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MY EX ID # 540
Added Mar 27, 2013

Krista Gail Endicott Turner

27 years old in Aurora, Missouri

"home maker/wrecker"

We were together for eleven years and after our fourth child she gets her tubes tied and leaves with the kids because i caught her lieing. Digging around i found she had cheated numerous times with multiple partners and . A Few weeks after she got her own place i start findingher craigslist adds for nsa sex. Im still finding them and found pics with her doing shit with other people. she destroyed our family so she could become a whore. shes still keeping the kids from me.

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  1. YT says:

    OP, you are lucky this woman left you. She is obviously mentally ill based on the photos of her engaged in bestiality with subhuman Negro animals. Had she stuck with you she would have infected you with HIV or one of the other diseases spread by Negroes. At least she had the decency to have her tubes tied so she will not spawn any Negro-Human hybrid beasts. One day the racial terrorists like this one will be imprisoned for their hate crimes against the superior White race.

  2. Jamazing says:

    Go kill yourself yt your a fucking idiot.

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