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MY EX ID # 13416
Added Feb 4, 2014

Wilma Williams

28 years old in Saint Louis, Missouri


Anonymous 13416 says: a girl enjoyed having fun.

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29 Responses so far...

  1. TheHero says:

    Damn…. if Bush man, digs some jungle fever every now and then, this will be up his alley!

  2. TheHero says:

    Damn…. if Bush man, digs some jungle fever every now and then, this will be up his alley!

    [previous was me....just testing to see if the RJ email avatar changed]

  3. Puke says:

    That’s…….. just gross.

  4. gman says:

    This pictures are dark. ….lol

  5. Barbasol says:

    This is the same girl in the post with “need a sandwhich bitch” from Monday

  6. 845845 says:

    i see Obama phone has a camera on it

  7. Disqus11111 says:

    @Barbasol – The OP is just a scammer pulling shit off the internet and posting it like he has something to do with these girls. He’s probably sitting in front his screen reading the comments, thinking he’s Mr. Cool and jerking his cock until it’s hamburger meat. Pretty pathetic.

  8. dondi says:

    Disquss11111,sorry about the first posting.Know them all.Two grew up as close friends.none have addictions.just need to eat a lot more. first posting wasconfusing.its two white women and one black woman.they have all been in that same bedroom on different /separate occasions.As you can see its the same bed.Ps,masturbation is a waste of time for a grown man.

  9. The Saint says:

    Dodi, you and your bullshit posts are a waste of time.

  10. topdog says:

    masturbation?? whats the RJ trolls hobby got to do with this post?

  11. speeluker says:

    This is hot chocolate.
    The last picture is a hot chocolate thats mm, mm, finger licking good.

  12. Tricky Dick says:

    It’s chocolate but there is nothing hot about her. Certainly not my tastes, but to each his own.

  13. Dill dough says:

    That is one nasty jigaboo nigger

  14. Tricky Dick says:

    Dill dough you are a racist tiny dick fuck.

  15. Dill Dough Hater says:

    Brown Sugar, how come you taste so good?
    -R. Stones

  16. TheHero says:

    I like a lil chocolate…. I was leaving this girl for BUSH MAN though (if he wanted her!)

  17. 8secondride says:

    That black ass skin just doesnt do it for me…..

  18. Kid Chaos says:

    I loooove the chocolate but this one is a definite PASS. #nothanks

  19. brother says:

    very nice booty

  20. brother says:

    perfect for doggy style or put her on top and go all night.

  21. Wayne says:

    Looks good.

  22. roaming looker says:

    I like the way her legs are spread so far apart! you can go in as far as you want and as long as you want.

  23. roaming looker says:

    I would put it in her booty too. Its nice and round!

  24. KKK says:

    Fuck you tricky dick…no real man wants or needs a shit skinned monkey

  25. DaTruth says:

    I am actually The Hero, I know I am a dicknose who started all the repeat 40 page nonsense. It is all in good fun, but damn it. My clones and me use to run this site. We are the original badasses and want our place back. Please leave

  26. stray says:

    Have you got a thing for fucking Moms Mabley? (Look it up kids)

  27. YT says:

    I support reparations for all Negroes. These will be paid in the form of one-way nonstop airline tickets to Africa. Subhuman Negro animals have no place in an advanced human society.

  28. KKK says:

    You can probably watch this nigger on CNN joining it’s kind in Ferguson for the big bongo party being held in honor of Saint Swisher, the gentle giant.

  29. HANK JOHNSON says:


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