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Added Feb 12, 2014

Christine Adams

23 years old in Georges Mills, New Hampshire

"Worthless whore"

Anonymous 14021 says: Christine is just some slut who gives rim jobs and chokes on cock. Fucks anything with a cock or cunt.

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35 Responses so far...

  1. Dr. Mud says:

    Georges Mills, New Hampshire!? You mean people actually live there?

  2. Wtf says:

    Oh my those curves !! Schwing !

  3. me says:

    In New Hampshire but an OU fan?

  4. lonleyman says:

    pls send me your panties so i can place them on my head and be nacho libre

  5. welshlad says:

    Stunning body on here would love some fun

  6. The One says:

    I would pound her ass

  7. donovan says:

    The ambiance of this diner must be disturbing enough to make a nice girl like that take dirty selfies of her in the diner bathroom.

  8. Gary says:

    so thats what girls do in the bathroom…was wondering what took so long

  9. HotDogDundee says:

    I would toot in her face.

  10. steve says:

    I just came in my pants. The tan line pic if the best!

  11. Ass Terrorist says:


  12. Bronson KE says:

    Fucking WOW!!!!

  13. Disqus11111 says:

    She seems to like using a public bathroom as her photography studio. A dump and a fuck all in one stop. Very efficient. Perfect for long haul truckers.

  14. topdog says:

    @disqus11111 and you can wash your cock after!

  15. TheHero says:

    I have to get a ruling from the RJs on this….

    Does belly button ring with stars on it count the same as star tattoos?

    I am saying Yes!

  16. dipshit says:

    I would talk to the bathroom attendant as I noticed toilet paper on the floor.

  17. Fuck You All says:

    I see a recurring theme with the bathroom motif. Does she frequently take shits and then photograph her naked body?

  18. Mike Rod says:

    For the record, I have a cock.

  19. abc123 says:

    Damn I’m in love! that ass!

  20. ill_B_the_judge says:

    I’d hit her in the shitter…errr in the shitter. Whats with the public shitter pics??

  21. Tricky Dick says:

    @TheHero I would have to say no. The piercing is removable, like earrings. Tattoos are permanent. She has a nice clean look about her. But she is definitely ho worthy, pics in the public bathroom.

  22. Law maker says:

    Nice ass she looks sexy.

  23. Peter jones says:

    Very nice indeed great tits thanks for sharing

  24. Disqus11111 says:

    @TheHero – I agree with Tricky Dick. Permanence is the deciding factor.

  25. dude says:

    DAT ASS……..

  26. Badman says:

    @TheHero . Adding my vote to the permanence factor.

    Fuck she’s got a bangin’ body though. I’d give that hoe a damn good roger

  27. Jealous says:

    Shes fucking perfect and a Sooner fan. Im in love!

  28. lonleyman says:

    hi sweety your pic is great pls i hope you add me at massenger or kik
    lonleyman2007 or facebook ramez ra because im blocked for my add

  29. Peckerhead says:

    I guess maybe the OP couldn’t keep up. She could get in major trouble cause theres a no smoking sign in the ladies room and she’s about as smokin as you can get.

  30. reggie miller says:

    damn that assssssssssssssss tho

  31. Misterio says:

    Holy Moly..that is one fine piece of ass. Bet she fucks as good as she looks..

  32. stan78246 says:

    man that girl looks so hot I worry that p**** and ass they need to send her info so that we can call her f*** her brains out

  33. StanTheMan says:

    She looks insanely sexy but in a public bathroom really?

  34. lildickwick says:

    Hi honey saw your pics. Please add me at desperate loser. I have no social skills and try to get girls off of a revenge site… lolZ

  35. harris.klebold says:

    Even in the public restroom she still all about that bass bout that bass lmao

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