From Nordrhein-westfalen, Germany at Age 29

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Ex bf

This is my ex-bf. Met this guy when I was on holiday and had some fun. We stayed in contact for a …while until I got bored with him. We sent each other lots of nude, and sometimes kinky, pictures back and forth. I was able to get him to do some funny things and figured I would share some of them online.
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Matthew Smith

From London, United Kingdom at Age 36

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Tiny dick cheater is a tranny cocksucker

This disgusting PIG Matthew Smith is a cheating scumbag full of nasty diseases! I found out he was …cheating with tranny bitched he added on facebook, claiming they were "friends", when actually he met them on dating sites/apps and fucked them behind my back! Also found out he was regularly seeing prostitutes and has the aids
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Michael Price

From Pennsylvania, United States at Age 36

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Married man who is way too picky

We talked talked and exchanged pictures for a little while. Told me he was married and he was …looking for something more. Then the first time we really met he asked me if I wanted to work out. I thought he was telling me he wanted sex, but no. He really wanted to work out and talk. He goes to the Planet Fitness in state college all the time. Didn't even make a move on me. Such a disappointment! He claims he isn't muscular enough and talks about his body like a whiny bitch. Then he found out I was 18 and told me I was too young. WTF! You should be bowing at my feet you hairy old man! Then he started growing sideburns like he thinks he's Hugh Jackman or something.
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Justin west

From New York, United States at Age 25

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Loves man

This guy right here. Left a beautiful women to be with a guy. Not only did he do that but then to …find out he got something from the guy.
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From Saskatchewan, Canada at Age 22

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Dirty pig

ok so i have been texting with this dude for a year and we finally met he seemed nice and was so …sweet...but he got drunk together and soon we were in the bedroom and he was all over me we fucked 3 times that night....he is not that big but at least he can eat pussy .......but now he wont talk to me i thought i would post the pics he sent me...since he wont talk to me at all...P.S. he blocked me on Fb and now i ant text or call his cell....
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Stephan R

From North Carolina, United States at Age 28

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Small pecker cheater

This fucking guy. Told me he was single, nah hes married. Dated for a lil, then i catch him cheating …. He fucked a chick that looks like a 12 year old boy, oh and knocked me up and doesn't care. Gets mistaken for a gay guy all the time too
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From Massachusetts, United States at Age 25

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Waste of time

Wasted my time with endless texts and sweet talking. Always wanted to fuck me but never put in the …time. Lives in Lynn
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