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MY EX ID # 11747
Added Jan 8, 2014

Danielle Doe

23 years old in Malden, Massachusetts

"crazy chick"

Anonymous 11747 says: This chick is hott but crazy. Shes been trouble but deep throats!! Sexy


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  1. Coho says:

    Omg she’s sexy… sucks cock like a champ too!

  2. Truth says:

    Heroin addiction is a sad thing.

  3. Ass Terrorist says:

    Sucking dick and getting railed by pencil dick in a public bathroom. This is easily one of the top 10 whores of myex.

  4. Justin says:

    Whats this sluts name?…if you search lala tink theres another slut on here from Malden,ma

  5. Truth says:

    She has hep c, Cause she’s a junkbag pin cushion booting heroin. Discussing.

  6. Roger says:

    Dam,My ex-wife sucks like her,what is it with blondes .Most can suck a mean cock & swallow.I can’t wait untill I get my pictures of my ex-wife up & the video.She made me a nice sex tape with all holes filled with toys (as I filmed) & then deep throated me untill I came so badly she actually gags.Gotta love this site.Man I really can’t wait to get her videos up.I’m just lucky.I was the only one to have fucked her,married the cheating online whore & glad I got tested,turns out after we broke up & I dirvoced her,she now has HPV!. but man she loves cock in her ass but nobody but me has gotten her tail yet HAHA.,(sorry this one reminded me of her)

  7. Yngwie Cockstein says:

    Now thats a professional cocksucker!!!!

  8. Jones says:

    Was there not a fuck video too?

  9. john says:


  10. Tom says:

    facebook link is wrong anyone know it?

  11. loveall says:

    OMG!!!!!! Now that’s a deep throat. What a good girl

  12. Dickdealer says:

    Hot as hell but that is one thin cock lol

  13. carl claypoole says:

  14. lol says:

    why doesnt she just do porn whos got the link to the vid? i forgot it i know theres a longer vid.

  15. WhiteWomenAreWhores says:

    motherless dot com/2382152

  16. john says:

    Repost her and I will send you the link and her phone number if you like.

  17. john says:

    Repost this whore and I will send you her phone number…

  18. to john says:

    hey i been reposting everywhere. her google is nothin but her being a whore. post the number here. post the number here. post the number here.

  19. BRIAN says:



  20. Tom lackerman says:

    I love this girl… troubled but set as hell!!!

  21. Tom lackerman says:

    This deep throat queen is on so many websites.., and many more… she’s a hot as druggie! !!

  22. u55tt says:

    danielle doe would out fuck lala tink anyday

  23. brian says:

    I DOUBT THAT…..LALA TINK LOOKS SOOO MUCH HOTTER and id love to fuck her over Danielle, sorry but slutty hot blonde beats nasty druggie ANY DAY!!!!

  24. u55tt says:

    Danielle Doe is all over porn sites in multiple countries, Lala isnt. Danielle Doe has gif’s u can dl and shit. it’s no contest. #DoeOverTink #DanielleDoeSuckingAllDay #DDshoulddoporn.

  25. Pranther says:

    I like them both but danielle doe has the video… we should get her to do more. both of these sluts should

  26. tulsa says:

    doe or tink i cant decide. both whores tho

  27. tulsa says:


  28. bigdaddy says:

    lala tink is a slut cunt cock loving whore who wants to be gangbaned bad!!!!!!!….or at lease thats what i would wanna do to the little bombshell mmmhh >:-O

  29. Tom lackerman says:

    Just to update. She now goes by dani doe on facebook.. she is sexy! ! Any tit pics out there??

  30. buck says:

    watch the vid again, at 4:35 theres something on her ass. im pretty sure its a piece of shit. lmk if anyone else sees it

  31. Dan says:

    I’d make her squirt ;)

  32. fact says:

    canyon cleavage

  33. buck says:

    motherless DOT com /A40D74C

  34. u55tt says:

    i heard theres another vid? anyone know?

  35. John says:

    Such a beauty – love the deep throat action Danielle. Obvious you are sucking lots of cock! My kind of girl!

  36. Tom lackerman says:

    Should we repost her?? Get her more fans????

  37. fact says:

    Tom, why wouldn’t you?

  38. fact says:

    who was Op

  39. Tom lackerman says:

    James Godin was the poster. He’s not the one with the pencil dick though. Im pretty sure the poster was getting blown by pencil dick steve. I think there was some jealousy. .. Danielle is smokin Hott!!

  40. danielle doe says:

    I just wanna thank all the people on here bashing me for no reason, every couple makes videos or takes was supposed to be for me and my mans eyes only unfortunately a creep named james godin was a bum and needed to use my phone and i did not know he was going to do that to me someobe that has helped him with a place to live and put food in his mouth cus hes not a man. He cant get girls and he couldnt get me so i guess this is an act of jealousy.but you can’t hide forever james.yes i was addicted to heroin. But i am clean now i do not have hep c so i dont like people lyinh about me,this was a bad time in my life and im sober and still with my bf from this. This is not a public bathroom this was my old apartment i dont owe any of you an explanation but i would like to at least say my side since people are assuming im a whore.the fact you guys are Putin my fb and offering a phone number means you know me and if you have something against me bring it to mme.dont put it all over the internet as anonymous.thats pussy shit and childish. Im not gonna write back to anyone you guys are really mean people to bash someone like this.i didnt deserve this.bye

  41. Carl Claypoole says:

    @danielle so are you still that good at cock sucking?? Some women can suck cock but it looks like you were born to do it! Youre a natural at it! Do you have any more vids?????

  42. McLovin says:

    She’s pretty. Sexy ass hole too.

  43. Truth says:

    Funny how every junkie somehow doesn’t have hep c hah… And she got high and gobbled cock in her “own” bathroom cause children and other junkies were in the rest of the apartment… Still with the same guy, may or maybe not so but we all know you’ve gobbled cocks aside from his since then. You do deserve this and you know it… No “lyinh” here you fuckin tramp

  44. fact says:


  45. I'd Fill that. says:

    motherless DOT com /A40D74C The Full video!!!

  46. danielle doe says:

    i did nothing to deserve this… if u google my name you guys ruined it. no there is no other video, sorry to disappoint u creeps. wtf is doggy time dani. and no im not gobbling up cock fuckin loser.

  47. Carl Claypoole says:

    @danielle so your name was ruined not by heroin but by a dicksucking vid? and you blame everyone else for it? wow. so you were forced to go in a bathroom, suck off pencildick, get fucked by him, all while recording it?

  48. fact says:

    @danielle Obvious you are sucking lots of cock you are a whore No “lyinh” here

  49. niel says:

    857-61 100 posts… number is posted

  50. buck says:

    motherless dot com/604ED2A

  51. jackkkk says:

    @danielle doe stfu u are a cum dumpster u have no say. slut

  52. steven says:


  53. Jason says:

    I agree with Danielle on this one. It’s different when the bitch cheated or ducked over the guy, but she didn’t do that. James was a jealous piece of shot that couldn’t get with her so he stole the video off her phone and posted it. You pussy ass bitches that think she belongs on here are fucking pathetic. Either you can’t get a real girl, or you get a real girl but she’s the fucking boss, because obviously you’ve never been in a real, decent relationship. It’s normal for a woman to let her man have pics and vids of her/them doing stuff, because she trust him. That’s fucking love in the 21st century. Pussies like James that can’t get a fucking girl are doing stupid shit like this and making it harder for guys to convince their girls to trust them with this stuff.

    Anyone that supports faggots like James doing this stuff are fucking gay and deserve to get their assets beat.

  54. Oooh yea says:

    LALA TINK FROM MALDEN,MA……HAHAHA ALL DAY EVERY DAY OVER Danielle Doe ANYDAY sorry i have a thing for slutty blondes Ahhh.

  55. Truth says:

    She’s fucked plenty of guys over, pathological liar,cheater whore and thief, op is a loser on the same level, but she’s no better

  56. mike says:

    who’s no better?

  57. Jason says:

    “Truth” it sounds like you are talking from experience. I lf that’s the case then you know her personally, right? So tell us the truth, how do you know her? What did she do that you are so sure she did that she deserves to be posted here? So far all we know is that a person she was a friend to, that she helped when he needed it, stole this video off her phone and posted it. The kid is a pussy ass douche that personally had no reason or right to put her on here. So if you are saying she deserves this, please tell us why.

  58. Carl Claypoole says:

    Ha!! I remember her! I met her at a party where she was really really drunk. She asked me for a ride home so i said yes. We ended up at a walmart parking lot. We fucked for a while then i took her home. I didnt even have condoms but she insisted. At least i didnt catch anything. Never saw her again after that.

