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MY EX ID # 12309
Added Jan 18, 2014

Amanda "Mandy" Maraman

22 years old in Shepherdsville, Kentucky

"This Chick Is Toxic!!!"

Anonymous 12309 says: I met this con artist at the Valero Station by where I live. She got fired from that job for stealing lottery tickets. So, thinking we had become friends, I got her a job where I worked which lasted about nine days. She is in the drug court system and got locked up for breaking the rules which cost her that job. So, to make this story short, I develop feelings for her, like a dumb ass, and I actually believe her when she tells me were going to give it a shot. Well, that lasted no time and she just vanished into thin air with no explanation and then shows up with a new guy on her FB page. She actually had the audacity to get mad at me for calling her out on it!! She is nothing but a liar and a con artist. DO NOT TRUST A WORD SHE SAYS!!!

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23 Responses so far...

  1. Tricky Dick says:

    If she fucked you over, why are you being so sweet. This is a revenge site… post the goodies, not Facebook photos.

  2. quit crying like a bitch says:

    Well telling everyone how much of a piece of shit she is is also revenge. Telling stuff she is trying to hide is revenge. I love it when they don’t post nudes and all you fucktards that come here to jack off over these girls cry like a bunch of pussy girls. WAHHHH WAHHH NO NUDES WAHHH WAHHH YOU SUCK NO NUDES. We troll a porn site because girls in real life know us and will never.let us see them naked. Lol1

  3. topdog says:

    OP you are a fucktard! the only revenge here ,you have given her by showing the world your a sad muppet

  4. Whatsinyourbag says:

    Fucktard wheres the revenge pics? Less story ,more pics.

  5. Papi pingú says:

    OP, she was not in to you. Sorry, but it happens. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

  6. Balls Deep says:

    All the effort to make memes out of her photos but no nudes…this was worse than reading the classifieds in the paper…

  7. EASY says:

    @ “quit crying like a bitch” , I love seeing his comment trying to make a point, look ” quit cryin like a bitch” you have never made a comment on here before so you must be here to beat off……. and this is a ruthless revenge site , we talk some hardcore shit ,HHAHA SO LOOK AT HOW MUCH OF A SOFT BITCH IT MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE FOR STANDING UP FOR NON-NUDE PICS…. look dumb ass , No one comes to this site to read some captioned facebook photos hahaahhHAHAHHH , how could you be so fucking stupid to actually think people would do that???? thats not fucking revenge that is what crying like a bitch really is … You really show a new level of LAME ASS TROLL with your soft ass bitch comments…. captioned fb pics do not bring revenge… no …. NUDE FUCKING PICS that can ruin a girls social life bring revenge.. haha I cant believe this even has to be explained to you…. but thank you for FAILING so miserably at trying to make a point hhhaaahhahahh , once again … prove to me how captioned facebook photos can bring revenge when there is no way to even prove that any of the bullshit captions are true…. NUDE PICTURES 100% BRING REVENGE ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE EMBARASSING SO YOU FUCKING LOSE HAAHHAHHHAHHAAAAHAHAA so no what are your options TROLL!? you gonna even attempt to come back at me? hahahahaa you lose hands down fucker hhahhh

  8. EASY says:

    and @ papi ……. you also need to remember this is A FUCKING REVENGE SITE , with your little lame soft ass troll comments

  9. Disqus11111 says:

    @papi is almost as pathetic as the OP. The OP deserved every bit of it and those captions on the pics? You can’t get much more lame than that. And the icing on the cake is …


  10. Disqus11111 says:

    @papi is almost as pathetic as the OP. The OP deserved every bit of it and those captions on the pics? You can’t get much more lame than that. And the icing on the cake is …

    F U C K T A R D

  11. Ass Terrorist says:

    OP is such a fucking fag posting this shit. Developed feelings??? More like he developed a vagina. Next time post this shit on oprahs website and watch yourself a lifetime movie afterwards you dick. THERE IS NO REVENGE UNLESS THERE IS NUDE PICS!!!!!

  12. EASY says:

    @ ass terrorist and disquss…… Im getting the feeling that some of the lame ass hatin trolls we see in the comments are either …. dudes that fap session got interrupted because of us hatin on their fap fodder….. or that the lame ass trolls are just the OP mad because we decided to hate on him instead of the chick he posted

  13. Disqus11111 says:

    @EASY – I think it’s more likely OPs pissed about being exposed for the assholes they are. Did you see that Papi pingu asshole? Calling himself pingu ( spanish slang for big dick). What an OP asshole.

  14. Ass Terrorist says:

    Comments are turning into UGP style bullshit. Nothing will top disqus. Oh well. BTW “pinga” is the correct slang for dick and not pingu. Not even sure what that is. Maybe plural?

  15. topdog says:

    these fucktards are lame ass OP`S that have been fucktarded by posters now they are trolling us lol

  16. EASY says:

    @ everyone….. yea tha papi dicks or what ever he has for a user name made an almost intelligible comment tryin to talk shit to me a few pages back, its hilarious it looks like he just started typing shit talk on the keyboard turrets style hatin because I had talked shit about the girl in the pics….. had to remind him what fuckin website he was on…. now that this site is full anonymous for the comment sections it seems the trolls have come out to play more than normal.

  17. slut slayer says:

    What we went from revenge site to Americans most wtf! Fuckin weak! Douche bag!

  18. TheHero says:

    Papi spent too much time hanging out with Butler Trash in the jail cell….

    As for OP, ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS BRO. I can’t even add to what Easy and others have said. I don’t want to make it redundant ….. oh wait, yes I do…. FUCKTARD

  19. lonleyman says:

    hi sweety I see your pic at MyEx It is very great I hope you add me at my massenger or kik lonleyman2007 or facebook Ramez ra because im blocked for my add

  20. David says:

    Dude I date her now and she knows what you did!
    You didnt even put any nudes up of her lol . She said you were forking out money left over right hand . She fucks me all day and night . Best pussy i ever had

  21. curious says:

    is this the mandy that went to bc? looks like her. she had a step brother that got killed by his mates in the army for grabbing another guys nads in the shower or sumthin like that. she was a ho in school so i not suprprised to see this

  22. Billy Bob Troy says:

    Make America GREAT again! Vote Billy Bob Troy for senator and Donald Trump for president. Feel free to vote Rand Paul for VP coz he is from Kentucky motherfuckers… though we all know he don’t know shit!

  23. Financially Disabled says:

    sooner or later all hoes catch the permanent STD’s, Warts, Herpes, HIV. its math, its life. x amount of this equals x amount of chances of that. I guarantee this hoe has something. I fucking guarantee it. I have been with plenty of hoes that now have caught shit, Warts, Herpes, HIV. I got super fucking lucky to many times. USE CONDOMS GUYS!!!

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