From New Hampshire, United States at Age 25

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Not rich but really a broke scumbag

This guy asked me out on a few dates he asked me to pay for myself even tho he said he had a job but …really he's just a addict who meets girls from online and uses them for sex claiming he wants a relationship when he really just wants sex with random girls and who knows maybe he likes guys too but he's a broke ass addict who used me for sex then after he got what he wanted told me there's no connection and he's not looking for a relationship and said he was deleting my number and not to text him anymore after the day before that he was asking me out on a date that weekend!!! This guy is pond scum and will get his bad karma someday for doing a good woman wrong!!! Someday someone will use him for all he doesn't have!!
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From North Carolina, United States at Age 26

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He sent me pics of his new bitch...

My ex bf tried to make me jealous by sending me pics of some girl he was fucking... but what he …forgot was that in order for me to be jealous... 1. She needs to prettier than me.. and 2. I'd actually have to give 2 fucks about to care.
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From Michigan, United States at Age 23

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Guys a player. Flirted with my by text several times and then ditched me and married some rude woman …. Nice cock tho
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Mike Karacson

From Indiana, United States at Age 47

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Mike Karacson a sissy Fem Gay faggot Crossdresser

Mike Karacson turned into a Gay sissy fem crossdresser loves to suck cock, and is transforming into …a feminized sissy. Mike has chosen to only serve men, and wants to be a Sissy Maid Slut. He likes to receive text messages from men asking him to come over and serve as a sissy maid cum dump 574-299-3842
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From Kansas, United States at Age 64

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Just would like ,to get ladys that would want to enjoy what hes got,

hes not a bad person,has a good heart for people, and loves to enjoy a lady, so ,would any of you …goodlooking ladies from the age of 18 to 50 , that would like to contact him and would want to enjoy ,.playing and feeling ,and would love to enjoy his balls all you want,and tell what you think ,so another lady might like,do so ok! please see his pics ,would you want to enjoy?
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From British Columbia, Canada at Age 38

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Cheating asshole

He fucked my sister when I was pregnant with our daughter. Fast forward a year n half. He then again …fucked the fattest cow in town n was talking to 2 other girls plus me. Caught him red handed. He didn't even apologize. He is hands down the biggest loser ever!!
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Cedane camalie cox

From Kingston, Jamaica at Age 31

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Cheated on me with a girl who he also convinced that she was the only one. He made me feel like i …was crazy and delusional and asking him for too much. when confronted he denied everything until i gave him undeniable proof (pics of him and her on dates) that i knew
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