  59. yakk says:

    @Jason now she can start porn career
    @danielle even webcam bate makes bankkkkkkkkk

  60. Mommies boy says:

    She has a son, whats he going to do when he grows up.. and when he searches his moms name she’s all over the internet deepthroating and getting fucked. Poor lad, at least he’ll have some interesting to wank to the first time ;)

  61. Have more says:

    Anyone know a good website to post more pictures of her? I have lots of sexy ones of her… but dont know what to do with them :(

  62. yakk says:

    send them to the op. hell do it right or motherless and name them danielle doe

  63. Jason says:

    “Mommies boy” you’re right, it’s sad that one pathetic piece of shit was able to completely destroy her name on the internet and now her son will be able to see all of this bullshit. Especially since she doesn’t deserve to have been posted in the first place.

    I’m still waiting for someone to post a legitimate reason she belongs here. Sounds like you pieces of shit have no clue what you’re talking about.

  64. allison casey says:

    i think that its pathetic for someone to hate someone so much that they put someones private intimate situations like this online. life is hard enough without bashing people and its sad that whoever made this page has so much time onbtheir hands as to go to this level. gross.

  65. allison casey says:

    i think that its pathetic for someone to hate someone so much that they put someones private intimate situations like this online. life is hard enough without bashing people and its sad that whoever made this page has so much time onbtheir hands as to go to this level. gross. big ups haters griw a pair and deal with things in a real life way not by stealing personal videos and posting them.

  66. allison casey says:

    james goooodddiiinnn hu hahahaha fuckin jinky clown. join in the fun losers! get a life

  67. Truth says:

    Everyone involved are fuckin losers, including the retards sticking up for Danielle the dumpster,,,,,, James godin,,,, junkie dead beat bitch…. Danielle doe,,,, junkie whore unfit mom who lost her kid rightfully so…. She’s no victim here she put herself in this situation and she was in the bathroom cause her kid was in the other room… Bunch a pathetic junkies all of yous

  68. Jason says:

    So I’m going to take a guess that “truth” is actually John, going off what was just said. Anything an ex would say is questionable anyways, but add the fact you are too much of a coward to use your real name, and you still haven’t given a reason or proof to anything you’ve said, I’m thinking you are the fucking loser that doesn’t have a right to be talking. Do I talk like a junkie or a loser fuck face? No, because I am neither. I am simply pointing out that though you say she’s not a victim, and deserves this, you can’t give any reason for that to be true. You have a lot of growing up to do Truth. Just like every other piece of shit supporting this post, and James Godin. Go fuck yourself, but leave Danielle Doe the fuck alone. She deserves not to have to deal with this bullshit, but it’s here, and she does. I’ll be damned if she’s going to deal with it alone.

  69. Jason says:

    I will suck big black cock for heroin.

  70. sXe says:

    Allison Casey…junkie clown.

  71. aytab says:

    lol @ danielle the dumpstahhh. true name for her. “No lyinh”

  72. Truth says:

    I’m a gay, pussy ass piece of shit that runs my mouth and then runs away. Don’t know any of the people on here I talk shit about, but I just talk shit because I know I can’t get any of them in real life, and it makes me feel better. I have herpes and aids, and need to swallow cum daily to help with my depression.

  73. cant believe says:

    wow danielle!!!
    this is awesome. my fav part is the first buttcheek spread, what is everyone elses favorite part?

  74. Jason says:

    Way to be a pussy ass bitch and prove me right, you coward piece of shit. Putting my name on your post, didn’t see that coming. Either everything I’ve Said about you has been spot on, or you’re actually some faggot 10 year old that doesn’t even know how to get off.

  75. plz says:

    stop fighting u fags. she can only suck 1 at a time… orrrr wait nvm

  76. cant believe says:

    this is too good. def gotta repost this everywhere i can.

  77. Wow says:

    Hahaha this is awesome. This girl has pissed off a lot of people.

  78. love you... says:

    This hot video of this whore is posted EVERYWHERE… just imagine how many guys have jacked off to this.. Awesome… you could make a fortune being an adult star with those skills. . Very sexy.. xoxox..

  79. Mommies boy says:

    Can you imagine watching your mom doing this? hahaha

  80. Carl Claypoole says:

    @havemore You can post more at ANONIB dot c o m

  81. cant believe says:

    why doesnt she just do porn

  82. NASTYBITCH says:

    idk what all the hype is about this bitch aint even that good looking she looks like a herion user. and crackhead. the only good looking broad from malden. is that LALA TINK BITCH. and i few others from mass. i WOULDNT LET THIS DOE CHICK ANYWHERE NEAR MY COCK.

  83. rainmaka says:

    nice to find a good post on here danielle is hotter than tiffany winchester fan boy dumbass but tiffanys post is better

  84. danielle doe says:

    stop facebooking me about money for another video. your offers arent reasonable…

  85. Truth says:

    Stupid guys huh…. She wants HERION not money wtfs wrong with you ppl

  86. fact says:

    damn, sucks cock like a champ gobble that up. swallows too? bukakke next?
    lol @Truth

  87. Slayer 666 says:

    I saw the entire video. FUCK!!! She is the perfect whore!! The part where she suck on pencildicks wet hand is awsome. She is a natural at sucking cock. Bravo!!!!!!

  88. michael says:

    Jason I agree with u 100% everyone in a good relationship does this and it’s sucks cause all this trust will be gone but good looking out Jason she is a great girl with good family this kid just fucked up and it’s not right what she does is her business and I don’t see anyone else that suppose too be real friends sticking up for her and Danielle doe we talked as friends and I know Ur family Fuck these clowns shake it off and don’t let it bring u down alright Ur a good girl and u had a good time with Ur man but next time if there is one don’t let anyone in Ur phone also put a lock on everything but me and u are still friends nothing changed Hun I’m here for u fact!!!

  89. michael says:

    She is not a who’re for all u people out there when Ur girl sucks Ur dick u think of her as a who’re I beat not she is the best thing in the world when Ur getting Ur dick sucked right ???? So mind Ur own business u Fucking hypocrites … Danielle Ur perfect in Ur friends and family’s eyes so don’t let this get u down this shit pass and if they only knew who Ur family and family friends are they would be shutting there Fucking mouths deff!!!!! Have a good day xoxoxo Danielle I’m here for u and Jason thank u for being a real man and a friend too Danielle …. Lada peeps

  90. michael says:

    BTW i suck way better dick than danielle!

  91. icuqt says:

    Some girls just know how to smoke a cock.

  92. Jersey says:

    She is a sweet girl but come on guys seeing your hot ass friend naked getting fucked is pretty hott!! I’m sure you would love for her to suck you off like that too.. we are guys after all! ! Xoxoxo

  93. JG says:

    So James Goodin needs a place to stay. Uses your phone with personal stuff on it and exposes you all over the internet. How does that make you feel?

  94. Jersey says:

    If he wasn’t sucking her bf Steve Hagerty’s, better known as pencil dick, dick, it wouldn’t have been an issue… lmfao. . Ha ha

  95. Jason says:

    Jersey, if you were a real friend watching something like this, you wouldn’t see it as a friend sucking dick, you would see it as a family member. Are you telling me if you saw your sister sucking her boyfriends dick you would want some from her too? I bet you would. Hell you probably already fuck yourself thinking about family members.

    Michael, it’s too bad these stupid fucks on here aren’t real men. They’re all too busy being perverted mentally fucking retarded assholes, with no morales, or respect.

  96. danielle doe says:

    Whoever posted my old number on here any creep that even tried to message me on there would be blocked anyways.i have my man i woild never answer any of you perverts and TRUTH obv we all know who that is..glad you joined my bashfest. Grow the fuck up your just nad i won custody back because I AM CLEAN NOW IM A GREAT MOM AND A GREAT GIRLFRIEND SORRY NONE OF YOUR GIRLFRIENDS WILL LET U MAKE VIDEOS YOU GOTTA HATE ON GIRLS LIKE ME. AND HAVE MORE ID LOVE TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE. I LOVE ALL THESE ANONYMOUS PUSSIES ARE THAT DONT PUT THEIR REAL NAME thankyou to my real friends who see this as a betrayal and horrible that yes i do have a son and a boy should never see this shit up of his mother. Thats wwhat makes this the most aweful but glad you guys make a joke of it.and no i do not have hepc pretty sure your not a doctor so shut the fuk up.your not the truth u hate that you know NOTHING about me cuz i wont talk to everyone on here is a joke that thinks this is something funny to do to ill never be able to get this off.but fact james will get his. # karmas a bitch.not that itll be me im too busy takin care of my son now. But karma does suck. Guess this was my karma for being a good friend to a loser that will ALWAYS BE A loser.

