Samuel Holmes

From Derby, United Kingdom at Age 18

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The Not-So-Special Guardsman.

Dont be fooled by the getup ladies, hes no gentleman! In fact, Id go as far as to say that hes scum …but Ill let you be the judge of that.rnrnSamuel Holmes, or Sam as hes better known, likes to think that hes Christian Grey from the ever popular series of books Fifty Shades of Grey. He thinks that every female is his submissive and as much as hell tell you that its just roleplay for shits and giggles, its TOTALLY not. I mean sure, its fun at first but then you start to think that maybe this guy IS actually sadistic.rnrnNow I dont know whether its the army that has turned his brain into a pile of neanderthalic mush or the fact that his ex pictured with him... Sorry, shes his girlfriend again, its hard to keep up! constantly pesters him because he allows her to. He doesnt love her per say, but shes definitely a good hot water bottle for him, always sticking around, warming his bed for him, even when he cheats on her or dumps her for girls that he meets in nightclubs because they wont casually sleep with him.rnrnSpeaking of nightclubs, when he goes out with the boys one of his favourite things to do is give the lady of his fancy the impression that hes single and will even behave in a very charming manner. Dont be fooled though, hes just carefully working his way into your knickers. Which by the way, is a bit of a let down, its just porn style fucking, and not the good kind either. HOW ENJOYABLE!rnrnPlease bare in mind that this is all for starters. If you actually manage to get into a relationship with him then expect him to constantly be in contact with the aforementioned ex well, girlfriend... AGAIN. Silly me! Shes just as bad mind you, she also seems to be ABSOLUTELY CRACKERS. She hacks his facebook and texts every girl that hes ever dated just to see if he still talks to them. Come to think of it, they deserve each other! What a pairing!rnrnAnyway, where was I Oh yeah, he also likes to think that hes telling you what you want to hear by saying that he wants your babies, wants to marry and is SO in love with you but its all lies. If he was in Bridget Joness Diary hed be Daniel Cleaver. Swarve on the outside but gross on the inside.rnrnEventually hell either use you for a one nighter maybe sex, maybe just dirty messages from you until he gets bored or hell break up with you and go back to his hot water bottle of an exgirlfriend, who he whines about like a bitch.rnrnSo there you are, a little look at the boy who thinks that hes the big SAM I AM excuse the pun! when really hes just your average tosser.rnrnP.S Ladies, please dont ever send him dirty photos. He has a penchant for asking for them. He gets them off the his exgirlfriend Ive seen them. Ick! but as I said before he sometimes gets bored so be careful!
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Jordan Clark

From South Carolina, United States at Age 24

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Dude was real cocky way too into himself even had me rubb his feet one night anyway he sent this …pick of his dick to one of my friends so know everyone can see it
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Michael Rojek

From Wisconsin, United States at Age 55

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Open to anything

He does anyone or anything just tell him and he does it. He loves humiliation and to get tied down …. Text him at [email protected]
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Mike Rojek

From Wisconsin, United States at Age 55

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He cant just have one he has to have multiple people. He listen to his friend before listening to …his mate.
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Brian Jansen

From Pennsylvania, United States at Age 37

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Pink panty wearing man thinks women are wimps

Brian makes various sexist comments towards women about them being wimps and that they belong in the …kitchen. The amusing part is he seems to enjoy wearing ladies pink knickers which covers up his non existent penis.
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Alex Barreda Chocano

From La Paz, Peru at Age 42

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Asshole Cheater

Cheated just after his wife had given birth. Denied existence of child and marriage.
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Alex Barreda

From Lima, Peru at Age 39

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Alex Barreda image #2 | En las oficinas Syasa Malvina Alex Barreda image #3 | Alex Barreda image #4 | cuando no trabaja, le gusta tomar fotos de su triste pene

Ama su propio pene

no hay felicidad completa
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