Eric Freda

From New Jersey, United States at Age 40

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Cheating panty wearing scumbag

Eric is an abusive cheating scumbag. He has a four inch penis and I think the facebook picture will …verify that as he ever admitted it. He likes wearing women's panties and I didn't mind it until I found out that he cheated on me. I then took photos and left him.
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Mike Weeks

From New Hampshire, United States at Age 54

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He cheated on me with a girl half my age!

Just here to embarrass my asshole Ex-BF. Help me out by spreading his photos allover online. Let me …know where so I can see! LMAO!
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Taylor Green

From Utah, United States at Age 21

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Gingers really dont have souls

That lier I have been dating for three whole years that I thought were beautiful haha. Well he …decided to take advantage of me when I left to arizona. I gave him the keys to my car and the keys to my house. He went and used MY CAR to go get heroine and use them. He used MY CAR to go hang out with some becca girl and get some head from her! Im furious! and thats why im here :)
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Frankin Rawlings

From Missouri, United States at Age 26

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Franklin M. Rawlings

My ex and I have been on and off again for 7 years and 3 of those years we were married. Though-out …our relationship and marriage, he would walk away, and I would have to talk him into staying. He cheated on my so many times, I lost count. He would lock me in the closet, so I couldn't go anywhere, use his body weight to keep me on the floor, so I wouldn't leave, chase me down the road, break and throw things at me and would cause me to have miscarriages. I tried for 3 straight years to have his child, I was faithful 100%, even when he was deployed. He has just recently been discharged from the United States Marine Corps, for what I do not know. As of right now, we are still legally married because he refuses to sign my divorce papers and he is engaged to a woman, named Janae Madison, who at one point and time attacked his Grandmother. The worst part of all of this is, he also walked out on my daughter, who he told he was going to adopt her, he has not talked to her in over 6 months and she constantly wonders why he doesn't love her. He is a piece of shit, whom only cares about himself. Franklin Matthew Rawlings,lives in Joplin, MO with his new fiance and her 3 sons.
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Cory Booker

From Texas, United States at Age 21

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Jeremy English

From Texas, United States at Age 20

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Asshole! Spread this cheaters shit around!

Stupid son of a bitch has cheated, lied, and fucked me over countless times. Pregnant with his son …yet he still treats me like shit! Horrible father already, serial dater, and a fucking horrible man. Fucked me over one too many times, time for a little revenge!
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Vic Rodriguez

From California, United States at Age 38

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The very unsexy photos of a dicks dick

He uses Viagra AND Cialis which he hides in his closet in a wooden box under his shelves, he uses …tons of hair growth products and shampoos. He photoshops more hair onto his pix before uploading them online. Small mexican weiner. Liar slept w/my friends sister and my now ex bestfriend. He's a terrible drunk!!! He took Vicodine all the time, drank alcohol with it and couldn't have sex after, till he took Viagra...
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Theodore Mutchler

From Florida, United States at Age 39

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Terry Mutchler is a pathological liar who acts like he has money

He will borrow money from you and not pay it back, and straight up con you and your friends and …family into thinking he has money and business connections. He acts like he's going to make millions as a pornographer but in reality he is always in debt and sleeping on couches or living with his dad. rnrnTerry Mutchler lives in Key West right now and he likes living there because he is a closeted fag. He admitted while high on coke to sucking dick and fondling men and he also banged himself in the ass with his girlfriend's vibrator while she was passed out sleeping. rnrnHe loves to drink until he falls off barstools, snort coke until he blows a gay guy in the bathroom, and he'll take any pill in sight. rnrnBEWARE OF THIS PATHOLOGICAL LIAR AND HIS NONEXISTENT SCHEMES OF MONEY!!!!
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Gregory Lamont

From New York, United States at Age 50

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Gregory Lamont

Gregory Lamont is a Transvestite! Only after years of being together did I discover that Gregory …got kicks from wearing women's clothes, including my own.
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