  97. Carl Claypoole says:

    @danielle ” I AM CLEAN NOW IM A GREAT MOM ” lol

  98. buck says:

    @danielle doe my new fav porn star. jerkin off crazy. love to cum on that face. maybe i will.

  99. Jason says:

    Buck, you understand that you just admitted you have to masturbate because you can’t get a real woman, right? As fucking pathetic, and sad as that is, Danielle Doe is a Beautiful woman, and she knows that. So I’m sure it doesn’t surprise her that a guy is jacking off to her. With or without this post that would be happening. All you did by stating that was make yourself look completely fucking pathetic. Good job.

  100. Jason says:

    Also Buck, in order for you to “cum on that face”, you would have to be cumming on your phone or computer screen, because (again) someone as pathetic as you will never be in a position to actually cum anywhere near Danielle, let alone on her face. I bet you lick your cum off the screen when you’re done too. Dream on faggot.

  101. becauseIcan says:

    All these men on here are pathetic, no life having small dicked, pedophiles. They will never get laid I’m real life so they come on there to have imaginary intercourse. HA! The only thing these freaks have probably fucked is their mothers or a 5 year old from down the street. They come on here saying shit, like wannabe internet thugs and bitch clan members when in real life they are more than likely unemployed and living in their mothers basement.
    Then have the nerve to act like they would ever have a chance near any of these women without using a date-rape drug. LMAO fucking lames!

  102. buck says:

    danielle doe -> google -> watch you suck cock

  103. Carl Claypoole says:

    @jason buck probably has a good chance at banging her. Its not a difficult thing to get whores to fuck. Especially danielle. She was the easiest fuck ever for me. Not a lot of effort was needed. Sucks like a porn star too.

  104. Chris C. says:

    Hey guys. I only chatted with Danielle a few times. She seems really cool. I think she has had a tough life and needs some direction at times. She definitely doesn’t deserve all the shit on here nor do I think she should have responded to any of these post. It just adds fuel to the fire. I also don’t think having “friends” come on here helps you at all. Just ignore them and move on with your life. Enjoy your child and family. Even if you were to remove these postings your images are on so many other sites. Just try and move on and let the vultures of the world move on to their next prey… life goes on and you will be fine..

  105. Chris C. says:

    By the way, I was jerking my 4 inch cock each time i chatted with you Danielle. Just thought i should be honest since you were really cool. I mean it wasnt the usual aggressive banging of my cock onto my ipad while my cat licked my balls. It was more of a sweet and gentle stroking while listening to kenny g. You know romantic shit. Well i look forward to more chatting with you and hope you keep undressing by the window i mean take care and life goes on or some shit.

  106. Jason says:

    Carl, your imaginary fuck with Danielle that you keep talking about, it was just that. Imaginary. You running your mouth and talking about how she was “the easiest fuck ever for me”, is as bullshit and made up as your name.

    You’re mother is a sleazy whore, and she fucked me because I helped her walk her groceries to the car. I’m sure it was a similar situation with your biological sperm-donor father, not that you can ask him since she doesn’t even know his name.

    You see how stupid fucking easy it is to make up some nonsense bullshit? You are so full of shit that’s it’s falling uncontrollably out of your mouth. The fantasy sex you’ve had with every whore on the street is not reality Carl, it’s fantasy. Make believe, didn’t happen. You’re probably an over weight, unsuccessful piece of shit that still lives with mommy and has never even seen a naked woman. Let alone touched or fucked one. Shut the fuck up you stupid ignorant mother fucker.

  107. Jason says:

    And Chris C, I disagree. Sometimes having friends support you and let you know you aren’t going through your struggles alone is more important than letting all the bullshit work itself out. What the fuck are friends for if they aren’t around to help support and guide you through the problems you have?

    Being there to enjoy the good times, but not to endure the bad ones doesn’t make you a friend, it makes you a fake, selfish asshole. If you expect them tobe their when you need them, how can you not be there when they need you?

  108. Jason says:

    Im a faggot white knight defending a drug addict whore. Danielle will blow me for sure! Hope she likes small dicks!

  109. Chris C. says:

    Douche bag Jason. I meant, you stupid mother fucker, that you all should have never addressed all the ass holes on here and not egg them on. Moron…

  110. Tanner in Chicago says:

    @danielle doe You’re a cum dumpster deep throat queen

  111. Carl Claypoole says:

    @jason You know youre right. Its very easy to make up bullshit. Just like saying she isnt a whore or she is no longer a drug addict. The only difference between my claims and hers is that theres a video of her literally getting fucked and sucking a dick. A VIDEO. PROOF. Homo chris is right. People like you keep this thread alive. Thanks to guys specifically like you, i personally make sure these videos are around forever. She will be an internet fucktoy the rest of her life thanks to white knights like you. Haha.

  112. Jason says:

    Hahahah. I’m sorry your life is so fucking pathetic that you have to devote it to trying to destroy someone else’s. That definitely proves you are a lonely, disgusting piece of shit that has never been given real life attention and love from a woman. A pathetic little pussy ass bitch that only has porn to make him feel better, that’s too bad.

    Hahahah. So every woman that lets their boyfriend or husband have a video or pictures of them fucking is a whore? That’s a bold statement considering most military relationships consist of this trust and commitment. You are calling most military men’s ladies whores, just because they trust and love the man they’re with. You run your mouth pretty well Carl. I bet you suck dick with it just as good.
    The basis of your argument this entire time has been bullshit, and not a single fucking person has given a valid reason or proof that Danielle deserves this. All any of you can say is she’s sucking a dick and getting fucked in this video, so she’s a whore. The part where it’s her and her boyfriend, and the only video anyone has of her is this one video of her and her boyfriend seem to keep being overlooked.

    And as far as “my” post goes, I’m not looking to get my little dick sucked, and that’s not going to happen. I’m not a “white knight”, and she’s not a drug addict whore. She is a good woman, and a great mother, that has made bad decisions. She hasn’t done anything to deserve being put on here with all of you running your mouths and talking shit about her though. Especially considering none of you know what the fuck you’re talking about.

  113. Jason says:

    Look, I’m not trying to get you all to admit she’s not a whore, and I’m not trying to get any of you to take down this post. All I’m saying is that not everyone agrees with you, and it’s bad enough that she has to deal with this post being up here, and everywhere else, for that matter. Can’t we all be men about it and stop being so fucking disrespectful to her for no reason? If she didn’t cheat on you, and she didn’t cheat with you, if she didn’t give you any diseases or steal from you, don’t disrespect her. She doesn’t deserve that. I mean, what kind of scumbag do you have to be to bring someone’s kid up on a site like this? That’s below the belt, it’s a pussy ass cheap shot, and it’s not cool.

  114. slutlover says:

    how old is the son? I would let him suck me.

  115. Carl Claypoole says:

    @jason nice going faggot. I will now make it my personal fucking mission her son sees these videos when he gets older. When his friends at school tell him they saw mommy getting fucked like the slut she is online it will be thanks to you. Ive already uploaded it to 2 ameteur sites today and will continue until its everywhere. Next everyone on her FB will get a link to them. Not that they havent seen it. But its fun reminding them. Hahahahhahhahhaa!!!!!!

  116. Stefanie Kopacz says:

    Im Better!
    text me
    603 264-9299
    Stefanie kopacz (google my name hehe)

  117. dumbass says:

    Hey Carl. You should repost the ad. Get Her To The 1st Page Again. There are so many pics on…

  118. dumbass says:

    I have a tittie pic of her if you want ut.. btw she has great tits!!!

  119. Mal says:

    All you Heros defending her… If she’s not a whore why do so many guys have I Picts of her including one saying he fucked her in Walmart parking lot….notice she denied some stuff but not that?? Fuckin losers lookin for sloppy 123eds that you have no chance at anyhow… Even if you did it’d be like an map …. Follow the trac marks to the pussy

  120. Tanner in Chicago says:

    this whore is posted EVERYWHERE

  121. Mal says:

    On Facebook search “Cindy louwho” and their she is…. This junkie whore must think everyones stupid

  122. jd says:

    Hey. If you want to see her titties post your email.. they are nice!!

