From Massachusetts, United States at Age 28

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Found out he had a girlfriend

I was sleeping with him on and off for the past few years....turns out he had a girlfriend
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Travis Morgan

From Iowa, United States at Age 32

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Mom fucker

i asked my mom if i could use her phone and she got a few text messages so i checked them they were …from my husband
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Sean M Campbell

From California, United States at Age 30

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Abusive Lying Cheating Con Artist

Met Sean Campbell in Sept. Off POF, came on SUPER strong made me think we were it, then starts …becoming abusive, hiding drugs and alcohol, lying about everything. Talked to his exwife she confirmed HE IS.NOT A DISABLED VET (he was kicked out of the army as an E1 for DUIs after 1 year, not the 6yrs he claims) HE HAS NEVER BEEN DEPLOYED EITHER. HE USES THAT STORY AS A WAY TO GET YOUR SYMPATHY GOING. 2. HE CHEATS REPEATEDLY ON EVERY SINGLE GIRL HES WITH. 3.HE HAS NO RIGHTS TO HIS KIDS (claims to have 50%custody but lost it due to meth use, alcohol and abuse issues). 4.SWEARS UP AND DOWN HS HAD A VASECTOMY. THIS IS NOT TRUE! IM CARRYING HIS 3rd CHILD, DUE IN SEPTEMBER (he will not.know of this one, ill spare it the pain of that man as a father.) 5. HE DISSAPEARS FOR DAYS WITH NO.CONTACT AND CRAZY ASS STORIES ABOUT BEING KIDNAPPED OR ARRESTED OR IN THE HOSPITAL. 6. Everytime you catch.him lying he wil complain of a health issue or pain so the attention gets refoucused onto him. 7. HE IS OBSESSED WITH HIS LOOKS AND MATERIAL THINGS. 8. HE WILL CLAIM TO BE BROKE TO.AVOID PAYING FOR ANYTHING AND EVERYTHINF, DON'T FALL FOR IT, HES GOT ENOUGH TO LIVE COMFORTABLE FOR SEVERAL MONTHS. *ive been with some really bad.people, Sean by far is the worst. Im sad I'll be attatched to him for life and for this baby who will have her veins, but it was a lesson in some way or another I guess. Just beware, especially if you have children . Hes so fuckinh charming and thats why you believe him and he gets away with it. But after talkng to exs it's always the same routine over and over. Goodluck! And Sean, btw I always faked it, youre not that good looking and yes, me and sarah are friends and we talk all the time, I know your kids well and see them a fuck lot more then you do, they think Joe is their daddy though, theyre embarrased of you at least your daughter is. Dont believe me swing by Em's party and see who her best friend is;) Do the world a favor and just go away.
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Dan Murphy

From British Columbia, Canada at Age 31

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Gods gift to women! Yah right.

He thinks he can just walk from one girl to the next without repercussions. How many girls has he …fucked and chucked besides me? Watch out lady's it's all a lie
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Gregg Walker

From Arizona, United States at Age 39

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Liar, cheater, predator

He liars constantly, tries to have multiple gf at once, tries to hook up with teen girls 14-16, …sometimes going through their mother/father, brother/sister or aunt/uncle to do so. Has done so several times without ever getting caught by authorities
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From Antrim, United Kingdom at Age 32

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Caught him sending pics to co-workers

This piece of garbage was with me for 2 years and I found out he was into a co-worker. He sent her …unsolicited cock pics for no reason
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From Quebec, Canada at Age 34

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He tried on my son's girlfriend.
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Jeff Wolcott

From New York, United States at Age 35

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Hurt me, Scream at me, Make me feel your pain

This man or lack of a man destroyed my life played me for a fool went out on a date with a skank …while still with me after three years broke up with me over a text message i gave this man my life my heart catered to him just to be kicked to the curb like nothing swearing on his dead mothers grave. He will use and shit on any woman who gives him the time hes a dickless asshole as you can see and a walmart slacky worker as well
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Daniel Paul Hashim

From Texas, United States at Age 30

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Sends dick pics on the toilet

He is the nastiest dirtiest man in houston and sends the most disgusting "sexual" pics. He really …thinks these are sexy pics. No one should ever send dick pics while sitting on the toilet.
4,026 votes

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