AJ Clemons

From California, United States at Age 27

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Struggling R&B Singer is actually on the down low

Arthur "AJ" Bernard Clemons is a 30 year old struggling R&B singer who pretends to like women so …they can buy his music but he secretly likes men.
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Pierre Morot

From Ile-de-france, France at Age 50

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A little bitch

He is a submissive that go with any girl that give him an order. He liked to steal my underwear to …wear them
4,481 votes


From Alabama, United States at Age 20

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Creepy stalker from central alabama

This dude stalked my little brother in the past but now he stalks me and my girlfriend. He knows I …am straight but that does not make him stop harrasing me. He is offering me money fof sex
4,404 votes


From Florida, United States at Age 36

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closeted self-hating bi-sexual with an under-sizes & under-developed penis-- physically, verbally & …emotionally abusive half-fag -- sociopathic & extremely violent double-talking, double-standard having, cheating, lying & extremely manipulative -- very lame & boring in bed (unless you give him your ass & let him pretend hes fucking a guy) -- alcoholic, porn addict who beats both men & women -- abandoned both his children calling his 8yr old daughter a mean cunt & his 6yr old son a whiny little bitch -- hides to avoid paying child support & taxes but steals & takes whatever he can from people that think hes their friend/bro -- very good at convincing people hes a great guy but speaks ill of them & expresses bad intentions when they arent around -- evil incarnate & i have 5yrs worth of pics & hospital records proving his violent attacks against me -- has police record of drug use & violence against his exes -- drunk driver BEWARE
3,611 votes

Tex Hesster

From Mississippi, United States at Age 35

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My ex He's a ladies man and loves pleasing the ladies

He cheated on me with a young neighbor girl.Now I hear he's running a Calhoun city taxi so beware of …this well hung player.
3,585 votes

Phillip "Flip" Wilson

From Mississippi, United States at Age 37

Phillip Phillip Phillip

Ladies,beware! He gave me a sexually transmitted disease

He's a smooth talker that can charm the horns off the devil,will lure you somewhere,roofie you and …you will be stuck with a sexually transmitted disease for life.
3,813 votes


From Hainaut, Belgium at Age 29

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Julien naked pics

This is my ex from 2015, we broke up. He is a total freak....non stop horny!
2,950 votes

Peter Cook

From Mississippi, United States at Age 29

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Pus Nuts No Peter

Idk WTF say bout Dis nigga. He be callin hisself a pimp. Dis nigga a in da closet homo. He be sayin …he a Gangsta Lord. I'm like WTF a Gangsta Lord. Nigga gone say he half Gangsta & half Vice Lord. Mf need lay off dat meth tbh. Say he layin pipe to da women. He talkin bout da crack r meth pipes bc his scrawny ass not layin no dick pipe less he countin Dem dicks he be touchin Dem toes for. Thank God I didn't fuck dis nigga. Be thinkin he got da crabs r sum fuckin std. Nigga got Dem clothes off & his nuts be all scaly. I mean dis nigga had athlete feet of da nuts r sumthang yo. Den he turn round & nigga ass be resemblin Rocky Balboa after dat beat down. Expectin dat ass to fart out da word Adrian. Nasty mf I tell u. Str8 up nasty nigga
4,276 votes

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