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Added Jul 12, 2013

Maddie Cerone

20 years old in Albany, New York


Anonymous2922 says:She loves to fuck, so she fucks anyone. I walked in on her fucking in my bed

Those tan lines would make it difficult not to see her in the dark. - Casey

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5 Responses so far...

  1. MAddie says:

    Brad, you lying piece of shit. I’ve told you we weren’t fucking but just lying there watching television. You are so damn parnoid. He’s just my fucking neighbor! Get over it.

  2. Adam Pfitz says:

    Hey maddie! We never really talked in high school but I have to say I love the pics! ha! Anyways if you ever want to drink or hang at my place let me know on facebook. So hot, keep em coming!

  3. Brian Kim says:

    u look gud here

  4. Taylor Johnson says:

    yoooo maddie, that shit reeked when i hit it at my crib, haha, clean that shit up tho… so not clutchhhhhhhh. Henry said he’d still eat it tho. Easy

  5. Tommy Chong says:

    You cant make a ho a housewife.. You should have kept her around to be used as your personal cum dumpster.. Her ass is bangin!! Looks like she has some big round tits too.

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