  123. Tanner in Chicago says:


  124. fact says:

    danielle doe whore update. ”I AM CLEAN NOW IM A GREAT MOM ” Shut the fuck up you cunt whore a piece of shit.on her ass at 4:35


    Hey mal why dont you put ur real name. Fuckin pussy clown that has nothing better to do than stalk this page and try to put me down what did i ddeny you or something your prob and no i didnt deny fuckn someone at walmart cuz prettyy sure i dont have to. That loser knows hes makn it up prob some kid in fukn india and pretty sure i was sittn on the floor so ya def a piece of shit on the floor u ppl are so dumb , reading these histerical comments…idc what these keyboard warriers say honestly i think its all JAMES GODIN makn up mad names because hes the onlY LOSER i know that is obsessed with a girl with a boyfriend. sorry YOUR STILL A VIRGIN JAMES.because im not doesnt make me a whore.because ive done drugs doesnt mean im a junkie forever . The people saying this shit hide behind names on this page so no i dont have any respect for anything any of you pieces of shits. I change mu name on fb to be able to have family and friends on there that i want and not have u CLOWNS messaging me. Because i love the dick thats in this video thats only one i give a shit about ;) if im a whore for loving my man amd letting a bumass loser who will always be one use my phone if that makes me a whore then i hope you guys never get a girlfriend which i doubt u will the way you talk to girls honestly. .. hop off. And jerk off to someone else.fuckn scrams if im so much of a junkie whore WHY THE FUK U OBSESSINGG???GET OVER IT YOU LOOK PATHETIC SAYIN THE SAME THING OVER N OVWR. MADE UP NAMES ON A PAGE CANT FUKN HURT ME LMAO. i know who made this pge and he knows that hes gonna pay sorry i let uour pervert ass anywhere near my apt James. Trust me u made me regret it i couldnt stand u anyways only did it for ur mother who always has to take care of u.ur no fukn man.ur legit most pathetic person I’ve ever met in my life.


    Oh and bitch with the tittie pix why dont u email em to me.

  127. James Godin says:

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    Lmao doubt thats james because we are buddy betta hide behind ur nigga friends not that itll help u . Not gonna put it on here cuz im legit but ur in trouble james. And who are u to talk we all saw ur pix for taylor who also didnt want ur crosseyed loser ass,oh i better warn her about her pix being next…


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    Ill let u have ur little website where u put up mad names to talk shit isnt it funny u seen that two mins after i write it HAHAHA OBSESSSEDDDDD

  131. James Godin says:

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  135. James Godin says:

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    heroin is a helluva drug

  137. hole pounder says:

    God i would LOVE to cum down your throat!!

  138. John Boston says:

    Btw Danielle is pencil dick Steve out of jail yet?? Great couple… drug addict and a con… was that the 2nd or 3rd time in the slammer?? Great environment for a young man to grow up in…. btw you do have great tits!! I think you are hott and I loved staring at you in school!! Xoxoxox

  139. Steve says:

    Fuck you Danielle, don’t put threats that I will kill people on a public forum. If he dies, I get in trouble. My pussy ass is staying home, you and your crack pipe can fight your own battles. Your aids ass got yourself into this. John Boston, text her stupid whore ass 603 264-9299

  140. Me.clean says:

    Steve is that really you? She’s off the heroin and smokin crack now? She was far from loyal to you while you where in jail FYI

  141. steves friend says:

    Im steves friend.i know him and also know he wouldnt appreciate people pretending to be him insulting his girlfriend. He is definitely not a pussy and wouldnt hide from anyone never mind JAMES GODIN . Its too bad you all need to bash tgis poor girl to entertain yourselves. You all need to grow up. Steve i got your back if these punks ever decide to grow balls and put their real names lmfao.

  142. Danielle doe's friend.. says:

    Did you have his back in prison too.. you fn homo!! LMFAO. .

  143. Leroy the BBC says:

    Your being punished cause your pretty but your suckin a pencil dick. It’s like me and my bbc fuckin an anorexic chick. It’s not easy on the eyes.

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  145. J.G. says:

    There are some excellent remixs to Danni Does vids. One of my favorites F0A2F9A

  146. Father Frank says:

    With the vengeance that is HIS, HE will smite the non-believers and only leave those in HIS Flock standing! PRAISE the LORD for HE is Mighty and will crush those who do not accept HIM as their LORD. PRAISE the LORD!!!

  147. icuqt says:

    Zeus, the god of all gods will destroy all non-believers. He will smash you and then punk your ass if you do not submit. He is the righteous god. The true god. Give me your money.

  148. Steve says:

    She used to snort lines off my dick!

  149. smash says:

    new remix out today for 150 comments!!

  150. smash says:

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  151. for alice says:

    Contact DMCA Defender, they can help you. / victim-of-revenge-porn/

  152. LIAR says: 23F61B6

    doesnt work

  153. Danny says:

    Dude. Just type in Danielle doe in search and the cool new remix of this whore will popup…

  154. J.G. says:

    No it doesnt. only 7 vids show up now. The most recent was the 4/11.

  155. smash says:

    sorry motherless banned the remix. too much personal info given away

  156. Ben says:

    OMG this slampig will forever be on the internet. even if u change names we will get an update

  157. danielle doe says:

    Thats awesome ya im too infamous to use my own name on fb;)

  158. Me.clean says:

    Nothing to be proud of you stupid whore haha

  159. J.G. says:

    post the remix elsewhere..and let us know

  160. smash says:

    fapdu . com / danielle-doe-blowjob-1

  161. smash says:

    both facebooks are down. stay tuned for update

  162. I love danielle says:

    That video on is awesome. Great editing job!!!! Amazing… Danielle you are sexy!!!

  163. smash says:

    new remix tonight ft. dani “swallows” doe!!

  164. Carl the hero Claypoole says:

    I am the hero. Im a homo.

    I am the butthurt little bitch fucking up the comment sections.

    I live at
    124 hazel ave
    butler pa 16001

  165. fasfc says:

    danielle i hate u so much. please do more porn. please.. just feed into this and become rich whore.

  166. smash says:

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  169. smash says:

    new remix tonight. maybe a phone number release tonight.

  170. fuckface says:

    What is her curent facebook?

  171. fact says:

    Stupid cunt haha those remixes are funny as shit. Plus the people spamming this girls page are making it even worse!

  172. buck says:

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  173. buck says:

    Repost this whore

  174. The Duke says:

    Yes, repost this whore

  175. smash says:

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  177. sm says:

    sucks cock like a champ

  178. aytab says:

    facebook .com /marianne.yandle danielles momthers facebook

  179. ct says:

    She should really consider a career in porn.
    Dont believe me google her vids shes everywhere!!

  180. reed says:

    LOL u stupid cunt nice vid whore. suck dick with the best of them

  181. SSG says:

    While all you little immature fucks are watching her vid, jacking your little peckers, She is out there living her life…so really now, who is the loser? A girl, doin’ her thing or a pervert on a web site talking shit while masturbating hidden in their room.

    Danni Doe. It sucks, these vids will be around forever. Your just gonna have to find a way to move past this.

    Karma is a bitch and it comes back ten-fold James will have his served soon enough.

  182. Adam not steinburg says:

    Best thread ever!

  183. reed says:

    HAHAHA look how fucken stupid she looks.. shes like”i want a cock”. LOL also i saw her brown stained butthole rim

  184. sumitpo says:

    omg danielle doe wow this is sickkk whoever did this haha!!!

  185. Tanner in Chicago says:

    keep the remixes coming… who let the dogs out is classic

  186. TheHero says:

    I am whiny little end revenge porn bitch and I love cock in my ass.

  187. am 4:20 pm says:

    This chick buys from me every week. Should make her pay me with that pretty mouth instead :)

  188. Chris says:

    I told you comments would eventually end. Once you stopped fueling the fire, these ass holes got bored.. I hope you can now get with with your life….
    Regards, .Chris

  189. an says:

    smoking hot body and with a body like that she can have it any way she wants it

  190. nther says:

    mmmm brown stained butthole rim

  191. nther says:

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  192. END REVENGE PORN says:


  193. danielle doe says:

    Repost me

  194. thejudge says:

    gobble gobble gobblewould love to see the look on your son’s facewhen he sees his mother deep throat

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  196. olnat says:

    good luck getting a job. might as well just do porn just saying google Danielle Doe. slurp slurp

  197. dreee says:


  198. wooburrrrnnn says:

    ya danielle please do another vid, make makin money in porn isnt so bad.

  199. fact says:


  200. Lizz says:

    hahhahahahahah dumb fake blonde junkie cum junkyard. this girl is so obsessed with my life she moved in with my dieing father and used MY house as a crack shack. i legit had to put a restraining order on her irrelevant self because shes cooked. i cant tell if its because of the bleach or the dope.

