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Added Jul 16, 2013

Alicia Allington

22 years old in Willow Springs, Missouri

"User skank"

Anonymous 3079 says: this girl likes to fuck anything that moves married or not. she really loves guys that will provide for her she usually has about five at a time.

Seems about right - Casey

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6 Responses so far...

  1. Lonnie Fueston says:

    She Is Sexy. Very Nice Pussy

  2. Jack says:

    Don’t hate. If she’s easy atleast that’s good news to the rest of us. What’s her number? Lol

  3. KarmaIsABitch says:

    Google “Cheri Maya Nguyen Naked” and you will see a gal that is a pedaphile and is spreading herpe’s and hepatitis to everyone in the MO, KS, FL and Ark areas! She’s spreading diseases revengefully! END REVENGEFUL STD SPREADERS! …END REVENGEFUL STD SPREADERS!! MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO SPREAD STDS PURPOSELY!!….No one deserves to get STDs purposely from this NPC competitor & judge at Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas shows! She’s on awefilms. com under name Maya Nguyen.

  4. Anonymous says:

    She still has yellow vw bug. And as far as Cheri Nguyen goes, she has many STD’s and everyone knows it cause like 5 guys got shit from her this year alone. She’s a fb and bodybuilding show slut. Heard that all the up here in St Louis

  5. Eric says:

    Cheri Nguyen gave me herpes. Damn bitch. This girl is hot though. Its hard getting laid now that Cheri fucked me over

  6. HANK JOHNSON says:

    SEXY LITTLE YOUNG BITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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