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MY EX ID # 183
Added Dec 18, 2012

Karen Sadonis

22 years old in Binghamton, New York

"Psychotic Bitch. But Really."

As nice as could be until she got what she wanted out of me. I proposed and then she turned into a psychopath. Cheated on me. Mentally abused me. Broke my heart. Shes a bitch.

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9 Responses so far...

  1. HeywoodJablowme says:

    Those tits are perfect.

  2. speeluker says:

    Boy she sounds like my ex wife.

  3. Friend says:

    Karen’s ex boyfriend ALEX AJI posted these. She is a SMART, caring, hard working and honest woman. She NEVER cheated on him or went “crazy”. She actually had to change her # because he would call her non-stop leaving vmail after vmail CRYING!BEGGING!for her back. She did the right thing by saying NO to his proposal! What type of classless, back sabbing, pathetic asshole does this to someone they “love” and want to marry. She trusted ALEX AJI to keep these pictures private because they are *UNDER*AGE* pictures. He is being sued and so is the website for harassment and illegal underage child porn! This website is down right digusting!!!

  4. johnny revenge says:

    Looks as if Karen will be in trouble also for distributing child porn. If she is underage.. the best thing to do is not draw any attention to it and chalk it up as a life lesson

  5. Nude fuckwits and prechers says:

    Looks like the fucktards are out to play, the net is a never ending loop once you’ve been bitten it’s out there forever. Here’s a idea don’t take pictures of yourself nude? You fucking idiots!!! Close it down it will just reinvent itself else where. Number dude is just wasting there time and effort for absolutely no real result. Chicks will keep getting there gear off and taking pics and dudes will continues to post them on the million of sites on the web. If not here then on the countless other sites that start up every second you god loving fucktards. You change nothing.

  6. kamana says:

    johnny revenge…don’t act like a lawyer because you are only sowing why you will never be successful in any endeavor in your life.

  7. Justice says:

    I show this site to my girls. Don’t trust a man with nude photos. One way or another they will share them and blame you for their lack of spine and loyalty.

  8. spd says:

    I don’t believe for a moment those pics are underage. Under 21 maybe but not under 18. Besides, who cares?

  9. spd says:

    There, sent this link to all her friends and her…

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