  201. Lizz says:

    hahahah anyone want stories? im the go to girl. she use to be my girl pre HERPES and PRE DRUGS. hahahahhahahah im the only one who got the fuck out and away. HAHAHAH girl literally cried rape about her boss because she fucked him and he didnt bring any $$$$$$$$$$$$

  202. danielle doe says:

    lizz u got nothing on me, u fat cunt. hows my box taste lol ur nothing.

  203. Liz says:

    Haha is this a breach of a restraining order?! Can anybody say for sure

  204. danielle doe says:

    how u like ur pic on one and its promoting me hahaahaaha

  205. icuqt says:


  206. danielle doe says:

    who are you

  207. icuqt says:

    No one you know Danielle, if this is really you. I just wanted to show support for you. I like sexy girls. Simple as that.

  208. danielle doe says:

    have u seen my porn icuqt?

  209. icuqt says:

    No I have not.

  210. danielle doe says:

    danielle doe -> google videos -> watch me suck cock

  211. icuqt says:

    I’ve seen you do that here and I think you are absolutely lovely. ♡

  212. danielle doe says:

    lmk if u find it

  213. icuqt says:

    I will take a peek. Lmk if I can have you. Lol.

  214. Danielle says:

    Yes bitch. I want to hear the stories.

  215. icuqt says:

    Who is the real Danielle? I am so confused now. Who do I give my cock to?

  216. danielle says:

    Lizz ur stories are all fake and one i did move in with your dieing father i lived there over a year and helped ur father. How many times were u there to see him??!! Twice ! AND IT WAS TO YELL AT HIM FOR NOT GIVING U THE HOUSE THAT U WERE NEVERRRR GETTING AND TOLD WVERYONE U WERE. lmao. I took care of your nasty using fake self cuz u were clearly incapable WHO WAS DOIN DRUGA WITU ME??? AND ALSO STILL DOES THEM UNLIKE ME WHO GREW THE FUCK UP

  217. danielle says:

    I HAVE HERPES AND CRIED RAPE? OH U FORGOT TO. TELL THEM HOW I FUCK OLD GUYS LIKE A PROSTITUTE LIKW U SPREAD AROUND BEFORE.HEY I GOT THE NASTY PICS U LEFT FOR A 50 YR OLD MAN. U got a restraining order pm me cuz three times u tried to fight me u lost pathetically.and u Thot that made u win but pretty sure all rhe people i brought to court just saw the ungrateful rat cunt u are lmao.

  218. danielle says:


  219. icuqt says:

    Ok. I think I know who the real Danielle is.

  220. olnat says:

    first and third

  221. Liz says:

    For the record everyone who is reading thissomeone just sent me the link yesterday to let me know that I was on one of the pages with a picture of this muchinsulting w**** so now I don’t care what you do if you like this crazy girls page or not but she’s a filthy animaland I have no reason to do anything to her except for keep her out of my f****** business good day yadon’t f***** your dick might fall off

  222. danielle doe says:

    Ty ssg ..ive been thru worse and called worse lmao. Like i care what these ppl that dont even use their real names say.pussy shit everyone makes videos wjth their man. Im not a junkie not a whore .i know what i DO noones gonna let my past haunt me.ppl are obsessed with tryna hurt me good thing i domt get hurt easily but therr are girls that kill themselves ovsr this shit,this shit didnt even make me relapse or cry good

  223. Liz says:

    camera putting your ass on that police cause of the restraining order and if you post anything I’ll have you arrested

  224. Liz says:

    I’m at the police station right now you f***** up

  225. icuqt says:

    To the real Danielle:♡ I like your style. You own it and then tell the other jealous bitches to fuck off.

  226. olnat says:

    /motherless . com/F3A4050

  227. Donkey Dong says:

    Hey danielle i have some heroin for you if you swallow my load. Fucking skank.

  228. danielle doe says:

    Hun u contacted me. U got shit on me bitchh just like i camt get them off this page n u thot it was funny to semd it to anyone watch what gows up at 7 pm tn of lizz the skank berninger

  229. Liz says:

    Screen shot. At police station.

  230. olnat says:

    Repost her

  231. icuqt says:

    How could she look as good as you Danielle? There is no way. You can really smoke on a pipe. I wish you were mine.

  232. danielle doe says:

    fuck off liz whore

  233. danielle doe says:

    Hahahaha u can’t do shit bitch . Rat cunt.just.look at this page at 7 said u dont deserve it lmao.u deserve it a hell lot more than i did

  234. icuqt says:

    Liz, are you half the sexy bitch Danielle is? If not you might want to shut the fuck up. Danielle is hot and sexy.

  235. danielle doe says:

    7 pm 7pm 7 pm..the pics are more nasty then sexy lizz lmao make sure u show the cops what u wrote on a page of me. Show them the kind of girl u rly are before u put on ur crying sjow like u always do lol most pathetic bitch EVER met in

  236. danielle doe says:

    Shss leegit trailee trash that i dragged in from the dumpster cuz i felt bad. This girl is cold.called housing and cops sayong i let HER live WITH ME because shewas all fucked up on drugs tries TO FIGHT me and loses bad not my problem bitch u didnt need a restraining order lmao noone was comin near u

  237. Liz says:

    anything posted 7 o’clock will be resulting in a prosecution in a raftarrest

  238. icuqt says:

    I’m not sure I wanna see Liz’s video. Danielle, I just watched your video again. ♡

  239. icuqt says:

    Damn! What happened between you girls?

  240. smash says:

    cant prove shes posting it, Liz.

  241. icuqt says:

    Why are you guys at each others throats now?

  242. icuqt says:

    It’s got to be a guy.

  243. danielle doe says:

    7 pm!! Bye rat fuck lol

  244. Liz says:

    I just want to let everyone know if any thing is posted the police are already aware and any further harassment on my part will be handled considering I’m a model citizen and have no criminal record I don’t do drugs and I’m not a porn star I fake porn star that its on my side so do as you wish the repercussion will be made and I always win so proceed with caution because I already filed a violation of the restraining order

  245. Liz says:

    Bye bye ;)

  246. Liz says:

    go be a porn star do as you wish keep my face and name out of it that’s the only reason I lashed out because someone showed me you posted my face if you hate me so much why are you posting me it makes no sense go about your life without me involved in it and stop sucking me in your chaos go go as you wish and ignore my existence as I do for you

  247. icuqt says:

    Send it to me now Danielle. I will judge this rotten bitch.

  248. icuqt says:

    7pm? Is that Eastern Time or Pacific?

  249. Liz says:

    I hate to break it to you but the only picture she has are of me and fishnets in a bathrobe I’m not naked I don’t take naked pics I never have and I never will because I don’t want to end up on a website like her you want to see me naked you sleep with me end of that so she’s wasting your time boys she’s bluffing

  250. icuqt says:

    Do you suck cock as good as Danielle?

  251. danielle doe says:

    Lol ull see lizz i believe u mad them blak n white. Not naked so u wont mind then hahaha .ps go see ur fukn father. U STUPID CUNT. Hes noy even gonna make it thru the night glad this is ur priority.

  252. danielle doe says:

    I POSTED UR FACE ??? U made that page u cunt u really think i put my fuckn naked pix on fb you rly are dumb bitch

  253. icuqt says:

    Message me wild girl.

  254. Liz says:

    I had nothing to do with those web sites so don’t blame it on me it came to my attention last night thank you

  255. danielle doe says:

    Lizz Berninger, you don’t deserve it lol.

  256. Liz says:

    Deserve what

  257. danielle doe says:

    ppl are gonna call u ugly, u couldnt even be a porn star

  258. danielle doe says:

    Opps nvm said he doesn’t want u there.sorry

  259. taryn says:

    danielle…. stfu, you are so fake i cant even stand you. stupid whore with ur porn.

  260. danielle doe says:

    Lmaooo my porn cuz i pput tjis up hahha. Pretty sure i seen plenth of ur” porn” dont even involve yourself.i got plenty on u too,mimd ur business. Page full OF MY BIGGEST HATAHS. BYE HATERR

  261. danielle doe says:

    U wud stick up for lizz lmao what did she write to u beggin for a defense only other whore that hates me lol hop off taryn.

