Brittany Gregory

From Maine, United States at Age 24

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Biddeford Slut

This bitch is fucking nasty. She has had Chlamydia. She fucking gave me that shit after she cheated …on me with two dudes in a threesome. She made me pay for all her shit. She acts like a fucking 4 year old. Whines and bitches. She smells and she is a slob. She has had sex with her Brother and her step brother. She is one fucking nasty bitch. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!
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Mark wills

From Michigan, United States at Age 27

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Regular asshole

After talking and hanging out for months he just disappears act like nothing happened...On a good …note he's a good fuck
4,775 votes

Logan Adams

From California, United States at Age 22

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Tiny dick cheater

Caught this jerk cheating with 4 different girls, yet brags he has a big dick lol
10,538 votes


From Ohio, United States at Age 21

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Just one big mess. Exs come into the picture and girls he says are just friends. A typical fuckboy …if there has ever been one. We have been on and off for awhile but now I'm done.
5,003 votes

Matthew Justin Hamilton

From Mississippi, United States at Age 23

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The "I would never cheat on you" guy

This sly, deeply disturbed mother fucker slithered into my life and made me believe in the happily …ever after. This was the nice guy that had been cheated on before, so no problem, right? I was his one and only through a lot of bullshit. Come to find out, he's not only cheated on me with another GUY on the nearby college campus while I was away visiting my GRANDMOTHER, he started hooking up with a waitress he worked with as a manager at Chili's. I found our stash of his "manly, sexy" pics and video. Enjoy!
11,778 votes


From Guam, United States at Age 48

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Abusive & Psychotic

He was so charming in the beginning, I was so blind! He claimed to be a good Christian man. He …became extremely abusive and when I tried to leave him he would stalk me! He would use his children to get me to come back to him. He lost custody of his son because he's abusive to his children as well. He's called his daughter a lying little bitch and he blames me and his kids for his psychotic episodes. Don't trust him or believe him! He's crazy!
4,251 votes

Al Derby

From Wolverhampton, United Kingdom at Age 36

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Serial Man Whore

I was with this lad for about 3 months last year. The whole time he was seeing 3 (!!) other girls I …know about PLUS CHASING HIS SCUMBAG EX AT THE SAME TIME. If you want to know why I put up with it for 3 months check the photo, LOL. He then got one of them pregnant and hasn't spoken to me since. Absolute headcase. Avoid like the plague unless you enjoy limitless drama in your life.
5,887 votes

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