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MY EX ID # 16169
Added Mar 13, 2014

Lacey Lovelace

27 years old in North Platte, Nebraska

"lil nebraska slut"

Anonymous 16169 says: a lil crazy slut outta nebraska thats a drama queen she use to be a prostitute as well

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  1. McLovin says:

    Great little ass!

  2. TheHero says:

    Headless nudes = fucktard status

  3. peckerhead says:


  4. RealityCheck says:

    I am curious how the OP would know she “used to be a prostitute” and if thats the case.. what does it say about the OP that he couldn’t get anything but faceless nudes out of a hooker? What a Fucktard!!!!!

  5. TheZero says:

    Zero- you should love headless nudes because it preserves dignity and honor yet still gives you something to whack off to. Hypocrite.

  6. retards obsessed with faces says:

    I guess Im just not a faggot like some of you who are obsessed with faces for some retarded reason. Every fucking great post with pix of a chicks pussy and tits is ruined by you assclowns bitching that you can’t look longingly into her eyes while wacking off all over your keyboards. I have TONS of pictures where the girl sent me just a pic of her pussy or tits. And just like these its the SAME pussy or tits over and over. Learn to look at the pix and compare if you’re that obsessed. This is the same pussy again and again. Its most likely legit even if you can’t see her face.

  7. TRUTH says:

    Au Contraire dear friends, as a chief master of the international cunt connoisseurs committee, its easy to pick a fake pussy on a post, its always good to get a pussy than no pussy. Match the labia and skin tones and you’ll get your answer, pussy and head shots are always preferred, but a video and pussy shots make a great post.

  8. peckerhead says:

    I’m gay and I like it in my asshole folks!!

  9. WTF? says:

    LOL. retards obsessed with faces has no idea how many posts here are bogus. Easily duped.

  10. RealityCheck says:

    Hey peckerhead. We should get together and have a dildo party. What do you say?

  11. peckerhead says:

    I would love to!!! I love huge black dongs, can you fix me up?

  12. RealityCheck says:

    I have one black dong but its currently up in my ass. You can borrow a few of my gerbils. It will be fun.

  13. peckerhead says:

    I would love a good gerbil party! I can currently take 10 of them up my ass at once, let’s go for a new record and try 15!!!

  14. peckerhead says:

    OK Brandi lets do that! But I’m justin and please help me. Butler Trash is doin bad we need help!!

  15. peckerhead says:

    I am not Brandi nor Justin nor a fan of you. You are one stupid mother fucker and I am tired of reading your stupid fucking posts on every picture. Now go back to what you do best and suck some dick and spread your ass cheeks you fuckin faggot.

  16. Brandi and Justin says:

    Please guys see if you can find a little girl. Justin is getting kind of crazy and needs to get off soon. So peckerhead you’re afraid to use your own name when you call people mother fuckers and faggots. You are one brave FAGGOT.

  17. peckerhead says:

    Oh is someone getting butthurt? Sniff sniff, silly little faggot, dicks are for chicks!!

  18. Castilyn corner says:

    I’m a mother fucker and peckerhead is afraid of me.

  19. peckerhead says:

    I am afraid of no penis my asshole can take anything!!

  20. midlifecrisis says:

    wow! I know her. I’d tap that shit

  21. donovan says:

    From time to time we get some great postings and we get a couple of lame ones and this… we will be sending to our fucktard box.

  22. Todd Keys says:

    I’d hit er in the shitter whiles she’s tweeting on twitter.
    I like that little anus. I’d tear that fucking thing wide open.
    Her pussy is hit or miss in shots,
    But that butt. I’d give her some more spokes.

  23. butler ballz says:

    Please everyone we must help Brandi and castilyn they have no money and are sending a bunch of fake posts hoping someone will go to their site so it will help them.

  24. peckerhead says:

    Please send me sperm!! You may deposit it orally or anally!!!

  25. father braden says:

    I hope you all will help a fellow blogger who needs money right now! We all have a time in our lives when the Lord lets us down Brandi is in that spot right now. She has children that need to be fed and I hope my parishoners will step up. Plus she gives one major good blowjob.

  26. peckerhead says:

    Forgive me father for I have sinned. I have masturbated during your sermons and I dream about fucking you in the ass!!!

  27. peckerhead says:

    Thats right father I have sinned with little girls and it’s their fault because they talked to me. PLEASE help our tiny useless little website we need the money! NOW!

  28. managers muff says:

    I feel sorry for anyone who has no money so if your name is brandy just keep hoping and things will get better.

  29. peckerhead says:

    I can take a 15″ cock right up my asshole!!

  30. P-Pong7 says:

    Very fit….

  31. My Revenge says:

    Very nice little beaver!

  32. My Revenge Too says:

    Very Nice. She’s not fat and it looks like she takes care of herself.

  33. internet pimp says:

    Damn this bitch fucking everybody,her pussy stank bad though maybe because she fuck so much u said fuck it and made her shower that stank pussy”one if those nights I guess” lol,you know when there is no one else on earth to fuck call her lol she was OK but stank so make her shower give her some soft and she goes all night

  34. lovetofuck says:

    I know this girl I went to high school with her never got to find out what she looked like without clothes guess I know now lol but I’ve always wanted to fuck the shit out of her shes still as sexy as she was in high school

  35. HANK JOHNSON says:

    LOVE HER PUSSY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Mister Fister says:

    I went to school with this bitch if dicks had wings her mouth would be an airport!not a surprise she wound up on here if she did the splits shed be stuck to the ground.

  37. Fecal Storm says:

    PICTURE #8


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