  262. Liz says:

    Taryn. Hahahaa

  263. danielle doe says:

    Well i clearly had.nothong to do with the website.. prob the same person that said u did it to me..told u abt it love fake Woburn clowns

  264. danielle doe says:

    Lol liz. U clearly asked her tto write something so u could feel cool havn someone stand up for u.ur choice is pretty sad. Case closedd

  265. Liz says:

    Negative. I did not call in the goon squad for back up. I ride solo

  266. Liz says:

    Your delusional. Vile and disgusting and i say good day to you

  267. taryn says:

    she didnt tell me shit. ur a stupid cunt. just wait

  268. taryn says:

    we all know danielle. you posted this to one up my facial pic.

  269. smash says:

    danielle u slut lol just do pornnnnnn

  270. danielle doe says:

    seems like everyone loves the video lol fuck off lizz and taryn

  271. smash says:

    lol danielle finally embracing the video

  272. Dr. Mud says:

    Who the fuck is who on this thread, I just want the girl in the video to give me head, I mean that dude is joke! His dick is literally a pencil! Skinny as fuck! It would be much more of a challenge to take my dick down to the nuts because I’m almost twice as wide as him. Fuck that skinny dick motherfucker!WHITE FUCKIN POWER!!!

  273. smash says:

    fb is danielle.doe5

  274. danielle doe says:

    i can take your cock

  275. danielle doe says:

    multiple guys kno im better than taryn in bed lol

  276. HarshCritic says:

    Ok. I’ve read every single post Danielle has written (and yes I know which one is the real her posting). She is either on heroin, other drugs or is extremely mentally I’ll . Pray for that woman

  277. HarshCritic says:

    Lol at her saying that’s her bathroom!! That’s either a public restroom or the dirtiest fucking bathroom I’ve seen in my life. I got diseases just watching that video!

  278. fact says:

    taryn danielles had 4 abortions!!!

  279. danielle doe says:

    Kelli Jordan
    fuck off whore

  280. Pranther says:


  281. slut slayer says:

    I would go balls

  282. fact says:

    she will suck u balls deep

  283. danielle doe says:

    Really ask james Godin who put this up.

  284. danielle doe says:

    Ive had four abortions i have a kid i wouls love to have more. No abortions here.

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  286. tulsa says:

    danielle please hahahahaahaaaahahhahha

  287. danielle doe says:

    Just wait taryn? What u gonna do. Yr in a sober home and u sneak dope when u get to leave. U have no room tk say shit oh n the facial pic isnt all u have on the phone i took frkm randy.i kept the pix on the sd card.i think they may come in use since u wanted to involve ur cunt self. Ull get lots of hits snce ur fully nakdd in them clearly u want to * one up me maybe the attentjon will get off me finally.

  288. big mike says:

    Beautiful young lady. Shame this happened to you. Your pics and video are all over the net. Someone must be jealous.

  289. Tom Araya says:

    I hope she starts doing heroin again. She used to blow anyone back then. I see shes gotten better at it :)

  290. taryn says:

    OMG danielle… theres no way u have those. u fucking cum rag. u know u have nothing on me.

  291. icuqt says:

    Danielle is tops. You girls should have a ‘suck off’. Whoever can milk the most jizz out of a cock wins. Simple as that. So far Danielle seems to have you beat so ’till then shut your donkey hole Taryn.

  292. Fred says:

    This girl is hot. Sorry for her about her video clip being all over the net but I would love to see more of her. Danielle if you ever looking for a sugar daddy hit me up.

  293. 1098765 says:

    I don’t feel sorry for this slut she deserves to be on display on these this site forever. She is one sexy horny slut. A lot people will be looking her up for years to come. She is only good for fucking. Shes not marriage material that’s for sure.

  294. taryn says:

    icuqt lol please, she doesnt have those pics… but her whore ass is everywhere

  295. ing says:

    1098765 only person making sense. shes a horny slut. this is what sluts like danielle doe wants. its her dream come true

  296. icuqt says:

    It’s a shame what happened between you two. It sounds like you guys were friends at some time. The way I see it, girls like cock and Danielle just knows how to handle one is why her video is so popular.

  297. buck says:

    She’s the little slut who cried rape

  298. 1098765 says:

    See her suck that cockstraight down the back of her throat . It was awesome it makes me think that all hot chics have a dark side. Love it . She is very very horny.

  299. taryn says:

    icuqt she only did this cause i HAD a pic with cum on my face.. so she tries to one better me like always

  300. buck says:

    have u seen the remixes 1098765??

  301. buck says:

    Danielle Doe
    mitsubishi galant
    massachusetts plate 1CC 980
    woburn/reading.malden area


  302. fasfc says:

    she prolly dont even drive.danielle just got it to give road head

  303. buck says:

    Facebook of those involved

    Danielle Doe

    Taryn Delarue

    Liz Berninger

    Whos best? Msg them and call them whores today!

  304. Liz says:

    I’m a prude boys sorry kiss my assXoxo look if you want im far from smut material. Keep it classy while the rest stay trashy

  305. fact says:

    danielle should make her own masterbate site

  306. smut says:

    lol danielle doe has been a whore for years. finally using her talents.

  307. icuqt says:

    I wanna line these girls up and take all their fuck holes.

  308. smut says:

    1. Danielle Doe
    2. Lizz Berninger
    3. Taryn Delarue

    all 3 look like they know what to do with a cock tho.

  309. wooburrrrnnn says:

    just seen this wow. i know this girl and damn looks like a fine cocksucker.

  310. icuqt says:

    I think these girls are special. They have that fire that stirs something in all guys. With sincerity I would like to wish you sexy MILFS a Happy Mother’s Day.

  311. olnat says:

    come on icuqt just give them a ranking 1 thru 3

  312. dreee says:

    my hands stink from jerkin off to danielle doe so much. ty for the loads

  313. icuqt says:

    My favorite Danielle gets another vote. That gives her the ‘people’s choice’ award and is now presented with the ‘cum shot’ trophy.

  314. icuqt says:

    @olnat: You’re right. I really should but the truth is I haven’t looked at the other girls yet. I know that’s lame but I’m really stuck on my Danielle slut.

  315. olnat says:

    icuqt idk taryn is cumshot worthy too. lizz would just swallow it whole. she could get it tho

  316. icuqt says:

    I will have to take a look. That has got my interest now. Without these sex kittens this would be a stale and mediocre world my friend.

  317. olnat says:

    @icuqt hahaha it would be man it would. check those whores out, make sure you msg them and call them cunts.

  318. icuqt says:

    Oh, and credit to buck. Thanks for the update.

  319. icuqt says:

    I will call them ‘lovely cunts’ sir.

  320. olnat says:

    @icuqt haha ya they are little lovely cunts. make sure to make your list when ur done viewing these whores. viewing, like theyre animals hahaha.

  321. buck says:

    anyone want her cell number?

  322. buck says:

    10 more posts and her phone number is the worlds

  323. one says:

    lol fuck her haha post the number

  324. buck says:


  325. u55tt says:

    Happy MILFS Day

  326. os says:

    bout to cum. danielle thank you!!

  327. danielle doe says:

    So buck clearly ur a stalker too.already changed my number but all u weirdos that have nothing tk do but stalk my life ur not doib a good job lmao fuck all u hatahs. Tryna find out where i live so if ssome nutcase comes to my house while my fukn son is there and gets shot their deaths on u for posting my address.u guys dont get that this is not at all funny

  328. danielle doe says:

    And idk how i keep being called a whore WHEN THIS IS STILL MY MAN HAS BEEN FOR YEARS .FUCK OFF U ALL ARE JOKES THAT LIKE TO DEGRADE WOMEN. NOT MARRIAGE MATERIAL? Pretty sure I’ll be married and ull stillbe watchn this video…LOSERSSS .and off the heroin whoever wrote that one u guys only havw my past on got shit .not my number not my license plate lol

  329. SSG says:

    Danielle its not worth trying to be rational with an irrational crowd. These fucktards 1) never had a girlfriend 2) never will have a girlfriend and most importantly 3) will never amount to anything in life.

    Think about it, you damn well know they wish they were with you in the bathroom. They will never have that chance so they talk shit.

    Success is the best revenge.

  330. Shes a junkie whore says:

    SSG = Faggot cum swallowing white knight

  331. SSG says:

    SSG is a man you will never be little boy. SSG >>> staff sergeant U.S. Army Ranger you little fag.

    Like I said Danielle… Do you.

  332. kiss army says:

    Oooooohhh!!! SSG so….. Youre still a cum swallowing white knight. Just one that likes to get assfucked by dudes wearing camoulflage.

  333. Voyeur says:

    Hey Sarge if you’re so high and mighty & filled with morality what are you doing here?

