From Antrim, United Kingdom at Age 32

 Chris  image #1
 Chris  image #2 |

Caught him sending pics to co-workers

This piece of garbage was with me for 2 years and I found out he was into a co-worker. He sent her …unsolicited cock pics for no reason
2,555 votes


From Quebec, Canada at Age 34

Mamoudou  image #1
Mamoudou  image #2 | Mamoudou  image #3 |


He tried on my son's girlfriend.
2,972 votes

Jeff Wolcott

From New York, United States at Age 35

Jeff Wolcott  image #1
Jeff Wolcott  image #2 | Jeff Wolcott  image #3 | Jeff Wolcott  image #4 |

Hurt me, Scream at me, Make me feel your pain

This man or lack of a man destroyed my life played me for a fool went out on a date with a skank …while still with me after three years broke up with me over a text message i gave this man my life my heart catered to him just to be kicked to the curb like nothing swearing on his dead mothers grave. He will use and shit on any woman who gives him the time hes a dickless asshole as you can see and a walmart slacky worker as well
3,618 votes

Daniel Paul Hashim

From Texas, United States at Age 30

Daniel Paul Hashim  image #1
Daniel Paul Hashim  image #2 |

Sends dick pics on the toilet

He is the nastiest dirtiest man in houston and sends the most disgusting "sexual" pics. He really …thinks these are sexy pics. No one should ever send dick pics while sitting on the toilet.
3,552 votes

Thomas Glavinic

From Wien, Austria at Age 43

Thomas Glavinic  image #1
Thomas Glavinic  image #2 | Thomas Glavinic  image #3 | Thomas Glavinic  image #4 |

Thomas Glavinic is a VERY famous writer from Austria

I had a short term, relationship with the novellist Thomas Glavinic (check his wikipedia entry!). I …am a photographer and we did a few sessions shooting when we had sex and he promised me to accept when I find an art gallerist for my art porn. But now, suddenly, her changed his mind. There was SO MUCH work!! So I use this, opportunity to show them, and maybe I find a gallerist who wants to make an exhibition, with my art porn. I am 29, Sandra Herra is my artists name. Thomas Glavinic Schwanz ("cock in German language) is already well know, in public, because he showed his dick on facebook once. Haha he protested agains Zuckerbergs nude policy with that haha.
3,399 votes

Justin Lynch

From Alberta, Canada at Age 23

Justin Lynch  image #1
Justin Lynch  image #2 | Justin Lynch  image #3 | Justin Lynch  image #4 |

Cheating fag likes to suck his own little dick! 8=o O^X

This is JUSTIN TINY LITTLE THREE INCH LYNCH from Forest Lawn, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. (... If you …ever meet this stupid fucking queer; MAKE SURE to call him by his FULL NAME!) XD He used to be my fiancees ex bf up until about a year ago a bunch of us were all getting drunk back at my apartment this one night and the little cocksuckers using my laptop, well this dumb motherfucker forgot to logout of his gmail account! Next morning I go to check my email, inbox is full of mail from all these gay hookup sites and msges from other turd burglars wanting to meet up and pack each others fudge. So we made up a couple bogus fake profiles on a few of the websites that he was using, messaged him and convinced this dumb cunt to send us even more pics of his tiny little dick to post all over the net! LOL even got em to measure his tiny little baby wiener for us and his lil dong is LITERALLY less than 3 fucking inches long!!!! HAHAHA!!! OMFG, DUDE... THIS FUCKING FAG ACTUALLY SUCKS HIS OWN TINY LITTLE THREE INCH COCK! LMFAO, WTF?
3,800 votes

Joseph Rezk

From Quebec, Canada at Age 32

Joseph Rezk  image #1
Joseph Rezk  image #2 | Joseph Rezk  image #3 |

Libanese/Canadian cunt

This guy fucked me while he engaged to his GF. Fucked me through the hotel room. Told me he's a …single engineer. But nice dick.
4,896 votes

Tomas Castrejon

From Illinois, United States at Age 28

Tomas Castrejon   image #1
Tomas Castrejon   image #2 |

Tiny Tom

The "Latin heat" that Tomas cant physically supply is more than accounted for in other areas... but …don't start drooling yet! I'm just referring to the massive prick he is to everyone in everyday life. Miserable, dangerous sociopath that is abusive and a drunk. TRUST... that dick could NEVER make "all that he brings" even close to worth the trouble.
5,535 votes

Camilo Rivera Ribadeneira

From Manchester, United Kingdom at Age 20

Camilo Rivera Ribadeneira   image #1
Camilo Rivera Ribadeneira   image #2 | Camilo Rivera Ribadeneira   image #3 |

Camilo Rivera Ribadeneira and his cheating cock

Here is a spoilt, posh, immature little boy who thinks it is acceptable to lie, violate and cheat …women on the most personal level. Now he will know how it feels to be violated and feel exposed.
5,647 votes


From Tennessee, United States at Age 34

Dave  image #1
Dave  image #2 |

Cheating Prick!

Was with Dave for almost 3yrs. Recently found out he's been cheating on me with his ex! Time to …expose the cheater!
4,505 votes

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