Jay k

From Queensland, Australia at Age 31

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Ex boyfriend used to think he was hung - LOL

He used to think he was a 'sex god' , and always carried on about how hes really thick and quite …hung compared to other guys.. ...what a joke..
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From Illinois, United States at Age 20

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Biggest whore ever fucks any girl who walks

He cheated on me I didn't find out til after we broke up then on top of that it was with 10 other …girls all in other towns
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Ryan Keough

From Connecticut, United States at Age 24

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Ryan is a douchey not nice guy...

Ryan was and is such a douchebag but at least he's easy on the eyes. But still...
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P. Sixx

From New York, United States at Age 24

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Cheat, that likes to get naked

Cheated on me at a party. Loves getting naked when drunk & then proceeds to pass out. Waking up …embarrassed & covering his manhood but it's too late since everyone has seen it.
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Sam Warden George

From Ohio, United States at Age 34

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Little boy that likes to suck dick or drugs

Dated this guy for awhile, found out he was sucking dick behind my back for weed, dabs, or whatever …it was he was on that week. Hes a little dicked deadbeat Sperm donor that dont take care of any of his kids. Found out he was fucking around with a nasty ass bitch from fairborn named jessica and she gave him herpes, then he gave it to me. Hes a freeloading bum that uses anyone he can of any size to benefit him. He is also a member of the paleriders motor cycle club in Drexel Ohio. I was dumb for even thinking this low life was even worth my time. Stay away from this dirty ass juggalo wanna be ladies!!!!! hes a smooth talker and likes to beat on woman when he dont get his way.
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From Nordrhein-westfalen, Germany at Age 29

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Ex bf

This is my ex-bf. Met this guy when I was on holiday and had some fun. We stayed in contact for a …while until I got bored with him. We sent each other lots of nude, and sometimes kinky, pictures back and forth. I was able to get him to do some funny things and figured I would share some of them online.
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Matthew Smith

From London, United Kingdom at Age 36

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Tiny dick cheater is a tranny cocksucker

This disgusting PIG Matthew Smith is a cheating scumbag full of nasty diseases! I found out he was …cheating with tranny bitched he added on facebook, claiming they were "friends", when actually he met them on dating sites/apps and fucked them behind my back! Also found out he was regularly seeing prostitutes and has the aids
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