  334. 4.75_Inches says:

    Damn that gurl can suck a dick… Makes me instantly hard watching that vid. 4.75 inches of raging cock :p

  335. SSG says:

    Never claimed to be high and mighty. Watch porn just like every other man. Just dont like little dickwads harrassing people.

    Hey Kiss army.. LOL internet tough guys, gotta love em.

  336. os says:

    repost her?? Get her more fans?

  337. olnat says:

    danielle doe is that you that i see knees down in a dirty bathroom mouth full of cock all strung out on camera?

  338. Me.clean says:

    Danielle….you really tryin to say you’ve been loyal to Steve for years…. Seriously?? How many other cocks you taken since this video? But yeah, your not a whore. The more you say the stupider you sound

  339. Shauna"TheHero" Rettig says:

    GET AT ME 315-726-4135 OR TEXT

  340. chris says:

    Omg. She’s been reposted asDanielle Marie
    23 years old in Danbury, Connecticut…omg

  341. danielle doe says:

    “me.clean” yes I have been faithful to Steve over all these years. Your just like the rest of the people on here, a computer warrior. Your a pussy. Say who you are. And you talk all this shit but ur not saying any facts. Why don’t you tell me the names of all the people I fucked if I’m a whore. You obv kno better than me. Who sounds stupid now, YOU.

  342. muffdiver says:

    Now that’s telling ya stevo hahahaaaaa

  343. HarshCritic says:

    Danielle doe..when people start noticing you in public your current bf won’t be able to take it anymore. He’ll start to believe the rumors. Your face and video is everywhere on the internet. Your private life is destroyed. You will never be able to put this behind you. Do your bf a favor..leave him and disappear. It’s only a matter of time before the stress of all this leads you back to drugs, alcohol or another vice. You’re even on The Dirty for fucks sake..

  344. SSG says:

    Danielle get a lawyer. Send the guy a message who had pink meth . com shut down. He is no joke. In addition sue James Godin for the harassment you are going through. Mke an example of these fuck.

  345. Dear Army Queer says:

    She can sue and get lawyers, but she will be on the internet FOREVER!!!!!!! Stupid ass white knight fag.

  346. icuqt says:

    Why Danielle? Why? Why do I think of you all the time? I would love to see your beautiful eyes looking up at me as I pump my load into you. You are queen of the sluts.

  347. MudsDemise says:

    Do not let this thread die

  348. fred says:

    LOL this girl is an online legend now. love it!

  349. fred says:

    @icuqt @danielle doe
    motherless com/6556F8E

    heres the new trend. cum on her pictures!

  350. James Godin says:

    hey DANIELLE DOE is that you that i see knees down in a dirty bathroom mouth full of cock all strung out on camera??? SLUT CUM DUMPSTER WHORE!

  351. danielle doe says:

    stfu james and liz i hate u both. liz u suck any cock u can

  352. icuqt says:

    My sweet Danielle, I put my phone on my girlfriends back to watch your cock suck video while I cracked open my nuts in her ass.

  353. homie says:

    @James, you mad bro?

  354. Mike finelli says:

    @danielle, I’m loving your videos, everyone stop being a hater. U guys have nothing better to do. Danielle we should hang out u don’t know what ur missing ;)

  355. danielle doe says:

    thanks 4 the love guys

  356. danielle doe says:

    /danielle.doe.5 add me on fb

  357. icuqt says:

    My sweet Danielle, after I bust my nuts in your cunt I will make my trashy girlfriend suck it out and lick you clean. Then I’ll have her make us some sandwiches. ♥

  358. smash says:

    yumyumyum butthole!!!

  359. danielle doe says:

    i will suck dick for crack.

  360. James Godin says:

    Pick up your bathroom!!! Damn! didn’t you know these were going on the net?trashy trashy slut

  361. wooburrrrnnn says:

    danielle u should do youtube dance vids.

  362. greg says:

    That’s your job James. Make sure you scrub that toilet better this time, you punk ass little cryin’ bitch.

  363. MudsDemise says:

    Greg the faggot lol

  364. James Godin says:

    yet your on here watching danielle doe suck cock.

  365. greg says:

    Yep, and I’m on here calling you a punk ass little cryin’ bitch.

  366. fred says:

    Danielle don’t respond to.these little needle dicks anymore. You fucken losers just wish you could find a hot beautiful girl like her. Go jerk off dick wads

  367. greg says:

    Yep. Danielle is just a hot sexy girl.

  368. HAGZ says:

    James I hope you have had fun with all this because when I see you im going to break your face.

  369. John says:

    @hagz, shut up bitch your not doing shit pussy. You and your old man junkie friend Chris just need to die. Losers living in lizz’s dads house. That’s rite I kno where u to pussys are, better ur backs

  370. John says:


  371. HAGZ says:

    Man fuck you john you the bitch ass pussy that aint gonna do shit ! If you know where im at come do something fuckin faggot! Come get me im waiting!

  372. olnat says:

    def can suck a dick. should see her in more porn

  373. olnat says:

    @chris waynetrynaskate@live . com

    u have to get rid of spaces

  374. trey says:

    so is she a pornstar now or not?

  375. dreee says:

    ahhhh so this is danielle doe, i been seeing her on pornsites under toilet section

  376. pott` says:

    gobble gobble

  377. James Godin says:

    danielle doe, professional toilet inspector.

  378. olnat says:

    tit pic will be on motherless soon, its niceee

  379. greg says:

    @jimmy boy. I’m gonna buy Danielle a strap-on so she can dry fuck you in your ass while I piss on your face. Then we’ll light the candles on the cake and sing “For he’s a jolly good fellow” to you.

  380. olnat says:

    h ttp://ww w .myex . com/massachusetts/charlestown/danielle-marie-doe/21713/

  381. wooburrrrnnn says:

    we did ittttt!!! tits finally mmm could suck em all day

  382. fact says:

    Cumdump bucket cunt

  383. jkl says:

    seen on fb nice tits dani

  384. danielles tits says:

    im here internet!!

  385. trey says:

    her cup size is what hep-C??

  386. smut says:

    lol one of her uploads is named “Girlfriend deepthroats and squirts on restaurant toilet.” in the toilet section

    my kind of whore

  387. Lizz says:

    i thought it was danielle the dumpster but its danielle the dumbass… who gets put on blast then continues to send out tit and ass pics….

  388. wooburrrrnnn says:

    @Lizz ya shes so dumb lol

  389. burrrnn says:

    this WHORE, yes, WHORE is the most famous myex whore hehehe. nice tits WHORE. 4 times on myex 3 times on the dirty. Countless others on motherless. CLASSIC SLAGGGG

  390. one says:

    THE DIRTY ARMY: Danielle Doe, aspiring porn star, has been arrested shes back on heroin! Here with her heroin pal Stephanie Flynn. The legend continues.

  391. fact says:

    @burrrnn 4 times on thedirty,com

  392. foeat says:

    Now that’s a deep throat.

  393. fred says:

    New post is same old shit. Not her tits and video don’t work. Must be that fat cunt Liz posting. She is so jealous of Danielle. Liz you can never be hot like her you fucken cow.

  394. Dave001 says:

    Lmao. Liz is a ugly cow.

  395. Jigga da nigguh says:

    Dirty army?! Lmao!!!!

  396. fred says:

    Lizz, that’s one HUGE nose you have . Can I nose fuck you. Lmao

  397. Balls Deep says:

    Lizz what Applebee’s are you at? The one at 2 Elm St, Woburn, MA?

    Maybe we could make a blow job video in the can when you’re on break?

    “See You Tomorrow”

  398. chris says:

    Yes it is her tits.. guaranteed. Look at the tats below her sexy tits!!! I love you Danielle! ! Xoxo. . Ask pencil dick.. He will tell you 5 hey are hers.. she is amazing. ..

  399. foeat says:

    400 comments congrats

  400. Lizz says:

    Thats not her tits. I am so jealous of Danielle because she gas a normal size nose.

  401. foeat says:

    dont be salty @lizz cause ur tits aren’t as superhuman… lol nice nose btw.

  402. foeat says:

    btw it is her tits.. look on her facebook stupids.

  403. the REAL danielle doe says:

    @lizz …please stop you know those are my boobs so stop discrediting me and saying they’re not please thank you.

  404. Lizz says:

    Please everyone stop talking about my huge nose. I had to deal with this HUGE fucker my whole life. I have a hard time walking because I can’t see down in front of me. Danielle you are so beautiful. I want to be you so bad ..

  405. joseppy says:

    @lizz haha yes ur huge nose is almost as disgusting as your stretch marks.

