coburn self cock sucking faggot!

Jeff Clburn
Location: Tombstone, Arizona
Age: 43
in his gay red shortsThats right ladies, just as you always thought, he is really a selfcocksucking loser. Just check out some of his public loser posts....

Short deformed dick

Charlie Looney
Location: Springfield, Missouri
Age: 25
Charlie Looney is nothing but a fake douche bag. He is a pathetic piece of shit that treats girls like trash. Ladies please do not fall for this man he will just play you an tell you he loves you when he tells multiple girls the same behind your back. He also says he cheats on girls now only because he has commitment issues because of his ex wife. Hes selfish an is a user an only dates too get laid or get nudes from girls than immediately breaks up with them the next day too go to the next chick. Not only is Charlie on my ex but so is his skanky sisters so you now know the Looneys reputation.

Cheating asshole

Alexander Carro
Location: Miami, Florida
Age: 24
Hope he gets aids!

Cheating Moron

Phil Prang
Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Age: 23
Full photoHis girlfriend was annoying, so I decided to have some fun and screw around with him. Too easy, sent him some fake nudes and I got a dick pic from him in just a few weeks

Sexy daddy from gay app

Jeremiah Howe
Location: Anaheim, California
Age: 21
Met this guy on an app and got some nice dick pics. Have a feeling hes a slut. He was so easy.

Stupid crazy ex

Jose Mayo
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Age: 27
My crazy ass ex, pay backs a bitch aint it. This is for all the pain and suffering you put me thru you selfish fuck. Talking to girls on fb and flirting and texting them them from my phone, well here you go . Only thing good out of this was that he had a big dick and the sex was great. Oh and when he cooked and grilled for me all the time.

You'll see

Chris Larcs
Location: Saint-Jerome, Canada
Age: 26
special case

Man whore

Gregory James Kleaver
Location: Paterson, New Jersey
Age: 23
He got laid off from work so he sits at home and does nothing all day. He is a lazy piece of shit. He talks to countless girls and lies all the time. He is a cheater.

Undercover fag

Chris Turner
Location: Richmond, Virginia
Age: 20
This dude is a whore, forreal. Hes slept with countless girls for as long as I could remember. He started messing around with guys at the beginning of high school, ever since hes been fucking any dude or chick that walks by, you can even find him on Grindr and Jackd

small penis

Nicholas Mcdivitt
Location: Pontiac, Michigan
Age: 26
hes a loser with no job avoid him.