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MY EX ID # 12835
Added Jan 26, 2014

Shelby Jordan

19 years old in Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Anonymous 12835 says: this shelby girl is such a snapchat slut. she sent naked photos to all of the dudes on her snapchat list. such a skank. shes really good in bed though. shes good at sucking dick as well. once, she made me cum so hard that i think i ejaculated twice...whatever though. shes a cheating slutty skank.

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17 Responses so far...

  1. Bigstick says:

    So wheres the nudes????

  2. gman says:

    Fake post. …

  3. Jatt says:

    waste post by dumbshit turd OP

  4. ill_B_the_judge says:

    posters a faggot who couldn’t get this chick to fuck him…hahha loser

  5. TheHero says:

    Another bullshit “no finish”. …. Fucktard!

  6. Disqus11111 says:

    @TheHero – If the guy ever does finish, it’s in about 3 seconds after he wraps his hand around his needle dick. Oops, I mean two fingers. That’s all it takes.

    This is a bullshit post. OP has never gotten near her when she’s naked. If she is such a slut and exhibitionist there would be no shortage of material to make a top notch post.

  7. dude says:


  8. Tricky Dick says:

    I have no doubt she is a snapchat ho, but not with you OP. You are just mad because she teased you with the photos you did get. But he never gave you the money shots. But have to believe she is sending nudes to someone.. I’m sure we will see her posted on here totally nude.

  9. slut slayer says:

    @ tricky Dick I agree with you he got dicked teased…lol

  10. Ryan says:

    Y U NO post snapchat handle??

  11. topdog says:

    OP you are a FUCKTARD!

  12. lonleyman says:

    hi sweety pls can u add me at massenger or kik lonleyma2007

  13. Chukee says:

    her snapchat is shelbyejordan

  14. Blaze says:

    Wat a hottie if i looked like that id be a slut too but im a guy and i can make u wet baby girl

  15. peter jones says:

    there are no nudes because the guy that posted this is a faggot

  16. craig singleton says:

    I’ve fucked her a few times. she likes to be pissed on as well

  17. Wheel Chair Bound says:

    PICTURE #7

    The face I make as I jam my wheel chair in forward and reverse so fucking hard super fast with her bent over in front of my face with no panties on

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