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Added Jan 31, 2014

Gabriella Ek

21 years old in Nybro, Sweden

"Swedish good girl secret anal slut"

Anonymous 13156 says: She pretends to be a good an innocent girl but looks down on most people and thinks she is so much better. She is cruel to people and she knows it. But what almost nobody knows is that she is a slut that loves anal sex, especially when a guy cums in her ass. She also likes bondage and getting spanked

none nude1this is her234

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8 Responses so far...

  1. U went full fucktard says:

    must of not liked it enough for you to be denied

  2. AARONinFRESNO says:

    Fantastic tit

  3. topdog says:

    we have a tit! no sorry 2 1 in the pics and 1 posting!

  4. TRUTH(The Real Truth) says:

    Looks underage to me….

  5. teammaico says:

    Where is the AssLoad of Jizz FuckTard

  6. Disqus11111 says:

    Something very weird about that girl. Kind of looks like she could go psycho on you for no reason.

  7. mr BoB says:

    She can be psycho, i would deskribe her as a light sociopath. The photos were taken when she was 20 so she is not under age

  8. Jealous says:

    I’d let her be on top so she could look down on me!

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