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Added Sep 27, 2012

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

25 years old in Jersey City, New Jersey

"Snookie, wears the same tampon for 4 days at a time"

Well where to begin. Here is a start, my ex gf the snookster doesnt believe in showers and likes to wear the same cloth for days. While we were together during the filming of jersey shore season 3, she barely changed her underwear. And left the same tampon in for days!!!! Gross i Know. Even on episode 6 of season 3 you see her tampon string hanging out between her legs, talk about class right!!! I also remember walking down the seaside boardwalk with her to get on the sky ride while we had hundreds of fans flock us, and this poor little girl who was sick, her mom said that all she wanted was for snooki to say hi to her, guess what my POS ex gf did, nothing, what she did do, was turn away and look at me and say " ughh, i cant stand these people!! " What a total bitch, isnt even grateful for the people who made her what she is today!!! She isnt the little sweetheart everyone thinks she is!!! I am calling you out snooki!!! Just because your all famous now doesnt mean shit!!! Im on a reality show as well and know how to respect and show love to all my fans. you should learn the same!!! Shame on fucking you!!!

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  1. Lead20 says:

    Snooki got her Facebook photos posted by a little dick less wonder!

  2. KingTut says:

    Lol you dated her you fucking dumbass. You’re both famous for no fucking reason. Shut the fuck up and drink some ass water you butthurt metrosexual fromunda cheese eating basket case lol. Faggot. Faggot. Faggot. Much gay, very complain, so many cry, wow, wow, wow.

  3. nouseforaname says:

    Thank you for this opportunity. I have been waiting years to thank you for scuzzfucking our state even more you faggot guinea prick. Now because of you assholes a fucking hole has burned through the atmosphere from all the radiation these fucktard tanning booth retards have brought in that you attracted here each summer. The next time something like Sandy comes through make sure you’re on the coastline.

  4. althehat777 says:


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