Matt Deluca

From Illinois, United States at Age 28

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Cheater, liar, woman beater

Soooo. This guy has been a cheater since he was 15.. hes known for beating up women, even his own …mom! He hasnt worked for 3yrs because he lost his job for being laazy as hell and poppin x pills. Hell try and get anything from anybody that he can. He dont eat unless his dad feeds him and his dogs. He dont pay for his own gas unless daddy does. He thinks he has everything amd dont have shit but a xbox , he didnt pay for and a flat screen... LAAME AS FUCKdu
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Taylor Miller

From Minnesota, United States at Age 22

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This guy is just awful

Literally cant trust a word out of his mouth. Hes lazy as fuuuuck and Id be surprised if he ever …actually did anything with his life other than part time fast food. High school drop out with no ambition, but still feels entitled to receive handouts from everyone around him. Also he smells like balls all the time and Im pretty sure he either has gingivitis or just never brushes his teeth.
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Christian Cosme

From Florida, United States at Age 26

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Dirty homeless cheating liar

Hes a liar, cheater, waste of space. He has no money and no where to stay. He is horrible in bed, …cant even keep his dick hard. He looks like a Muslim terrorist has the worst breath. All he does is smoke weed snort coke. He is also a thief and felon. Beware!!!
883 votes

Randy Miller

From Florida, United States at Age 24

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Speedy Gonzales

Just a low down dirty shame, dont have much to say, we met on a whim, he seemed goofy and completely …dorky, which i thought was a cool and sweet, then we have sex and he turned into a complete jerk, it was one the worse bit of sex i ever had and hope no other girl falls for this, enjoy..... I know i didnt, face of disappointment
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Matthew Hanson

From North Carolina, United States at Age 20

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Tiny boys R Us!

Told me he worked at Toys R Us when he actually worked at Babies R Us, which is appropriate …considering his dick size.rnThe most selfish asshole i have ever met with deadbeat parents. Probably related to the devil.rnHe smashed my laptop, my phone, my ipod, and my lamp and took all my clothes, shoes, makeup, everything and destroyed them.rnHe has raped me and abused me.rnAll he listens to is dubstep and he spends all his free time making music thats not even good and smoking weed with the few friends he has.rnThis poor little boy thinks he has power over anyone who crosses his path, what a shame i once loved him.
1,132 votes

Jose Martinez

From California, United States at Age 36

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Best lier ever

He knows all the right words and when to say them. He is by far the best in bed ever but he will be …with u and all ur friends....... mega cheater
901 votes

Dennis Duim

From California, United States at Age 20

Dennis Duim image #1

Dennis Dike

He was a man of is word until i found out he was a girl. and not just one but a reallllyyy hard dike ….. im so ashamed, no wonder why he always liked my asshole liquids. be warned..
1,109 votes

Jesse Lawhon

From Kansas, United States at Age 20

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Women Stealer

This was a guy that I use to be friends with and messed around with occasionally. He seemed like a …sweet guy and would say or do anything to make you feel special but dont be fooled. Dont believe anything he says. Hes only playing you and having a game with you. He especially loves females with boyfriends. He will steal girl right from under their noses. Their girl will hang out with him and shell claim they are just friends but then one day hell send them a FaceBook message saying something along the lines of Im sorry, your girl has been sleeping with me all along, hell play dumb and say he didnt know you two were together and try to play it off as the good guy. Make no mistake, this guy is only after you for one thing, pleasure. Hes using you to have his own fun little game. And guys, make sure your girls steer clear of this guy. He loves nothing more then to ruin peoples relationships. Half of the women hes dated he started messing around with while they had boyfriends and ended up stealing them away from the boys. This guy is dangerous to any relationship. Hell sleep with anyone, the way he jokes around about his sexuality, Im pretty sure hed sleep with a guy. He use to joke around about putting things in his butt or liking chicks with dicks. Deep down I think he wants someone, male or female, to put a long rod in his tight in the closet asshole.
1,497 votes

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