  406. joseppy says:

    hey @Lizz you working at applebee’s tonight? see ya there

  407. Balls Deep says:

    Lizz, I’d like to take advantage of the 2 for $20 menu and get a chicken tender basket and a blow job.

    Honey mustard sauce for the tenders, please.

  408. Lizz says:

    I will blow you all. $20.00 bucks each. I’ll even swallow. I need to save some green for my nose job. Blow job for a nose job

  409. j says:

    @lizz “I’ll even swallow” ya u better u cunt. danielle does everytime.

  410. joseppy says:

    2 Elm St, Woburn, MA? Right Lizz?

  411. joseppy says:

    i need some applebees asap!

  412. Tanner in Chicago says:

    do a bukkake next danielle doe

  413. the REAL danielle doe says:

  414. wa says:

    hahaahhaha internet whore forever

  415. burrrnn says:

    ty danielle doe for letting us watch you fuck/suck

  416. shawn says:

    obviously a cheating slut

  417. p says:

    dont swallow, wear it.

  418. ihg says:

    so ur bj vid gets put up then ur tit PICS??? god ur a fuckin idiot.

  419. Jimsthe1 says:

    She is almost as good a cock sucker as Amber Blank. (look her up on xvideo)

  420. nther says:

    ya if danielle used her tounge more

  421. lizz says:

    Someone please fuck my HUGE nose

  422. zzzzzzz says:

    Lmao love how someone signed on and impersonated me. It was probably her playing out a publicly stunt to make her feel better. Im not interested in your ignorance. Italian pride bitches. Suck my big nose you little ass bitches

  423. buck says:

    i know her address. i can email anyone that wants it.

  424. lizz nose fucker says:

    Can I fuck your HUGE nose ?

  425. teamamico says:

    This fucking slut gave me herpes. Im fucked for life

  426. buck says:

    one of the top 10 whores of myex.

  427. trey says:

    if u google woburn whore this pops up hahaha nice brown stained butthole danielle doe.

  428. tr says:

    fb =

  429. lizz says:

    Does everyone think my nose is to BIG?

  430. dude says:

    Greatest thread ever…..until that fucktard fake Hero/Reality/Dude asshat showed up. The one who loves shoving shit up his ass.

  431. Doe eyed says:

    Danielle Doe is a craven junkie whore, fucked me out of a large chunk of change. And the video of her fucking her convict bf in the bathroom stall is on Please repost the video, and teach her a lesson.

  432. smash says:

    she works at 24 hour dunkin donuts
    Address: 316 Lowell St, Wilmington, MA 01887
    Phone:(978) 657-8920
    Hours: Open 24 hours

  433. smash says:

    lets get her fired

  434. Im Cumming... says:

    I will have to go and buy her donut and add my own special glaze to it!

  435. smash says:

    jerkin off to her right now

  436. Im watching.... says:

    If i lived nearby i would print out a screenshot of her sucking dick and plaster them all over her work.

  437. olnat says:

    she works at 24 hour dunkin donuts
    lets get her fired
    Address: 316 Lowell St, Wilmington, MA 01887
    Phone:(978) 657-8920
    Hours: Open 24 hours

  438. Lizz says:

    ya call her work and get her fired u cunt haha
    Address: 316 Lowell St, Wilmington, MA 01887
    Phone:(978) 657-8920
    Hours: Open 24 hours

  439. p says:

    @Im watching…. wow thatd be awesome please someone do it

  440. Im watching.... says:

    Wouldnt mind taking her in the dunkin donuts bathroom and getting my dick sucked.

  441. Im watching.... says:

    Wonder how much $ she would do it for?

  442. p says:

    @Im watching…. call and ask for danielle

  443. pott` says:

    taking her in the dunkin donuts bathroom hahahaa ya shes comfortable in the bathroom

  444. pott` says:

    lets get her fired
    Address: 316 Lowell St, Wilmington, MA 01887
    Phone:(978) 657-8920
    Hours: Open 24 hours

  445. assholes says:

    Pathetic that you stole so low as to want to get someone fired for nothing. It really is pathetic that you stoop so low. Probably one or two fullness posting the same shot over and over.

  446. pott` says:

    ——lets get her fired
    Address: 316 Lowell St, Wilmington, MA 01887
    Phone:(978) 657-8920
    Hours: Open 24 hours

  447. pott` says:

    @assholes go fuck yourself faggot, danielle doe is a cum dumpster and that is her only job. she will get fired.

  448. END REVENGE PORN says:













  449. danielle doe says:

    please dont call my work

  450. danielle doe says:

    i need to focus on my donut making

  451. danielle doe says:

    its a complicated job that requires me to not think about cocksucking

  452. James Godin says:

    danielle stfu and get back on bathroom duty u cumdump whore.

  453. danielle doe says:

    I will trade donuts for heroin

  454. factg says:

    @danielle why would u release a tit pic after your bj vid got put online. were u jealous that noone was talking about you?

  455. END REVENGE PORN says:


  456. factg says:

    there is no end to this u faggot danielle doe is gonna be an internet whore forever

  457. joseppy says:

    danielle ur in this for life, good luck hahahaha

    lets get her fired
    Address: 316 Lowell St, Wilmington, MA 01887
    Phone:(978) 657-8920
    Hours: Open 24 hours

  458. danielle doe says:

    can you people stop pretending to be me, and facebook me porn offers

  459. WorldChampion says:

    This fucking whore worthless piece of trash!!

  460. danielle doe says:

    plz stop i need this job

  461. danielle doe says:

    thank you for 100k views

  462. Danielle Doe says:

    Hi guys there is a special going on , buy a dozen donuts get a bathroom bj free ! Stop by no coupon needed !

  463. RealityCheck says:


  464. RealityCheck says:


  465. jgq says:

    danielle whens the next vid?

  466. jgq says:

    send this to her mom

  467. deing dirt says:

    sexiest thing on myex,
    @jgq sent it to her.

  468. nikki says:

    shes always been a whore, idk why this is surprising

  469. jj says:


  470. your a whore says:

    fuck you Danielle you junkie cunt

  471. jen mckittruck says:

    jesus Danielle… you are a whore

  472. chris says:

    its no suprise their are a lot of jelious people out their this girl may have fucked up but she is doing so good now done with all the bullshit got all the losers out of her life and is going places in life not sitting in front of a computer in her mothers basement like the rest of u losers move on with ur pathetic lives like she did

  473. chris says:

    don’t worry the real people who know u know the vid was u and ur boyfriend whitch everyone commenting knows if a vid of them came out they would be the laughing stock of the internet their probobly all fat and ugly thats why they write negative shit their jelious their not as beautiful as u keep up the good work ur so so much better than anyone of these assholes that have nothing better to do than down grade u hey all u assholes tell mommy i said hi

  474. pig says:

    cunt is almost at 500 comments.

  475. Megan Silva says:

    my page is better

  476. jj says:

  477. youuu says:

    you should do a masterbate website

  478. aaaajgaaaa says:

    I know u have herpes and id still fuck the dog shit out of her.

  479. pig says:

    top notch whore

  480. success says:

    I have successfully ruined your name. Try googling her name. I’m not done yet.

  481. Rocksolid says:

    Danielle I’m sorry that this happened to you yes u are smoking hot but u don’t deserve this honestly I think u need new people u can talk to and trust I feel like u r a lot better then this site has made u out to be. U r very beautiful

  482. jen mckittruck says:


  483. jj says:

  484. gabe says:

    just ask and he will send you more

  485. Gavilán pollero says:

    She is 10000%hot and porn!! Mas please!!!!

  486. ttooo says:

    james godin sent me this.

  487. hh says:

    this girl is such a friggin slut

  488. mike a says:

    Danielle got a future with this god damn babe.

  489. 88 says:

    wow 110k views shes kinda famous

  490. ftf says:

    you are a cum dumpster whore. good luck.

  491. Danielle Doe says:

    why isn’t anyone talking about me anymore?

  492. Danielle Doe says:

    I just got a new phone other one broke. Its tye same number its 8576152312

  493. hrr says:

    hoe hoe hoe. mission accomplished.

  494. hrr says:

    8576152312 8576152312 8576152312 8576152312 her phone number.

  495. hrr says:


  496. can you just OD already? says:

    die slut. be a stripper

  497. can you just OD already? says:

    read my name

  498. nikki miller says:

    wow what a whore

  499. Anonymous says:


  500. Anonymous says:

    8576152312 someone call her and let her know she can suck cock.

  501. yy says:

    Hmmm fuck you slut. I want to cum in your asshole. Then finger ur ass and suck the cum and shit off my fingers

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